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Bendtner linked with Lazio move

Via Sport Witness comes news from Italy that Lazio would like to take Nicklas Bendtner on loan until the end of the season.

The Dane is back in full training now and likely to start Friday’s FA Cup game against Coventry. He is also the most like for like Giroud replacement in the squad, so given the reliance on the Frenchman it would be an odd decision to allow him to leave without signing a replacement.

Although Arsene Wenger has consistently said he’s open to strengthening his squad in January, we remain no closer to making a signing and although Bendtner is still an unconvincing option to many, he’s still an option and letting him go would weaken the squad.

Much can happen between now and the end of the window, but the boss has suggested he’s willing to give Bendtner games after getting himself back in the correct shape

“”He is a player who has gone through some difficult periods so I just want to give him great credit,” he said after the Cardiff game.

“I told him already today that he is back to the level I want him to be at, and if he continues to develop like that he will come back into the team.”

Of course this is the same Arsene Wenger who said Andre Santos was ‘still important’ and then loaned him to Gremio less than a week later.

Anything could happen, we tells ya. Anything.

But it probably won’t.

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We need a big man up front to lump the through balls and crosses to, and like it or not, TGSTEL is that man when the HFB can’t do it alone. So we can’t really let him go yet… Especially with our little crisis up front that’s been going on since the start of the season. Stay with us Lord Bendtner, we honestly need you now!


Do anyone think he will “gooooooooooooooooooo lazioooooooooooooooooo”

(My coat’s in the dry cleaners so you’re stuck with me. Mmwah, mmwah, mmwahahahahaha)


Ahh! Football Italia on C4. I remember that!


Fuck yeah, it had that dude who delivered the latest news from a boulangerie while sipping espressos. And he always pronounced Milan Mee-lan. Like a person who has been to Italy once and then comes home and overly pronounces items in pizza express. While we’re on pronunciation, why are commentators suddenly overly pronouncing Ca-thhhhhh-orlas name? I know blogs spent time in Catalonia so will crucify me for this but just pronounce it as it’s written, with a Z sound. It just sounds rediculous when Danny Murphy bluntly attempts the ‘th’ sound

Swede Goon

Why do the British pronounce Carlos ‘CAR LOSS’? Or Mario ‘MARE-IO’. Also, they pronounce the ‘th’ in Mexican names, which is not done in Mexican Spanish, but then go and say ‘Car-loss Vehla’. Always sort of strikes me as weird

dink arnold

The correct pronunciation in Spain maybe, in the Americas nobody speaks Spanish that way and it sounds ultra stupid when some British announcer goes over the top pronouncing the ttthhhhhhhh

Igor Stepanov's career

it was Golazo but that doesn’t work with the pun of him “going to Lazio”


Well don’t I feel like a massive dick. I love that podcast. On the z being pronounced th, does that only apply to Cazorla or should we be saying Rodrigueth and Xavi Hernandeth? There must be a rule better than colloquialisms. And for the record, if Danny Murphy has a second language then Darren Bent deserves to be playing Champions league football.


then again, this only applies for Spanish players and not for those from a Spanish speaking country in South America. I mean not that it’s of any importance although I like the fact that some commentators are at least trying..saying a player’s name is their job after all


hee-zoos Nabas. seriously.

Zebra Umbrella

I believe in some parts of Spain, such as Andalusia, they say those sounds hard, like in Mexico or Latin America, but in Castilian Spanish they have the lisping sound. In South America they think Spaniards have a phlegm problem.


Here, I’ve got your hat for you…


How about a switch? They take Bendtner and we take Klose.


Nicky B fits more to our style of play and also knows the club wich is important..
+ hes 10 years younger than Klose. I think Nick B would be much more effective than Klose, but also the chemistry he already has with ze germans could be a pivotal point..

Draxler – Özil – Podolski



Isn’t Klose like 49? That doesn’t really sound very Arsenalish


he is about 67, but he hasn’t stopped scoring and is very good in the air. and germany’s all time record goal scorer. I’d like it..


Klose was also leading scorer in the game between the Allies and germany in WW1


What that one in no mans land? I have seen the video


Bendtner can move only if and only if we secure a replacement. simple as!

Good for us as we will get abit of loan fee but i feel TGSTEL ego will be bruised. When you’re TGSTEL moving on a free at seasons end is abit embarrasing.


Bendtner can only go if Lazio want him – which, in view of the number of clubs who’ve wanted Bendtner in the past three years, I’d take with a big pinch of salt. How reliable is Sport Witness? Is it one of the ones to inform us daily that we’re ‘planning’, or ‘plotting’, or occasionally a more modest ‘considering’, an 80m swoop for someone or other, only to report the following day (as the Mirror is now doing with Draxler) that the clubs concerned are denying any interest at all? Maybe someone will want Bendtner in the summer, once he’s… Read more »


Its not when you get the transfer fee in your wages!


If they did agree to that swap, but then it fell through at the last minute, would it be a case of “Klose, but no Bendtner”?


You mean the transfer window Klosed before the move could be completed?


Only if use Hernanes as makeweight. TGSTEL wont go cheap.


If i remember correctly Bendtner stayed in the summer because we failed to sign Demba Ba, so surely we wont sell him without signing a replacement first.

Ufuoma Nanu

I think bendtner can flourish with Poldi and Ox delivering good crosses from the flanks this weekend. Rosicky behind him won’t be a bad idea too. Up Arsenal!


Then we would never get to know the greatest transfer fee that ever ‘lived’


If the press in Italy are as full of shit as the press over here it’s probably bollocks. However, we could all get over excited and take it as a sign that a new striker is about to arrive. Rumours were that Bendtner had a club lined up in the summer but the move was squashed when we didn’t get Ba. I know most people think Mourinho stitched us up over Ba but since then it had come out that Lukaku asked to go on loan when Mourinho didn’t want him to and the two have a strained relationship as… Read more »


I think Mourinho stitched us up over Ba. What else would you expect from the Mean-Spirited One? He’s not going to help out a rival but, genious that he is, he failed to appreciate that Everton under Martinez might be a rival as well. No Premiership club is going to loan us anyone.


Do any of us think Mourinho is a genius? He is a cunt that spends lots of money,thats what I believe. And he works for a club that employs other cunts too. Oh and is supported by a lot of cunts. And the ground is a shit hole. Not keen on the Russian either and I don’t mean fucking Arshavin, little cunt,gave up on him when he looked so pleased when Russia were voted, I mean bought the 2018 World cup. Gervinho scored a good goal for Roma tonight btw.

Rus Goon

Maybe next time England can have something better than their last bid; I’m suprised they didn’t resort to Prince William and David Beckham doing two man versions of Shakespeare to clinch it for England.

The man who would be bling

I find Mourinho’s increasing resemblance to Keith Allen highly unsettling.


Amazing how quickly fortunes change in football. Six months ago we would have all been crossing our fingers hoping that this one would go through. And yet here we are, recognising how he’s become an important squad player. I’d say we still need him, no need to rock the boat in January.


the Cardiff game was the turning point for me, not only the late winner he scored but his overall play was really good. I think TGSTEL can be as good a backup to HFB as anyone available at this moment if he keeps his head straight. Plus he knows Arsene and the “Arsenal way” which is a not so small intangible. Too bad he got injured and might have lost some form.


Thia summer possibly but until we get the strike option we are looking for not going to happen.


Can’t see it happen but you couldn’t rule it out.


Whoa – you’re going out on a limb there. You sure you don’t want to hedge that sentence?

The only Olivier is Giroud

Nick trolling us hard. First teazing us by promising he’d leave only to stay, then chipping in enough to have us kinda liking him again- only to break our hearts 6 months before we KNOW he’s off. Worse than Van Judas! (Last bit was a joke)


cant wait to travel all the way from Norway, to see TGSTEL one last time!


Oh it doesn’t take that long, takes me at least 6 hours to get home from a 3pm kick off, and longer from those poxy 12.45’s. I bet you would be back in Norway before I stumbled in from one of those!


Loaned out Santos and Brought in Monreal B-)


Benteke as replacement for Bentner??


Erm. No.


why not? he had an amazing season last year and scored against us in both fixtures despite going through a bit of a dry spell (injury as well?).

the only sam is nelson

Lazio must have seen what a success TGSTEL was at Juve when he was on loan there, or perhaps this story is so much hot air and Bendtner will be swimming when he wants at Arsenal until the summer. AAs always, the lad has the attributes – pace, heading ability, a decent shot, passing, can beat a man – but it’s in his head where it all goes horribly wrong. It’s hard now to imagine he’ll be able to concentrate and apply himself to the extent needed to make the most of the gifts he has. Could have been the… Read more »


Maybe Lazio saw his turtleneck during his presentation at Juve….

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

I like Bendtner and think he’s useful for us. There, I’ve said it. Guffaw all you like.

Looking for Mr. Wright

It took a long time but I think Bendtner may have finally grown up. He’s certainly a handy option. From a business point of view it might be worth dangling a new short term contract in his face. If he kicks on a bit we may even manage to get a transfer fee for him at some stage.


Would you actually give him a new contract? With a wage rise? Because you like him or because you believe that if we wait long enough it might one day become possible to sell him at some point? Or are you just thinking that we should pretend we’re considering it so as to encourage him? Since he’s out of contract in June, I imagine the question of where his livleihood will be coming from is already starting to worry him. As he said earlier in the season, he’s working really hard to get fit and put himself in the shop… Read more »


Wherever he ends up, he will have to take a pay cut. How will he cope on £15/25k a week?


Right, that’s it. Sick of being a bloody selling club. Henry, Cole, Cesc, van Persie, Nasri, Need I go on? AND NOW SUPER NICK? Scores two bloody goals and “wants to compete for trophies”. Now who are we left with?!?! All we’ve got is Aaron ‘scores when he wants’ Ramsey, jack ‘wonder goals’ Wilshere, Olivier ‘womanizer’ Giroud, Santi ‘fuck sp*urs’ Cazorla, per ‘the friendly giant’ Mertesacker, wojchiech ‘clean sheet’ Szczesny… Holy shit I love this club


Forgot oxlade ‘long shot’ chamberlain

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

I dreamt of TGSTEL last night. I don’t remember all the details, but we were on some kind of epic quest, but he had his mates with him and they were complete tits! There was a hanging bridge and some chases, and TGSTEL was wearing a suit (no tie).


Did they want to go swimming?


… And Lucas “bazooka” podolski and last but not least Yaya “God knows how he’ll turn up to” Sanogo! …. Yeah, love arsenal!


I think you should all stop for a moment……….


And bask in the warm glowing feeling…….


That apart from lending it out for a day or two, have been top of the BPL ALL season…..COYG!!!!!!!


Fyck the transfer window and all that media shite!! Top of the league for us!

lee gooner

If only their football players were as good as their bacon!


their bacon is watery shit!


Bendtner is unlikely to move till the summer.

He replicates the physical presence Giroud gives us (where Sanogo will need likely 2 seasons at very least to settle)

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