Thursday, June 20, 2024

Report: Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea

Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ryo, Bendtner

Subs: Viviano, Sagna, Hayden, Yennaris, Ozil, Giroud, Park

Arsenal went out of the Capital One Cup with a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea at the Emirates tonight. Arsene Wenger fielded a stronger than expected side with starts for Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla, with Giroud, Ozil and Sagna on the bench.

The visitors began brightly, keeping the ball in the opening minutes and forcing a couple of corners, while Arsenal found some space on the  break without making much of it. There was lots of passing and not a lot else. Well, there were players pointing at other players to tell them where to pass.

Ryo Miyaichi had a shot but it was blocked. Ramsey had a shot which was blocked. Some Chelsea bloke shot and it wasn’t blocked but it was easy for Fabianski, and Samuel Eto’o knocked one out of play with his arse.

After an earlier misjudgement of an aerial ball, Carl Jenkinson then gifted Chelsea a goal after an Arsenal corner was cleared. He tried to head the ball back to Lukasz Fabianski but left it short, allowing Azpilicueta to poke it home from close range. Poor play from the right back.

Nacho Monreal came close to equalising moments later after making a good interception in the Chelsea half, but his shot fizzed just wide of Schwarzer’s far post.

It was a fairly dismal game, Chelsea sitting deep whenever Arsenal had possession, Arsenal struggling to find space or break them down. The visitors took the lead into the half-time break.

Tomas Rosicky tried to get Arsenal moving early in the 2nd half but failed to find Bendtner and Ryo, before Samuel Eto’o fired a shot not too far wide of Fabianski’s post. Santi Cazorla then tried his luck from 25 yards but hit his shot a few feet wide of Schwarzer’s goal.

Aaron Ramsey then saw a shot deflect wide with the Chelsea keeper rooted to the spot as the Gunners went looking for the equaliser. Ramsey was involved again when Bendtner laid it off to him but instead of taking the first time shot he cut inside and Chelsea closed down the space to the frustration of the home fans.

In the 63rd minute Arsene Wenger  brought on Mesut Ozi for the ineffectual Ryo Miyaichi but Juan Mata doubled the Chelsea lead just a couple of minutes later. The ball fell to the Spaniard on the edge of the Arsenal box. He hit it with his right foot and it flew past Fabianski to make it 2-0.

Nicklas Bendtner was then replaced by Olivier Giroud and there were some boos for the Dane as he came off. He didn’t play particularly well but then what were people expecting from a striker we’ve been trying to flog for the best part of three years?

Chelsea almost made it 3-0 but for a last minute intervention by Koscielny while Giroud saw a near post effort well saved. With time running out there was only one thing for Arsene Wenger to try: bringing on Ju Young Park for Aaron Ramsey.

It was the change that Arsenal fans have been clamouring for all season, but not even the awesome power of the South Korean could save the game for the Gunners. Santi Cazorla saw a late effort fly wide but in the end they failed to break down a resolute Mourinho side.

Chelsea’s knuckle-dragging fans left the Emirates happy and Arsenal went out of the prestigious Capital One Cup.

Arseblog News is finding it hard to care.

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Aaron Ramsey

A loss but our priorities are elsewhere this season!

Not a perfect performance but the second half was encouraging. Jenkinson didnt have a good game even if you put aside his error for the 1st goal. He got forward but was indecisive. Poor final ball too. Im still positive as i believe we did well in the second half with a strong Chelsea team.

Giroud is great, came on and dragged the team forward. On another day his shot would have gone in.


The goal of the exercise is to give fringe players a chance to show what they can do….Ryo, Jenk and Bendtner weren’t up to the required standard. They weren’t even close.

We don’t have their depth, but fuck it we’re top of the league because our best 13 are bloody super.


ryo was unlucky not to score though imo

It Is What It Is

Villa, Dortmund, Chavs. Three defeats we would have suffered sooner or later. Villa…as we are top of the league, the shocking – magnitude, not frequency – officiating hasn’t done any damage as such. Bvb…luck. Pure luck. Complete and utter luck. With a sprinkling of time wasters. Nuff said. Hope our next trip to Germany is sweeter than the last. Chavs…even though I’ve heard it’s name at least 20 times today, I still can’t name it with 100% certainty and conviction. I mean, the cup. The worthless cup. It probably has a value, but it means fuck all to the teams… Read more »


Man utd and Citeh, Chavs n tots, all in Europe, all in quarter finals, so that doesn’t really stand up does it.


Your second paragraph said it all. This game was important for us, despite Arseblogger minimizing it. At least now, we have a clear view of our team.


Well, that puts the idea of Bendtner as a useful contributor to bed. The difference between him and Giroud is not quality, it’s sheer effort. Giroud follows the ball in the air, always makes the leap and considers it his personal responsibility to bring down the clearance – Bendtner didn’t make a serious leap till the second half. Miyaichi should look to Gnabry for an idea of how to play his role. Woeful today – not many right decisions and next to no penetration. I can’t say anything about Jenkinson – it’s impossible to tell whether he’ll go the Ramsey… Read more »

Siz C

After today’s game, I’d pick Park before Bendtner.

And today I realised the difference between Sagna and Jenk (and I’m not just saying it cos of the 1st goal).


Siz C

Nacho was really impressive btw and I thought TV5 and Kos were solid ( i know we conceded 2 but it wasn’t down to them)


Yeah Jenks has got a long way to go positional sense was way off the mark tonight. Probably a couple of seasons away from bossing right back role.

chocolate loyalty

aside from cazorla no one looked a threat, unsurprisingly, and although the midfield did ok we missed quality upfront. Chelsea played their way, their best trait being focused and unadventurous, they picked on jenk and verm rightfully so. Wilshere gave up possession a bit much, but also made some really good runs summing up his performance. This is expected given his evolution, I still think he will be stellar if he works very hard, I expect becoming stellar to take wilshere a season from today. The goal we conceded was from our corner!! which is poor and has happened a… Read more »


I felt Bendtner’s link up play was rather decent for a guy who never starts…miles ahead of Chamakh anyhow…jenks and ryo for me..not quite ready for big opposition yet..

…we really missed those crosses from sagna today

give the lad a contract already!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Can’t really fault Bendtner for his efforts. Sadly he’s the best back-up for Giroud we’ve got at the moment. All he needs is some confidence and game-time. Booing him ain’t gonna help. At the rate Suarez is going GBP40,000,001 is only HALF the money required to buy him. And Rooney won’t be sold to a rival. Love the fact that Bendtner managed to lose weight and improve his physique before his ‘debut’ against West Brom. Hope he manages to get some more game time against Cardiff and/or Hull so he’s ready when we REALLY need him if/when Giroud gets injured/suspended… Read more »

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Can’t really fault Bendtner for his efforts. Sadly he’s the best back-up for Giroud we’ve got at the moment. All he needs is some confidence and game-time. Booing him ain’t gonna help. At the rate Suarez is going GBP40,000,001 is only HALF the money required to buy him. And Rooney won’t be sold to a rival. Love the fact that Bendtner managed to lose weight and improve his physique before his ‘debut’ against West Brom. Hope he manages to get some more game time against Cardiff and/or Hull so he’s ready when we REALLY need him if/when Giroud gets injured/suspended… Read more »

damien joyce

Fair enough saying our priorities lie elsewhere but our form since international break has been pretty dire, a very flattering 4-1 win over Norwich and a lucky 2-0 win over shitty Palace, our next 3 games are massive now in terms of results, we are seriously missing pace of Walcott and bite of Flamini and we have no-one to replace them.


Bullshit. It was a disgrace, that performance was disgraceful. Done in our own back yard with almost our best team. Sterile. Mournho is laughing at Wenger, always has. 4th will be about right again this season.


Several players off our best team Tomj only Kos in our regular back five. No Arteta, Flamini, Santi just getting up to match fitness. Giroud and Ozil just getting around twenty mins and our width has been missing for weeks.


Actually, he’s confused between performance and result.


And by the way, why am I being moderated? I have never insulted people or called other people names here. And to be moderated by a Dublin jackeens cunt who attends 2 games a year. I cannot even listen to the interesting people on the Arsecast because of your put on stupid Tony Fenton voice you s PRICK. Ive met Arsenall fans like you in Dublin before.


Apologies I have let myself become too emotional after that. It was a disgraceful. As someone who has actually been paid to play, I cannot understand it


The only good thing that will come out of this will be getting a draw if lucky against the pool this week, but i suspect we will be torn a new one


Apologies again blog. We have a very similar background, born to Irish parents in London, me in 73. My first game was the 78 cup final, best programme I have- when the country cousins come to town. Like you at 14 I thought I would never see us winning the title, ever, until that magical Friday night in May89),but to call a spade a spade what we seen tonight was disgraceful. I feel ill. Its ok for the rest of you in Thailand, USA and god knows where else but we have to live among the cunts and take their… Read more »


Tomj, fuck off and never come back. Such a total disrespectful immature child.


trimi,,to tell someone to “fuck off and never come back” over the internet is only “Such a total disrespectful immature child”. Please visit london sometime and tell that to someone on the 7 sisters, just make sure you notify me first so I am there for the laugh


And by the way Tremi, I can remember walking to Highbury when Tony Woodcock was scoring goals and Leo Sayer was singing orchard road. Dont tell me to fuck off.I have been Arsenal all my life. And I have actually contributed to the club


If you have been following Arsenal for as long as you say you have TomJ, then you will know we have been dominated by teams before, & will be again. That happens in football, we’ve no divine right to just roll teams over because we’re the Arsenal. This current batch is lacking in a only a couple of areas I think – another warrior in midfield, a really tricky wide player & some competition for the HFB. if money was no object, I’d want Sv Bender, Mandzukic/Lewandowski & Afellay, but that’s not going to happen. Time for the team to… Read more »


Respect? For Chelsea? Its you thats having a fucking laugh now Mr Limpar. No need to go over the reasons but seriously, respect for the Russians toy? Bollocks!

Mesut Aussie

A bit of perspective mate. It wasn’t the gunners finest match but it was far from our best team for the weakest of our priorities. Sure, we lack a quality back-up in a number of positions but there’s only one other PL team that can arse-rape FFP like cheslki does and ensure they have a full back up international fucking squad. Take out the anger on “the wankerish one” in a back alley somewhere. The frick’n eye gouging cunt.


Hold on “mate”,but with a bit of “perspective”, we lost aginst Chelski’s second team. at home, while playing our first choice midfield bar Ozil, and our second best striker, whie taking in what most PL sides can only dream about at the gate. Now, its ok for you in Beijing or Dallas or Colorado or somewhere, but I live here, spend circa 4 thousand a year on the club and will be working with Chelski cunts in a few hours, taking their stick an d smiling only in the hope that we can show a little bit of ambition in… Read more »


And apologies to Ian Ure, Rapahel Maede Gus Caesar, Pascal Cygan (better than he is given credit for) Senderos and any other cunt, but i just cant take coming to our home and being dominated, there is no need for it and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen, at any cost

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

Tomj – Just piss off, will you? People like you are the lowest life-form associated with our club.

“Jackeen cunt”… “But I’m Irish! I was born in London, but I’m from Dublin”.

Make you’re mind up and fuck off you despicable, back-tracking cunt.

Adam Richards

I’m going to paraphrase a little here “I have never insulted people or called other people names here………….you s PRICK………………..but we have to live among the cunts”

And when you say “As someone who has actually been paid to play, I cannot understand it” so you played this evening? And was paid? Well you only have yourself to blame.

Loop A Hole

Tbh, I don’t feel like blaming Jenko for tonight. He is a developing player who has to play a lot, but has barely had any match practice this season. We all saw how good he can be last season, and the kid’s commitment does it for me. But Bendtner is a whole another case. Wouldn’t have mattered if he was trying and nothing was going right, but he just doesn’t want to try. Some of those long balls, I wish Giroud was chasing them, giving it his all, instead of Bendtner who just jogged aimlesssly towards the goalkeeper. It’s hard… Read more »

aussie gooner

you either go for it with your best team or you don’t at all. that team was never gonna get a win today. so why give cazorla, ramsey wilshere 80 minutes or more when they are all likely to start against liverpool. why bring on giroud and ozil and risk them getting a knock which could see them miss more important games.

I fail to understand the logic of Wenger sometimes.


Very valid point to be fair.


And there goes our best chance for a trophy.


Bendtner still lazy; Jenkinson still raw; Kos still the boss; We still lack depth.

Arsene nose

…and home support, all I heard on TV for 90min were chants of Maureen


There’s a strange irony to this comment. There Wasn’t a great deal to cheer to be fair. Thought Cazorla did very well after a bad start.


Cheering is the investment part, not the returns part….if you are sitting there to just applaud after the act, then go visit a circus…

Why is my name required

those cunts are going to get knocked out to a lower league team next. That will make us happy


Dream on, have you seen the draw? Set up for a top 5 semi finals.


To be fair to Jenks he’s hardly had a game. Of course he’ll be raw!

I think bendter was missing the chemistry with santi and the rest of the midfield. Was a little too hesitant on the ball, low confidence and lack of match practice?


Just plain lazy, he was


I remember going to Doncaster some years ago when we scraped through in the League Cup. It was naturally a second string team which included Billy Bendtner. I was with a mate who was convinced that Bendtner would ultimately develop into ‘the saviour’! I totally disagreed with him and how right I was! I wonder how that fella actually feels when he draws his wage each week? But here’s the real irony. How on earth does he manage to score so frequently for his country? Talk about enigma! PS: My first visit to this forum. It’s great to read the… Read more »


My worry has always been the strength in depth. We have it in midfield but in the striking department we are so short. Giroud has done better than I thought, Podolski is injured a lot and is too slow, Walcott is an option but it means a revamp as to how the team sets up and plays, Bendtner is a joke. I gave this guy all the excuses three years ago as there were glimpses of something but he let us down. I can’t believe he still exists at Arsenal, it’s actual embarrassing. Park….really? I am talking about strikers that… Read more »


lionel Messi would have got fuck all chances in that. How fucking dare you marginilise a good footballer who was marginalised at our club to accomodate a judas who out manager put all his trust in


So much anger, so little sense … please get some counselling.


You really are pissed off tonight, calm down and we all go again Saturday.


should we be worried ??


No, come on, don’t throw in the towel. We played a second string, while Mourinho has bottomless pits of blood money to fund his teams, he stays for a few years, and then leaves before any sustained long-term project, like building the Emirates and going broke for a couple of years, is asked of him. He is no managerial genius, just a very good careerist. If we won against Accrington Stanley tonight we’d be saying meh it’s only Accrington.


We played a second string? the only regulars that didnt play tonight were Mertesacker, Sagna, and Szcez.


Gibbs, Flamini and Arteta. Bearing in mind that our B team features Podolski and AOC I’d deduct a first team player in place of Ryo and Bendtner.


I guess you saw Flamini, Gibbs and Arteta in the version that you watched


Only when Giroud isn’t playing…


Arsenal have lost 2 of the last 52 games Flamini has played in (going back to ’07) and one of those he went off injured at 1-1….can’t be a coincidence….our attacking players need someone in behind who is only concerned about making sure we have cover. When we have that balance, we can beat anyone.

Toure Motors

Nail hit on the head for me. Far better than old Lego hair in that role.


Bit harsh as old Lego hair was missing tonight.

Toure Motors

I’m not slagging him off, just saying that we looked more solid in the EPL with flamini. There’s room for them both


That Jose Mourinho chant does my fucking head in


Well with a silent home support like that even a coin fallin would have done my head in…

not a proffesional footballer

even with cheap tickets fans don’t make any noise.
perhaps it’s a city problem, not club. I mean, city folks

Tony Adams Morning Breath

Where do you think the Chelsea fans live?


You know a lot of regulars were not there

raron aamsey

And the chelsea one. Shouting Chelsea at regular intervals at different pitches doesn’t make a chant.

Siz C

lol….when they chanted that, I kept thinking of Almunia


Meh. Blah blah blah…. unlucky… blah blah blah injuries… blah blah blah… depth… zzzzzzzzz


Played well in midfield, sharp passing and movement. Poor defending cost us a goal and the game yet again., but up front proved to me we badly need to buy in January if we are to win anything this season. Ryo is just not strong enough and bentner showed why we have tried to off load him year after year. He just isn’t good enough at the top level. Giroud is a top player but even though we didn’t play him tonight he cannot carry the front line on his own all season and his replacements proved they are just… Read more »


Played well in midfield, sharp passing and movement. Poor defending cost us a goal and the game yet again., but up front proved to me we badly need to buy in January if we are to win anything this season. Ryo is just not strong enough and bentner showed why we have tried to off load him year after year. He just isn’t good enough at the top level. Giroud is a top player but even though we didn’t play him from the start tonight he cannot carry the front line on his own all season and his replacements proved… Read more »


Why are you replying to yourself ? Is this like how a schizophrenic guy babbles nonsense to himself ?
BTW I see you are coming out of the woodwork now that we have lost a couple of games in a month after a long time . So I guess Wenger must listen to your advice or else ……

You must be related to Piers Morgan I’m guessing 🙂


Don’t get your knickers in a twist mate. I said we played well and was pleased with the performance. The fact that I also said we need another striker is hardly Ground breaking news. I replied to my post because I made the mistake of suggesting that Giroud didn’t play so rectified that mistake. And the reason I don’t post much is because the site has to many muppets like yourself who post total shite for the sake of seeing their name written down. if you can see any relation to what I posted to what morgan posts about arsenal… Read more »


Dude its Voldemort, he has 8 parts of his soul. You shud be thankful there arent 8 replies here.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Total shite Ooh, look. My name is up there. I don’t care what anybody else says, I was quite happy to see Park put in an appearance, and I didn’t see him do anything wrong. Granted he didn’t have much of an impact, but in terms of actually getting us back in the game you could also say that of Giroud. I’d have preferred Park to come on a bit sooner and would have liked Giroud to stay on the bench and get a proper rest. You really can see the difference when Flamini doesn’t play. We need another Flamini.… Read more »

Manchester Gooner

Played well in midfield? No Slow to get the ball our of our feet. Sometimes play give-and-go too much. Strikers are afraid to hold ball when marked closely or pop the ball back to midfield to quickly too often. Lack of audacity when faced with their defence. Lack of width. Jacko needs to keep his head down and work hard to iron out his careless passing and risky dribbling. He’s not the best player in the team yet, let alone on this shore. Our midfield tend to pour forward even when a player, who receives a pass, is being marked… Read more »


Strikers? Like, as in plural?


Why what’s wrong with PARK!


I Agree, I love Giroud and all his effort but he needs someone to help out when he’s tired/hurt/unable to make plays work. Need one more striker for back-up (Would love top top quality but my faith is in Giroud). Need someone with something else to offer such as better dribbling and speed to blast past the defenders with Walcot. Podolski? It’s hard for me to put all my faith in him when he’s back because of his history with keeping fit and uninjured. When he comes back is he going to play the rest of the season? Finally, Bendtner… Read more »


Home support is like Bendtner pisspoor. Fucking disgrace


Watching at home tonight, from here it sounded like the game was being played at Stamford Bridge! Fair enough the team’s not inspiring everyone in the crowd, but that can be a two-way thing…

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

Is this a fucking joke? Slagging off the home fans from your sofa?

Nothing gives you that right.

Get a grip.


to clarify: been to a few of the home games in person (not as many as I’d like) this season and they’ve all been happier affairs than what we saw this evening, and the crowd was great every time. Tonight both were more subdued.


fair-weather support??

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Only 60,000 fans can get in to the stadium. There’s a truck load of people on the waiting list and they have little choice but to watch the game from their sofa, so cut it with the holier-than-thou fucking real fan bollocks. If you feel you can have a go at a fellow Gooner for not being at the game then you’re doing the fucking Spuds job for them, you plonker. You should be ashamed of yourself (but I bet you aren’t)


All a bit ho-hum really. The Lance-Corporal (demoted after that show) had a bit of a mare, Ryo really doesn’t look up to it at the moment and then for the second time in 3 days we’re reduced to 10 men on 82mins, with the introduction of Park.

Still, credit to Chelsea’s plucky 2nd string, that only cost £122m. The dirty racist, wife shagging, classless history-less chav cunts.

Fuck it. Move on.


We were playing with 10 until Giroud came on.


Giroud’s 12, minus 1no. of Park = 11?


Haha, that post had me in stitches…thanks


Well, I guess the better squad won (better in terms of depth). They’re still all cunts.

Can't hold his ale

Essian charging into the back of pint sized Cazorla then sitting down for a cry. Classless Chelsea bastards.


Silver lining : we can now concentrate on Cl and Pl till January..milk cup can fuck off
Only regret of the game is we didn’t even get a goal for our home support..


Obviously I’m disappointed with the loss, but I echo your sentiments. The worst thing about the loss for me was losing to a ‘top’ team and risking diminishing some of our momentum. In the end, it’s the Capital Carling Toyota Prius candyfloss-coloured whatever thing Cup – I don’t think winning it would really stave the ‘8 year chip’ from our shoulders (well, from the shoulders of the journo’s who propagate this nonsense). We need to look at the reality of matters: lets not sacrifice ourselves in other competitions by running ourselves into the ground. One step back for two steps… Read more »


Oh well, Onto embarrassing Liverpool

Santi Claws

Jenks out of his depth. Seems to have stagnated somewhat


Don’t rush to judge based on a single match . He is lacking a bit of First-team time . He is very young yet .


It isn’t based on one match every time Jenkinson has played he is poor…I don’t think he’s going to make it.


He has been pretty poor whenever he has played since pre-season. Looks totally confused what to do, where to go.


If the ball’s in the air he just can’t cope. Weird.

Toure Motors

Should’ve sag-nated rather than stagnated… I’ll get my coat


Even with such less game time we should expect much better from Jenks because he is better than this. You don’t need game time to know how to head the ball and I hope he gets a good kick in the ass from his teammates for putting us behind at a time when the game could go either way. I love the guy’s attitude and energy though and I still have my money on him showing us something special in the second half of this season.


have to say jenkinson was downright awful. along with bendtner. those were the two positions where the gap showed between our team and chelseas


Wow Jenkinson you were baaaaaaaaaaad tonight.. Bendtner you were not any better! To see the positive I’m in a way happy we don’t need to think about this cup anymore – now we’ve only got the important stuff left.


Stop it with bashing players after a single game . Be positive .
“Ask not what the players have done for you , but rather what have you done for the team and it’s playerss”


Pat Jenning's Gloves

This result, It doesn’t Mata

Arsene's handkerchief





Fucking hate that pack of cunts


Either go for it or don’t. Why did Ozil and Giroud even get a runout in this game? I don’t get it. And Cazorla, perhaps our most-vital-yet-not-entirely-fit cog goes the full 90?! Why?!

This is a former beer turned credit card cup. Who cares? This tournament should be treated as a U-21 feature.

Never should have been even the half-assed attempt at a win that Wenger suggested it could be with that lineup.

Not that the mediocrity comes down to one man, but Ryo should never take the pitch in the shirt again. Woeful.


I pretty much felt we lost on paper beforehand, it would have been nice to win but I’d rather the team was more fresh for the weekend. But I do also have the feeling we’re still a bit behind in terms of squad depth even with no injuries compared to Citeh and Chelsea, I mean look at that Chelsea bench!

Parisian Weetabix

Games are won by 14 players maximum. We have probably 20 worthy first team players. Our injuries are ridiculous, and always seem to be, but 20 players should easily be enough. Wait for the wingers to return, and an entire new dimension will open up to this team. This team which is already top of the league…

Keep the faith, no matter how blind it seems.


It’s too much to ask to get that type of depth. At least we have a good striker, Chelsea have none. Eto’o is horrible.


As funny as it sounds, Torres is getting somewhat better

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, having lots of money gets you lots of cunt. Chelsea and Citeh are as much brothel as football club.


Cool. Now fuck off back across London. And don’t forget Torres.


I’m actually going to take this optimistically as less distraction from our goals for this season .
Jenks looking a bit rusty atm , maybe from lack of match time .
Nacho is looking good !
Wish Wenger had not used Ramsey and Wilshere so much though .

Lets mug-smash the mugmashers , UTA

Eric Irish gunner

Why did we have to give them chav cunts nine thousand tickets they do my fucking head in the cunts, mourinho the cunt still showing his class by looking for a red card for vermaelem with two minutes to go and two nil up the prick, not a night for jerks to remember and say no more about bendtner


If we didnt, it would have sounded like a behind closed doors game 🙂

Top Gunner

We need another striker asap!
Park did better than Bendtner which says a lot. The better team on the nite won, so no complaints.
I just fucking hate Mourinho.


Lets give Bendtner a chance before writing him off . Everyone has bad games . He is in a tough place in his career and while I hate him for his shenanigans , I will support him as long as he wears the Red & White (or yellow) jersey .

Better team ? Please don’t call yourself a gunner with comments like that . The “cunt-ier” team won is all .



Shall we agree that Wenger got this badly wrong? He allowed himself to get drawn into a pissing contest instead of keeping an eye on the big picture. It was all about beating Mourhino, and not about making sure players were rested for the much bigger games ahead. Throwing on Ozil and Giroud to try and win it – what was that? If you win, players who needed to be rested are tired. And if you lose – well, that’s goota be good for morale. Stupid willy-wagging.

Siz C

As much as I hated seeing Ramsey and Wilshere play instead of being rested, we needed them on the pitch. Wenger couldn’t have played a team that would be slaughtered!!! …..irrespective of the competition

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A loss is a loss, and a loss can always affect team morale. But having said that, if we had rested all of our regular starters and fielded only younger players and irregulars in need of a run-out then even if they got slaughtered the morale effect would have been minimal. As it was we now have more than half a squad of regulars who have tasted defeat twicein a week. If you draw Chelsea or Citeh in an early round then just play the kids, tell them to enjoy the occasion and have a go, and hope they have… Read more »


never been anything but supportive, but Jenkinson was REALLY bad today…


Very even game decided by 1 individual error and 1 great strike. So can it go. Shame we didn’t have better back up strikers though. Bendtner was pretty poor. Then again Chelsea have spent 100’s of millions more on their squad than we have, so overall I’m not too bothered. Now we can concentrate on the competitions that matter

A Yank

Sure, they have incredible depth because of almost limitless money—fucking Juan Mata is a backup at Chelsea—but they don’t handicap goals based on the cost of your squad.

We’re out of another trophy. If the time has come where we can pay £40M for one player, the time has come for us to start winning things again.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, but probably not everything we go in for. This was a potentially demoralising defeat. We should have played the kids like we always used to. It doesn’t matter when you play Chelsea in the early rounds of the Curdling Milk Cup, you should not set more than half of your extremely tired first team up for a potential defeat by the second-string team of one of your two main rivals. This game was by no means unwinnable for Arsenal, but it was one hell of a big ask when the kids were mixed in with so many tired first… Read more »


PLEASE let Giroud stay healthy the whole season or we’re fucked. He played for 15-20minutes and had the only shot on goal for us for the WHOLE match. I also hope to never see Wilshere playing anywhere near the defense again, he gave up on the first goal, and was nowhere near Mata when he got his second goal untouched.

Also people talk about us lacking depth except we had Walcott, Podolski, Chamberlain, and more importantly Flamini & Arteta out (I would have prefered Isaac Hayden over Wilshere but whatever F**k it)


I though Wilshere was a magnificent motherfucker today



Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We didn’t need to fuck mothers today. We needed to field fresh legs to try to defeat Chelsea’s ridiculously expensive second-string of cunts.

Wonder how Samuel Eto’o feels about being a stand-in cunt *.

* A stand-in cunt must by definition be a very big cunt, which is, by no coincidence, the very defintion of a Chelsea player.


It’s good that we took the opportunity to rest our tired key players before a run of important games. Oh.


Like we were ever going to equalize after their 2nd? Why then bring on the HFB? Senseless stuff!!!!!!

Parisian Weetabix

Chelsea irritate me like no-one else. We’ve basically been beaten by a much smaller club, who have been given a ridiculous unfair financial bonus. I don’t give a crap how many more goals, points and trophies they get than us. Compared to us their football is dull, their players are dislikeable, their stadium is shit and their fans are overindulged dickheads. They are stuck permanently on my scum-list like scum sticks to a, er, list.

Fuck Chelsea, fuck the Capital One Cup. COYG.


Oh how I really like this comment! If I could thumb it up twice I would.

jack jack jack

This is how I like my comments monsieur. Tres bon.


too many stray passes, nothing in behind chelsea’s defense. terribly frustrating to watch. the Dane didnt make much of an effort, Ryo was poor and we used players who were meant to be rested. I dont care if this was the micky mouse cup, its embarrassing to lose at home to those cunts.


Some fucking things never change! So irritating looking to the Special One…Ball!


And here I find myself praying for a medical miracle by the weekend for another man’s groin.

I need some different hobbies.


Sounds like u’re groin a different side to urself 🙂


Bendtner is very stationary, does nothing to draw out their defense to get the wingers space, only safe passes mostly slowing down the rhythm of play, I am sure he must have problems with his eyes, and seems to lack confidence…terrible! Worse than I have ever seen him


Poor match honestly not enough creativity or firepower to create enough goal scoring opportunities. That said neither squad created much goal scoring chances, apart from chelsea’s second which came out of no where if you ask me. On to the Liverpool this weekend where I’m far more positive of a good result.


Can’t fault the effort can fault the quality. Too many misplaced passes in the attacking 1/3, Rosicky guilty many times and the team did not look to click. Was better right before Mata’s goal, but Chelsea always looked more purposeful on the ball. Of course we concede from our own corner/free kick, it’s becoming a bit of a joke. The optimist in me hopes we stay close to the top, the realist says that we have not played most of the teams in the top half of the table (bar sp*rs, but they’re shit) and we are going to regress… Read more »


Juan Mata haunts my dreams.


That’s one less trophy we can win and we lost to Chelsea. I care very much


i dont. thats a few more stupid ass games for one of our major rivals.


Really disappointed with the home support. We really need to be start making a lot more noise in the stadium. We’re the Arsenal Ffs!!

Der Springer

Thought it was pretty poor of the home fans to get on Bendtner the way they did. Shades of Eboue’s treatment. He was poor but he has not had much real game time in quite a while.


he was dreadful, but no Arsenal player should be harassed by their own support

I was really hoping Nick would make a comeback, now I hope he does not get another chance. Particularly vexing was his back pass when alone in front of goal, all he had to do was turn…


Surely you can see why Bendtner got booed, as you say he’s not had much game time, and he would be given a lot of leeway with that if he tried, but he didn’t, he never challenged for a ball. Bendtner looked totally disinterested all night. I just hope Wenger plays someone else if we lose Giroud cos Bendtner is not the answer. I’d say sell him in January but nobody will take him.


The fans were on Bendtner because he put in a piss-poor shift. Giroud struggled last year but got the benefit of the doubt because you knew he was leaving it all out there. TGSTEL was hiding out there today. Could you not make one run towards the ball? I mean, come on, we know he likes it to the back post but the movement was so predictable. I didn’t see him come across the defender ONCE!


I thought I would be ok, if we lost.
Fuck, it hurts to lose to Chelsea and their arrogant prick manager.
Hopefully we do the double over them in the league.


Bendtner is not a striker !!
We neet to get a new striker in mid season.
Luis suarez or el shawary !


I’m sure Liverpool would sell him now, with his form and attitude being so poor.


Wenger has to get him . I don’t care . ME IS WANT SUAREZ !!!!

I will not buy season ticket next year .WENGER OUT !

gooner odst

for what it’s worth; Park played well, Jenks didn’t and Miyaichi didn’t dominate the flank.

Ramsey was huffing and puffing, and on another day could have scuffed one in had there been a decent forward holding things up for 94 minutes. A shame really to lose in such an atmosphere but hey, we are top of the league for a reason.

Daft Aider

The atmosphere was rubbish but Wenger starting with Wilshere and Ramsey when everyone is already knackered may well come back to haunt us…………..Let’s hope not anyway


Walcott, podolski, diaby, oxlade, sanogo, flamini We have a few injuries and these players would have made a difference. Im not worried…as long as this list doesnt get bigger. Bendtner was terrible. No aerial challenges no presence, and no great service tbh. Lack widemen as well as forwards. Also fullbacks were subdued. No overlapping tonight. Fair play chelsea. Now back to the Prem. Unlucky boys. COYG


I’m not as lighthearted about this loss. I think it’s another chance for trophy gone. The league doesn’t lie, over the long run we aren’t as good as Chelsea or Man City. I don’t think we will win the league. I see the CO Cup and FA Cup as realistic chance to win something. Now one is gone.

Der Springer

This game highlighted the need to resign Sagna. Maybe even buying another right back in January.


resign and re-sign have completely different meanings, I think you meant re-sign




hahahaha made my night. oh wait, it’s 6am. oh well, back to school


Obviously, it’s quite obvious isn’t it.

99 problems but being a gooner aint one

Typical arsenal chelsea match since 2005. We play pretty well but conspire to lose 2 0r 3 nil. Jenkinson. I like the kid he is arsenal through and through but aside from the fact that he had a poor game and was at fault for both goals ( 2nd goal all he had to do was clear the ball instead of slicing it off) he is very poor technically. He just looks very uncomfortable on the ball which is strange for an arsenal player so it stands out even more than it should. He dosent look like he has the… Read more »


….Typical arsenal chelsea match since 2005. We play pretty well but conspire to lose 2 0r 3 nil…… for a while there it looked bleak, but then the gunners pop up with those 2 great wins in 2010 and 2011. 3-1 at home and 5-3 away in October 2011. that game was magic! Remember it well. when Arsenal has their best available they can match it with the best any other team has. to be honest, we cant take much from this game with regards to the result. Wasnt our best 11, wasnt thiers. so really who gives a rats… Read more »


Dont blame arsene…blame the top management…who thinks by buying ozil..arsenal would win silverware…we’re lacking a good striker !..need a world class striker !

gooner odst

messi? pfft we have Bendtner

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