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Arsenal draw Bayern Munich in Champions League

Arsene Wenger’s side will face Bayern Munich in the Round of 16 in the Champions League.

It’s a repeat of last season’s Round of 16 when Bayern won 3-1 at the Emirates, before going down 2-0 to the Gunners at the Allianz Arena and nearly going out on their way to lifting the trophy.

The double-header is set to be played across two of the following dates  18/19/25/26 February and 11/12/18/19 March.

The clubs have met in three previous Champions League seasons.

In 2000-01 season goals from Thierry Henry and Kanu secured a 2-2 draw at home before Giovane Elber scored the only goal of the game to give Bayern a 1-0 win at home.

In 2004-05, we got destroyed in Munich, 3-1, before Henry scored the only goal in a 1-0 Arsenal win at Highbury. And, of course, last season, the results of which are still fresh in the memory.



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Chris Cole



The treble is ON!!!!

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Not bad, i would have prefered barca/madrid/bayern all star though


Alvez — Ramos — Pique — Alba
——Xabi Alonso——-Schweinsteiger
Robben ——-Messi——–Ribery

no thanks.


Can’t help but feel Bayern are going to give us another pummeling at home

But what Blogs said in the podcast, better earlier than later so we can focus on the league and the fa cup.


fernebahce in champ playoffs, group with marseille, napoli, dortmund, chelsea in LC 4th round, sp*rs in F.A then if that isn’t enough Bayern in last 16.

our lady luck is abit of an arse.

Ollie Garkie

AVB just got sacked too. Though that’s less bad luck for us – they’re no longer our rivals, after all – and more bad luck for the rest of the Premier League minnows looking for morale-boosting victories over the poo-chomping scum from down the road.

kiss my arsenal

shes a prick mate

Bring on ze Germans!

Hey we went out against Bradford and Blackburn last year, so it’s not like “easy” draws have been that kind to us either. At least we won’t be complacent, and we know we can beat the Germans, so bring it on!


Are you surprised? Honestly, is anyone surprised?!


This is what Champions League is all about; to play against top sides in Europe, not some nondescript side whose name resembles the botanical name of an extinct plant (Anaethosis Famigusta of Cyprus springs to mind)


Meh…seems like we’re the only ones playing the top teams in every round.

Runcorn Gooner

Sure we were the one team Bayern did not want to
be drawn against after last year


Bring it on. Guardiola v/s Wenger is a battle written in the stars clearly.

jack jack jack

Destined to fight it out through all of space and time, ’til both men doth draw their final breath.

Now come on Arsene, time to stick the boot into the cunt!


Time Traveller’s blog


Revenge will be ours!


Indeed BFG will show the way!


Good stuff. Now we start where we finished off last season. Not bad.


Bayern again?? Fuck me.


Take heart – this is the team Milner scored against.


This actually made me feel more confident that we can beat them. We’r talking James fucking Milner here……


Didn’t James Milner score against us at the weekend though?


No he dived for a penalty, my mistake, sorry.

jack jack jack

Heh. Nicely done.


Well you never know!

And if we go out we can focus on the league.


That attitude sucks! We will be going for it.

In other news, AVB………………


I know, there’s no denying that Bayern are curently THE dominant side, but we’ve got a chance for sure 🙂
I just feel that the league is our best chance for a trophy this season, so should we lose this tie it’s not the end of the world!





and why could Zenit only draw Dortmund? WHY NOT BAYERN? looked setup…

anyways bring it on 😀


Didn’t watch it but my guess is that if Zenit had drawn Bayern we’d have had to play Dortmund again?


yes you’re right! sorry gooners…caught up in the moment 🙁

Mr. T

Because only 4 teams were left and Arsenal couldn’t play Borussia. Simple as that.


and Monday got worse..


Revenge is a dish best served the season after we were knocked out by them.


We have got a much better team than we did last season. Definitely a clash am relishing

Arsene nose

Payback Bitches

Mildly Amusing Name

Bring it.

Dennis Asiimwe



no shame in an early exit then


Napoli, Dortmund in the group stages. Tottenham, Chelsea in the cups. Munich in last 16’s.. The fuck is wrong?

Why is my name required

Its a chance for us to train to get tougher by facing all the big boys .. this is good, at least Arsenal are in the spotlight

Arty's Art

For fucks sake…

Bob's Mexican Cousin

We have to beat everyone to win this thing. Better get it over sooner than later! COYG!

Parisian Weetabix

The way this season’s going UEFA probably will change the rules so Arsenal have to play against every team in the competition to prove they are worthy champions.


Well it had to be Bayern. We sure will be well prepared this time around.


Fuck em, we got a chance!


Bayern must bhi shitting in their pants right now . COYG

concentrate on the FA Cup

Least we know we can beat these away!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

If you wanna be the best you have to beat the best


Copyright – Roy Castle and the Recordbreakers theme tune.


Do we know who we get if we get past them? Or do they only do that in the Thursday night European competition?


There’s a new draw for the quarters and semis after the first elimination round. From the quarters on, you CAN play a team from your own group or a team from your own country.




was hoping for real madrid or barcelona,you know, a real challenge!! sigh…bayern will have to do…..

Edu's Braces

So unlucky, we could’ve gotten……….


Jeez! Not again! Well time to tell those dickheads we’re unstoppable!!!

Dapper dan's feelin sad

Oh for fucks sake!


No point moaning. Let’s fucking do this.

also an albanian gooner

Too right


You have the name of a legend.

East Gooner

Hmm – Don’t worry fellas. I think that more than us Bayern will be nervous. Great rewards for Bayern and Barcelona for finishing top of the group. COYG!!!


Time for our Germen gang to shine!

Podolski Sklep

I’m not one to cry conspiracy in premiership football as it’s usually a sign of making excuses for a poor performance, but when it comes to UEFA and FIFA I genuinely don’t thin any revelation of corruption or nepotism would surprise me. I don’t seriously believe that someone’s tryingto stitch us up, but given that we’ve drawn the tournament favourites 3 of te last 4 years does make me wonder!

Also, off topic, but… AVB’s negative spiral continues to haunt us! Hahaha FOYS!!!

Arsene's handkerchief

Can’t wait, c’mon on you Gunners!


I was hoping for Catalonian Cunts.. but I guess we will thrashing Bayern instead 🙁


Gonna smash the cunts. Bring it on.


Instead of playing Arshavin and his Zenit pals we have got Ribery and his pals, which include Gotze, Muller, Robben, Mandzukic, Lahm and Kroos.
Ah well, will be a great tie and one that you can’t really give too much thought to now considering it is 2 months away, lets just see where we are then. On our day though their is no doubt we can give them a helluva game.


So who do we get in the final then?


Real/Barcelona combine team


Oh shit


Hehe this is what champions are made of. we just have to avoid a flurry of goals at the grove coz we can always score away.


I’m not complaining since it will be fun to see us take in the best, but we literally have drawn the toughest possible opponent we could have the last 5 years. Barca/Barca/Milan/Bayern/Bayern. The Milan draw aside it just shows how important it is to top your group.

However as many have said we’d probably have to go throw Bayern to win anyway, so better now than later.

legend of rosicky

michu/saurez/benteke any1 of them and we will be complete.


This is a good draw. We have everything it takes to knock them out in terms of quality. We’re only short on belief right now. Nothing a winning streak and loyal fans won’t be able to solve.


Very exciting! It’s games like this that make being in the competition worthwhile.


Mesut Ozil to run a muck on his home soil.


I wanted barca. they’re so beatable those cunts.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

The negative spiral just hit AVB in the face. I’m going to miss him


I bet Ozil, Mert, Lukas and Serge are absolutely stoked about this draw.
This is what the champions league is all about guys.

Pakistan Arsenal!

No shame in an early exit……..for them. Let’s stay positive and believe. Coyg


Poor Bayern.. I feel for them..

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