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Rosicky believes in trophy chances

Tomas Rosicky says he’s deaf to the opinions of journalist and pundits who say Arsenal can’t last the pace in the title race, and that he believes the club are in with a good shout this season.

The Czech midfielder said, “I came to Arsenal with a dream to win the league. And I want it to come true now. Why should I listen when someone says, ‘You can not handle it?”

Heralding the signing of Mesut Ozil, calling him a ‘excellent player with a brilliant technique’, he also says that Arsene Wenger has plenty of options throughout his squad as we look to maintain our form into the second half of the season.

Now comes an interesting phase of matches. Our team is very strong. We have more options than Arsene Wenger has ever had before. This is an advantage, this is why we can win.”

Rosicky sees the main challengers as Man City and Chelsea, and isn’t even ruling out Manchester United despite their slow start to the season.

Manchester United lose, but you can never write them off. And I forgot to mention Liverpool!”

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Regarding title race.

“Oh and i forgot to mention sp*rs”……..Said no one everrrrrr!


Bolarinwa Mayowa

Rosicky’s sliding tackle : 10/10


10/9. Like Bendtner’s confidence test results.


This season a trophy is a real possibility. Next season a reality! We have some thing exciting and special building here at Arsenal. The right blend being forged, it usually takes a near miss to create the determination to become a champion. I am in no doubt are wait till be ended within the next 18 months. This squad is only going to get better, with a few additions…Awesome! COYG!!

Manchester Gooner

within 18 months? Why not 5 months? If you believe that we are building for next season, that’ll be the biggest mistake. Other teams will strengthen/ be more stable themselves too. Like a football match, when we have a chance to win, we have to take it. This season we have some theoretical advantages over other top teams. If we don’t make the most out of them, then the belief will wane away. The likes of Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Sagna, Arteta, Flamini with their ageing legs will not be able to get over such a big disapointment. Theo, Ramsey, Wilshere… Read more »

John Bosco

T.R fucking shield and driver

Kimamo max

and yes rosicky your dream will come true ….this season despite.the.major.blow at etihad!! we still in this!!!


I think, if/when we win the league, Rosicky should be given the same ‘bow down’ by the team like our previous no.7 got from the invincibles in 04.

Lil Mozart deserves it.


Still think a Rosicky on form is one of the best midfielders in the league. This guy can run a game while running the length of the pitch, at age 32

TR7 > CR7

22* (footballing age)


When the boss decides to pick him.


people it seems to me that some bitey racist i currently squatting in a league position that dosnt belong to him! what say we do something about that by battering another racist thundercunt in terry?

3-0 arsenal



Pundits are pundits.
Players are players.
The game is football
the 13/14 champions is Arsenal.


This guy without his numerous injuries would’ve been one of the best midfielders the game has ever witnessed. He’s absolutely classy, always commited and loyal. Himself and Sagna deserves the tittle more than anyone else in the team. COYGs!


Everyone loves Tomas Rosicky! Let’s win it for him and Sagna (and for our beloved RvP and Nasri)


Rosicky is my hero. Massive player for us, must start against chelsea with ozil, cazorla, ramsey and walcott. I insist


Sign this man up Arsene!


Players like Rosicky & Sagna have waited long enough & stuck with us in the difficult periods when others left for the glory.. they deserve to lift that trophy.


I’ve noticed that Mert – ozil have not been that close of late atleast not in the photos ive seen. ▶They were no where near each other during the Xmas bash and in the trainning pics, Poldi is now the trainning buddy.

is there some animosity between the two???


Hugo, I like the idea, but have to point out it was in 02 after we done the double, that the players done the “we’re not worthy” for Bobby Pires.


I just hope wenger buys a striker to allow the mozart’s wish come true.





Come on Arsene! This Team will dominate!


It’s in danger of falling apart at the front, wheres the hard work coming from to hold the ball up? its going to have to be based entirely on counter attacking not the ball retention we usually use, this in turn means we need a stronger defense as we will be on the ball less. Even with costa, I’d argue Giroud needs to start and if not going to plan Costa will be a big game changer, or alternate to a 2 striker formation, possibly with 2 wingers and 2 more holding mids like flamini arteta axis but then we… Read more »


Costa has the physique and presence to hold play up. it will be new to him playing as the lone striker but ive seen with support on the left from another big-ish striker-ish in the form of Podolski (replacing the pint sized cazorla) maybe it could work. Before giroud came along we played a whole different game with rv(who?) and beteeen him and Costa i see similarities.

Walcott for me is vital, shit at retention yes but a real asset going forward. The formation will come later anyway all i wabt is a DIEGO COSTA for Xmas.


formation will come later…is a lack of argument, formation comes later ignores the fact that later is after we drop points working it out!

costa can not hold the ball up remotely like giroud can, he can sorta do it, he can not consistantly beat premier league center backs in the way giroud does, bottom line…costa trying to play like giroud, costs us points. im not saying he is a bad striker, im saying we have issues with him. I’d sign a similar to giroud striker, and use walcott or podolski to change the game if we need to

Asmare sisay

Arsenal 2-1chelsea walcot and Ramsey


There may be good reason to include Rosicky in the starting line up against Chavs. Ramsey hasn’t quite been at his best and Rosicky may help us transition quicker next to Flamini. I’d also start Podolski and Walcott both of whom will ad a bit more speed and clinical finishing in a game which we will likely see Chelsea try to shut us out from the start. Giroud up top and Ozil as the pivot just behind. Also, vermaelen will have to be switched on. It’s a good chance for him to grab the bull by the horns and re-establish… Read more »


This is Vermaelen’s big opportunity. If he delivers against a title rival then he’ll restore the gaffer’s confidence in him. If he doesn’t then he’ll go back to the bench once Boscielny returns. Come on skipper !

Zaharaddeen Getso

We really should win a trophy this season

mesut's eye balls

Rosicky is spot on… I love this guy with passion. I hope he ‘whacks’ john terry’s balls with a ferocious shot tomorrow night. 3-1 to the Arsenal!.. COYG!!!


” I’d sign a similar to giroud striker”

Are you for real??. The whole point of getting a new striker is so that we can have something different to what Giroud offers. aguero-esque eduardo-esque…. oh shit vela comes to mind.

i doubt costa can play with giroud but with poldi/walcott on either side of him i don’t think it will be a problem. the closest we had to Costa is rv(who?) and that worked out well not until he fucked off to be a cunt.

Black Hei

I think what was meant is that we need someone who can lead the line. If he happens to be similar to Giroud, so be it. If he is different, sure thing as well. But he needs to be able to operate as the main striker or lone striker. Singing Vela (despite doing very decently in Spain), for example wouldn’t cut it, as I think he wasn’t playing as target man for Real Sociedad. And according to the discussion above, Costa can’t do that as well. We will end up with a Podolski; someone who is used to playing in… Read more »


1-0 to the arsenal


Its about this time of the year that our little mozart comes to life. He could have a huge say in the title run in. Hope he starts against chelsea

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