Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ozil proud to be Germany’s player of the year

The German football federation has confirmed that Mesut Ozil has been crowned the German national team’s player of the year, as voted for by fans.

The 25-year-old, who has 17 goals in 52 games for his country, scooped the accolade for the third year in a row with 30 percent of the vote beating Bayern Munich duo Philip Lahm and Thomas Mueller into second and third respectively.

“This election makes me proud and happy,” Ozil told the DFB website. “Above all, because it was carried out by the fans.”

“The year 2013 was a very turbulent time for me with my move from Madrid to London. The internationals were all the more important in the circle of my friends and in front of these great fans. ”

“I still play every international game, as if it was my first. I see this award as an obligation for a successful 2014 and with it a successful World Cup.”

Given the talent at Joachim Loew’s disposal it appears from the outside that this is quite a feat by Mesut Ozil. So a pat on the back for the young man.

That being said, Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised if the hatred shown by most German football fans towards Bayern and their players might have something to do with his success.

We look forward to a clean sweep next year with Per second, Poldi third, Serge fourth, Gedion fifth, Eisfeld sixth, Lehmann seventh and Stefan Malz in seventh.

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You sold Bale, we signed Mesut Ozill… Mesut Ozil… Mesut Ozil…


We signed Germany’s best player, they sold Wales’ second-best player.


haha epic 😀


Close this comments section NOW. Nothing will top this today.


And we have the first~


Tbh Ozil hasn’t really impressed me that much.
He has looked lethargic time after time and
after the nice little winter break he was afforded i expect him to kick it up a notch. he owes it to himself aswell.

P/s congrats on award.

Dr Baptiste

Have you just been watching the highlights as he does a lot of off the ball work. Pulling defences around, opening himself up for passes, working the space, etc….

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

It’s a very lazy observation that I’ve heard a few Arsenal fans making. Basically, unless he is assisting or scoring CONSTANTLY for 90 minutes then he’s having a shit game, and can’t be bothered for us etc. etc…


Agreed, it’s an assertion that has been made in the press as well. He is a very different type of player from say Santi Cazorla. Although they play in the same/similar positions, Santi is very busy, wants the ball all time, more “all action” shall we say. The British press love that and we have a lot of those type of players. Ozil has a more languid style, but is all about being decisive and frankly he is. I think it’s 7 assists and 4 goals in 14 games, so not far from producing a goal and game, having just… Read more »


agreed. he’s been very good and will get better. seems like everyone needs a moan every know and then and we project…

Cyril Washbrook

He’s an easy player to underestimate if one insists on a stereotype of what a £40 million midfielder should do. Of course, he has had a few quiet games and it’s probably legitimate to say that there’s more to come from him. But in general, Özil’s style of play is about elegance rather than flamboyance; minimalism rather than domination. That’s always been his way and there’s no point in wishing he was something else. There was a lovely piece on 11 Freunde last year on this very topic: Rough translation of a short passage: “[I]t isn’t the baroque dribbles… Read more »

jack jack jack

I’ve been massively impressed by him. The guy is a class apart.


Pretty sure you made exactly the same comment in another article. We get it, you’re not impressed.

the only sam is nelson

if you’re not impressed by Ozil then i don’t necessarily think that football is the game for you, as a fan. have you considered a more technical sport such as chess? or if it’s effort you’re after then weightlifting appears to involve quite significant amounts of that. good luck in your quest


Im a fan of Ozil, my second team is madrid infact and all im saying is i’ve seen him play better football for them than he has done for us so far.

i have no doubt he will put in blinders this season though it baffles me that he’s enjoying the “premier league intensity” when it’s the exact opposite from what i have seen. He’ll take abit of time to fully cope i understand that. He is worldclass afterall.


I would play “better football” if I had Ronaldo on my team.
Ozil created EIGHT chances in his “quiet” game at West Ham.
It isn’t his fault we can’t finish them to credit Ozil with more assists.
Ozil is still adapting and our team will get better.


“Ozil is still adapting and our team
will get better”

yes. Exactly….now case closed.

Unyoke The Ox

You lost me at “my second team is madrid”.

Real men have one club.

Although, I’ll let it slide if you were born in Madrid and 3,,, no 4 generations of your family supported them.


It’s very common outside of the UK for people to have several clubs. Lived out of the UK for years now and people dont get it when you say “I’m from London and only have space in my heart for Arsenal”, when they ask who you support in Portugal or Spain.


Yes madrid is my side chick when im not with this arsenal babe madrid’s the one am with.

Dane Morrison

Arsenal are my club, however my mother was born in Madrid, so always had a love for Aletico Madrid… No one in their right mind supports Real as a “second” team, get outta here.


No i will not because im a gooner and arseblog is my preffered Arsenal blog. looks like i offended too many people juz coz i have a “2nd” team that i vouch for. i must be the only one in the world. oh oh!

Jenkinson's right foot

whom are you that he is supposed to impress. His major work is to open up defenses and create opportunities for goals. He does that in every game. It isn’t his fault that Giroud cant convert all of them.


Has anyone else noticed that comments that begin “tbh” are invariably bollocks?


tbh, no.

the only sam is nelson

btw, isn’t tbh text spk fwiw?


Your not impressed Heroldgoon but a lot of Germans are. Three years running hey can’t be a bad player we are not talking about a very average footballing nation here are we.

Die Hard Gunner

I bet you watch football matches with our ass, cause only an asshole will not notice the good works done by a player of Mesut calibre.

Die Hard Gunner

**your (I was so pissed that I omitted the “Y”

Indonesian Gooner

He needs to step up and become our Ljungberg in the run-in

Yoyo Sanogoals

In the future he’ll win his first Ballon d’Or with us. I believe it COYG


I thought that award only went to players playing in Spain.

Die Hard Gunner

Ronaldo won it at Manchester United


I know

Virginia Goon

Deadline day 2013: Ozil Day, it was around 5 o’clock eastern standard time when the notification hit my phone. I was at dinner with my girl, I stood up gave a Wenger-like fist shake and yelled Ööözzziiillll to the AAAARRSSSEEENAALLL! And the rest well, we know.


Good for him, I think the best has yet to come but he has transitioned excellently. Look forward to seeing him lift the title come May!!! COYG

A N Other

I think we must wait few months before we see the best of ozil. It’s a new league, new countries and new way of playing. In navy case, the first six months returns are not so bad. He has 9 assists and 4 goals.


5 goals mate 🙂 2 vs. Norwich, and 1 each against Napoli, Hull City and Everton


“We look forward to a clean sweep next year with Per second, Poldi third, Serge fourth, Gedion fifth, Eisfeld sixth, Lehmann seventh and Stefan Malz in seventh.”

dont forget you’ll have to add draxler and reus to that list of gooners soon 😉


We can only hope!




And Mortiz Volz.


For those of us that are fortunate enough to go to games, he’s a joy to watch.

His movement and awareness of space are something you really do appreciate seeing him live, and he’s well worth watching in isolation for 5 or 10 minutes, to see what he’s up to.

Class act.


It’s something that can be spotted on the telly as well (although it is of course harder to do) He constantly moves into space, and puts in a real shift doing so. Granted, he does not have the intensity in his pressing game as say TR7, but his smart movement when we have the ball constantly forces the defending team to take decisions and, as a consequence, often loose their shape a little bit. Make a point of watching him singled out some time. You’ll notice that he puts in these little bursts of speed making you think “where the… Read more »

Tommy Gun

Exactly. Watch the first assist he made in his Arsenal (Fulham away). Look where he starts his run and where he receives the ball.

Got down to the Emirates for the Hull game. Made a point of watching him there.

Literally focus on the guy for 5 mins and all becomes clear.


You mean Sunderland away, right?

Tommy Gun

Yep Sunderland away, my bad


Leander Siemann must hate seeing all the German love-in with everyone forgetting about him. He’ll finish 8th!


“Lehmann seventh and Stefan Malz in seventh.”


Joint seventh!

the only sam is nelson

as opposed to seventh joint, as practised by TGSTEL? er, allegedly


Careful now


Chill Arseblog, he’s one of ours.

the only sam is nelson

down with that sort of thing


I still sometimes pause for a moment, while flicking through training photos of Arsenal, and think – ‘We’ve got Mesut Özil.’

After 4 months it still hasn’t properly sunk in.

And then I think about how Cazorla is getting back on form and how he and özil haven’t hit it off yet and what it will be like when they do, and then slowly my hands reach down towards my….. erm, yeah I’m going stop now.

Manchester Gooner

your keyboard might need a clean up


Wenger doesn’t know anything. He signed German best player instead of Pamela. #Wengerout


“Ozil is still adapting and our team
will get better”

Yes. Exactly….case closed.


You’re case would be closed if you’d only said we can expect more from Mesut.I’m sure everyone agrees with that.
I think the bit people disagree with was where you said he’s been unimpressive and lethargic.


Appreciate the input. thanks. i was 40% wrong.




And he’s only 25.Can only get better.

Unyoke The Ox

Who is this Thomas Mueller? Any relation to Ferris Bueller?


Unlikely. They spell and pronounce their names differently.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Let’s make the majority of German fans happy and beat those bastards from Bayern Munich in Febuary and March.

I really can’t stand that cocky, arrogant swagger of their goalkeeper Neuer. Love it when they concede a few goals and he almosts starts crying.


Honestly sick and tired of people who keep on saying “I haven’t been impressed by Özil” or “he has been underwhelming” What matches are these people watching cause I would hate to be them! The sheer amount of chances that Özil creates in one game alone is astonishing and although he can’t tackle to save his life he is always willing to try and track back when needed!

Congratulations on the award and proud to have one of the 10 best players in the world gracing the Emirates pitch every week

Dr Baptiste

“proud to have one of the 10 best players in the world gracing the Emirates pitch every week” but Bendtner has been injured…


At the rate we’re going I expect us to have signed a few more Germans by this time next year! Draxler, Reus and Khedira wouldn’t go amiss.. we could make a top 10 then!

Enock Silungwe

congratulate my man Ozil we love arsenal


Yes madrid is my side chick when im not with this arsenal babe madrid’s the one am with.

DL Gooner

After that comment, i hope Madrid gives you genital warts.


Oh fuckin bite me! i have madridsta roots. wtf?

Dr Baptiste

Awww, are you waiting for Bale to dedicate a heart goal celebration to you?


Fuck off baptiste. stupido


Ozil is already getting some flak from his languid style of play but he has chalked up 7 assists in his limited time in England. As comparison, Rooney leads in assists for the calender year has 13.

Santi despite his jolly image is a fierce competitor. he does not seem to want to play as second fiddle and you can see he wants to reclaim top assists maker from Ozil.

This is all of course a massive positive for us.

palace gunner

Now ozil has settled in the main thing now is the team have to get a few spares or signings, all the team will have pressure if they have to go into different roles on the field, i’m no brainwasher but you see what happens at these stages of other seasons this 2013-2014 the team are continually going for a nice season good news ozil best player for germany, bad news theo out for world cup, anything can happen in games coyg

az Ahmed

RIP English



az Ahmed

The part which got me was ‘i’m no brainwasher’ LOL

Mate Kiddleton

I seriously don’t know what people are watching sometimes. I see Ozil all over the pitch. In a recent game when Ramsey and Flamini bombed forward and we lost the ball, who was there to receive the pass from Mertesacker in our defensive third? Ozil.

Also if we had more clinical finishers and/or runners in behind the defense ala Walcott, Ozil would have a mountain of assists by now. As it stands, he creates a bucketload of chances for us. We just need to convert them.


Okay okay i heard you now can we continue with our lives!

cannon & ball

Wunderbar yeah! TadpÖle even looks a bit like Özil… maybe it’s a leaked video of his initiation song!!


Good achievement. Not sure if he deserved it though ahead of the bayern players who had an incredible year. Set them straight at the emirates though!


I am with the Ozil camp!! He has been absolutely massive for us. I would be interested to know his rate of successful passes. Must be very very high, esp the last attacking third. Coz as far as I can remember, he very seldom pass to an opponent or cause us to lose possesion when he gets the ball. Its always a pass to one of us. He burst of speed all of a sudden can surprise many players. Sometimes he squeze between two or even three and you thought he is gonna lose the ball….but surprise2 out will come… Read more »

Adam Richards

I don’t think Ozil’s talent is wasted on most Gooners. And besides that every forward in the world would want Ozil to be supplying them. Suarez would bite his own arm off to play along side him, and RVP slicing his wrists to have missed out.

Trophys cannot be far off with him in our squad.

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