Friday, February 3, 2023

Park joins Watford on loan

In a move that happened too late for us to cover last night because we were drunk as lords, Ju-Young Park has joined Watford on loan until the end of the season.

It’s dead handy for him because the Watford training ground essentially backs on to ours so he doesn’t have to even update his SatNav or anything.

The former footballer will now look to help the Hornets achieve promotion from the Championship and will team up with fellow Gooner Hector Bellerin at The Elton John Arena.

We here at Arseblog News wish him all the best with his new career.

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arteta & his perfect hair

I must be drunk still or dreaming. ..


Almunia’s there too isn’t he? Wow, it’s like an Arsenal reunion


Park joins Watford… 😀
…on loan D:

Seriously though, good luck to him.

michael carmichael

There go our title hopes




‘former footballer’ haha!


Poor Watford..


Can’t believe that Arsene let park go. his “rough diamond” from Korea. Just goes to show how not everything works out for the Professor and trusting Bendtner to fill in striker boots could be one of them.

Hope to be proven wrong ofcourse.

Kelechi Onyems

Hope he gets playing time there, who know might be a better player if he’s gonna come back.


Park Chu Gone…


@Arsenalista: Park – Transfer Fee = £5.75m
3 years wages of 40k a week = £7m
Total = £13.75m
1 Goal, it was a worldy.


I think we can safely assume we were not paying his entire wages whilst he was out on loan

Igor Stepanov's career

transfer fee was £3m


Spectacular bit of business there…….

murray's whale ale

Park off

the cutch dunt

Park must have been a bad boy.Even Denilson played soo many times.

the only sam is nelson

So Watford are essentially becoming the Manchester City of the south, then? Taking our best in order to dominate their league? Bastards!


City never took our best



A N Other

I am happy for Arsenal to get rid of deadwood at earlies opportunities. The clearing up started summer. There are probably one or two players in the squad that are taking up space. I am sure they will go too and make space one or topclass players.


AN OPEN LETTER TO ARSENE! Hello Mr Wenger, I think you have certainly gooffed this time. In as much as I always agree with most of your decisions, I want to categorically states here that I’m not in tune with your latest decision not to buy a striker for #‎Afc . It’s difficult to understand your reasons if you have any. You can’t solely depend on Giruod at this crucial stage, if he(Giroud) got crocked or ‘K.Od’ at any stage of the season then the panick button is set! Theo is crocked for the rest of the season, Bentner (TGSTEL-… Read more »


What did I just read? Assuming this wasn’t a joke, I have just a few points: 1. Victoria Concordia CRESCIT – as a “loyal Arsenal fan”, you should probably know that. But perhaps autocorrect outwitted you, so maybe I’m being too harsh. 2. Have you thought about the possibility that Arsene and Arsenal did actually want to buy a striker but couldn’t find the right player? Or having found a suitable player, couldn’t find an acceptable deal? Imagine this: you want a nice new watch (you don’t need it but it would be handy) but can only find really really… Read more »

Igor Stepanov's career

Kallstrom will be a shit signing, he will play 2 games then his loan will be up.

Innocuous adjective man

The problem with you is that you have an innocent butthole.


I… I… Nah fuck it *walks off*

michael carmichael

Wait for me!


Honestly can’t wait to see how he performs playing regularly.

Puff puff

Why would Watford need a new ball boy?


Dear Blogs, I think you may have misunderstood the headline when deep in your cups.
“Watford gains new Park” is obvioously referring to some greenfield facility for children.


They must have finished filming The Arsenal Stadium Mystery sequel, The Emirates Stadium Mystery, of which Park was not only the main star, it was also based on him.

Chairman Meow

Don’t understand where all of this dislike for Park has come from.
Of course he’s a drain of resources but as if that’s his fault?
Frankly if you should be disliking anybody for it, it should be the person responsible for signing him.
Not that you should be disliking anything to do with arsenal though.


Of course we won’t need to redo his SatNav, he gets a lift with the ghost of Amaury Bischoff.


I never saw him kick a ball, not one match. Was he that crap?


He scored a beauty against Bolton in the League Cup last season.
I would argue that he’s not crap. Not Arsenal quality, mind you, but certainly not crap.
It’s a mystery! Someone call Scooby-Doo!

Denilson's back pass

Now watch him score 68 goals in 15 matches or something.

Henry! Chance! Goal!!


Dear Ozil’sfootballbrain,

I have received your open letter and promptly tossed it in the dustbin. Question my judgement and credibility when you have won 3 premier league titles, 4 FA cups, and developed countless of world class players. Thanks

Arsene Wenger

cannon & ball

Could have kept him as third choice cover for Gibbs & Monreal… He was after all probably the most consistent left back in the league…. pretty much left back (in the changing room) his entire career at Arsenal. Maybe it arose from a lost in translation moment… apparently he heard Arsene say “Park the bus, no way, never it’s not our style” and he just didn’t get on the coach for an away game…




palace gunner

This is getting bad for the team & fans on todays news alone all these big games appearing coyg


good luck to the guy. I’m surprised MIyaichi didn’t go on loan?


wish him the best. The guy clearly has had some personal issues off the pitch that has impacted his game greatly, hopefully he’ll at now least get to score some goals and have a career after leaving Arsenal.

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