Thursday, June 13, 2024

Higuain: £42m is a bargain for Ozil

Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain believes that Arsenal have got themselves a bargain even though they smashed their transfer record for Mesut Ozil.

The German was a deadline day signing from Real Madrid, and his former teammate, now plying his trade in Serie A, says that Ozil is one of the best players in the world.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s crunch Champions League tie, the Argentine striker said, “With Ozil, the Gunners have become even stronger.

“I believe that this deal represents the hit of the market: paying €45million, Arsenal has really made a big bargain. Mesut is one of the best forwards in the world. I played with him and it was great.

“When I see all the transfers of the summer market, I am increasingly convinced that Arsenal did the best one getting him.”

Higuain was linked heavily with a move to North London during the summer and was proud of the fact that Arsene Wenger had him in his sights, even if it didn’t work out in the end.

“I was honoured by Arsenal’s interest,” he said. “I have great respect for Wenger and the idea to be in his plans filled me with pride.

“But I think my decision to come to Napoli was the best, I’m really happy with this choice.”

And look, we dallied, he took his chance elsewhere and c’est la vie. It costs us nothing to hope he’s happy there.

But not tonight.

Or in the return leg.

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The one that got away. But even if we had got Higuain it would have meant we wouldn’t have signed Ozil. I m pretty sure Madrid wouldn’t have sold us two of their best players because they are cunts. We move on with what we have got and like blog says c’est la vie.

Richard Marshall

Fingers crossed that Napoli get fined big for some dodgy match fixing or something and we can pick him up on the cheap in January! 😉

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

So no bloody booing him tonight


No, Gonzalo! Your decision to join Napoli wasn’t the best. Koscienly will shed more light on that tonight.

Jack's Right Foot

Imagine an attacking four of Walcott, Ozil, Cazorla and Higuain. Phwoarrr.

However Madrid probably wouldn’t have sold us two, and our HFB is extremely important to us. Higgers isn’t quite as good with his hold-up play, for me.


I actually don’t think selling Higuain and Ozil to Arsenal would have been a no no for Madrid. Considering we aren’t direct rivals.
The problem would have been Arsenal not willing to spend €70M+ on just 2 players.

i know it doesn’t matter anymore. Just saying

Michael Farmer

Is the acronym for Giroud HFB?Does that mean handsome French boy?I like that.Ca plane pour toi.


Hoping for an early Arsenal goal tonight. Not only increase our chance of winning but stopping from turning into a stalemate.


6 minutes do? 🙂


Hope Gonzalo is ready to familiarize himself with Bosscielny’s back pocket.

jack jack jack



When you hear stuff like this from Ozil’s former team mates it makes it even better!! Bargain of the decade.


Anyone who boos Higuain tonight are an embarrassment to the club.


Don’t worry we won’t,Boourns,Higuain won’t know what he’s in for!

Santi Claws

You’re going? You lucky bastard, something some of us can only dream of. Cheer loud, cheer long, let’s give them a thumping that’ll scare the bejeezus out of everyone in Europe

Michael Farmer

Great comment Santi Claws to cheer long and cheer loud.I wish you were in the stadium to have done that.The team produced football that encouraged the crowd to sing long and loud.Are you going to Newcastle in December?


never understood the boos higuain got at the emirates cup… quite pathetic actually. not his fault we delayed things in thinking suarez would be the better option and when we didn’t cough up the money for him, napoli did.


Gunnersaurus Rex

The “i” represents the incorrect use of “Shift”


the “you’re a’ represents the first part of ‘you’re a moron’

Richard Marshall

I think people were booing to let Wenger know how pissed they were. Not really booing Hig directly. I reckon he’ll get a decent reception tonight.


Higuain knows

TheReturn OfAmebo

And then MAn United, Chelsea, Spurs, and other clubs keep crying all around that Real Madrid made a silly mistake for selling Ozil to Arsenal. Jealous or what?

Gunnersaurus Rex

So does the “A”.


Not jealous… mostly scared !


For me, the obvious signing has to Benteke! Guy is a beast


Oh FFS – We won’t be signing Benteke. Him and Giroud are way too similiar in playing style. If Benteke’s a beast – Giroud is a/an..umm.. Beauty??

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Good to have a world class manager, with arsene in charge and our financial status, we’re now one of the big boys in the transfer market. Sorry rvp, i just can see a way in which ur beloved coach can compete with Arsene in the transfer market now, good riddance.


Higuain is not better than Giroud in my opinion. Even if we do need a striker like him, I’m much happier with Ozil. Serendipity…
I also think that Napoli performance are slightly overrated due to their poor Serie A opposition. This is a team that drew 1-1 with newly promoted Sassuolo, who got thrashed 0-7 by Inter Milan.


Even if Serie A as a whole is experiencing tough times, Napoli aren’t. They were fairly well-off already, but the Cavani money now gives them an attack of Hamsik, Higuain, Insigne, Callejon and Mertens: lethal. That said, their defence isn’t that great, so here’s hoping Ozil and the HFB can do a job on them!


I agree that while Hamsik and Higuain are top quality players, Callejon, Mertens and Insigne are all but proven at this level. And your point about their defence is correct, and their midfield duo of Swiss Behrami-Dzemaili is definitely improvable. IMO Borussia clash is definitely harder that this one, and they’re the one who will compete with us for top spot in the group, in the long run

jack jack jack

Meh, they beat Dortmund.


I know Dortmund reached the finals last year blah blah… but they’ve lost Gotze, Gundogan is going to take a while to get back… AND we beat Bayern at the allianz

Dormund’s not the same team anymore, my bets are on this fixture for most exciting in the group of death

Not to mention that Klopp’s ‘monkey’ face scares more people than his team’s skills on the ball

Gooner til the end

Of course it’s a bargain, judging by recent transfers. Bale – 86. Fellaini – 27.5. Carroll – 35. Torres – 50. Willian – 30.

Bloody good value for money I say!
Now for an AFC win tonight!


i think fernandinho – 35mil is right up there with carroll and torres….


I am going tonight and will refrain from booing him, as I will be too busy cheering on our boys for the win!

Denilson's back pass

Upvoted for the name. So sad it’s over.

Sorry for the offtopic.


I appreciate the vote! have an A1 day 😉


No spoiler’s please. I repeat – No spoiler’s. Season 5.



Or I’ll send round Kos and the Flamster to sort you out!


i’m proud enough of giroud! and honestly, having ozil is better bargain than higuain…


Arsene Wenger is a PUSS-C, as long as the devil won’t repent dats as long as d gunners not winning a trophy evn if u buy Messi n Cr7…d name Arsenal connotates Trophyless..celebratn bn @ d top lyk yall won epk title..PUSS C’s

Cyril Washbrook

Whatever you say, dear.

Andy Mack

Cyril, Does that mean you understand what he’s saying?
If so, can you translate for the rest of us, as I’ve no idea what language it is, let alone what it means!


Andy. I think Cyrill is just humouring the poor deluded, obvious, jealous spud.

The only Olivier is Giroud

What are they smoking over there at White Hart Lane?!


Ask Heisenberg


still in lower kindergarten? i see you’ve not learnt to form proper English words yet…


I tried to google translate this, as it is clearly a foreign language, but alas there was no selectable option for complete and utter shite. I think what Abk is trying to say is this: Arsene Wenger is a vagina. Arsenal will not win a trophy for the rest of time (removed religious reference as I felt it did not represent the multicultural nature of the Arsenal fanbase), even if they were to purchase the two most highly lauded footballers in world football. The name Arsenal means ‘trophyless’ (not sure how he came to this conclusion, I thought it was… Read more »

Arsene's Zip

Game over everyone, jsergio just won.

Best. Comeback. Ever.


Was scrolling down to write an appropriate reply to the individual who managed the perfect trifecta of trolling, idiocy and text speak.

No point now, only can bow to your genius and wish I could upvote more than once

Wengers spare change

ABK,So glad you commented,it shows you have nothing else to do on tues/wed nights.Heres a good idea,why don’t you relax on your couch tonight and watch a real team play proper football and once we take Napoli to the cleaners,get back to me and we will talk again. You can always watch spurs play tonight….on Fifa,its the closest you will get to champions league football.

Merlin's Panini

You’re definitely a spud. Probably can’t spell your own name can you? Probably think it has a “4” in it somewhere don’t you.


What that fella said

The only Olivier is Giroud

I mean Shite Hart Lane, deepest apologies for spelling it out (and with capital letters, what the hell is wrong with me?!)


*Shite Fart Lane




Errrr… Mesut is not exactly a forward…

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

According to my Italian work colleauge Gonzalo Higuain is OUT tonight due to injury picked up during training.

Don’t make no difference to us because Napoli will be dangerous just the same.

Just gotta keep our head down, defend well, and rip a couple of goals past Pepe Reina.


Yes yr right there, he trained on his own, I believe its he’s calf 🙂


If Real Madrid sold us Higuain then we would never have signed Özil. We wouldn’t have the bargain of the summer. And maybe, he would have actually gone to ManU or worse (if some reports are to be believed).

Consider that.

Not signing Higuain was a wonderful stroke of luck.

Real Madrid are diminished. Perez is getting flak. Levy is miffed. Mourinho is in a huff. Manchester United is in chaos. And Pellegrini’s can’t get his team to string two results together …

What’s there to boo?


Mmmmmmm … on second thoughts maybe Flamini is the de facto bargain of the season.

Özil is just effing brilliant.


Thank fuck we didn’t get Suarez and we got Ozil.


Thank fuck we didn’t get Suarez and we got Ozil.

True Red

Quite agree. Shame to miss out on Gonzalo but over the moon to have Mesut.

I only boo cunts who deserve it…Shawcross springs to mind

Zim Gunner

Hopefully our record against Italian teams stays intact.


I dnt nid a proper english 2 explain dat arsenal is going down again as usual witout a trophy, I almost 4got yall re nt in 4 d title…lozzas(losers)…u as wanna qualify 4 ucl….sum1. Plz translate it 2 mr baked brains

Merlin's Panini

Yes, yes you do. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you have the typing skills of a simpleton?
Go home to your dirty little hole in N17.


I’m afraid this is quite simply untranslatable Abk. Sorry to disappoint.

Touched Your Mother

I see Jamie Redknapp finally made his way to the comments section.


I don’t mind watching arsenal’s match bcos of Mesut, cos dats d only player they ve got…yall some real fans menh…imagine oly a gunner wld spend so much jas(just)2 see sum some Gervinho n Theo.yall need deliverence

Merlin's Panini

You need a reverse lobotomy.


Please everyone just ignore Abk. It’s not worth even bothering with is it?


Yea, ignore me n embrace loosing..


Lmao, you know what disappointment means better than me, after eight years(plus still counting) without a trophy da fuck u still saying someone is disappointed….hahahaha Gunners should be replaced with the word disappointment

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