Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger: we’re ready to keep fighting

Arsene Wenger acknowledged the quality of Everton after today’s 1-1 draw but said his team are ready to keep fighting for the Premier League title.

Having extended their lead at the top of the table to 5 points, the Arsenal manager said he rued missed chances in the first half, and the fact they couldn’t hold onto the lead, but suggested this was a sign of how difficult the Premier League is.

“We had three one against one with the keeper in the first half,” he said. “And that’s the regret I have because we didn’t take our chances very well. The other regret I have is of course that we are caught back after being 1-0 up with seven minutes to go.

“But you have to give credit to Everton, they continued to play well and they always looked dangerous. We played against a very good side, in the end we’re a bit disappointed to get caught back with a 1-0 result but overall it’s still a point.”

The boss also happy to talk up the quality of his team, saying they’ve improved over the last 12 months.

“Life can change from one year to the next. That’s good. It can even change from one week to the next in our game so it’s good. I think it was a quality game for the neutrals and between two good teams who have shown consistency until now and an absolutely fantastic attitude.

“That’s why we are different to last season. We are as well a better team, more stable defensively and dangerous offensively. But overall you could see today with the toughness of the game we have to prepare ourselves for a battle in every single game.

“It will be a tough Premier League and the consistency in the end will be rewarded. The consistency for us is down to us to keep this attitude until the end of the season.”

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Fair result, but can’t help but think what if we had held on to the lead? On to Napoli now!

The Tautologist

If we’d held on to the lead, we’d have won. Basically.


Q-E-f***ing-D ;•)


Only one Arsene Wenger still a great weekend for us. Up the Arse!


Definitely. Just look at the picture at the top of this page as proof. His thumb looks like a drawn-in headband for that dude in the crowd. Hes a wizard!


That’s my cousin, he loves a good head-band! Not too tight mind you and none of that gangster shit!


So close to 3 delicious points! Oh so close. I can’t believe it.


goosebumps where everywhere when the crowd sang “one-nil, to the Arsenal”



Double Canister


Az Ahmed

With why what where wherefore wherewith


Yeah.. and a heart attack when commentator said GOAL! afterwards..


Indeed!. Previous seasons we would have easily lost this match, any team that came to us and put up a fight or got in our faces would have gotten 3 points off us but not today. The fight was there, players willing to get dirty (kozzer anyone?) the passion, desire to win. all there. That is what defines title contenders. we’re definetly in it!


Manchester United would have lost this match.

Red Cannon

Manchester United loses damn near every match these days. Glorious.


dont forget they lost


Koscielny was outstanding today. A perfect handful for Lukakaku … Also loved those battle charges up the pitch!

A N Other

Brilliant game.. When we scored, I thought that is it. But credit to Everton for hitting back.

I reckon we need strong teams like Everton who would take points off our rivals. It will only help our cause.


That’s where the loan rule comes into play though. They better not fucking roll over for a smashing-in of the back doors against Chelsea, although I can see Abhramovic/Putin demanding something like “you’d better lose this game or else we’ll recall Lukaku”.


Think Everton beat Chealsea once already, no?

Wins against 2 “big boys,” so must be a better shout for the title than us despite being 7 pts back according to pundit logic.


one for the many pts after 15 we have on 03.04 and 01.02?think a lower pts total .82.83will do this yee

Edu's Braces

Would have been nice to win a game that we didnt win last year (my gut feeling is a greedy fucker), that year on year results deficit continues but fuck the loss, where we last year, 6th? Good times.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Maybe not the result we wanted but what a fucking great game of football.


It’s a good point. We have one more point than we did yesterday and we were 4 points clear yesterday.

What’s not to like?


whats not to like a simple question with a simple answer

We play City and chelsea soon we could fall from top by next year if we had won today 7 points clear would of avoided that.


We should have won the league last year, because we may not win it this year? Or something like that. Based on the game, a draw was a fair point. Always disappointing to take a lead late in the game, and then concede. But if we drop points in the next two games, we should look only at those performances for negatives, and not this one.

Daft Aider

Cracking game, shame about the boos at the end of the first half


they were booing the ref i think for not booking a player on the fouls? not aimed at the team for sure

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

When Lukaku bulldozed Koscielny in the 43rd minute. Any other centreback would have been shipped straight to the A&E.


really people were booing? for what? well there are loads of stupid and plastic supporters out there. well i guess its a minority if it actually did happen.


If anyone booed he is fucking retarded.

Howard's Webb

I think the boos were more aimed at some of Howard Webb’s poor decisions tbh


It was aimed at Webb not going to Lukaku after he had an off-the-ball kick at Kos.


Aaron Ramsey on twitter: Oh, and just a small FA Cup tie to look forward to in the new year…


The boos were 100% for Webb. Mainly for him and his lino somehow letting Lukaku get away with shoving Koz to the ground well after the ball had gone.

Nothing but good support for the boys today.

gunner for ever

As i commented repeatedly in this blog, i have a special respect for AW and our players even NB.But,if we want to score the three one to one opportunities we get and missed in the first half,we MUST buy a fox in the box type of striker.I love Giroud and we really need him in our team but we need a completely different type of striker who is patient enough to wait around the penality box and finish chances which are supplied by Giroud and our midfileders.We really need to address this if we want to win trophies.Even AW talked… Read more »


Oh come on! At what point do you want that ‘fox in the box’ on the pitch? Maybe just after giroud has bought the ball down, laid it off, got it back and flicked it round the corner for someone to get in behind? It’s hard to have it both ways. Gain a ‘proper’ goalscorer but lose a major part of what makes the side function so well? Its a bit like bringing on theo because he’s dangerous but then find it hard to pass the ball out in the last 10 mins as he’s standing next to the opposition… Read more »

gunner for ever

Thank you for your logical reply.Both of us agreed in bringing some one by the title “fox in the box” or “proper goal scorer”,some one who can score at least one of all the one to one chances with the keeper but we failed to score and the tactical details of deploying the players is the duty of AW and we all know how excellent he is in doing so once he is convinced to buy a player and add him to the squad.
“gunner for ever”

It Is What It Is

What you want is Poldi in for Cazorla.


If you had asked me in August,Is have given my left ball to be 5 points clear.


What if you had to give your right ball instead?

Özil Gummidge

Give your right one for the second half of the season.


Pressed the wrong thumb by accident


You really should get those thumbs checked.


My thumbs have gone weird!

lee gooner

we were booing webb (or fergies rent boy). kinda related but how much longer are we gonna keep that gay gooners banner on clock end upper? nothing against them but whats it got to do with football what way you swing

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

If you’ve got nothing against it then why bring it up? It’s one inoffensive sign among many. There’s plenty of empty space to hang banners around the Emirates, so it’s not turfing anyone else’s out. Do you want the Chinese language banner taken down from the North Bank upper, as well? Perhaps the club is proud of its diverse fan base and wants to celebrate it.

Merlin's Panini

I actually called the result before half time. It was a very even game. We didn’t really get into any rhythm until the last five minutes of the first half. I thought Deulofeu would be a threat if he came on and it proved decisive. That kid is something special. I was glad we scored first because I still felt Everton would get one. Giroud was so unlucky in the last minute that effort was incredible. Would’ve been one of the best goals of the season. I don’t feel like we dropped two points, which I usually would. I feel… Read more »

Double Canister

Just saying,
but none of the penalties give recently for other teams would have been given to Arsenal.
Calling them soft would be an insult on fluffy kittens.

dink arnold

Past seasons I would agree, but we have gotten a couple of weak penalties given us this season, the one on Per vs Southampton stands out. In all honestly I feel we’ve been treated better by the officials this season than past in the league.


That was a clear penalty.

dink arnold

I agree completely that it was a clear penalty, but it is not one that is often called by referees, 9 times out of ten times they let it slide no matter who’s playing, let alone Arsenal.

In the past that never would have been called for us, so yes the referees have been more generous with us this season.

Matt Byrne

Still heartbroken for Giroud with that beast of a shot at the end. As much for him as the result, because I think everyone would have had to sit up and take notice of his ability with a goal like that. Takes a top talent to control a ball with your back to goal, curl the fuck out of the shot and miss the onion bag by mere inches.


Giroud definitely has the minerals. Loads of his goals for Montpellier were belters so I’m sure we will be seeing a few more efforts like that in the future!


That would have been the best goal of his carreer thus far.

The emirates would have gone absolutely balistic had that one gone in. (like it did for vermaelen vs newcastle 2 – 1)

gunner fan

We were definately booing the ref. Fergies rent boy shojld have booked three in the first half but let them away with some pretty dirty stuff ala villa on first game of season.
Im no5 complaining tho a point is one more ahead than we were yesterday and it was a real good game today despite the result.

Pascals Head Wax

Santi Cazorla needs to up his game


We need a striker…im sorry but Giroud doesn’t cut it for me. I know he’s improved from last season, but he’s just not good enough to be leading a top team. He makes a good second choice striker, but he’s just too limited for my liking. He can’t dribble, not fast enough, average finisher. He has great movement, but thats pointless if you can’t finish. We’re only a top striker away from winning the league.


He will have very decent backup when Podolski returns. Giroud definitely isn’t an average finisher, he’s just taking slightly longer than average to adapt to the BPL. Here’s a few of his goals from Montpellier, I recommend muting the music!


The only reason I ever comment on here is to set the record straight. Stop hating on the home fans!! It was an incredible atmosphere today and the booing was for Webb at half time. Pay attention!!

lee gooner

again what’s it got to do with football. lots of people are embarrassed by it and are discussing it in a very negative way towards gays. call it bigotry or prejudice or just plai n ignorance, its still helping no ones cause. I like many people still feel sexuality colour and gender are all second best to the fact that we are all gooners. no one other than spurs fans should feel offended at football.

palace gunner

Both teams are good everton on 2 good away games gunners strengthen in the long run, we still missed nacho & arteta needed abit of help, we can beat napoli big games plus spurs in 3rd round coyg.

Renan Metsik Romeo

We need to calm the f*ck down. Everton played really well yesterday, if they keep playing like that other team will drop point to them. We had the chances to kill the game, but we were a bit unlucky (Giroud last minute chance), but a draw is a fair result. City will be a crutial game for us, I can’t wait for that. XD

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