Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are they saying Mulumbu-urns?

Arseblog News can’t be the only ones who were surprised this weekend by news that Arsenal apparently want to sign West Bromwich Albion’s Youssouf Mulumbu.

Tidy, combative player that he is, you’d say reinforcements in the centre of midfield are unlikely to be our highest priority come January when the transfer window opens. You know, because of Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Flamini, Rosicky, Oxlade Chamberlain, Cazorla, Diaby, Zelalem … oh, and that fella Ozil.

Granted, Arsene collects midfielders like dogs collect anecdotes about bum sniffing, but it’s unlikely.

Anyway, back to Mulumbu. The 26-year-old midfielder, formerly of Paris Saint Germain and a regular in the DR Congo national team, did an interview with France Football which was published on Saturday.

In it he talks about West Brom’s form, “we can do better”; the dropped points with Chelsea, “we weren’t mature enough,” and playing alongside Argentine Claudio Yacob, “he gives me more freedom to go forward.”

He also talks of his ambitions for the future: “It’s a family club, I’ve been here five years but I’ve spoken to the manager and board and they’re aware of my ambitions for the future. If I have the opportunity to go to a bigger club, I will. I owe them a lot, but I went to get to a level where I play in the Europa League or Champions League.”

Then asked if he could leave the club in January, he talks of “being ready for a top four club” and that “Yes, some clubs have made enquiries with West Brom.”

France Football, ask directly about whether Arsenal are interested. The reply appears quite passive.

“There’s been an approach, but I don’t dwell on it. I leave that to the club and my agent. All I can do is keep playing well and there’ll be more who want me.”

The Mirror, talkSPORT, Football 365,, FourFourTwo and alike all ran with headlines about Mulumbu wanting to secure a switch to a bigger club.

Then The Sun (paywalled) got involved with the title “Baggies Yousless” (bit OTT?) and claimed Arsenal were lining up a move.

It wasn’t enough for The Mirror to run the story once though. Obviously the first time it didn’t get enough hits, so they ran it again, this time whacking Arsenal as the lead angle. The authors were Chris Richards and Alex Richards respectively … presumably conjoined twins who aren’t talking to each other?

The Metro sniffing some cheap traffic followed suit (they can’t help themselves), while (their second article on the issue) and Clubcall (remember them?) also got involved. The gossip sections on BT Sport and the Guardian gave the Gunners angle further publicity.

By this point blogs appeared on what Mulumbu could bring Arsenal (Sabotage Times – who’d also run the same story about why he’d be good for Liverpool) and why Arsenal don’t need him (Bleacher Report) …

One comment. One off the cuff comment replying to a leading question in a French magazine.

It’s 1 December. I guess what we’re trying to say is the transfer rumour mill is grinding into fifth gear and as usual it’s mostly all a load of guff.

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Mildly Amusing Name

I was saying Mulumbu-urns…


I don’t believe it. The media just likes to link us with these sorts of players because apparently we’re always desperate for a good hard bloke in midfield… just like how we need a CB faster than Mertesacker and a goalkeeper better than Szczesny. Wenger’s smarter than that and we have Arteta and Flamini who are both perfectly good. If we sign in this position, it will be in summer and it will be a younger prospect who can develop behind the older guys.

Old Man Flam

It seems like whatever enquiry we made was in the summer or earlier, i.e. before the new midfielders came in – especially considering he said ‘I don’t dwell on it’ and ‘there’ll be more who want me’. Classic case of a player mentioning a move that didn’t go through and journos playing Chinese whispers…


i am not sure about the last part either. wenger said that wilshere’s best position is defensive midfielder, where he can fiunction as a deep-lying playmaker, just like arteta does now, and ramsey has clearly estabished himself as a box to box midfielder in central midfield. So, with wilshere and ramsey, i would say that we have got the two midfield postions sorted for at least 10 years, if not more. And there is frimpong too, but i wonder whats happened to him ?? he started some 4 games on the bench at the start of the season, and then… Read more »


Dench bro.

Zorro in the Box

Surprised he’s still at the club to be honest, he certainly seems to have just not made the cut. He’s a character but still very immature and has never really replicated the promise he’s shown enough to establish himself in the squad or convince Wenger to take a punt on him. Granted, our form and run over the last 12 months has an effect on taking risks – Wenger doesn’t want to disrupt a winning rhythm so is less likely to take a risk on certain players. Otherwise I daresay Vermaelen would have been rotated into the team a little… Read more »


Credible sources say that Arsenal are looking for new players for their starting 11! Apparently, amazing deals for Squillaci, Denilson, Santos, Chamakh, & Silvestre are in the works.


A load of Mulumbu Julumbo. Or something.


Had considered that


And discounted it as being pony?


Blogs does seem to enjoy a good Simpsons reference.
And I, for one, welcome our new blogging overlord.


Just preferred the Simpsons reference


Cant see this deal going through before Wenger ties down the Saloman Kalou deal.

Zorro in the Box

Yann M’Vila first? And Jedson too..

Edu's fake passport

lol @ M’Vila, Santi ruined his career!!

Edu's fake passport

oops that was Capoue!!


The Kalou idea seems to have garnered a lot of thumbs-ups. Is this on the radar?

Zorro in the Box

I think it’s a case of #sarcasm


Thank god for that!


I just tried to thumb myself down for having an irony bypass, but it wouldn’t let me……


@shuggietodd Good man

New guy

actually so far it looks like no thumbs up and 4 thumbs downs…


Sorry, you’ve lost me there…..


But guys, when are we ever going to sign Sebastien Frey?! Surely it’s about time now!


Can’t see it happening but I do think we could do with someone as backup to Flamini. Arteta is pretty solid but someone who’s more naturally defensive and good at organising the players around him like Flamini would be welcome


“like Flamini”

Why not just Flamini?


Is Pato not good enough for us? A striker who can complement giroud with pace and can play Champs league..

denis bergkamp

and spend 9 months on the inury list to keep diaby company.


I am skeptical that he may complement Diaby more.


I believe Pato would be a perfect signing. I think his attitude is not professional enough. He’s had a shitty last couple of years with the injuries he sustained, which resulted in his poor form, and low confidence level. But we all remember Pato back in his prime, so if Wenger can bring him in, discipline him, get him fit and of course put his magical faith in him, then Pato can become the world class striker we once thought he’d become. Its a fact, any striker that comes to Arsenal improves (take Giroud for an example). Not to mention… Read more »


Alvaro Morata would be a good backup. Saw some rumours that he turned down Tottenham for a move to Arsenal. Perfect for us, I think.


There’s something on twitter (I know, I know) about us signing Alvaro Morata from the Real Madrid youth team on loan. Don’t know much about him though.


I know that Real Madrid rate him highly and that Spurs wanted to take him in part exchange for Bale. The fact is that he didn’t go to Shite Hart Lane…. Maybe the player dug his heals in?


Hans Moleman, is that you?


Funny joke hahahahahahaha . all was need is a replacement striker for when Giroud is injured


One centre-forward, one centre-back, and we’ll be in good shape for the marathon that lies ahead. While we won’t boast the ridiculous, should-be-doing-much-better-given-the-embarrassment-of-players-at-their-disposal squad depth of the likes of Chelsea especially, we’ll be in a good position to go the distance with them.


You all saw the Express story about Julian Draxler right?

Maybe Arsene intends on playing 10 midfielders in future in a revolutionary flat 10 formation across the middle. 😛


Yeah i guess its not enough that only 6 of our players are interchanging positions.

Dick Swiveller

Tbf, from what I’ve seen and heard he’s a bit more dribbley and shooty than our current crop of midfielders, might work out well.

Tony Hall

Decent back up striker, decent centre back, decent cover for Bac and get Jenks out on loan playing regular football. I like the lad, he has potential and I don’t want him to end up another Arsenal almost made it.
On the subject if Hull, no reason why we can’t rest one or two, Giroud had earned a breather as has Ramsey and Walcott should be champing at the bit to prove himself!

Sir Chesney,
Bac, Bfg, Kos, Nacho
Jacky, Rosicky, Ozil

Gibbs, Rambo, Hfb, Gnabry, Tv4 on bench

We should win comfortably with that team!


If Liverpool thought it was going to be easy they got a shock.
We thought it was going to be easy a few years back at the Emirates and got a shock too.

One of the things that has improved our results this year is that the team doesn’t think any game is going to be easy and prepares as though every game is a must win.

el bahja

@Ayomide english please! Like seriously?

ori e wa n be

can he smash a goal like Flamini did?

sol (not campbell) eid

Can’t wait to see the 20-25 man list that arsenal are “reportedly” going to sign as is “speculated” every transfer season. Also can’t wait to read all the comments on those sites by fans stating “wi nid 2 sign diz plaierz 2 win legue, cmon venger.” Always a laugh, m’Vila, jovetic, capoue, remember these “must sign” players?


I’d rather sign Shane Long,he’d be a perfect replacement for Giroud.And I do believe he always runs that cunt Terry ragged.


I think he’d actually be pretty good. He doesn’t feel like an Arsene signing though, if you know what I mean.

Whatever, I like him as a player!


Backup maybe but replacement, no.

Dick Swiveller

Depends, if he could garner a little more consistency than he’s mustered in the last 5 years then he’d be a useful backup but I suspect he hasn’t.


Ye that’s what I mean a replacement for when Giroud needs a rest like now.


Could have been a good signing a while ago as he seems to be a quite decent player (for me, his playing style resembles to Vieira’s although he is clearly not as good as he was), but not now – at the moment, we simply do not need him. Neither Arteta nor Flamini is young but they can carry on for a few years at least, a decent young understudy to them could fit in the squad on this position but not an established player like Mulumbu.


First things first get me David Bentley.


I think that, if we sign another striker, it needs to be someone in the Giroud mould. He is one of the main reasons for our good form I think as he brings our midfield and wingers into the game.

If there is back up for him, should it be someone similar so that we can play our style consistantly?

Or, alternatively, I’m talking nonsense.


I was thinking along the same lines, but then I realized that we’re more likely to attract higher quality competition for Giroud if we don’t go looking for an exact replacement. Surely any transfer target would question how much playing time they would get as a like for like replacement.


I think that Aguero would be put off knowing that he would have to displace Bendtner….


Same mould as Giroud? I am not feeling that. I think we need a player with a different style to switch things up when needed. I love Giroud but his lack of pace mean he needs the midfield support. A henryesque player that can latch on to a ozil slide rule and go it alone when one on one would be nice!


Oh yeah . . . that reminds me! We can have both – pace and link up play. Benteke anyone?

Edu's fake passport

Remy is a better option than Bentekkers.

Arsene could easily get Loic to be a similar player to Henry.

mr hanky

I agree that Shane Long would be an interesting acquisition…thats all Im saying…thats the long and short of it

gooners n roses



Can’t see it happening cos we simply don’t need him. The needs of this team are pretty obvious and its not in that department. Besides, we still have both le coq and frimpong developing.


I love this feature of the arseblog app by the way.


Which feature?

Bayern's mole.

Seems that Joel Campbell has come of age in Greece, with some 4 goals and 6 assists in 12 matches. Which is pretty good news if you ask me.

Hence there’s no way we’ll be signing a new striker on a permanent basis.

Or is there? 😉


We could if we give him in exchange (1 more year loan or permanent) and sign Mitroglou instead 🙂


I think what this team needs is a good old honest British player. Too many jonny foreigners right now.

Would love Danny Graham!



shereWil power

There’s a lot of talk about Mitroglou. Frankly, I’d quite like that. I remember him scoring a screamer against us in the CL. And we don’t really need a top top quality striker, Giroud (is one and) suits our game play. Mitroglou would be a good option as backup.


Can’t see it happen unless Wenger thinks Sagna is going and wants to try his old change a player position trick on Mulumbu (ie Lauren from midfield to right back).


May as well get a RB.

Sagna succession will be an issue should he choose to hang the gloves somewhere-else.

Bellerin is a potential for the near future to rival Jenkinson (Remember how some people were making fuss about him being better than Sagna?)

Don’t see why Wenger would bother with this issue though till the summer.

As per usual, plenty of huff by those ‘itk’ which will also continue with the prattle about this other bloke Ciprian Marica. Cos we want him.:D

Edu's fake passport

Micah Richards.

Arsenal fan, quality player, unhappy at city, plays RB & CB. What else is needed


Be interesting to see if we pursue the bender bid again – he’d ease into the Arteta position as the gent’s legs slow a treat and not even hitting his peak yet.

Along with the desired CF and CB – would it be too much to ask for a winger to give us another option going forwards to circumvent the ‘sit in Ozil’ tactic?


Arteta is not so much of a concern with Flamini recently come in.

More a question of Rosicky. He still looks evergreen but we may want to shoe in someone who can add drive from deep (being Diaby looks unlikely to feature any time soon)

Think Wenger will be keeping tabs on Grenier if he continues or sputters out this season. Has height and creativity but will need to horn his discipline. Gonalons was also on the radar and perhaps more suited for the deeper role.

A Yank

For the love of God please don’t ever reference, link to or click on any Bleacher Report post. Fucking SEO-raping slideshow mill. Creates useless “content” by an army of unpaid hope-to-bes all the while flooding the Internets with crap and making harder and harder for actual writers to earn a living.


sounds like most of em’ TBH! it’s entertainment buddy! most Journos seems to just pen their dreams the morning after. inspired!

Gibbs & Jenkinson Attorneys-at-law

Ahh clubcall! thems were the days, I ran up some bill to find out if George Weah had signed for us.

Edu's fake passport

we got his shit cousin instead

double canister

but what about that world class goal keeper I hear we so badly need?

oooh. my mistake. we have one.


Apparently that’s why we won;t be challenging this season along as a fragile defense, a lack of squad depth and the fact that we haven’t won the title for 8 seasons (never mind Liverpool or Spurs of course);)


I think we should just loan a good striker for backup. The Morata loan deal sounds good enough for me. I never watched him plays but Madrid fans are calling him the next Raul. The deal should has a buy out clause and if he does well we should buy him. If he doesn’t we can buy a top striker next summer. If we can get somebody that has the same playing style as Vela or Suarez we will have a good backup for Giroud and our formation would be more versatile. We could change to 4-4-2 with the classic… Read more »


Not sure if there are any good loans available in January. That could be ideal.

Think Michu is a good bet for us (As I explain below)


At least its Mulumbu and we’re not still stuck on Felipe Melo (where he?) or Chris Samba (Remember that name in the foggy past) Expect Wenger to have one final evaluation on Coquelin this summer. Rosicky and Arteta will soon face legacy issues albeit both are still carrying on strong and show no sign of falling off the curve anytime soon. OTOH, maybe we need tie in the striker requirement with midfield. Unless someone comes on market with amazing value, think Wenger may wait to the summer to reinforce the position due to opportunity cost. if he signs someone in… Read more »





Black Hei

You need to read the terms and conditions before posting here. Blogs Alsatian polices this blog.


. . . another googly-eyed bloke with an EYE for a pass! . . . . I’ll get my coat!

foolish journo

mulumbu? To arsenal? Makes more sense that the joey baton rumours a couple seasons back at least. Almost forgot about nani lol.

Phil Daniels

You’ve got no chance of getting Mulumbu just like the Berahino rumours, load of crap. West Brom don’t need to sell and won’t sell unless you pay silly money. He ain’t going nowhere whether you want him or not. Crap rumours from a crap rumours site and believed by mugs and he also has NOT expressed any interest in joining Arsenal despite what reports say.


That was the whole point of the article.


Also, we are in for Yohann Cabaye and definitely bid for him. No disrespect to Mulumbu, who I rate highly, but Cabaye is in my opinion a much better footballer technically and a perfect fit for the Arsenal style of football.


Which makes this point moot – ‘ the centre of midfield are unlikely to be our highest priority come January when the transfer window opens. You know, because of Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Flamini, Rosicky, Oxlade Chamberlain, Cazorla, Diaby, Zelalem … oh, and that fella Ozil. ‘ No one thought the Ozil bid was serious either because we were very well stocked in the AM / ‘number 10’ position before he arrived too. I wouldn’t argue that we don’t need a striker as a first priority. Up front is the weakest position in the squad. I mean TGSTEL was 2nd choice… Read more »

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