Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Ozil hails Arsenal’s ‘Playstation’ trio

Despite bagging a brace in the 4-1 victory over Norwich Mesut Ozil was happy to defer praise to the rest of the team including tiki-taka trio of Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud and Jack Wilshere whose combination play in the build up to Arsenal’s opener he has described as ‘Playstation’ football.

Wilshere’s 18th minute strike, which finished off a beautifully constructed move which he himself began in his own half, has earned plaudits from across the football fraternity with Ozil the latest to add his own tribute.

“I’ve got to praise the three players involved for the first goal,” he told Arsenal Player.

“It was real ‘tiki taka’ – almost like they were playing PlayStation! It was an unbelievable goal.”

While the first goal of the day was otherworldly, the other three strikes weren’t bad either. Reflecting on the goal glut and the performance as a whole, Ozil continued:

“I know that I can still improve but I’m happy with my display and the performance of the team. Aaron Ramsey showed that any player who comes on will do his best for the team and will get involved in tackles and attacks immediately.

“That’s why we’ve been in such good form. I’m really proud of the team. We’re taking what the manager wants us to take into games and are making strides. Now we’ve got another three points and can be pleased with that.

“[Confidence] is really high. We know what we can do but we won’t get carried away. It’s still very early but we know how much potential we have in the team. We just enjoy playing and it shows on the pitch. We fight for each other and we are always there for one another. That’s why we’ve been so successful.”

To a certain extent the 4-1 scoreline and otherworldly goals have deflected attention from a squeaky bum period in the second half in which Norwich both controlled play and scored.

Taking heart from the fact Arsenal stood firm despite the pressure and then killed off their opponents, Wojciech Szczesny noted:

“It’s a funny result because 4-1 would indicate that we were the much better side but I thought Norwich were tremendous for long periods of the game.

“But they didn’t take their chances and we punished them for it with some great goals – especially the first one, which was one of the best goals I have seen at this stadium.

“Norwich really pushed us really hard and we scored when it looked like they were about to score. It’s important that when we are under pressure, we can break and score important goals to give ourselves a little cushion.

“That is what we did twice, at 1-0 and again at 2-1. Hopefully we can keep that going, it certainly takes the pressure off the defenders and [makes the match] much more enjoyable to play in.”

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(!)Didn’t get one assist, sell him, he’s passed it(!)


Actually, for once he didn’t pass it.


On the other hand, Giroud didn’t score, “he’s passed it”


SZCZ didn’t get a clean sheet. “he’s passed it”




winning is a gas, and were passin it




Feeling like Jack may be beginning to round into form. He looks a little more lively with his runs. Ozil, Ramsey, Jack and Santi FTW!!

Bould's Eyeliner

My favorite part is that it’s about as quickly as anyone could have really returned to some form – it’s been about 2 months only and he’s making such great strides, just like last season. And then, now that he’s finding some form, it’s also great that we can rotate and rest him when needed… this optimism has been sorely missed…. for many years. COYG


I get really excited whenever there is anything new about Ozil, even if it’s just him tweeting “great win!”


Hi, this is a gooner from India. Could someone tell me what is the chant for Özil. I know about the ‘Ö-zil to the Arsenal’. Is there anything except that? Would love to know about the same.

Zorro in the box

Well on Saturday there was the “there’s only one Ozil…walking in an Ozil wonderland” one.


‘How does it feel to be Tottenham? How does it feel to be small?
You sold Bale, we signed Mesut Özil, Mesut Özil, Mesut Öziiil!’


I can’t get over that goal – I am staring at the video and wondering – what the heck? This is just inbelievable – I don’t think I will get over it but I am running out of tissue – have to head to the store!

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

I’ll be honest with you guys: I got lucky on Saturday night, and when I was having a … a good time, I don’t know why, but I recalled that first goal. I kept it in my mind for about 8 seconds then I switched back on.

That’s how good it was.


Everyone knows how you feel. About 20 million Arsenal fans got lucky at 3:16 on Saturday afternoon.

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

How very appropriate that this has gotten 69 thumbs up 😀


I will remember those goals for quite some time


Dear Ozil, do you know that it’s impossible to do that in Playstation? Even in Street Football games!

santi's panties

Ozil can do that on PlayStation.


That’s what I thought. How on earth do you do those 1-2s or pass and move beauties? How how how?

Aaron Ramsey

L1 + x

LB + A



fancy flicks

Naija Gunner

Very very impossible indeed, but may be he can do it…who knows?!

Naija Gunner

Happy to be a goooner!


Commitment is Ozil making a gut bursting run through the middle to meet Girouds well timed cross. Let me at him!


I would term it awareness more than commitment.


Ozil seems to be about calculated commitment. He was aware very early of how developing play may leave space through the middle if he got a run on his man, and sprinted from mid our half. Very impressive.

It Is What It Is



I would term it commitment and awareness at the same time


Love the attention to detail regarding the picture!


Löl I love how half of the journalists crawled back under the woodwork now that Wilshere has 2 in 2 with good performances to match.


Arsene McClound



That first goal, you will never see again in a long long while. It has got to be a contender for goals of the decade!!


Hope RVP’s having fun with his fuckin ZX

Woolwich Peripatetic

I’m still amazed that was his first ever headed goal. Even Messi scores with his head and he’s not exactly the tallest player in the world. Dortmund should be an interesting game. They’re very good at their high line pressing game but if anything that plays into our hands – I’m not going to say we enjoy playing a low line but only Bayern seem to be as/more comfortable switching between a pressing game and a deep defence. A shame Theo is still crocked, a team that plays a high line and Mesut’s ability to play the ball between defenders… Read more »

Zorro in the box

When’s the Ox back? A pacey winger would be ideal for tomorrow. Gnabry might be a bit raw for BVB.


He said “Aaron Ramsey”. This may actually be real. *weeps*

Eddie mcgoldrick

Whats jack wilshere smoking over at the emirates?


I can’t do that on playstation.

Seriously, I was like “wtf just happened ?! This is too good to be real !!”.

Emir of Emirates

i gladly played the highlight of the first goal after my presentation today and used Aaron’s goal as an illustration of confidence in it too…u should see the standing ovation after…i really was proud to be a gunner after and i still am…hope i’ve made disciples our of the board this morning….#irepArsenal


Dr Baptiste

Did you get a standing ovation because you claimed to be Ramsey?

Zorro in the box

I assumed it was a euphemism for erection.


He said he got goosebumps when he heard fans chanting his name? Can anyone tell me what the exact chant was? Couldn’t pick it up while watching.

Tapscotts Testicles

With greatest respect blogs, Wilshere did not start the move. Flamini did, with an interception and a pass to Jack. Not that it really matters….


There’s only one Mesut Özil.
One Mesut Özil.
We’ll be walking along
Singing the song
Walking in a Özil wonderland


I was a bit unsure when that chant went up on Saturday. Said to the missus that should be DB’s chant and DB’s alone. She then reminded me we’ve sung it plenty of times for Jack, so I shut the fuck up, as I usually do when she proves me wrong, which is most of the time. Think the Ramsey one is a bit too long – a few less de-de-de-de-de-de’s would be fine. The one that does is though is Giroud’s. Sends a tingle up the spine when everyone in the stadium joins in that one. I swear even… Read more »


this one’s also been going around. More original than the Ozil wonderland one.

How does it feel to be Tottenham?
How does it feel to be small?
You sold Bale,
We signed Mezut Ozil,
Mesut Ozil…etc


Like most gunners, its part of my religious beliefs that I have to consider DB on a level of his own, but I think if anyone can approach that level, its going to be Özil..

Zorro in the box

I think the Ozil wonderland is well suited to the first player we’ve had since who looks to come near Dennis’ artistry.

I quite like the “better than Bale” Ramsey chant and the “Super Jack” or “He smokes when he wants!” chants.

Reckon Bendtner should get a Backstreet Boys type “Bendtner’s back, alright!” version.


This Özil boy looks so happy,its like he has finally gotten a home at the Emirates
on the other side of Manchester pregnant Van Persie is depressed.
Staying with a constantly talking boy in your tummy for two years is no joke


Did Szczesny really say Norwich were “tremendous”? Can’t quite place that without imagining a 1920s-style RP accent.


Prefer the Özil wonderland chant. The second one is more about Tottenham and Bale for me. No need to mention that frigging team or that overrated sprinter when singing about Özil

Zorro in the box

Agreed. They’re not even a rival so it’s a bit random.


anyone notice mesut’s first goal celebration? i felt like he was playing in a post madrid haze up until them. that celebration told me he’s with us 100% now. let the good times roll!

pete the cat

Look at the norwich players when you next watch the goal (and there will be a next time) they look like a bunch of cats following a fly around the room


What do all of you thinking about an özil chant like the one for MESSI just with MEEESSSSUUUTTT?

el bahja

Is just a Shame flamini won’t play tommorrow


There are a few variations of this Özil song going around, but I like this version:

Özil, Mesut Özil. He’s a superstar from Germany. Madrid, sold him to us, then they bought a f*cking chimpanzee!


still got goosebumps from being in the North Bank on saturday. I’ll remember that for a long long time.
I hope it’s just the start of many brilliant memories.
It’s wasn’t just brilliance – the team worked really hard, didn’t see that last season.
Pity about Flamini as he was excellent before he head butted a large canary.


You make an excellent point, they ARE working very hard this season, and it’s made a difference. And being over here in the States, I envy you for being there to see that first goal especially. I can’t stop watching the video of it,,,sheer brilliance!

some dumb american

I wish I could play Playstation like that!


Tj – Tim James?


That first goal was really heavenly. Great quick thinking and control of the ball by Santi, Giroud and Wilshere as well as a very intelligent run by Wilshere.. makes me wonder, “what is Wilshere smoking over there at the Emirates?”


Glad Ozil has settled in so quickly and is enjoying his football.

This will encourage other top names to consider a switch over to us.

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