Saturday, July 2, 2022

Gunners hoping for Sagna contract boost

It’s being reported this morning that Bacary Sagna is close to signing a new two year deal with the club.

The right-back is out of contract next summer, and despite ongoing talks with the club, no agreement has yet been reached with the Frenchman.

However, Arsene Wenger is hopeful that his compatriot will put pen to paper on a new deal which would keep him at the club until 2016.

Asked about the possibility of Sagna extending his tenure in North London, Wenger said, “Yes, that could be decided in next two weeks. It looks positive. It would be a great boost, of course.”

Yes, yes it would.

While it seems obvious to all of us, Arseblog News is aware the issue hasn’t been one-sided. There has been a deal on the table from the club, but Sagna has been considering his options, knowing that when his Arsenal contract ran out, he’d have the chance to negotiate a Bosman deal with any other club.

Given that he’ll be 31 in February it is, realistically, his last chance at a big contract and to play in a different league at the very top level, but hopefully Arsenal have done enough to convince him to stay.

The former Auxerre man has made 255 appearances for the club since joining in 2006.

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes



Christmas comes in early this year!


Him and Rosicky — two players who deserve to win a trophy with us the most. Hope Tomas signs one soon too.


I read on ‘Twitter’ if Tomas plays 25 games for us this season then it automatically triggers a clause to extend his contract for another year?? Anybody know anything about this????

Lucas North Bank

Great news, but as he is over 30 why 2 years? When Pires etc only got 1.

If I could turn back time……..


he’ll sign before he’s 31


It would be a great boost of course.

Understatement of the year


Take us, Bac, to the future.

Bring in the younglings

Also feel this has something to do with Jenkinson’s not-so-confident showings in Sagna’s absence. Not having a go at Carl but he will have to fight it out fairly and squarely with Bellerin next season for being RB deputy


I agree with you, and think that the reason why Jenkinson’s so varied in his performances is due to unexperience (Or is it inexperience? English isn’t my first language.) and that he has probably not adjusted 100 per cent to the top level play which we’re right in the middle of. I do, however, think that Jenko will be a valuable asset in our squad in the years to come as he gets more experienced.


Your English is just fine. To answer your question it is inexperience


I think the rules on over 30’s may differ slightly if you’re a defender or keeper. Sol signed for a two year after thirty and I think a few others from the famous back four did too.

I would say its because the physical demands are not so great but the way Bac charges up and down the line non-stop for 90 mins, I find that strange logic!


Yes we must re-sign him no question and tomas too!


I have a official match shirt worn and signed by sagna in the Newcastle game in 2011 any offers please contact me on 07903166046


everbody dislike,i dislike (nazi english orientation 😛


so much yes!


This is the best news I’ve heard before xmas…BOOM!!!


Best news. Period.

Illinois Gooner

Muah Sagna. And Ludivine


I really wouldnt hold it against him if he left for a big payday, that said… i really hope he stays


Sign that thing!

U Mad?



Two years would be great. I love that he covers CB so naturally as well. I think we need a Mertesacker apprentice though as we have 3 high jumping, nippy, class tacklers and just one strong tactician in BFG. Would be nice if Mert has to be absent for a game or few for the sake of balance.


250+ apps for the club? Time flies. I really hope he stays (and Lud for that matter).


We need a few players to retire with us. It’s still weird seeing Kolo Toure and Henry not at Arsenal. I know they love the club but having experienced, role model professionals like that in the squad can make a big difference.

Sagna is the perfect mentor for Jenkinson and Bellerin. He’s an excellent man off the field. A top role model who loves the club. His wife is amazing, and he will provide cover at CB when his right back place is taken. So many reasons why this would be a great deal…


Merry Christmas everyone!


Aamir, whilst I agree that there are many reasons why this would be a good deal, his wife being “amazing” ain’t one of them (although she is quite fit)


He landed on his neck in the Villa game and still played the next match.



Up there with Ozil as the best Arsenal news this season


I wasn’t being serious when mentioning his wife as one of the main reasons he should stay. Nevertheless, it shows how classy Arsenal are. Ludivine is too good to be at any random club.


Who the hell is Ludivine?


Just saw this! Make it faster for me to forget the city defeat.

Clock End Mike

This is really great news. I’d like to see Bac see out his playing days at the Arsenal. So good for the team. He’ll be a legend (that is, if he’s not already).

Same goes for Tomas Rosicky, by the way.

He might change his mind now we got done up the duff by shitteh.


Sagna was poor today. In part he was put under pressure (like much of the defense) because the midfield was absent.

Ramsey and jack have not been up to usual standard.

Unsure why Wenger did not play Rosicky. Baffling just like not playing Walcott against napoli.

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