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Dates announced for Bayern ties

The dates for the Round of 16 Champions League clash with Bayern Munich have been finalised.

The first leg takes place at the Emirates on Wednesday, February 19th with the return fixture at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday March 11th.

It adds to an already challenging fixture list which now looks like this:


Crystal Palace (H)
Liverpool (A)
Man Utd (H)
Possible FA Cup fixture
Bayern Munich (H)
Sunderland (H)


Stoke (A)
Possible FA Cup quarter-final
Swansea (H)
Bayern Munich (A)
Sp*rs (A)
Chelsea (A)
Man City (H)

Did somebody say ‘Gulp!’ ?

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Great! just enough time for Suarez to have settled in.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Not to worry… Wenger is gonna sign him in January


Well… Sp*rs! hehehe


So sp*rs face a trip to the mighty Dnipro….heh. i couldn’t tell which club was smaller.

not a proffesional footballer

City game was a fluke, all their goals were flukes, thanks stupid fixtures, dumb linesmen, fool referee. I wish we could replay that game another time just to show that Arsenal could actually win it, even with all the fatigue (which was apparent because the midfielders couldn’t even sprint anymore, or even string two passes together), we managed to score 3.

That aside, the fixtures for the above are a bit loose. There’s 3-5 days rest in between, and a break after Munich at home.


we already played friendly against them in summer if you remember. 3-1 i guess?


Wenger please go shopping in January.


That fixture list is scary………….. hope we get a decent mobile & clinical striker in Jan


So a Sony Xperia Z and Artur Scargil?

Come on you gooners


Made my afternoon. COYG!!!!!!!!



One of the best posts I’ve ever read on here.


What’s an Artur Scargil?

jack jack jack

He was a Polish trade unionist. Mortal enemy of Margrit Tatszczer.


So by the end of March we could be in the FAC semi, the CL quarters and have put distance between ourselves and others in the league…….that would make April fun too!


That’s a WoW fixture list. It’ll either sink me into depression or elevate me into a false sense of accomplishment.

It’s World of Warcraft all over again.


Hey Bayern…



Bayern, spurs and chelsea in 3 straight away fixtures is tough. Good that we have a mid table team between Bayern and chelsea so we can rest some players.


Spurs will have a new manager with a point to proove and this time, THIS TIME, you know, will be different…

…. no ha ha i can’t even keep a straight face hahahahahaha


Too bad for bayern, I wanted them to go all the way again but facing arsenal means they are gona do that maybe next season cus arsenal are not going out this time around through a bayern medium.. Lol coyg!


We need to buy costa or pato. Job done


Costa is cup tied mate…..

mohamed aziz



Hope we won’t go for Pato, he’s a brilliant footballer but unfortunately too injury prone.


He’s perfect then.


The fixture list may look tricky, but I feel enough of those games are at home/in London so we hopefully won’t have much travel fatigue. Still need to bring our A-game but we’ve had harder. COYG


We put our selves into this sh*t in the first place and I am more than confident we’ld drag ourselves outa this same sh*t too

mohamed aziz



For once the timing of the matches benefits us.
If we happen to get an easier fa cup tie we can rest players ahead of Bayern 1st leg (though that didn’t go to plan against Blackburn last year)
Spurs play Thursday Europa while we play Tuesday against Bayern .
Finally the chelski game sees us have a week off while they play their 2nd leg.
So it’s all very difficult but we’ve had worse in the past


dont know if ppl realized that last season, in my shallow memory, we took manciteh, chelski, before losing to bayern at home.. then we lost to spuds before we had our resugence of that season at munich.
then in next 2 months, we are basically playing the fixtures in reverse, right?
SO I think that will be a positive sign of us fulfilling the potential of our perfomance, right guys?

keep up the faith!


if i said i did gulp i would be lying.

After channeling all the brilliance and vintageness of our invincibles plus the mental strength and togetherness of our current squad. i quietly said to myself ……BRING IT ON


Totally unrelated but did you all know that AVB is Sp*rs third best manager in terms of win percentage

and of the top three hes the only one to have more than 100 games



I’m not sure you know how to read tables.


I read them from top to bottom and often just read the numeric ranking in the left most column?
How should i read them?

Top 20 managers of the club’s history[edit]Based on win % in all competitions

Manager Years Played Won Win %
1 Frank Brettell 1898–1899 63 37 58.73
2 Arthur Turner 1942–1946 49 27 55.10
3 André Villas-Boas 2012–2013 80 44 55.00
4 John Cameron 1899–1907 570 296 51.93
5 David Pleat 1 1986–1987 119 60 50.42
6 Harry Redknapp 2008–2012 198 98 49.49

the only sam is nelson

AVB was in charge for 80 games

and let’s face it, he’s paid the penalty for only being a mere 2 points ahead of the Glazerhawks at Christmas…




It wasn’t a great performance but I felt we were very unlucky to lose by such a margin. A fairer reflection would have been a one goal defeat, or with Giroud being a bit more clinical, we could have gotten a draw. Statistically games played between the top 3 don’t have a strong bearing on the eventual winner, it’s the consistency we show against the other 16 that will keep us up there. One defeat to City does not define our season and shouldn’t be the catalyst for its failure. Let the press talk, let other fans write us off,… Read more »

Der Kanonier

So much for “We have to play the big teams at some stage!” Maybe, but starting with them in the quarter final would not have done uns any harm.


Fuck off mate

Gooner Dave

Easy February and even easier March

pauly bear

Im fully expecting us to start a fresh run of good results after this 9 day rest. Lets dig in now gunners


That’s great. Keep in mind though, that Bayern will basically have a month off in the winter to rest up for the Champions League tie, whereas, knowing the punishing BPL schedule, we will probably be leg-weary or facing an injury crisis.


February and March will either be the making of us or the death of us.


Dat March


if you want to be the best in Europe, you have to beat the best and the rest.

Tee Söng

I’d always figured who we got less important than when we played. The second leg could’ve fallen mid-week between spuds and chel$ki rather than mid-week between Swansea at hom/possible FA Cup quarterfinal and spuds. It gives us a chance to rotate the team better. Spuds away, Bayern away, and chel$ki away in a week would have been truly difficult. Of course, the way the scheduling gods have fucked us over this season we’ll get ManShitty away for FA Cup!


Well at least Goons can concentrate on 4th place trophy after the Bayern away leg …


2/10 trolling…


Got to play them all at one point.


We are beating Bayern this time around bcos beating at home last season is the only motivation needed to beat them . And for the league we are winning the league.

indian gunner

thats why wenger hasn’t won the champions league…… we were sailing with 12 points after 5 games, and needed just the draw to top the table, but wenger set a defensive team just to avoid drubbing, but not to win or draw the game,…. even at 1-0 we could have attacked and got the equaliser, but settled to play out for second place… stupid wenger, he will never learn…. probably will never win it,… his only aim is to play in the league, but not to win it,….


I fucking love the Arsenal but having to play most of our main rivals one after the other makes it a massive ask of this team to produce so many big performances + positive results in such a short space of time. We saw last week how difficult it is. If we win anything this year it will be one of Wenger’s most glorious achievements. I dunno who we can get our hands on in January, I don’t care what we spend or if it is just a loan but lets get another striker (maybe a centre back too?) and… Read more »


Get Suarez in January & them ties look far easier then they do at the moment. March looks huuuuuuuuge at the moment. A top class goalscorer & we can come thru them all


No chance liverpool letting suarez now to us even for 100m, we can go for falcao but monaco will want the same amount they payed for him 55m, knowing wenger he will get some decent forward in january and in the summer if real go for suarez we will go for benzema (same situation like bale and ozil) and will pay for him 25-30m and if real don’t get suarez we will go for diego costa.


Couldn’t ask for more… COYG. We can do it this time,let beat Chelkis first

David ngoyi

Guys we still got podolski and we know how lethal he can be, Suarez would bd a massive boost though!


why is everyone still talking about that bitey racist? the ship has sailed, sorry to be the one to break the news but he’s not coming now, get over it guys

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