Thursday, December 1, 2022

Wenger: we’re not close to making a signing

Arsene Wenger says a lot can change ‘in an hour’ as the transfer window counts down to its 11opm closure tomorrow night, but also that there are no deals close to completion right now.

Speaking to Arsenal Player the boss was quizzed about transfers, and said admitted the club were exploring options, “Are we active? Yes. But are we close to sign anybody? No.

“There’s not long now that’s true. First, the situation was going like always in a transfer market – week by week. In the last two weeks it goes day by day, now it goes hour by hour.

“In any hour anything can happen or change but at the moment, unfortunately, we are not signing anybody.”

I guess much depends on your definition of ‘close’. Talks could be ongoing with a number of targets, and we saw on deadline day last January how quickly things can happen with the signing of Nacho Monreal.

Let’s keep fingers crossed.

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That’s what he said last time and 3 hours later we had Ozil.

Bacary Monmertscielny

Arsene just trolled us with Ozil, though. After a whole morning of news reporting his imminent signing came hours of silence before a “we’re not close to signing anyone”.

So Draxler will probably be officially announced on Feb 1st, after many an Arsenal fan has woken up feeling as pissed off as they did when they went to sleep.


Are you saying we may sign mesut ozils twin brother in 3 hours?


”You cannot rule out anything” – as any manager would tell you.

Bould's Eyeliner

zippers malfunctioning on a coat included as well. I sincerely hope Arsene’s new Puma coat is made of zippers. When the game is going awry we can always just watch the sideline battle.. of fingers on metal teeth.


This is doing my head. Wake me up on the 1st please. It feels like when my older brother used to hold out one of my toys and pull it away as soon as I grab for it. For a whole month.

Bergkamp fan

Wake me up, when January ends. ♫


I like that the boss doesn’t give anything away. With the likes of Chelski and their prick of a manager, ready gazump deals we have in place.


Fuck this, I’m gonna freeze myself till Friday night.


Can u freeze me too?

Edu's Braces

Come on lads, this isn’t our first picnic. Its obvious but ignore all the shit in the papers and see how the land lies on Feb 1st.

No name

Wenger simply means… “At the moment nothing is happening with our transfers” but he didn’t say “We aren’t signing anyone”. I have a really good feeling he’s talking about the Drax!

gooner odst

I assume 11opm is in reference to our new time piece acquisition and therefore our control over time itself. 11 omni post meridiem.


Wenger always says we’re not close. I never believe anything he says regarding transfers. He’s just trying to deflect the media attention away from the club


I feel sorry for his wife. “Arsene, are you close, are you close?” “At the moment, unfortunately, no” Then boom. All in her eyes and hair.


hahahahahahahahahaha, if I could give that comment 100 thumbs up, I would

roof attack

absolute gold!


Take a bow son…


wish I had mutliple personality disorder so I could thumbs up this one loads


Hahahaha dude you just made me cry! Brilliant


He looks very downbeat in the press conf. We may be signing “someone” but it wont neccesarily be that “special someone” and that make Wagner sad. Oooh!


Arsene isn’t an idiot. He can see the fixture list and our injury list.
Let’s just hope we work our arses off to sign a couple if players.
Let’s just hope we don’t ruin our chances of silverware, haggling over a couple of million pounds.

Bergkamp fan


Gotta love those fans that think signing players is as easy as it is on FIFA, and suggest big players playing for big teams that have almost no chance of moving to us, and then go on to insult Wenger. Like, yeah mate, you know more than a manager that’s gone the league unbeaten.

If I may ask, how do you get an avatar (picture) beside your name?

The man who would be bling

You should do all the comments.

Who are these wankers giving thumbs down to pefectly okay comments? Play nice people! I am sure this will now incur lots of thumbs down on this comment!


No. When we signed özil, I remember him saying: ” We may surprise you”.


It was a blatant exaggerated comment.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004



The lost sleeves of Mathieu Flamini

We do this to ourselves every (winter) transfer window when we know how Arsene works! Wait il tomorrow after 5pm and hold onto your bits for dear life until midnight.

gunner for ever

Oh my God. good to be an arsenal fan.Being an arsenal fan is the unique option to suffer and enjoy from unpredictable situations in January and summer transfer window.Every day after all the gossips and talks,an arsenal fan is allowed to get disappointed and wonder what will happen.We never know,may be those extreme level of joyful moments of having Mesut ,monreal and cazorla can happen.But,as i can see from Arsene’s interview,we better kill our hopes of getting new players. OH, what about our current promising and improved chances of getting trophy after a many seasons??? OH,being an arsenal fan!!!! proud… Read more »


I am so upbeat this season thanks to the way we’re playing. Last year I had manacled depressive bloody disorder and now it’s unfuckingbelieveable and thanks to West Ham and the Walrus Maureen’s last shit WAS a hedgehog laughed my ass off at his bleating

No mind the gap jokes please.

Times like this call for Drax-stic measures! Ooooooosh!!!


If Wenger put some lippy on and heels, he’d be such a prick tease.


Just close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and go- lalalala, until Saturday. Then read the news.


I hope this is just a tongue in cheek action


Pls give sagna what he wants so he could stay


With City going top last night, I feel (using an athletics analogy) like we’re in the 200 metres, gone off like a rocket to find ourselves in front off the bend only to look over and see Usian Bolt grinning as he goes past.

We have a real shout this year and what happens in the next 36 hours is now crtitcal in my opinion.

I’m off to renew my beta blocker prescription.


I dont understand. Is it really that difficult to sign a player ? We’ve got money. What’s stopping us ?

The man who would be bling

Wenger: ‘We’re signing Draxler’.
Schalke: ‘Ok, would you like him giftwrapped?’
Wenger: ‘No, thank you. We have money, you can’t stop us.’
Schalke: ‘Ok, I guess we’d better sell him.’

; )

roof attack

We need a couple of players in because I have a feeling when we lose a game, we will lose a few on the bounce. I hope we have got rid of that sort of thing but you never can tell with Arsenal in the last 5 or 6 seasons. We have a history of imploding and tired players seemed to be a factor.


Wenger just has no faith in Dick


“there are no deals close to completion”

If we sign Draxler, I will be close to completion…..


I have a feeling that we might sign Hunterlaar instead.


Arsenal needs a director of football. Always waiting till last minute. If he had signed someone before southampton game, we would not have drew it coz new players would have raised our spirit. We need at least two or we forget a trophy for the season

Teri Maa Dhi

Its just a matter of time before a news company (most likely Sky Sports) brings in body language experts to decipher Arsene Wenger’s thinking…

If you watch the video he scratches/ touches the back of his neck so this means (lol):

Scratching at the Backside of Your Head and Neck – a typical sign of doubt and uncertainty. It can also be interpreted as an indication of lying. Try to keep your hands away from your head when you’re communicating with others.

I’m onto you Arsene…


Take a cookie and calm your arses.of course we are signing The Drax


So you’re telling me there’s a chance…


The Draxler issue is a question of who blinks first. Which is why I was again weary of us chasing shadows with this one. He is a player who is good but whose price is hyped and who will find good demand regardless of our attention. There is no compelling reason for Schalke to come down on price unless they squandered a heap of money on a card game to a mob boss and need to make it back. There is no compelling reason for us to spend beyond 24m on a player who frankly isn’t going to score that… Read more »

Indonesia gooner

im so boring with all of this… rumors everywhere… i’ll try to disconnect my internet & sshut down my TV
see u in february


You will save yourself a lot of hassle if you do not listen to the rumours put out by the media.

We have gone down this road before with plenty of other players.

None of the media predicted Ozil. What makes you think we will sign someone because they keep bleating on about him?

Likely if anything, Wenger if he pulls the rabbit out of the hat will shock you with someone none of us were expecting. and that is of course an ‘IF’ he decides to spend.

Frankly I do think he will bring a player in.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

The “we’re not close to signing anyone” line, true or false, serves only as a stick for the dumbass media to beat us with.



Yeah but who is more dumbass, the media or those who keep listening to them?

…with all due respects sir.


Bring back Coquelin he can be a good player to solve our midfield crisis at the moment


Hmm mm


We’re not signing Draxler this window – that’s certain. I’d be surprised if we got anyone, frankly.

We’ve got what we’ve got for the run-in. Let’s hope the lads are focused and ready for the difficult February and March games. If we’re still in touch by the end of March, we’ve got a chance.


I’m surprise you thought we would.


one day mooooooorreeee!!

roof attack

If we find ourselves short of fit midfielders, what are the chances of frimpong getting a game ?

Petit's Handbag

Minimal hopefully


Midfield is short but manageable. Arteta is exposed for 4 games due to Flamini’s recklessness. Ramsey is a set back but jack’s seems to be a niggle. If he shakes it off, we also have Rosicky shortly to come back and Chamberlain can play in the position. I suspect Wenger will dip in the market dependent strictly on Jack. The Draxler move would have been something he would likely make down the line as a replacement for Rosicky. However there are other candidates that could also replace the czech in due course so Draxler frankly is not the be all… Read more »


Wenger is a sadist. That I know.


There’s always Solomon Kalou and Ciprian Marica.


Draxler – Cup tied and not exactly prolific in goals. not sure what we are buying here beyond potential which will take time and will not have an immediate impact we need. Anything over 24m is ludicruous considering City bought the more proven (and higher scoring) Jovetic for about that price. Unless Schalke have some debt to clear and decide its not worth holding for a better price on a myriad suitors for the Draxler hype, we are of course welcome to chase shadows like Suarez. Maybe we should offer two quid more this time. As an alternative if we… Read more »


Frankly, I do think Wenger will bring one player in at very least. A lot can happen in 24 hours. Likely it will be a loan at this stage but you can never tell because things move quickly at the end. Some deals by other clubs may collapse and Wenger may swoop in or certain issues will resolve in the last hours. We are lacking a bit of power up top particularly if you look at the comparative GD with City. If we compare City’s squad with ours’ we are frankly not far off in quality or quantity ; Negredo… Read more »


Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…. nope that’s a lie. I’m as wound up as every transfer window. Wish someone would do to me what they used to do to B.A. in the A team so he’d get on a plane. Jack me up with sleepers until bloody Feb 1st.

non-flying dutchman

I don’t quite understand why we employ Dick. When it comes to getting the job done, Dick seems to lack any potency.


Big Dick? He did bring in Ozil.;)

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