TV fixture changes announced


As Gil Scott Heron’s prophetic song told us many years ago, the revolution will not be televised. However, the Arsenal will and there have been some fixture changes because of that.

Sky and BT have carved up some of the new year fixtures and the changes are as follows:

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

New date: Sunday Feb 2nd: KO – 16.00

Liverpool v Arsenal

New date: Saturday Feb 8th. KO – 12.45

Arsenal v Man Utd

New date: Wednesday Feb 12th: KO – 19.45

So there you go. At least there’ll be plenty of streams 😉

ps – we’d happily watch the revolution be televised if it meant reality TV producers and ‘stars’ were executed for crimes against humanity.

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Mayor of The Woolwich

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Nice try. Downvoted.


i thought it was pretty funny……maybe that’s just me. Anyway

Much fixtures, such Arsenal, wow.



Just a heads up if living in Ireland,you can get espn,BT sport and setanta for €1 for the month of December plus you get some excellent pundits like Steve McManaman Brian Kerr and the always reliable mono tone of Micheal Owen.Enjoy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We’re with you *. Well, some of us are, anyway.

* – joke for old folks


Kudos on the gill Scott heron.

Can’t wait for the Utd match

Big Chief from Antarctica

One of my favorite artists mentioned alongside my favorite team. And it’s apt. (thoughts running in my mind how Arsenal’s quiet progress with the stadium being built will for sure be a landmark in British football). Bliss.


Re: playing ManU one thinks of re-phrasing Ghengis Khan’s definition what is good in life:

“The greatest pleasure is to vanquish ManU and leave them in your dust, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to go their ground and clasp to your bosom the Premiership trophy.”

remember the invincibles


Toure Motors

Will crystal palace be complete cap wearing trolls by start february?


Already are.


Scum four days after Scousers. For fucks sake.


Two mid table teams by then.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Concentrating the joy of beating them.


All the hassle will be worth it when we smash the scum


I feel bad for those in the UK. We get all the bpl games live here I’m the states and the UCL game. Some of the decent cup games too.


Well, here in Kenya (and most of Africa), we’re even luckier. All the games .. the big leagues, Champions League, FA Cup, C1 cup and most of the cups in other leagues, and virtually all internationals, for about £50 a month, courtesy of DSTV

Zorro in the Box

DSTV is definitely the best! And less painful commentary to boot.


Except the day when Robson is on duty, such a pain in the ass.


Just too bad we’re stuck with the BPL analysts/presenters. The Supersport old guard were much better at analysing a football game than this lot – Dykes, Townsend, etc


The BPL and the UCL?

I get to watch the games in the stadium.


good for you buddy

double canister

Well, half of all the Arsenal games.

Lightening pace

yeah sucks to be here in the UK, I’ve only been to the Emirates 8 times this season, including all 3 CL home games, LOVE IT!! COYG!!


Not everyone can make the games there but at least we get to watch and support the team without having to hope that it’s broadcasted. I’ll be I mm the seats one day my gooner brothern


In the seats*


Yes we get all the games on TV but we do not get to go to any (other then lame MLS).


I can’t bear to watch mls. Even though I love henry 🙁

Dick Swiveller

I dunno, the 15 minutes of it I’ve watched were pretty damn entertaining, although I can’t help but feel I’ve seen the best of it: everyone loves a penalty shootout.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I didn’t love the old penalty shootouts they had in the US where the outfield player started on the centre spot and had three seconds to score, or whatever time it was they gave him. Bloody silly. I think they stopped trying to invent their own rules for soccer after that.

Touched Your Mother

go to a game at Jeld-Wen in Portland, easily top 5 sports venues in the USA

Touched Your Mother

*one of


For some contractual reason our broadcasters are limited to one game at a time. So we have to hope they choose the arsenal games. I thought this was the same in the UK?


No the new TV deal in the US shows all of the games live at once.


Oh I’m in the US not the UK dutch gooner


For me it’s either a possibly-not-legit stream through my computer, or the Emirates itself. I’ve not watched live football on TV for ages.

Also, I’d like wish Eduardo well for tonight and hope that he has a blinder against the Mancs!



Dick Swiveller

Well, when they’re not televised in this country it’s *kinda* grey.

Dr. Phil

Interesting bit of spin here from Sky – I suppose it’s one way of saying “BT Sport have beaten us to Arsenal v Man Utd, Liverpool v Arsenal and Chelsea v Everton” Decision to cancel Sky Sports vindicated already!


how the hell do i get this gravatar to work ?


oh there it is!


Any idea how this affects other fixtures? Like having a midweek fixture and a weekend fixture too close like this week?


It drives me crazy when I’m in the UK that I can’t see all the games live. My solution the last time I was there was to use VPN and watch via NBC live extra. My poor UK friends thought it was a miracle! haha. For those in the UK, try bumming off a Live Extra login info from your friends in the US and sign up for cheap VPN service.


what a load of bollocks, I booked to go away on the 12th assuming match would be on as it was mid week.
make you wonder why you spend a grand on a season ticket, tv first, fans last….

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Same. I was going to head out to Madrid after the Palace match and watch Atletico on Sunday. Annoying.