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Wenger on signings. Mourinho on Cole

Arsene Wenger has played down speculation linking him with a January transfer splurge hinting that as things stand he has no formal plans to sign further recruits.

Arsenal have been linked, somewhat spuriously it must be said, with a £32 million move for Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa in recent days, but despite the much-dissected need to bolster the club’s attacking options the boss refused to give the media a juicy sound bite in his pre-Chelsea press conference.

“At the moment, no,” said Wenger when asked if he’d be busy in the New Year.

“But that can change,” he clarified. Helpfully.

Arseblog News likes to think that at this point the boss lit up a cigar, dimmed the lights and played Fleet Street’s finest a delightful montage of Ju Young Park best smiles from training.

We suspect though that he just rolled his eyes at another tedious question about his relationship with Jose Mourinho.

Talking of the Portuguese, he today confirmed that Ashley ‘nearly swerved off the road’ Cole will be on the bench for Monday’s game against Arsenal and that the left-back’s decision to attend the Gunners Christmas party has had no bearing on the decision.

“I keep my opinion to myself – it was a free day for them,” said Mourinho of news the England international went on the razz with the Gunners.

“I’m not a father, I’m a manager,” said the manager who is a father of two.

“From the beginning Ashley’s not playing. But today is Friday, the game is Monday. Something can happen in between.”

Arseblog News certainly knows what it would like to happen in between, but we’ll keep our thoughts to ourselves. We don’t want a two-game ban from the FA.

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““I’m not a father, I’m a manager,” said the manager who is a father of two.”

I can’t be the only one who giggled at that


I got in trouble at work for laughing out loud at that part.


If you get in trouble at work for laughing, you need a new job. Perhaps one where Lukas Podolski is your boss.

Skeptic Acid

Haha. So did I! But as I was getting a rollicking, I was still sniggering. My manager is also a father of two, haha.


Hehehehe guys were staring at me wondering what was so funny. Good one Hound.


Is there any one left at Arsenal who Cashley actually played with?ps it took him a while to figure out what such cunts they really are.

Finsbury Park Gooner

All I want for Christmas is to see that arrogant twat skulking off down the tunnel after we put several past them with nothing by way of response.

New Haven Gooner

““I’m not a father, I’m a manager,” said the manager who is a father of two.”

Absolutely perfect.


What the fuck was that traitorous cunt doing anywhere near the Arsenal Christmas party anyway? He burned his bridges when he whored himself to the Russian’s blood money. I hope he got pissed, fell asleep and Podolski wrote ‘twat’ on his forehead in permanent marker.

Dr Baptiste

I think it’s always nice when players finally realise the mistake they made in leaving. I wouldn’t have him back but, like with RvP, it’s nice being able to look down on them from the top of the league


Oh i don’t know id consider taking RVP back………… a cleaner…….of the toilets. He can wipe the crap away, along with his dreams.


In the case of some players (Flamini being the obvious example) I’d agree with you, but Cashley? Nope, I wish him virulent facial and genital herpes. And I mean really, really virulent.


Like a top, top, top virus?


I’m taking the grandkids to see Santa later…I wasn’t sure what to ask him for until I read this….ta ever so…”oh pleeeeeeze Santa”


How great is it that he left us to win trophies with SAF? And then SAF left after a year and RVP will be playing in the Europa League?


Almost as great as Utd not even making the Europa league.
Any thoughts on what “the little boy inside” might be saying to him now?


That little boy has long since called the child help line, methinks.


This one is going to be a thumbs-down magnet, but Cashley is the one who has been the winner. Won a decent number of trophies, including the CL. We can’t really look down on him for any reason other than being a bench-warmer, second to a player originally a right back.

Edu's Braces

Away with your madness and truth, this is supposed to be a safe place

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Is it actually possible to be a winner of any kind when you’re a money-grubbing, car-swerving, bad book-writing, greedy toerag who backstabs not just his old team but his wife too, and gets in the papers for having to take a puke break during sex?


I don’t think many people would call it a mistake that Cole left Arsenal. He won a lot of silverware in Chelsea. But that point aside, Cole will be always be an Arsenal player same with Van Persie. It’s fine to be a bit bitter that they left. Each left for their own reason. Cole left because Arsenal weren’t paying their players what they deserve and Van Persie left because Arsenal weren’t competing on the pitch. Van Persie’s departure for Arsenal was the most important in my opinion because it gave the board and the club a stark realisation that… Read more »


“So, Arsene, what do you think of…. [Cole getting benched for attending an Arsenal party]?”

AW: “I sink zey have ze same information on good restaurants.”

The day that Mafia front club can buy that much class is the day I give up on football.


“What the fuck was that traitorous cunt doing anywhere near the Arsenal Christmas party anyway? He burned his bridges when he whored himself to…”

Evidently he didn’t. Maybe you should cry a bit more about it though.


We don’t cry. We set things on fire.

Eboue's Tears

it’s just a coincidence that he was at the same night club. the articles say he hardly talked to any of the arsenal players, in fact he left the club so long ago i doubt he ever played with anyone still at the arsenal anyway

Yoyo Sanogoals

Would Diego Costa want to leave in January though, when Atletico are flying high. Hmm maybe Wenger could tempt him, he’s a real fighter and I’d love him here, Suarez has signed a new contract and is off the list.


Apparently (and I use that word lightly, given the tabloid sources) he’s on relatively low wages, and Athletico are in fairly dire financial straights, I believe. That could be a factor, although I’d be very surprised if we got him.


Yes he could leave immediately if arsenal triger hiis 32m release clause. But doubt that will happen.


Like Ozil surprised?



Bould's Eyeliner

I think it’s a fair assessment to believe that Ozil’s signing figure is an outlier in Wenger’s financial practices…

Yoyo Sanogoals

Exactly we should take advantage of their economic environment.


I tell you who we need to sign from Atletico. Whoever it is there who signs strikers. Every time they come up with another gem. Can there be a club who routinely uncover incredible strikers like Atletico? Torres, who was then replaced by Forlan, who was replaced by Aguero was replaced by Falcao was replaced by Diego Costa.

And there was Reyes before that too!

Arty's Art

There is absolutely no way he will leave in January, the notion is farcical.


Wish cole swerved off the road into a tree


Maybe he was driving that bus in Kennington this morning


Excellent reading. Thanks!
And Happy Christmas!

Dick Law

Mitroglou looks like a fine striker and is well within Arsenal’ budget($7m)

Bould's Eyeliner

He’s doing well this season, but otherwise have had a spectacularly slightly above average career in a spectacularly average league.

It’s like those toys you find at the back of the shop ’round holiday season, which are kinda nice, and fantastically cheap, but then you realize it’s the 9th holiday season you’ve seen the toy around. The box is a little worn and the toy shines from the spotlight the store manager has finally put on it.

Bould's Eyeliner

*has had*

Yoyo Sanogoals

He signed a new contract, his price has risen.

Tapscott's Testicles

When u think about it, Cashley must look himself in the mirror every morning, think about his career, how he fucked up his legacy at the club he played at since he was a boy, the monumental betrayal of the fans who loved him and the future captaincy which was a shoo-in and wonder why he gave that up for an extra few grand….and just console himself that at least his gorgeous wife would be there to look after him after his career was over…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That would be the one he keeps cheating on?


How about a bid of 32 mill +1 pound for costa?

Tapscott's Testicles

If he wasnt such a total and utter cunt butler..


“I’m not a father, I’m a manager,” said the manager who is a father of two.

Some top top Bloggs style writing there. Made me smile Houndy.


Mourinho is a plonker. Still waiting for Abramovich to get bored and bankrupt Chelski when he sells to a new owner and calls in the debts that have been racked up with huge interest….Oh how I will laugh…Sort of like hahahahahaha

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But with a little bit of muahahahaha to start you off.


I love arsenal with all my heart.

Rohit M

I want to see JT slip yet again as yet another back pass goes awry with Theo scoring.

Eboue's Hairdresser

Or better still, Flamini scoring by kicking both JT and the ball through the back of the net in one almighty kick of rage. Preferably with JT splatting into the advertising boards and coming to rest in a splatty red puddle of cuntness.


And his bollocks landing near the back of the stadium roof.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Near the back of Cuntley’s throat would be more likely.

Fatboy Gooney

I really hope we hammer the chelski scum
& give that moaninHO something to really moan about.

lee gooner

now why would you want to stick a phone up your arse?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Cos JT loves to feel it ringing?


He’s going to Costa lot, but worth it I think

Anaekwe Patrick

If Arsenal cannot beat Chelsea on Monday, the club can as well forget clinching the league title this season. It is time Arsenal played fast and attacking football one more time. I hate players walking on the field in the name of playing football.


Chamakh is banging them with ease at palace


So why is Cashley at the party, hasn’t everyone he played with basically left by now?
Who were his ‘friends’ there?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Well, he is in the England team. I think some of our guys might be too.

Eboue's Tears

pretty sure he was just at the same nightclub by coincedence

Özil cant be injured

Hmm..gotta watch it for 90mins..wit walcott, poldi and Õzil, I hope Chelski settles wit us out of court.


We need to keep our players away from Cunts like Cashely, Rvp and Nasri.
Don’t know why we treat cunts like rvp and cashley well after what they did to our club.
I know we are a class act, but shouldnt there be some limits?


Yeah, he was probably at the party trying to tap up Ramsey or something. Why was he there? His sparkling wit?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Cabaret. Reading favourite passages from his biography. He does the actions and everything. Swervy driving, sex pukes, mobile phone hiding. Arsenal players never see anything like that (Nearest they get is lwatching Nicky flash his knickers).


Ha ha! Nice!


The fact he likes to have a dig at Arsenal and it’s fans from time to time saying how he has won trophies with Chelsea i think he should definitely not be allowed at the teams parties. It’s not like he is Cesc with total respect, Cashley loves having a dig


Cole is an ash-hole

ryo fan

Oh my mistake. I thought we were signing Joe Cole again.


After Eden Hazard was dropped for Chelsea’s Champions League game in November because he missed a train or something, Mourinho said “Father’s have to be clever in the way they educate their sons.” Now he says “I am not a father, I’m a manager.”

Just as I suspected – he talks utter tosh all the time.

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