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Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea: player ratings

Not a great night at the office as we went out of the Capital One Cup 2-0 to Chelsea. Here’s how the players rated.

Lukasz Fabianki: 6/10 – Left short by Jenkinson’s header for the first, had no chance with the second.

Carl Jenkinson: 4/10 – Full of energy as usual, but looked defensively suspect at times, particularly in the air where he struggles quite often, and made a terrible mistake for their first goal. Crossing was uncharacteristically poor too.

Laurent Koscielny: 6/10 – Did all right.

Thomas Vermalen: 6/10 – Somewhat rusty, as you’d expect, but otherwise ok.

Nacho Monreal: 6.5/10 – Almost scored with fizzing left footer, beyond that unspectacular.

Aaron Ramsey: 6/10 – A bit too shooty at times, came close with one in the second half, but might have used it better. Still, when you’re scoring like him you’d want to have a pop too.

Jack Wilshere: 6/10– Another game under his belt, had some nice runs but is going to have to get his head down and work his way back into form.

Tomas Rosicky: 6/10 – Tried hard, little came off. Was clearly annoyed early on as team mates failed to join him, leaving him to press on his own and therefore making it easy for Chelsea to deal with.

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – Some nice touches, perhaps tonight was about fitness and match sharpness ahead of the busy schedule.

Ryo Miyaichi: 4/10 – Another chance to show he’s got something, but in reality if we had the likes of Walcott, Podolski and Oxlade-Chamberlain fit, he’d have struggled to make the bench. Looks out of his depth.

Nicklas Bendtner: 5/10 – Not great but not worthy of the boos that greeted his departure. We may need him, that’s not his fault, and although he didn’t play well he was hardly alone.


Mesut Ozil: 6/10 – We shouldn’t have even bothered bringing him on.

Olivier Giroud: 6/10 – The same goes for Giroud, especially with the upcoming schedule.

Ju Young Park: 10/10 – MOTM!

Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments, but please read the comment policy first and don’t get angry with each other, or me, about imaginary points.

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Can’t believe you gave Park 10.

Thought he was more of a 12 myself.


I’d like to officially welcome Ozil to the Arsenal?


Well said sir/ Groundhog day! Disgraceful. Its been disgraceful since Vieira left. Since then we have lost evey value (on the pitch) we ever had. Chelski dominating us at home. I certainly can’t remember it


You obviously have failed to understand how the league has changed. Billionaires have come in and created amazing squads. Why risk more first teamers in the League Cup?

Bould's Eyeliner

official implies that you provide an official function for Arsenal


You’re probably one of those fans at the Dortmund game who sat quiet in the stands eh?


Sad that we lost, but atleast we’ll be able to concentrate on the league, FA cup, and CL without the worries of possible injuries from the league cup


Exactly. It seems that this season we don’t have enough youth players able to come in and do a job anyway. In seasons gone be we have reached the latter stages and ended up fielding first teamers. So this competition would just have put a strain on our squad even more so this time round. Obviously gutted we lost, but like Blogs says… Bigger fish to fry.


All fair – though I’d give Aaron and Santi 7 apiece. Touches of class and never stopped trying. And Ju Young Park is surely 9.5.


Cazorla – worked hard as always but things didnt click for him Rosicky – MOTM for me; was left frustrated many times when RYO who is nearly half his age wasnt working half as hard as he was Monreal – more than an able backup to Gibbs, a very decent player Wilshere and Ramsey – didnt seem to take this game as seriously as the prem or UCL games Verm – looked good, doesnt deserve the criticism he gets. people forget that a couple of seasons back he was our best CB Flappy is not even good enough to be… Read more »


If anyone would take every game seriously, I think it would be Wilshere and Ramsey. Jack tried but things didn’t come off for him whereas Aaron made things tick much better. I think Wilshere deserves a 6 but perhaps Rambo was a 6.5 or 7.


I dunno. Its hard to criticise the players who didn’t give a fuck when I barely care about the game myself, but damn it all, they were getting paid to put in a shift after all.

Toure Motors

Park= Man of the Millennium


Haha park is back! Be afraid defenders, be very afraid!

Any hope i had for Bendtner suddenly whoosh!


I agree with Arseblog about Bendtner. I didn’t hear the boos but if there was that’s very disappointing. Bendtner did seem to lack real effort though which was the concern Wenger had about him all along.

It was like a re-run of the Dortmund game, gifting them a goal with a mistake, then improved in the 2nd half but couldn’t create much. Without that mistake the game could have turned out completely different, it’s important to get the first goal in the big games. And being behind only made Bendtner’s job that much harder…

Clock End Mike

Agreed, Park did not a thing wrong! 🙂

Seriously, though, I’d nominate Rosicky for Man of the Match, worth at least 7/10 for effort. Closely followed by Monreal and Cazorla.

I think the boos for Bendtner were more in disappointment than anger. If anything he’d tried (and that wasn’t that much, admittedly) had come off, we’d all have cheered our heads off.

Kos reliable as ever. Vermaelen (sp!) looked understandably rusty.


It’s the beard. He loses beard, loses the little mojo he was building. I think we need to write something into our contracts about sticking with hair that works.

I remember Adebayor dropping off when he cut his hair as well (no, no other similarities I can think of. Why d’you ask?).


I think the Ozil transfer papered over the cracks some what with regards to what was a complete disaster in the transfer window. The fact we are relying on Bendnter points towards a monumental fuck up in the transfer window.

Ryo needs to go out on loan, I’d say the same for Jenks but we may well need him (let’s hope we don’t)

And can someone please ask Arsne why on earth he hasn’t gave Sagna a blank cheque to fill in along with a renewal??

Looks like we’re going to have to settle for the treble 🙁

TR7 > CR7

Bendtner is fifth choice to be fair to AW:



I’d say walcott is ahead of Sanogo to play up front to be fair :S and surely Bendtner is ahead of him too. I dont really get the Boo’s aimed towards Bendtner tonight. Was pretty ashamed of it in fact. The guys wearing Red & White, yeah he had a shocker, but not all players have blinders. I thought Jenkinson was awful, he seems to be going backwards at the moment. Plenty of promise early on in the season and last, but he looks very shakey all the sudden. Not sure if he is the right man to take over… Read more »


I have actually never thought Jenkinson was any good. Even when many people were singing praises about him. He always looks bewildered and panicky, gives away balls easily and generally only passes the ball backwards. The only positive is his passion and energy. I guess that’s what makes people to like him so much


After years worth of an over-sized ego and sub-par performances, he’s overdue a blinder, tbh.

And it might as well be against some genuine quality opposition on the rare occassion that he gets 90 minutes (or could have, if he had the sense to have a blinder…)


Surely signing Sagna to a new deal must be some kind of priority for Arsene before Christmas. I don’t get what we are waiting for. The guy has been pure class since he arrived at the club. He is still IMO our most consistent performer, and probably the best RB in Europe. Jenkinson has promise, but I agree with others that he needs a loan spell to develop some confidence. His backwards passing and stuttering on the ball creates hesitation in our game and the players around him. As a backup he is fine, but for big games he seems… Read more »


Your order is wrong, Wenger clearly doesn’t like Theo upfront and Sanogo needs to become srtonger first because he gets pushed off the ball too easily.

So Giroud is 1st and then Bendtner and Podolski fight it out for 2nd choice. That’s just how I think Wenger sees it, not me.


in the transfer window, yes, we missed out on a striker but we manged to get one of the best players in the world at a bargain price, and cleared most of our deadwood and in the process earned 10 million and also got matthieu famini and yaya sanogo for free. that doesn’t sound at all like a “monumental fuck-up”


For that Mata goal how many chances did we have reminiscent of that. it was like watching hleb all over again…..fucking shoot people!

No time to moan though, liverpool next. I hear suarez is in hibernation atm teething.

Arsene nose

Its no coincidence that all 3 defeats this season were at the emirates with how poor the home support is.. Having to hear those Mourinho’s chants all through was more painful than the performance.. I f*cking hate chelsea


also looks like we’re loosing all the supposed “big games” people were waiting to judge us on just how far we would go this campaign. Need a win vs liverpool nothing else would do.

i hear walcott is back to full trainning straight back in imo


Agreed!! I was at the stadium and shouting my ass off but most of the home supporters are not the usual crowd. And sitting 10 yards away from that stupid Mourinho chants and got a direct f*cking view of Mata’s goal made my night even worst.

The boys will bounce back from this defeat.


Emirates crowd is worse than Bendtner’s hair or Jenkinson’s heading ability…its so bad it’d probably be a crime somewhere to compare it with these 2 things…


I suspect I’m not the only Gooner with the “Jos* Mo*rinho” dittee stuck in my head. It’s the wrong kind of catchy.

Tommy Gun

Sorry, just have to wade in here. Was in the North Bank last night (first time to a live match in yonks and it was a pleasure to be there despite the loss). When the Chelsea fans started singing “Jose Mourinho”, we were responding straight away with “Fuck off Mourinho”. Not sure how it sounded on the telly but the crowd was rowdy last night.

Great, now I’ve just broken my do not comment on the forums policy…. Shit… I was meant to be over this once 606 went down….


I’d give Rosicky a 7 he was doing everything he could and was involved in most of the good things in the offensive third. I agree he looked irritated like no one else was taking it seriously. Nice to see that kind of “Hate to lose” attitude


I agree on the whole but lets keep some perspective: some folks on the field like Ramsey and Koscielny have played way way more than him and are understandably kanckered, and Santi is still returning to full fitness. That said I get get – attitude has never been a problem for Rosicky,


Great support tonight…


Gott give it to the home fans.

They were so polite, let the away fans chant on tonight they didn’t want to interrupt what was going on…


Too many conclusions being drawn out of this game, sad we lost the game and that’s where it should end.

Nasri's gold-plated nipples

I’d have played Park over Bendtner in the first place


This game was one big ‘mehhhhh’.
Totally agree with ‘Arsene Nose’, the home support was woeful, shouldn’t be allowing Mourinho to be shouted around our stadium no matter what the score is.

Edu's fake passport

perhaps you should go there next game & teach them how to sing.

doesn’t matter how many numpties are on here talking about how bad the “home” support is it will always be the same especially in these £10 league cup games, you get a lot of first timers & kids.


goddamn firsttimers and kids!


Didnt make much difference in the Dortmund game, did the veterans?


much prefer to go out early than in the semi or something

Föx In the Box

Thats a very fair 4/10 for Jenks. For Chelsea’s 2nd goal he skewed a ball out of play and that wasnt his only time doing that. Ramsey really took the game to them toss up between himself and Santi for Arsenal MOM ( not that anybody would covet that award tobight).

Edu's fake passport

Jenkinson can’t head a ball, too many times he has done very shit headers that usually end up going the opposite direction of where they are supposed to go.


If its any saving grace, Jenks was going to head it away from goal when Wilshere pointed him to head it to keeper. Mindfuck then proceeded to combine with lack of heading ability.


Also, i think this is a very dangerous tactic we are doing in training. There have been 2 such incidents in 2-3 games before COC where Szczesny has had to rush to crappy underpowered headers to the keeper and got in just a millisecond before it wudve been turned into goal.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Jenkinson’s poor heading of the ball cost us a goal against Aston Villa (Andres Weiman) last season as well. He needs to learn to use his body to ‘protect’ the ball by letting it fall to his feet where he can take a quick first-touch and clear it out-of-play or to a teammate. On both occassions (Aston Villa and Chelsea) he had sufficient time and space to do that. That said, Flappy should’ve been positioned a wee bit more forwards for the Aztecpuela goal. And for the Mata goal the only way the ball could’ve gone was to his left… Read more »


I think 30 mins didn’t hurt Giroud and Ozil. If anything it was a good practice for the Mugsmashers’s visit.

Arsene nose

The introduction of oziL was to lift the team and the crowd, even though Wenger doesn’t care about the Cup, he hates losing… Pity the Mata goal came shortly after which killed whatever momentum we were biulding. Anyway, Let’s hope the team picks up against LoserpooL which would only be possible if the team know we are fully behind the them.. COYG!!!


We were just a bit off in the final third with our passing accuracy, which is expected with a second choice side who rarely play in games together. Had that worked even 2-3 times we wudve had a fairer scoreline.


Bendtner looked tired and limp. Here’s a chance to show the boss (us) what he has to offer as a back up to Giroud and I didn’t see much of an effort. He should of been running until his legs feel off and winning any header he could. I really didn’t see him actually try for a header until the 2nd half. Honestly do you fans want him to come on with 20 minutes left to play like that in a real match?? 100% agree with you blogs about giroud and ozil. ozil looked frustrated at time when he was… Read more »


Bendtner is not Giroud, we cant expect him to play like Giroud. Also, he’d probably be sold in Jan when a new striker gets bought, so really not much point.


Emirates 0/10

Edu's fake passport

armchair fan 0/10

with the left and the right

the atmosphere at the Emirates was pathetic. simple as that. you don’t have to be a season ticket holder to see that


Actually Emirates rating should be in the negative. Its not like they don’t adversely affect the players and the game.
As for people criticizing the armchair fan, its pointless doing that. Stop being an imbecile, its like criticizing Walcott for today’s performance – they weren’t there.

Emirates Cabin Crew

Emirates AIRLINE on the other hand…9/10.

Magic Al

Bendtner felt like a defender for Chelsea tonight. After the chance to prove himself (yet again) he is not an Arsenal striker. The positive is we can concentrate on the 3 other competitions (even though I wish we had won tonight). Still early days and a lot of football still to play. And yes. 10 out of 10 for Park was spot on. Shame it wasn’t out of more. See you in Germany Gooners


Is this 10/10 thing for Park for real. I thought it is just a big sarcastic joke……

with the left and the right

really disappointed Wenger put out a relatively strong team and even brought on Giroud and Ozil. Someone said a few days back that a loss would be bad for moral and I would have preferred we lose with more reserves than a with our regulars. Ramsey, Koscielny, Ozil, and Giroud desperately needed a rest and with the amount of injuries we’ve had so far we haven’t had much opportunity to rest them and this was the perfect opportunity to do so but Wenger gave in to the pressure for trophies and played them anyway and I can’t help but shake… Read more »


I felt like this when I saw the starting lineup, but lets be fair here, we have a very shrewd manager and excellent medical staff. I couldn’t believe Rambo was in the lineup tonight, but I have to believe they are monitoring these guys closely, scientifically and concluding when he can play and when he needs rest. Everything over the last three weeks, suggests Rambo should have been in the stands tonight, along with Giroud and probably Jack. The fact that we played them must mean they are in good shape physically. I was impressed by Jack and Rambo tonight… Read more »


Its probably because we played on Tue and have one more day to recover than we generally get at this time of season. Thankfully it was done in 90mins. Another 30 of a pointless game wud be devastating.


Why do you always defend Jenkinson? There is not a single thing he has done for this club. There is a reason, a very good reason why 3 years ago he was playing for Eastbourne Borough and the mighty Welling United. It’s because he is unfit. If he wasn’t a ‘supporter’, he would never get a single game for Arsenal, and if he wasn’t an English, white boy, nobody would tolerate the shit he does. Chelsea must have done 9 out of 10 attacks on his side, because everybody and their grandmother knows that there is basically one player missing… Read more »

Scott P

There are a lot of things Jenkinson has done wrong, but being an Arsenal fan and a white Englishman are not among them.

with the left and the right

fans are so fickle when it comes to Jenkinson. The only faults he has is that he’s young and he’s got a world class player ahead of him. Because he’s young he lacks consistency in his game like all young players do thats why we see matches like this one and matches like West Brom in the last round when he was quite frankly fantastic going forward and defending. Sadly he can’t get a good run of games in order to become more consistent because he’s got Sagna ahead of him. remember the last time he got a run of… Read more »


Jenkinson is the one of the fittest in the squad


I mean unfit as fair as not fitting in a world class club. Not even in the Premier League. And as far as the last round goes, he was praised here, but I thought he was terrible as ever. His crosses are ridiculous, the opposition winger always has the amount of space no other defender in the world gives them and let’s not forget his amazing tricks like the dribbling back against Swansea last season that cost us 3 humiliating points at home and the little piece of skill he did today to give the tie to Chelsea. The opposition’s… Read more »

with the left and the right

so let me get this straight. the unanimous, consensus opinion of his performance last round was that it was good, but your solitary opinion that it wasn’t should be enough for us to write him off? its very easy to pick out bad moments in a persons career and hold them up to justify your opinion. the vast majority of fans and coaches see something in him, something that can be developed if he gets more playing time. we defend our players when we feel that criticism is harsh and shortsighted like yours.


Jenkinson has glaring technical and tactical shortcomings. He is not ready to take over from Sagna. His shortcomings are amplified because we build most attacks from the right wing and just one bad moment there stops our flow. I expect Wenger to extend Sagna’s contract or buy a new RB by May, if not Jan.

with the left and the right

you don’t just get to mention two vaguely football sounding words and expect to be taken seriously as someone who genuinely knows what he’s talking about. The fact of the matter is the man’s been capped at international level, and was plucked from the lower leagues of English football by one of the top scouting systems in world football and earmarked as someone who if given the time could succeed at the top level. Wenger doesn’t give up on players after two seasons (case in point, Diaby, RVP, Rosicky, Walcott, the list goes on), especially a young player who when… Read more »


1. Cant head 2. No left foot 3. Frequently caught off position, especially many moments where he’s chasing back towards his goal Check out the preseason Negredo goal and what Jenkinson was doing seconds before that goal happened. There are other such mindfuck moments you will find if you watch every minute of every match. The only times he looked half-decent this season was when Sagna was at CB beside him. Not saying he wudnt make it – i am not the type who gives up on players when they have the right attitude, just saying he is not ready… Read more »

with the left and the right

1. Heading – this is not usually a trait that fullbacks are strong at anyway, Sagna is an excpetion can you name any other world class fullbacks either present or past that could head the ball very well? 2. Being two footed is not a priority for fullbacks, as long as he has an exceptional right foot and can do the basics with the left, and that he can. Once again name me some fullbacks either present or past that were two footed? Lahm is the only exception but he’s perhaps one of the best fullbacks in the history of… Read more »


Do u now see why Wenger signed ozil?? For you guys saying ozil wasn’t needed, this is why he was signed. We lacked penetration and just kept passing without penetration. Hate to say it but theo was missed. Chelsea’s squad has way more depth than ours and say what u want, but mou clearly has Wenger’s number. A striker must be prioritized this jan

I am Arsenal

The losing of matches at the Emirates is becoming one too many. How I wish those days on which you knew that the worst result at home would be a draw could come back. We need that at the Emirates. Highbury is history and we have to get a new Highbury at the Emirates. We can only do that with good quality support for the boys at all times. No matter what. Arsenal for life.


This is quite a touchy subject… I can understand understand why some fans feel the need to boo The Arsenal. One reason for that being that they pay top dollar, the highest ticket prices in all of England, to watch their team. One would expect top dollar players and top notch performances from their club. My point being this; you cannot expect a lot and give half in return. For what people have been paying, the results in the past 4 years have been below par at best. I am not saying that I am disappointed this season, but Arsenal… Read more »


I just don’t know. One does not simply boo their team. I mean they do this to what end? This further demoralizes players rather than galvanize them on the pitch. Don’t think I’ve ever heard a fan say well that was a shit match but hey its out of my system, now since I at least boo’d the team I supposedly support. That helped who? That’s right not you, not me, not the players nor the club, that helped our opposition. Great going.

we are gone for good

I don’t ever want to see Bendtner in arsenal shirt again. wenger should always use Chu young as back up not that lazy dude called TGSTEL


Look at it this way, at least nobody got injured.


Wish some of those fans at the emirates had your attitude…I’d give my left nut to live in London and watch em everyday of the week

A little ‘fuck off Jose’ couldn’t have hurt last night


Seeing as we didn’t win, a 6 for Jack is probably fair but for me he has such positivity with those runs. I’m glad he’s a gooner


yeah… would help if he did a successful pass once in a while, though. poor performance.


I think a 5 for Nik is reasonably generous. He plays as a striker yet he didn’t do any shooting. He was a 3 and should be grateful for it.

Was that Ozil shirt Mourinho had ? I missed that bit.


That was a bit more annoying than the Dortmund defeat. We looked so poor going forward, not incisive at all until Ozil and Giroud came on. Even then, we still seriously lacked width and with our new found counter attacking philosophy, that will continue to be a problem until we get some key players back. I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, while everyone wants it to feet, we will never be competitive against the top sides.


Tad harsh to scapegoat Myaichi tonight who wasn’t that bad. Truth is that Chelsea outplayed us to a man all over the park. We need to step up our passing game several gears if we’re to have any chance against the big teams. All Mourinho’s team had to do was sit back, keep a solid formation and hit us on the break with pace and we’ve been undone this way repeatedly for years now against top opposition. And btw Wilshere, that means laying the fucking ball off when you get it, not constantly trying to take the opposition on yourself… Read more »


Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can. Against the best teams, Wenger repeatedly gets out-thought and his teams get outfought. His biggest weaknesses are his average tactical skills , his lack of focus on the opposition during preparation and his intransigence. Arsenal’s fans may thumb this down all they want, but those with any sense of honesty will admit as much. Furthermore, Arsenal’s players lack tactical awareness and that comes from coaching. For example, Wilshere still doesn’t know when to pass or when to dribble and he, like many of his team- mates don’t understand defensive transition .… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Dude, don’t act like your opinion has more weight than everyone else’s. You are basically saying “if you dislike this you’re wrong”, and that isn’t how arguments work. As it is you are basing this quite a lot on bias and guesswork. We’re still top of the league, so we must be doing something right. Certainly we’ll get a much better idea of the toughness of the squad from the coming days, but for now please stop moaning, particularly in this delusional egoistic manner.

Adam Richards

Jose? Who took all of the credit for Torres’ goal against city at weekend. Nothing to do with City’s terrible defending, apparently it was all Jose’ brilliance.

Give me Wenger any day of the week thank you very much.


If anything todays match underlines Sagnas importance he is defo worth a new contract and can we move back to Highbury asap?


Highbury= Library.Emirates=pretty much the same.Maybe we should buy Portsmouths bongo drums for the stands.They could do with the cash.Btw God help us if Giroud gets injured.

Petit's Handbag

How can our away fans of 3,000 make such a racket and yet 60,000 can’t make a whimper.
As for Bendtner’s treatment, reminds me of a line from Lisa in the Simpsons, “Why would they come to our concert just to boo us?”
Either come to support the Arsenal or stay at home. How can one defend his team’s supporters when they’re booing their own players. Liverpool won the Champions League in 2005 with the worst squad ever to win it, and their home fans played a major role.
Put down the crème brulee and sing motherfuckers


I guess he was alluding to the Arsenal away support in our away games being louder than the 60k in our home games..


to be fair its the same for most english stadium. anyone been to old toilet, stamford bridge,Enfield and shit hart lane can testified most big english stadium are dull in ambiance.
If you want the whole experience you will have to move to Germany i m afraid,

Petit's Handbag

I did say “our”. Our means our away support, not Chelsea’s. No one cares what people who sing John Terry’s name affectionately say

jack jack jack

Ok, I’ll tell you. The reason is that when fans go away, they tend to be the hardcore. It’s an occasion, there’s the siege mentality, ‘let’s go over there and make a racket’ type of thing. There’s also less pressure to win, and the people going are mostly adults, who are always going to make much more noise. Hence why our away fans often out-sing the opposition fans in much the same way. At home, on the other hand, there are far more families and children, a decent number of ‘tourists’, and the hardcore are now a tiny minority. On… Read more »

99 problems but being a gooner aint one

To be fair, i thought kos and verm were very good, they didnt have anything to do until the 92nd minute when they caught square by Ba. Jenkinson is a nice lad but he is not an arsenal level footballer, infact he is not a premier league footballer. Loads of heart and pace, but no technical abilty whatsoever and dosent look like he has the talent to improve those aspects of his game. Dont like being so harsh on him but the difference between him and the other 19 players on the pitch (bendtner dosent count) was massive. Very typical… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Someone seriously needs to get him a left foot, that’s for sure. He’s got some learning to do, and I really think he could do with a loan if he weren’t our second choice right back.


Nacho was a real positive tonight- showed a great reading of the game again and will continue to push Gibbs which is healthy. I think the four on Ryo is harsh though. While I agree I can’t see him making it I didn’t notice him do an awful lot wrong tonight? Anyway, forgive me as I really ought not to give a rat’s arse. It just wasn’t a night to remember but then again, who the fuck ever remembers what happens in the Fuckity Biscuit Cup? A cup that no-one deeply cares about winning should be either replaced with something… Read more »


You learn more about your team through a defeat than a victory. Nacho was good and santi. Problem is unlike Chelsea. City of two seasons ago and arsenal of 2004. This team is to attacking not balanced always leaving ourselves defensively open. Still to open to the counter attack ad another striker and let’s see how we do with flamini back in the team and then I will make a final conclussion.


Agreed too attacking!!! No real balance in the team. i dunno what’s wrong but with every counter attack the opposition make we look due to give away a goal. so vulnerable its embarrasing to watch. our midfielders are all “ball playing midfielders” and time after time this works against us. not with wilshere dribbling his away out of trouble when a simple clearance would be ideal. he does this while so deep in his own half too….it’s good when it works out otherwise i would prefer the good ol’ flaminiesque clearance. ramsey as much as he’s good at defending 70%… Read more »


I wanna see how we do against the big teams with a for squad maybe we won’t be so defensively open with flamini. If we can’t to win the title beating teams like Liverpool is a must. This is our first real test in the league for me.


Shitty performance , we need a better back up striker than Bentner and Park Chu Young .Or maybe we could work out a swap deal of Podolski + money for Lewandowski. Rumours says Dortmund are interested in Podolsku so lets have a go at it.


Monreal MOTM for me.

Who else but me would like to see Jenkinson in a game against good opposition with Sagna playing right CB?


I don’t agree with this “It’s only the League Cup” attitude. The League and FA Cups are our only two realistic chances of wining a trophy this season. There’s no shame in losing to Chelsea, but it still hurts. Wenger was right to rest certain players but the lack of in-depth quality was shown, something which should have been addressed last summer but wasn’t.

At least we can concentrate on finishing fourth and qualifying for the Champions’ League knock-out stages now.


While the atmosphere wasn’t the best tonight, people slagging off the home support from the comfort of their front rooms should probably bear in mind chelsea bought their usual bunch of ugly, noisy, rowdy chavs (one spat at me. The wind blew it back onto him) while the home crowd was full of lots of kids, tourists and casual fans taking advantage of the cheapest tickets of the season. That’s just the way it is for the COC. The atmosphere at the grove this year has been the best it’s been in a long time. But you’d only know that… Read more »


Ah there you are. Educate us, oh great fatgooner.


well we loose, so he was right all along . until we win and then he will be wrong. welcome in the world of fatty boy


I thought Vermaelen was better than just ok. He was composed and kept it simple. Rozza was man of the match. He worked his tail off, but didn’t have much help. Cazorla looked a little more in form than he did on Saturday. Hopefully this helps top off his match fitness/sharpness. Bendtner was a 1/10 at best! He wouldn’t even make a run or attempt a shot in anger. If he’d sprinted just 5 yards he’d have tapped in Ramsey’s shot from the righthand side of the box in the 2nd half. I understand he’s rusty, but he could at… Read more »


Totally agree about TR7, once again the only one of our midfielders who tried to quicken our game, plus made some great runs and found space but the other muppets didn’t spot it, no wonder he showed his frustration a number of times!


Ryo was unlucky. He has the pace and technique and the work rate, but he needs game time plus he needs to get stronger physically. Like Arsene said when he was talking about Gnabry, there are some youngsters who have the technique to play at the top level but not the required physical strength. I’m genuinely excited about Gnabry and Ryo showed his talent in the Dutch league, if we can get him on some weight gaining plus muscle building program, we will have one hell of a player. Both Ryo and Gnabry have pace almost as fast as Walcott… Read more »


Give jenkinson time. Not sure people are appreciating how valuable actual love for a club can be- case in point being Gary Neville. Any lad who sprints the full length of the pitch in the final minute of extra time to make a challenge (west brom in COC) deserves a bit of patience I’d say.


Gary Neville actually was a decent player though. Jenkinson hasn’t improved since his debut at OT (the 8-2 debacle). He’s been a liability all along and unless he significantly improves his decision making and technical skills, his ample love for the club won’t matter much.

sol (not campbell) eid

Just saw a couple of other forums with “fans” insulting all the players and mention all the players we need to bring in. This is the worst part about losing for me, ok we didn’t have the best day and it may be frustrating, but we can’t win them all. All we can do is hope we bounce back and give them our full support and trust. What kind of fans does it make us if we’re only supporting the team when we win? Geez


Those are probably the season ticket holders 🙂


Fucking cheek! Keyboard warriors more like!

A bittle spie

glad I missed it

Özil Gummidge

Jenkinson is struggling at the moment but I have seen enough in the past to suggest he still has a shot at a future here.

Would have given Ramsey at least a 7 btw. His touch was very good, he found space under pressure well, managed to find forward passes, didn’t misplace many.


Ramsey hasn’t and never will have a ‘football brain’. OK, he’s been much better this season but he still often selects the wrong pass or just messes it up. Jack’s always running into trouble and Santi often runs with his head down without knowing what is going on around him. Ozil and TR7 are the only ones of our midfielders that see the bigger picture. TR7 often shows his frustration at not getting spotted when he makes great runs or finds space, as he did last night. I just hope that Ozil doesn’t soon start getting similarly frustrated!

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