Wenger: We wanted to ‘kill’ them


Arsene Wenger praised Arsenal’s clinical attacking after his side bounced back from last week’s trouncing at Anfield to dump Liverpool out of the FA Cup.

Goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lukas Podolski were enough to secure a quarter-final tie with Everton despite Brendan Rodgers’ side creating the better chances throughout.

Speaking after the match, the Frenchman underlined the importance of getting back to winning ways after two frustrating performances in a week.

“It was vital for us to respond to the disappointing performance we had against Liverpool last week. It was vital as well because we had an opportunity to go to the quarter-final of the FA Cup.

“I am very pleased with the intensity of our commitment and our response, our determination. You could feel there was a clinical desire in my team to take every opportunity to ‘kill’ them. That’s why it was a great game between two good teams, and overall it was a fantastic FA Cup tie. Many people questioned the FA Cup but like today it delivers a great football performance.”

Pleased with Yaya Sanogo’s performance on the occasion of his first start for the club, the boss praised his young compatriot and explained why he’d been selected ahead of Nicklas Bendtner.

“For a first performance he was excellent. He was always in the game, he was a handle for them. It’s his first official game basically, he played one game in the reserves for 60 minutes. Considering the intensity of the game, he was absolutely excellent.

“Bendtner works very hard, very well, but I wanted to give a chance to Sanogo, and I think overall the performance of Sanogo justified it. Bendtner is fit at the moment, and sharp.”

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OG Mike

Mugsmashers smashed. On to Bayern! COYG


We have to do everything in our powers to stop fabianski from leaving, assure him of being rotated with shessney and I’m sure he will stay, I don’t think we can afford to lose another quality back up goalie


I don’t know about rotating him with Szczesny, but I certainly do want him to stay. I think Fab’s probably the best number two keeper in Europe.


Casillas to be fair but point taken, Fab is class


I think you guys only have a short-term memory. Yes, great performance by Fabianski and probably should have received the man of the match award. But, fabianski, on not just one occassion, has literally cost us the league title. If anybody remembers the game against wigan in 2010 the last 10 minutes when we conceded 3 goals and ultimately destroyed our chances of winning the league.


Can’t keep him here. he deserves to be the number 1 at a club somewhere. I won’t hold anything against him for going.


It’s the difficulty with number twos who are good enough to be number ones. A top club will go through several number-twos once every three or four years. Good luck when you go, Fab.


Wonderful performance and intensity today, better than the languid and slow performances we’ve been putting in lately.

And off topic but Giroud you fool! I really didn’t expect the glamour model romp story to be true. No wonder he looked knackered last week.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Yeah, disappointed in him. I always (naively) liked that this group seems like a good bunch. Rooney-level trashy behavior to cheat while your wife is at home looking after your few-month-old baby. Bellend. Hope she makes him work for it.

And really unprofessional, to boot. Surprised to see the Boss react so lightly in the press conference, although he might be saving his ire for Giroud himself.


That moment when suarez thought he had the ball in the net was same moment flappyhansky transformed to stoppyhansky. I seriously think he should be rotated with sir shezz not only in cup games


Giroud is too damn hot his wife will probably apologise for finding out!

Raekwon The Chef

I don’t understand why he made a statement. No one believed it to be true anyway.


No one believed it till The Sun published a picture today taken by the model of Giroud trotting around in his underwear in the hotel room.


his first mistake was actually doing the deed, going against club rules and whatnot…

2nd was having a twitter.

jack jack jack

Fuck the Sun for publishing that shit though. The classless fuckers really have no shame.

And re our performance, I agree. It was great to see us pinging the ball around hard and fast, with real intensity and urgency for the first time really since early November. This performance (along with the Napoli game at home) should finally put paid to the idea that Arteta and Flamini can’t play well together. If the balance of the team is right it can work brilliantly.


Madness? THIS. IS. ARSENAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!


Ohhhhh kill em’


Flamini just wanted to help, either with the killing or the amputation of body parts…

Dick Law

Some Gooners and Tim Sherwood are not happy that we won.

Gunner From Another Mother

Some Gooners *including Tim Sherwood…

Gunner From Another Mother

Just kidding he’s actually happy about it

Arsene's Wrinkles

I prefer he said that we wanted to kill Mourinho.

Runcorn Gooner

Spuds/Liverpool/Everton we are going to gave to do it the hard way but you have to be in it to win it…..and we are


bit disrespectful to leave Coventry out and they were the hardest out of the lot!!!! COYG


Would rather play stronger teams in a way keeps the team on their toes rather than in 2nd gear


Thought he was gonna start TGSTEL today, Nic’s got form for breaking past The ‘Pools defences ; )


Where’s player ratings today? I liked Fabianski as the man of the match 🙂

Wenger not responding to Mourinho was class today as well.

Big up the ArseBlog!


we finally have a mobile striker lads im crying man…., tears of joy not stopping…SANOGO for ballon d’or! !


Sanogo was good overall. I could see the hunger and the ability while he was on the pitch. He needs to improve his passing though. Great performance nonetheless – no shame in how he played today.


When flamini is on the pitch I am so confident to the extent when you check up the word “confident” in the oxford dictionary, you find my pic next to it


Sanogo will be a good replacement for Giroud when he is exhuasted.


i think you mean exwhorsted, will get my coat


Don’t bother yourself with Mourihno

Lethbridge Gooner

Let the death run begin… 4 points in 2 big games. I’d take it.


Sadly, the FA Cup doesn’t give us points in the league.


Sanogo looked more agressive than giroud has ever been


And looks like he’s got the berba-esque control




I also love Arsenal. Classy, yes. Simple, l’m not sure.


Good win bad draw we will have 2 beat everton and man city to win it but we are still there


We might not have to beat Man City to win it, they did get drawn against the holders after all. ; )


Hey everyone, I am a HUGE Arsenal supporter from Egypt and I just wanna say good work on the website.\ Also, a couple of words on why I PERSONALLY love this club. I am 15 and I could’ve honestly supported any club in world football but I chose the Gunners. Purely because back in the day I used to play FIFA04 and smash everyone with Henry. Its an old saying over here that you don’t choose your football club. Its kind of like destiny. I live hundereds of miles away from the Emirates. What is the point of all this… Read more »


If you want to be the ‘best’ you have to beat the ‘best’ up gunners.


Great result but Giroud is doing my head in bad enough he got caught with that model but instead of dealing with it in privacy hes put it on twitter and made a public announcement.. why not keep it to himself now the clubs involved… GET RID OF HIM PLEASE!!!

Apart from that great result lads!!


Sorry guys but last time I checked most of us was calling him shit and he is causing problems with his off field antics??

So can someone explain to me why he shouldn’t go?


I agree with you. Can’t stand people who cheat on their husband/wife and expect to get away with it. Also the night before a big match. Lost all respect for him as a player and person


He’s just another Terry, Rooney, Van Persie.


I wouldn’t say hes as bad as John Terry.. and Rooney payed for it cause his wife wouldn’t have sex with him cause she was pregnant that doesn’t make it right ofc.. and nobody is as bad as that dutch scunk..


I like the fact that even though it was a big game and we had to try and reverse last week’s result, AW still thought he would give Sanogo ‘a chance’. And the guy did not let himself, the manager or the club down. Remember when you saw him first.


Only Wenger would sign a player on a free and after being out nearly the entire season start him for a massive game against L’Pool with great effectiveness…and Giroud’s tweeting made that choice a tad easier


Liverpool were by far the better team, they played fantastic football…….we got lucky today.


Giroud is a headche on arsenal team,the manager needs to give sanogo more chances to prove him self,indeed he is a good replacement for Girioud


his first mistake was actually doing the deed, going against club rules and whatnot…

2nd was having a twitter.


Heard you the first time.


Not my fault, it’s the site and partly due to John terry being a massive cunt.


The boss is being diplomatic, yaya is in because he is the future and bentder is off.

Fat fingered Dave

I found Brenden Roberts comments afterwards classless and show what a total looser the bloke is. We played so well and them axis of oxsonpod outplayed SAS or more like SOS. Loved the team loved the game and we have proved yet again we are true contenders so lets enjoy our win and if I am not mistaken we have beaten liverpool twice now.


I did forget jose tu es un puta xxx

2013-2014 = 2003=2004

We should not blame Brendan Rodgers for being ‘classless’.

He started his career under Mourinho at Chelsea FFS.

OG Mike

God the whole SAS thing is so annoying. I’m thankful I didn’t have to see Sturridge’s daft dance today, can’t stand him


All in All wengers` team managed to `kill’s somebody only that giroud was not part of the plan!
On to mourinho the “special one” is out of the FA Cup while the “specialist in failure” is still in the Game.
This will teach Jose to respect his elders & to think before he talks.


Now I understand why Szczezny has massively improved this season = FABIANSKI.

Eddy The Gunner

I loved how Sturridge was owned by Fab and made him tie his laces like a boss.


I wonder if the (majority of) people who posted on the team line up blog feel just a little bit silly now?

Arsenal Fan

In all honesty. I think Howard gave us the edge. But that edge would have counted for nothing if not for the good work the boys produced. So kudos to them. Esp to sonogo for tt take down and blocked volley in the box that led to the first goal and to fabianski for making some great saves and his full of pride celebration at the end even though he is not our first choice keeper

OG Henny Loc

I swear football fans are bipolar. All is wine and roses when we’re winning then one bad result and fuck Wenger, fuck the club and fuck our shitty players … let’s get new ones! Then when we win and Sanogo becomes the new Puskas, Fabianski is the new Lev Yashin and Wenger is a gentleman again. The one thing I’ve really noticed is how the bile and rancor bubbling over at the start of the season remains just out of view beneath the surface of our great club. The hair-brained pitchfork brandishing black-scarf wearing cliché pedalling bottom feeders that breed… Read more »


Where can I get the pix of Storage lacing Fab’s boots? Need me that for my dp


I think Fabianski had a great game. Hopefully this game raised his transfer value, although I would love for him to stay at Arsenal.. I doubt he will want to be a back up keeper much longer.