Sunday, November 28, 2021

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal: The Guff

If you can stomach it, here’s some of the reaction from the media and blogosphere to the 5-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield yesterday.

In itself the defeat is not season-ending, despite what you will read in some places. There is an understandable reaction to a heavy defeat in the first of a series of games that could shape our season. We have to hope it is a blip and not the start of a trend. – Goonerholic

Arsenal began and ended the game on top of the league but only one team looked like title contenders. With Chelsea moving to the top of the table, Arsenal will have to respond with vigour if they are to remain in the title race. – Dion Fanning, Irish Independent

Yesterday offers uncomfortable questions which must be answered. Arsenal possessed a defensive record which was the envy of every other team. Mertesacker and Koscielny, ridiculed and mocked previously, had turned the tables on their critics. They still have but performances such as yesterday provide cracks in the arguments, flaws which are difficult to avoid. – A Cultured Left Foot

It still amounted to a considerable and deeply chastening experience for a team that would like us to believe they harbour serious aspirations to win the league. The difficult truth for Wenger, as he surely knows, is that real champions do not disintegrate in this manner. – Daniel Taylor, Guardian

Stan Kroenke was silent. Utterly silent. Arsenal were blown away; their Premier League title credentials shredded; for 90 minutes at least. For them, it is now how they react, how they re-group. – Jason Burt, Telegraph

Only one team looked like champions elect here and it wasn’t the visitors. A bad day at the office or a sign of things to come? The mood in football can change quickly. Two home wins in the next two games will have people thinking that there is still plenty to play for this season. But the question is where the Gunners’ inspiration has gone. – Online Gooner

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Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with.

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Don’t know why AFC is so prone to thrashings these days, i think it has to do with having too many flair players on the pitch. When it rains it certainly pours!


I’m inclined to agree. You do need someone willing to get in the faces of the opposition and break up their attacks. That person is not Jack, and it’s not Arteta. Flamini and Rosicky come the closest. In short, Rosicky should have started instead of Ozil, who looks in desperate need of a break to get his head straight.

Yesterday, we may as well have installed a sign in the midfield with an arrow pointing to our goal, saying “This way, please.”

Young Wenger, Massive Stud

Please, will all due respect, this isn’t Subbuteo … if only it were that simple. Barca’s best teams have not had any in your face midfielders, just tons of skilful ones. We failed because Liverpool made us shit ourselves and panic with their early goals. They’re a good team and we had stinker. I think the team has a great balance. Liverpool caught us off guard. We held Chelsea off 0-0 which shows we know how to defend.


Winger has NO tangible answer to Liverpool’s 5-1 victory. No more than Wenger has had had any REAL answers to our defeats with Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd. Winger scolded Mourinho for selling Mata to Man Utd, yet he sold RVP to Man Utd when he could have gone abroad for £3.5 million less. He bought Uzil and only having possession of the ball 4 times in the 1st half of the Iverpool age is APPALLING and a DISGRACE. It seems like Arsenal’s Govenor’s want to keep Wenger for the next 10 years, but how EMBARRASSING must it be… Read more »

Dr Baptiste

Is that the Chelsea defeat where we drew?

Is this the empty trophy cabinet that contains Arsene’s doubles and the gold premier league trophy?

Also Shelley Kerr has won nothing. She’s looking like she’ll be a very good manager but seriously?!


I feel the pain of a thousand pens/keyboards as each word lances my already battered heart.
What is it about February and March that defines us as a team.
On Wednesday the Devils will ride into town with their own £37million man, which one of the two will glitter.
Let it be ours…I plead to the Gods of Sport..somewhere in #Sochi. Make it so.


Our fella cost £6 million more then that and I don’t want to see him starting on Wednesday on his current form


I think he will pick the exact same starting line as yesterday and expect a major response.


Can he not? Can Wenger not pick the exact same team every single match for every single tournament (except against Coventry), with the excuse that changing more than 2 players makes the team imbalanced (well, so does getting thrashed 1-5?), and then blame fatigue for every poor performance?

When it works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, it’s fucking ridiculous.


Surely he’s gonna leave Monreal out.


I know Ozil is a great player and still requires time to adjust to the the Premier league. Watching his play has given me the feeling that he wants to make sure he is ready for the World Cup, and therefore wants to avoid injury and fatigue.


Yer whats with that, Feb/March has to be the most heart breaking time of the year for every gooner, it’s been so long now that i can’t even remember a season that didn’t end this month. Got everything finger, leg, and arm crossed hoping we get 3 points at utd, knock Liverscum out the fa cup then do a number on Bayern!!

Naija Gunner

Not bad…

Rambling Pete

It’s hard not to feel anything but gutted this morning. That was a terrible performance and Liverpool completely deserved the win. I don’t think it’s the end of our title chances though, as long as we pull ourselves together in time for Wednesday night. In fact, I went down to get the papers this morning and I was chatting about it with the newsagent and he told me that the previous night he’d caught a couple of midgets trying to break into his shop. An alarm alerted him to the fact somebody was breaking in and as he lives upstairs… Read more »


That is the oddest post I have ever read……..


Rambling Pete, thank you! Your posts always cheer me up, and today some cheering up is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Jason burt you redundancy writer. Stan is always silent. That statement is meaningless

Mate Kiddleton

Real Madrid got smashed 5-0 by Barca not too long ago. These things happen. We just have to put it behind us and perform in the next match.


I get your point but Liverpool are by no means Barcelona. I could take it if it was Barcelona, but I truly believe that we’re better than Liverpool. The lack of focus/passion that was shown yesterday is unforgivable. I’ve supported Arsenal for 27 years and I put that down as the most infuriating performance I’ve ever seen from the team that I love. Roll on wednesday, it’s time to put some pride back into our club.


“Liverpool are by no means Barcelona” Sure that may be true, but don’t forget they’re a close second for most goals scored in the PL this season. They’re a damn good team and an even better offensive force

Mate Kiddleton

Barca themselves got 7 put past them by Bayern over two legs, and Real got hit for four by Dortmund. As infuriating as our ‘performance’ was, we have to pick ourselves up, forget about that match, and focus for the rest of the season. And it starts with beating Manure at home next up.


Yes, but Real don’t get smashed 2-3 times a season, like we do. So please, just refrain from comparisons.


We play against City, Liverpool, United, Chelsea. Real play Barca (lately Athletico too). Of course they’re not going to ever get hammered more than once.


Hey mate, i don’t think that will make us feel any better. it just reminds us of how we got smashed by liverpool: A team certainly not at barcas level, moreso ours!

2he0 Walcott

Man Utd no matter how shit they are, always turn up against us. Whether its Rafael and Fabio playing as wingers ripping us apart or Phil Neville playing in midfield marking Vieira out the game. Watch out for Jones and Cleverley playing like the possessed Wednesday night.


This is exactly what I think as well. No matter how shit they are they will step up their game against us. They just got done by Fulham not 5 minutes ago. But you can bet your house that the likes of average joes such as Jones,Evra.Cleverly, and Young are going to play a cracker next week. Not to mention the Skunk and Shrek. Lets hope the players we have show the same spirit and put to bed this inability to play against the big teams!


We cannot afford two luxury players that can’t handle the physical side of game in the big matches, so only one of Ozil and Cazorla should be playing in these games.

German Gunner

Problem is do we have anything else?


Like a cornered rat, we’ll bite back come weds.


German Gunner

Hope your right, we really need to beat these fuckers


Bite them too apparently. i like the idea of Ozil playing with more bite, literally too


We will win 1-0 and the fans will say it was an adequate response to a 5-1 thrashing.

Big Chief from Antarctica

1. It’s nearly four years we’ve beaten them.
2. 3 points against some mugs.
3. 3 points in DEATHRUN1
4. 3 points = 3 points.
5. Skunk and little skunk boy inside of him at least deserve a loss whilst we further affirm title credentials. Delicious, ain’t it?

Context is everything.

Anyway, a reverse thrashing is also what I want. You don’t shake off a rivalry and slight irritation concerning that skunk in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.


I’m really sorry for being so negative. I’m still a bit upset. Just ask yourself this: When’s the last time we’ve thrashed a good team? When’s the last time we’ve thrashed any team? and How many times have we played good (attacking) football this season?


It has to be a mental thing. We always have the capability to beat the best of the best, like we did at munich. However we sometimes turn off especially during the first 30 minutes of the game. I would also like to see wenger being more tactically dynamic. He should start trusting poldi more as he is the only best finisher in the squad.

German Gunner

Pains me to say but he looks more like arsheiven every time i see him, yesterday when he should have been bursting a gut to get on the end of things, he stood static, on the way out I would think

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

Generous Pete, most generous…


We need to destroy Utd and knock the scousers out of the cup. That will give us back the confidence we need. As big a fan as I am of Ozil, his attitude is worrying me. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but when Ozil was subbed he refused to shake Wenger’s hand (or it ‘seemed’ luike it) and gave Wenger a bit of a dirty look. Interesting that quite a few gooners feel he should be dropped vs Utd. I’m kind of in favour as I feel he does need a kick up the backside. He cost gazzillions… Read more »


I agree with each and every word there, mate.


Spot on re Ozil. I don’t understand how he has regressed over the course of the season. Is it fitness, our training methods, his ego?

Also , if Gibbs is fit he must be in the side ahead of Monreal. Same for Rosicky who a spot in the side must be found. He’s the only player who forces the pace of the game with Ramsey out and Wilshere’s continuing red mist issues.


” Maureen’o wouldn’t have sat on his arse doing nothing if his team were being carved open like that early on.” ehmmm you’re forgetting la manita As for Wenger reacting quickly to tactics etc … i think you people are watching the wrong sport. This is not basketball to call a time out or sub all 5 players at once, and do it again, and again. The team has a way of playing and the players know exactly what needs to be done. Once the players are on the pitch and ref whistles kick off , it is up to… Read more »

Diaby's hamstring

Pretty much my thoughts too. Özil does have an attitude problem. It showed when we visited the Etihad, and it showed again yesterday. He played his worst match yet and basically gifted away the 3rd and 4th goals, but still kept an arrogant look about him. Will he end up like Arshavin?? Wenger has to take a lot of the blame, I agree. Playing that high line against a counter attacking side with fast players like Liverpool is suicide. Wenger could and should’ve done something about it before it was too late. Before Liverpool scored the 3rd and 4th, Sturridge… Read more »


So what you’re saying, Neil, is:

1. For a player who costs 42 million quid, Ozil has not contributed enough and needs a kick in the pants.

2. Wenger is tactically inept and can’t vary his tactics the way that Mourhino can.

3. Monreal, despite being a Spanish international, is very average and nowhere as good as Gibbs, and therefore shouldn’t start ahead of Kieran. Why can’t Wenger see that?

I totally agree.


This is a player who left Mardid cause he wasnt guaranteed starting every game mind… he didn’t want to fight for his place and felt he should always been starting regadless of the competition for his place.. Wenger needs to put his foot down I have said already this season hes guarented to start cause of who he is and his price tag… that’s no way to get the best out of your players.. Wenger has explained why he makes late substitutions cause he has to much trust in his players he always feels that they can do something during… Read more »


Omgoodness welcome back Pete! I did miss you and your top-class comments! Lol.

It’s one defeat. We’re second in the league. We can win against any team, so let’s keep our chins up. Better days ahead.


Honestly, I think we need to try a new formation going into the last half of this season which require both Poldi and Giroud up front together or at least Poldi behind Giroud. I would like to see Poldi playing the inside coming right sided midfielder at times. as we need to utilize his shots more. Anyhow, I say a change in formation because we’ve become a little too predictable against the big teams and I think the big teams know how to handle our current formation which we’ve kept all season. We have to start hitting the big teams… Read more »

less rambly pete

Part of me thinks Özil’s lack of form could be EPL related. He’s done ok at times but he’s never had to play a gazillion games through winter before. He’s used to a nice wee holiday to recharge. 2nd time round we can expect better.
Still if that is the reason is further reason to drop the guy. He gets the wake up call and the added bonus of a good rest.
I wonder if he might have been pulled sooner if Rambo, Wilshire and Walcott were fit(ter).


Can we please have an anthology of Rambling Pete’s posts?

Limp Bar

I’ve seen the term ‘psychological damage’ being used in quite a few media circles after yesterday’s game. I find this both ridiculous and, frankly, irresponsible.

Seeing your mother in bed with a Great Dane and the gimp out of pulp fiction when you’re thirteen years old is likely psychologically damaging. Losing 5-1 to Liverpool is not.


Just have to put it down as a bad game we just looked totally off the pace of the game. A national paper (the sun full of shit paper) spouting BFG bust up with sanogo and Giroud shagging at 03:00 yesterday morning. Manc loving cunts!!

Glen helders soul glo

The bust up has been confirmed by Arsenal but that happened last Friday.

Not sure about the Giroud story.


Re the Giroud story, after around 5 seconds of top-class investigative journalism (something journalists are apparently incapable of) I concluded the following:

1. The woman in question is not attractive enough to warrant Olivier’s attentions
2. She has been in Las Vegas since the beginning of Feb. So either it’s a lie or she possesses the secrets to teleportation/ a very, very fast plane.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Nothing and I say NOTHING will ever surpass Rambling Pete’s account of how one day his friend and colleague turned up to work with a huge sword .

Regarding the game: I blame the players in the first half and Wenger for being unable to turn it around.


our record in big games against man u is do bad in last few yerars,not optimistic


and the vultures are out… don’t know if its true or not but the tabloids are at it with stories of Sanogo giving Per a black eye before the match….wonder if such stories would have come out if we didn’t lose this match


I read that the woman in Giroud’s story is in Vegas, and that Mertesacker said he got his black eye from an accidental Szczesny elbow. Sounds about right when it comes to the tabloids changing stories to fit their needs


I can’t believe everyone is so worried about our defense. Despite two bad games one to Man City and one to Liverpool we are still second in the league for goals against. People seem to forget the two nil score over Liverpool from earlier in the year. The last one was a bad game that is all. We are also 3rd in the league in goals for. I cannot
understand all the negativity.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I’ve often wondered why we get more pelters from the media than any other top EPL team. We even get more from ex players than any other team. Despite still being top in February, the pre-pelters we were receiving about our imminent implosion were louder than ever. The only thing I can put it down to is a perceived arrogance of our manager. We, unlike Shiteh or chekski have never needed or received money to make us win things. Look at the invincibles, hardly cost the earth did they? So, like us, the wankers in the media know just how… Read more »


Also the fact that every fucking pundit and so called analysts mentioned how we were the leaders of the Premier League and that we were getting a mauling. Till then they have never or refrained from saying that we were on top. All their talk were about how City were scoring a buttload and from their tone it was as if City had been on top for weeks. The moment we show a sign of weakness the pundits come out all guns blazing about how we are top of the league. Hypocrites.


No excuses… we should of won this game no guarenter we will beat Man U… its easy for the players to go on twitter and apologise but they have to prove how sorry they are with a performance at Man United…


Personally how I see it Rodgers is the best Manager Liverpool have had in ages.. and they finally have a Manager that knows how to play to our weaknesses…. Cant see Liverpool being a easy fixtures for us anymore..

We are just far to predictable.. teams know how to deal with us sad but true.

m a gunner

Think we need to get ozil more protection on the ball get him further up the pitch so he can do his magic ! To many times he’s getting the ball far to deep with no one to I pass to !


Haha! Manure drew with Fulham at home. Surely we can’t lose to them?

RJ Gooner

I’ve refrained from writing about yesterdays performance until now because if I’d of come on here yesterday i would of regretted what I’d said today.

Ozil…… ?
Giroud…… Doesn’t deserve the criticism that comes his way although he was bad yesterday

in fact i cant be arsed going through the squad. They were all fuckin terrible yesterday and need to improve! We have not been playing well for a few weeks and yesterday was on the cards!

but saying all that, we are still going to finish above spu*s, scousers and Utd so its not all bad!!!


Apologies if this has already been said, I can’t be arsed to read *every* post. Don’t forget Wenger tends to leave the game to the players to get on with. So it’s encouraging to see him take some of the flak. I think Ozil should be benched for a while – and hopefully react like the other dropped players of the past. My main concern is lack of pace in the team. Giroud’s no Henry, he’s just a lump that wins the ball 99% of the time, but no one plays off him well enough – like Sturridge and Saurez!… Read more »


I miss Ramsey so bad 🙁
He would’ve banged in 3, stopped 4, kneed skrtel in the nuts and got Suarez to bite Sturridge



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