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Koscielny top trumps: Mental Strength = 10

Laurent Koscielny has nicked a phrase from the boss’s phrase book and praised the mental strength of this current Arsenal side.

Sitting top of the table, the Gunners have responded well to every set-back this year, and the French defender says they can feel as if something good is happening.

“Mentally we are stronger than ever,” he said. “We have won some games this season that we would never have won last season.

“It was always there, but more perhaps towards the end of the season. We can feel this season there is something special in the squad. We have all understood that we can achieve something together.”

Yet despite that special feeling, nobody is getting carried away in the Arsenal dressing room.

“It is down to us to stay there, stay focused and stay united, keep fighting for each other, stay consistent and humble like in the first six months, and maybe it will be our year and we will win it.”

Meanwhile, there have been suggestions that Swansea could look to solve their midfield injury crisis with a loan move for Emmanuel Frimpong.

The Ghanian is out of contract in the summer and with Swansea having a physio’s room that looks like a Boer War tent, Michael Laudrup could turn to Frimpong until the end of the season.


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Bosscielny, speaking like a boss.


Speaking like the boss 😀

The only Olivier is Giroud

My love for Arsenal has given me a love for French accents as well. *smiles awkwardly*

dink arnold

I’ve always enjoyed french accents too. I prefer accent grave (è) to accent égu (é) and just love combining them both for a circomfelxe (ê) but my current favourite is definitely the German umlaut (Özil).

Sorry, I’m bored at work

Quincy 2

My love for Arsenal has given me a love for the London, French, German, Welsh, Spanish, Basque, Polish, Czech, and Belgian accents.

Incidentally I hate Dutch accents. ahem.




im also interested in what else john terry is other than something between a cunt and afterbirth

Merlin's Panini

John Terry’s Dick Is Awfully Fucking Small?

Igor Stepanov's career

John Terry Die In A F*cking Sewer?


John Terry: Dude, I Always Fucking Slip

Merlin's Panini

Got to love a bit the mental strenpffh.

Also, I’d happily see Frimpong go on loan for the rest of the season to do some damage on Liverpool and Chelsea players and help our cause. That would be well, er, DENCH.

Wenger's Fat Wallet

Frimpong deserves a decent move. I always felt sorry for him because every time he would go on loan before he’d blow out his knee. Which meant he had more free time…for the internet…and twitter…and Dench…


Be warned, he also scores well in Top Trumps in the ‘Pocket Depth’ category.


Some say.. his pockets are so deep.. they can fit all the women JT has his eyes on (but will never get for obvious reasons) , in addition to all the strikers he has already got stored up in there .


Speaking of the bosses phrasebook:

The love I have for this guy…


That was Fuckin’ Excellent, thanks.


It misses one of the best: “In my job you expect to suffer. So, that’s why when I go to hell one day it will be less painful for me than for you, because I’m used to suffering.”


No way frimmys leaving… We have nobody else that has the natural talent when yelling DENCH!! Who’s gunna yell DENCH!! when he leaves? It won’t be the same coming from arteta.

Merlin's Panini

I reckon Poldi could pull it off.


Well that’s one mental picture that’s not going away anytime soon;

Arteta: That was some DENCH skills bruh!

Henry: What have you been Smoking!!

Arsene: Some top top top stuff!

Wish i had a Wenger’s zip-up coat to grab…


am I the only one who thinks we should change the word “united” to “arsenal”?
so the quote would be “It is down to us to stay there, stay focused and stay arsenal, keep fighting for each other, stay consistent and humble like in the first six months, and maybe it will be our year and we will win it.”


I’ve been reading way too much Song Of Ice And Fire lately, but i get this feeling Arsenal are the Stark family who will go along swimmingly for a time, before the Lannisters (City) and Iron Men (Chelsea) fuck things up. Sigh.


That’s because he is the BOSS


fantastic illustration of kos. Love the eyes. Really captures his gladiator intensity.


In unrelated news, David Moyes has assured Manchester United fans that they will be in a top European competition next year.

Even if he has to write the song himself.


Kos has the habit of scoring very important goals for us over the past two seasons. Hope the stars line-up and Kos scores the goal that would seal the deal for us on the dying minutes of the final game.

Zebra Umbrella

Haven’t Kos’s goals earned us CL football two seasons in a row; West Brom 11/12 and Newcastle 12/13?

The man who would be bling

Kos: ‘Hey Per, let’s play Top Trumps’. Per: ‘Ja, gut, let’s play.’ Kos: ‘Lewandowski beats Torres’ Per: ‘Ja, but Ibrahimovic beats him’. Kos: I have Messi, what do you have?’ Per: Nothing. Only Soldado. You win.’


I do hope Frimpong does get a chance to go somewhere and prove himself to Wenger. He obviously hasn’t done enough on the training ground to impress the coach, which is probably why he hasn’t gotten any playing time. But we all love a Gooner and hope he does well, whether at this club or another.

Mallu Gooner

Even if he does well, he doesn’t exactly have space in the first team. Flamini was preferred over Coquelin and Frimpong.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!

58) [On Emmanuel Adebayor’s stamp on Robin van Persie] “I watched it when I got home and it looked very bad. You ask 100 people, 99 will say it’s very bad and the hundredth will be Mark Hughes.”

Loved this quote


Koscielny out Delagarza in

oh boy

@blogs, do you actually block people who create nuisance? or do you just delete their comments?


Besides being a brilliant defender, Laurent Koscielny’s name is perfect for anagrams:

– A lucky lion enters
– Surely no nice talk
– Scare not unlikely
– Rely on us in tackle
– Cunt likely on arse
– Continually reeks
– Cunt likely reason
– A nosey cunt killer


The boss’ phrase book consists mainly of the words “you know” and “mental strength”, doesn’t it?

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