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Boateng: Arsenal the toughest possible draw

Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng has claimed that their draw against Arsenal in the Champions League is the most difficult they could have got.

The former Man City man knows the Gunners well from his time in England and, of course, last season’s set-to between the clubs, and he told the official Bayern site: “They’re the toughest opponents we could have had. They’ll be totally up for it after what happened last year. Both matches will be very intense.”

Bayern director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was also keen to point out the difficulty of the draw as the German side look to defend their European crown.

“There were more manageable and easier opponents in the hat, but we can’t change it,” he said. “We know we have to approach Arsenal with great respect, and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll have to turn in two very good performances.”

Brazilian defender Dante (alas not he of the ‘Inferno’) added: “It’s a very, very difficult game. We must maintain concentration in both legs. Arsenal have bought a couple of world class players and are stronger than last season. It’s the top team in England against the leaders in Germany, there are no favourites.”

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Definitely a fix. UEFA must just have it in for Bayern.


I swear. I mean, think of it, when Barca was the best team in the world, we got them for two consequetive seasons. And now, Bayern are, and we got them, for two consequetive seasons.


So … next season and the one after we will be drawn against… Arsenal


As Jessie Pinkman might say to UEFA



Given our away form we’ll have to be careful in the home leg.

good assassin

We should also be wary of away goals.


This seems pretty suspect to me …


They just tweet every combination and then delete the incorrect ones.


No point cowering. Bring it on!


Sure it’s a tough draw for us – perhaps the toughest of all – but if you flip it around, we’re the second placed team they all wanted to avoid. We can totally do this.

But let’s deal with Chelsea first.


Don’t get caught up in this PR nonsense. Bayern is doing this ‘Arsenal praise’ to steer the pressure of expectation towards the Gunners camp- not mention marketing a game like this in Germany, where they’ve only got one or two real rivals for the tittle. Sure, Arsenal will be motivated enough with what happened last season, and now with Pep on the bench; but this could also prove a turning point for the Gunners’ season, and not in a good way. The team should be wary of this, disregard the press and play without pressure; just like they did in… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Its a tough draw for us. But its a tough draw for them too.

Lets hope they take us a bit for granted: we are better than we were last time.

One thing for sure, it will be 2 great nights, hopefully the very greatest.

remember the invincibles

you know the very greatest night will be when we win the champions league final against Manchester United and Van Persie slips just when he has a chance to score and win it for them then Ramsey takes it and runs with it and gives it Giroud who scores and then Giroud and all the arsenal players run all the way back to Van Persie( who hasn’t gotten up) and they jump on him and laugh at him because he missed. That would really consitute a great night. Here’s hoping! ps winning the champions league against anybody would do just… Read more »


Should be a very even match. Two top teams doing war and such. Lets fuck em.


Eww, can’t we just beat ’em at football?

good assassin

No! There must fucking of The BayerN.

good assassin

Apologies, I mangled that, never mind.

Bobby the beast

I think mourinho fears the gala drogba brigade more then we do bayern.


It would be funny to watch Drogba and Sneijder combine to do their old manager. Unlikely, but maybe it will snow in Istanbul again.

remember the invincibles

it’s not unlikely. Would be sweet for them to get some of their own Drogba medicine back.


Definetely need strengthening in January now to get through this tie.


Hard to get a good player in January, even harder to get one that is also eligible to play in the Champions League.


Even harder to get one that is going to hit the ground running and be able to play at the top of his game in Feb/March







TH 14




Fuxk off bayern


Can we play both legs at allianz arena?


I thumbed you up for that, but I really do hope there’s a match at the Emirates. I’m just in the process of buying my flights and hotels, and it would be a shame if the game got moved.

Airfare YVR LHR: $1100
4 nights’ hotel and breakfast: $425
4 days’ meals: $300
4 days’ beer: $175
Tickets to Bayern and Sunderland: $300
Watching us do one to the European champions: FUCKING PRICELESS!


Of course there is a match at the Emirates… He was joking in the sense that we turned them over at their ground where as they pretty much slapped us silly at the Emirates. So book your flights, there will 100% be a game at the Emirates.

Let’s just hope we stand strong at home and turn them over again in front of their own support in Germany.


He was joking!? You don’t say.


Good grief, Swish, I didn’t think I was being THAT subtle!


either you don’t realize how expensive beer is in London, or you’re a lightweight

have fun anyhow, I wish I could go


It was around $5 to $6 CDN a pint last time I went, I figured about 30 pints over the four days. Does that make me a lightweight? It’s still cheaper in London than it is in Vancouver, and your beer is better than ours, too.


Flying over from Canada for the game? Props!


Sixth trip, this’ll be. Which means in the course of a year I spend about the same as any season ticket holder does to watch my team, but I only get to watch two or three matches live. Oh, well. It’s better than going to zero matches, plus London is a pretty fun city to spend a few days in. I’m not rich enough to be like that Reading supporter from Toronto who has a season’s ticket and flies over 15 to 20 times a year.

Arsene Knows

Ye of little faith. I make reference to buffon’s rallying call in the European Finals ”Eutopia”. He said something in the lines of (paraphrasing in my own words)….What is the biggest stage? Which is that which is impossible? which is that we fear yet dream to concur? Which is the team we dream to win against? Which is the team that fans want to remember victory? which is the match players want to tell there grandchildren…it was an honour. Countrymen, this is it.Dare to dream. My speech:Gooners. Our traditions mean we don’t roll over and get fucked with easily. We… Read more »


Too long for a motivational speech.


Just spank them in their Lederhosen! Only better than Citeh :•)


Sadly for us its us it only bayern. wanted a real test. its the champions league man!


That’s right. FFS ARsenal start IMPOSING yourslef in these big games. Just like we did against Napoli/.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

(at the Emirates)

Total North Coast Funeral

Does anyone have any advice about getting tickets for the away leg?

Dr Baptiste

Buy some?

Merlin's Panini


Total North Coast Funeral

Don’t tell me what to do.


With the German clubs they tend to show a lot of respect at first, before becoming arrogant after an initial win and coming out with some disrespectful tosh. They’re then humbled when we rock up to their place.

At least that’s the way it’s gone with Arsenal and German clubs in 2013.


What is a ribery?


That’s how one says robbery in French. Ex: Je vai commettre un ribery.


Ribery-ed for her pleasure.


This statement us coming from a world class defender. I kinda feel proud od Arsenal at the moment. Although, if it wasnt for that late goal from Borussia in France, we would have been first. I think theres a big possibility for an upset for Bayern. GREAR RESPECT FOR BOTH TEAMS.


And Spurs have sacked their manager!

Arty's Art

Lets face it ‘manager’ is pushing the definition a little…

Top Gunner

We certainly have nothing to fear, i think we can definitely qualify over 2 legs.


Is anyone else relishing our little German contingent sinking the current holders from Bavaria? 🙂


would have been more happier with Psg but suppose to win it you got to play the big teams arsenal play the way they did on Saturday aganist Munich there go out before the second leg.

Big Chief from Antarctica


I’ve got to say. I disliked Bayern for a while because of Neuer’s timewasting after Kosciwlby’s header.

In hindsight, it’s comparable to Suarez’ handball against Ghana, back in 2010. Sure, you stay mad all summer (everybody loves an underdog) but anyone would have done that.

Should be two decent matches.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Kosciwlby’s… effing mondays


Lets do the scum from the bridge first and worry about these later.


I really don’t believe those comments. I’m not sure why he’d rather play barcelona or madrid instead of us….


“I’m not sure why he’d rather *not* play barcelona or madrid instead of us….”


Those were impossible draws since they topped their respective groups and u can only face..blah blah i think u get it now


They are starting to ‘soften us up’ already. Beware the silver tongues of the Teutonic rogues.


i want suarez


Not too worried about the draw as there’s too much to focus on domestically before Feb. Giroud may have played a whole premier league season by then in terms of overall games so we need to put Jose in his place next week and concentrate on being in the best possible position for the onslaught in the new year. Most important signing in the January window is Sagna. I truly worry if he goes.


Shut up Boateng with this stupid mind games, I know you guys are happy to draw Arsenal.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Yeah, they were positively shitting themselves at the prospect of playing Zenit St Petersburg…


Can’t believe we came 2nd. We knew this was the consequence of not topping the group and from past experience of drawing a group winner/European champions we don’t do very well 🙁


Fuck off with your praises.
We are coming to beat you this time.


Just beat the chav scum Monday week, show the city game was a blip not helped by fatigue and pants refereeing!


We are totally different team of last year, and bayern are in great form but there are much more fragile defensively with pep as were with Heynckes, I thing baern were much more strong with heynckes both defensively and offensively the were compact and balanced in every position, so i fancy to play much more this bayern with pep then bayern of last year.


Right, Bayern look like they’ll go through their domestic season undefeated. 42 for, 8 against. Their only defeat of the season in any competition was to Man City after they already took their foot off of the pedal. They look unstoppable when you watch them play.

I think it would be a huge upset if we beat them.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Why is it that when Bayern lose they’ve supposedly relaxed? Last year they had ten minutes or so of torture in their own stadium knowing that if they scored they’d kill the tie but if we scored they’d be out. No team in the world is stupid enough (oh, I forgot Spurs, easy to do) to put themselves in that position willingly.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Tough draw. Totally expected. Off topic a bit and I know its been referred to on this site but is it not a bit suspect that we had six , SIX! major decisions go against us on Saturday. All of them wrong. All of them against us. Bad refereeing or something more sinister ?






news, are u talking about the Dante from Devil May Cry? and why dont you use Disqus for the site so that i get notified when i have an answer to my question?

Dr Baptiste

No, he means Dante from Dante’s Inferno which was the name of a film, a video game, an album and q ride or it could be the poem called Divine Comedy

While Dante from Devil May Cry is just called Dante…


It’s all calculated bullshit. We all know Bayern are favourites in this tie, but they’re worried because if we play at the top of our game, it could get humiliating for them. Thus they’re trying to big us up in an attempt to get our key players big headed.

We just need to keep focused, heads down and give our best. We genuienly have a good chance.

Jay Jay

UCL have never been a good deal for us!!!! maybe self made but Imagine when Barcelona were unbeatable they paired us twice and now Bayern they have already paired us twice is it by coincidence or its by design??? At Barca we almost pulled a shocker and they made sure we play them with one man down after such a nonsensical call from a mad referee!!!

Now here they go again. Arsenal Vs Bayern second time around in as many times!!!! What can we say????

Merlin's Panini

It was just inevitable really wasn’t it?
Still, we’re better than last time and there should be that desire to exact revenge. We just need to make sure we’re still in it come the second leg. The last two years we’ve gone out because we just didn’t turn up in the first leg and gave ourselves mountains to climb.


One plus is that we have Ozil now who will be “eyeing” this match since he is from Germany.


2 Great Teams, Two great Nights to enjoy World Class Games…in Arsenal We Trust


Toughest possible draw he meant …for us! 😛 In a sense though we have beaten them and we know their habits now. So ITK Arsenal if operating at full gear (as oppose to last 3 games) will be a massive threat to Bayern. It will be a massive game to say the least. My main worry is drawing a giant like Bayern at this stage (Feb/March) will heap pressure on maintaining the title push in this period with a host of massive games around this fixture. Which was why had we been more tactically astute and not as timid, we… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

If this shit ends the usual way I’m done…..I’m already getting bored
I remember being in 12th position in 1995 but still went into games against the bigger teams thinking we could win, now my heart just sinks. It shouldn’t be like this when we’re top of the fucking league!


there’s no shame in going out to bayern they are the best team in europe
so we either go out with our heads held up high, no shame and more time to focus on the league than our opponents
or we make history by beating them
both are fine with me (would prefer the second)

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