Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chamberlain and Giroud return to full training

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was back training with the Arsenal first team today (picture) having fully recovered from the knee injury which has kept him out since the opening day of the season.

The England midfielder required surgery following a nasty collision with Aston Villa defender Antonio Luna during the Gunners disappointing 3-1 defeat but after more than four months on the sidelines provides a welcome boost to Arsene Wenger just 48 hours after news of Theo Walcott’s season-ending ACL injury.

Chamberlain could be on the bench for Monday’s trip to Aston Villa, against whom he notched an assist for Olivier Giroud in his one performance this term, and will no doubt have his eye on proper game time against Coventry City in the FA Cup a week on Friday.

In other fitness updates, Giroud has recovered from his recent illness and should lead the line at Villa Park while Yaya Sanogo is also close to a return. Nicklas Bendtner, Aaron Ramsey and Abou Diaby are still out.

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remember the invincibles

welcome back Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. We need you now more than ever!


Exactly. Some good news finally. Can’t wait to have Ramsey back as well.

Red Cannon

And Sanogo. While I’m certainly not expecting him to make a major contribution to our campaign, we did pay for him and there must be a reason the boss rates him, so I’d like to see what he can do. Although there aren’t many “less important” games remaining in the season, having him available might occasionally help give the HFB a rest.


Actually, we didn’t pay for him, he was free. But I guess we are paying his wages (probably not much). I’d also like to see what he can do, but like the Ox he’s been out a long time, so I’m not expecting too much from either.

Also, Sanogo comes from a much weaker league. I only expect him to start really contributing a season or two from now. He’s someone we should think of loaning out.

remember the invincibles

Wenger thinks Sanogo will help us. In Wenger we trust.
Besides I love the name “YAYA”.


Wages you mean 😉


The injury table merry-go-round keeps on turning! Theo spins on, the Ox spins off.


The new trainning top looks absolutely top notch and Chambo looks abit leaner. Welcome boost! up the ox!


Good news comes in pairs.

Dr Baptiste


Yoyo Sanogoals



Took me a while to ponder why you wanted us to terminate his contract. Damn homophones!


It is no coincidence that he went off at villa and returns again vs villa. unfinished business and all


When an arsenal player is fit after an injury he is still 3weeks away. so ox say halo to Coventry!


Welcome back Ox!


Wishing Ox well for the remainder of the season. I personally won’t mind much about how well he perfoms in the games (considering his age), and for some funny reason I have no doubts he will do ok, if not excellent.


Glad to see the Ox back. Wondering if we will have any action this January transfer term with Ground and Sanogo returning along with Bendtner in a month or so. I can see Arsene waiting until the summer to truly get his man and feeling more comfortable with the injuries starting to heal.

Rambling Pete

Fantastic news. I have a feeling both of them are going to be very important to us in the second half of the season. I have high hopes for Oxlade-Chamberlain in particular. He’s got it all, the pace, power, physique and the talent. He reminds me a bit of a young guy I played with when I hacked my way around a football pitch back in the day. Derek Drinkwater he was called, and he could get you a goal out of nothing. If it was a tight game he could make the difference. A dribble here, a shimmy there… Read more »




Your childhood must have been really fun.


Oh Pete…


I don’t see why there was a problem I mean its not as if ferrets are a protected species. Or were they underage?


C’mon Alex go tear up the prem. excited to see him and Özil link up, I think it’ll be an interesting connection.


When will be Ramsey back?






Is that you Park?


That’s very disrespectful Pete.
Can’t you call the Harsh Lord my another name.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Mohammed is the most common first name in the world. Statistically speaking, hash lords -and all men- are more likely to be called that than anything else. And the likelihood of that would be even more significantly increased in Tunisia.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Come on OX. Time to show that your second season was just a blip


Some good news finally!


by* another name.

Boniface Elias

We anticipate a quick recovery and gain in match fitness. No doubts at all. Just get focused on the remaining fixtures plus the wc tournaments. Gunners 4life….


How about Ramsey, when will he return?


3 weeks from 1st Jan so in time likely for the big show down against City end of the month.

Meanwhile we should have plenty of firepower to try and take maximum points to the bank with Villa, Fulham and Southampton.


Poor Diaby. These injury updates always make me sad for him.


Wheres gibbo


I was sooooo excited when Chamberlain assisted Giroud for the opening goal. I said “YES, this is going to be his break out season. A speedy, attacking midfielder/winger who can dribble and beat his opponent. It’s the type of player England and (more importantly), Arsenal have lacked. He isn’t as quick as Walcott but isn’t far away either. And he is a better dribbler and more skilled technically and he has good physical strength. I can see why Arsene wants to move to central attacking midfield in the future. I’m really glad we have him and Gnabry. They will offer… Read more »


^ I can see why Arsene wants to move Alex Oxlade Chamberlain to central attacking midfield. I don’t think the Boss himself will fancy playing as an attacking midfielder himself now that he is 64.

Dial Square Charity XI

Striker perhaps… The dynamic duo Wenger & Ju-Young Park.


Gibbs then? Is he still breathing? Havn’t heard anything about him since he got injured.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

No doubt Frimpong has taught Ox a few more funky dancing moves during his time off.

Can’t wait to see his next goal celebration!

Zorro in the box

What actually is the deal with Frimpong? Was wondering whether he’s injured or what, has he made the bench at all this season?!


Don’t see him breaking into the team.

Coquelin on loan may have a slim chance on account that Arteta is getting on. But Wenger will also weigh against an outside solution and there are plenty.

Flamini should be good for another 2-3 seasons as experience.

Possibly, we will need to have someone tall like a Diaby and preferably who can cover in defense. Luis Gustavo type player.

Titsan Arse

It’s gonna be alright guys. I have found a little known website with all of the proper undercover news that no one else knows about. It’s called caught offside and apparently we are gonna sign four new goalkeepers including Neuer as back up and I can’t tell you how many strikers Wenger has lined up. It’s mouthwatering. Also heard we are ‘getting ready’ to offer Roy of the Rovers a substantial fee to come out of retirement and two geezers called Hamish and Mouse(tell me you have heard of them). Anyway this site is hot shit so I’ve been down… Read more »

Kenyan Gooner

Who let the Ox out? Is it Wenger? I don’t want to comment on speculation. It good to have him back.

Kenyan Gooner



Great news that the Ox is coming back but after such a bad and long term injury lets not expect to much from him. May have to settle for the bench for a couple of months but with his pace and power could be a key in some close matches.


OTOH, he will be hungry.

Gnabry biting on his heels and watching our performances this season, he will want to make an impact.

Both Ox and Gnabry are quick learners and in comparative terms further ahead of where Walcott was when their age. If they apply themselves, they will improve quickly.


… And in other news, Diaby is still injured.


Yeah but if he does come back for the last 5 to 10 games in the season, should we sustain some injuries in the DM position, he may provide crucial cover.

Likely to be released in the summer but he may just have one more good go with us before that. Great player. Shame the fragility.


“Yeah but if he does come back for the last 5 to 10 games in the season, should we sustain some injuries in the DM position, he may provide crucial cover.”

I love sheer blind optimism.


I’m happy for this news. good news all the same. I’m gonna miss Walcott.. but I hope Chambo helps up not miss Theo. people talk of new striker but tbh, I dont see that happening. Sanogo has to have a part to play.


Chamberlain, if he starts to put them away for us, the talk will suddenly switch to how much better he is than Walcott. Typical. That said, goals for us can come from all areas and as a percentage game this season, Wenger is not far off. Currently, Ramsey will return shortly too so goals may come from Giroud, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Santi, Ozil, Jack… That’s good odds. but we can improve on the odds to make it less risky particularly up top if Giroud gets knocked. The question would then be what kind of striker can we get this Jan? who… Read more »


Which is why we should retort the media bollocks about us missing Walcott. Sure we will miss him but we have plenty of cover coming back There should be sufficient firepower for us to bank away 9 points from Villa – Fulham – Southampton before our meeting with City at the end of the month. And the return of players should also affect our permutations in the market this Jan. 1) Giroud. Bendtner will also return to the squad by month’s end. Preferably we want someone in quickly as cover and someone as ready to go in the PL as… Read more »


Here’s another thing : the media again would have us painted as lacking depth as oppose to City where in truth we are actually quite competitive. if we look at the squads (rough comparison): Giroud – Negredo ? – Aguero Bendtner – Dzeko Podolski – Dzeko Walcott – Nasri Ozil – Silva Rosicky – Navas Chamberlain – Milner Jack – Rodwell Ramsey – Fernandinho Arteta – Toure Flamini – Garcia Sagna – Zabaleta Jenkinson – Richards Gibbs – Kolorov Monreal – Clichy Per- Kompany Koscielny – Nastisic Vermaelen – Demechelis ? – Lescott + Gnabry and (possibly Diaby) Barring one… Read more »


Firstly, nice write up. You forgot cazorla who you would be a closer match up with nasri. And have Walcott match up with Aguero simply because Walcott was top scorer last season and was coming into some serious form (5 goals in 6 games) . While they may not play in the same position, we look to Walcott the same way city look to Aguero for getting in the goals.

Harry Shambles

Chambo’s back! He looked properly on form preseason, and in the Villa game… can’t wait for him to get back on the pitch! I reckon he’s got the talent to hit the ground running. That’s not to say I’m expecting him to, but the sky’s the limit with THE OX!


Why even mention that Diaby is out? Of course he’s out, he’s always out.

Infidel Castro

Santori – Don’t mean to piss in your parade after all the effort you put in to write your comment but think you need to have a closer look at the fixture list because we don’t play Manchester City at the end of the month.


Can you imagine a 4-2-3-1 in a few years with Özil sitting between Ox and Gnabry right behind the striker? Deadly trio there, I think.

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