Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Wilshere: we understand fan fear

Jack Wilshere says the players understand why, after losing 5-1 to Liverpool last weekend, fans might be afraid that the Gunners season will implode.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, the midfielder touched on that game, but said that the squad were thoroughly focused on bringing back silverware to the club after so long.

It’s been so long since a trophy, you understand fans’ frustration,” he said.

“When you lose a big game all of a sudden fans think, ”We can’t win the league now”, but we’ve all, especially the boss, been in football long enough to know everything can change.”

Instead of being downhearted, despite calling the journey back from Liverpool last week ‘horrible’, Wilshere is determined to look at the positives.

We’re one point off the top. We’re in the strongest position we’ve been in for years. This is the best equipped squad I’ve played in.”

The Gunners will be looking for a reaction today in the FA Cup clash, a competition which provides a real chance of silverware and a good opportunity to bury the ghosts of that Anfield disaster.

And there appears to be good news for Arsene Wenger’s side ahead of game. After suggesting Santi Cazorla would miss the game through illness, Wenger may well have the Spaniard in his squad after pictures on the official website showed him taking a full part in training.

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Aks Arsenal

Should play like the way we played against Napoli at Emirates. Today is the best day to eliminate Liverpool and prove the critics wrong.
Podolski and Rocisky should definitely start..
Hala Forza Glory To Arsenal…..


Id put a front 3 of ox, ozil, rosicky behind poldi then chuck in flamini for arteta with wilshere beside him. The back five will sort em selves out

2he0 Walcottļ

Best equipped squad he’s played in?
This team beat Barca 2-1. Szczesny Eboue Djourou Koscielny Clichy Song Fabregas Wilshere Walcott RVP Nasri.
Id take that team over this one any day.


Really? You’d rather recall Djourou from Hamburg than stick with Mertesacker and Koscielny? That seems a bit brash to me…

Nasri played well for the Arsenal when he wanted to put himself in the shop window.





That back line is fearsome…

Bould's Eyeliner

The evil numeric cousin of Walcott wants the dutch skunk and Nasrischinless back. Where might that tar and feather be….


Think he was on about the SQUAD, not the team


Jack, you boys have to go for it today ,fully focused from the beginning to the end.
Please please PLEASE don’t forget to let the handbrake off !!
Come on you Gunners, we can do this.

Giroud Awakening

Mon the lads, if any team can go from getting thumped 5-1, to beating the same team the next week it’s the Arsenal. COYG


realy wouldn’t mind seeing sanogo play a role today, really talented and just hope he can find his spark in englad.

Remember the invincibles

Yeah yeah.


Is he bollocks, one of the worst players I have seen ply, totally clueless like your observation


Turned out to be pretty astute observation now didn’t it? Sanogo played very well and looks like he could a good option for when Giroud get knackered.


Remember and Paulb, you might want to (a) rethink your silly comments and (b) support the players we’ve got. Honestly, who needs enemies when we’ve got you two around?


Its not a make or break game…or is it?!


Given how the knockout stages of a cup go… Yeah it kinda is.


Feel silly now – prat!


It would be most unfortunate if I didn’t see Podolski and Rocisky not in the starting line up.


Arsenal, more than other top clubs, play against thr critics in every game. Chelsea went out, not too much focus on that. Arsenal go out today? Doom and gloom headlines dusted off. Then we beat bayern at home and its only a big dealoto us, the media take little notice. All we can do is win silverware, and hove it down all their throats. Then start next season with an absolute bang and they can hardly criticise.


Let’s do it BOYS!! We want a top performance from you and focus throughout 90mins #COYG

Chairman Meow

Hate liverpool, brendan- cleft-lip- rogers being happy, and that other fuck faces stupid dance celebration.
Give them absolute hell, put them back in the mid table where they belong

Malaysian gunner

Play football to win games. Stop the flicks and go direct. Hit longer passes and reduce number o f passes.
And for fuck;s sake shoot when there is a chance or more Pool players will form a wall.
Wenger’s game is esay to counter and that is why he always get beaten by red face and Drogba.
If he aint careful he could be hit on the counter by Pool whose speed is devastating.


Last night I dreamt Liverpool were managed by Kenny Rogers and at half time he and Arsene came out and did Islands in the Stream together.


That image in my head made me happy. Thank you!


Walk the talk


Start Rozza the little Mozart and Poldi or suspend the game tired of silly score margins..


I think many of you forget that we have another big game on Wednesday. Revenge should not be on the players minds, they should be sensible. Winning 1-0 today should suffice. This way we shut down SAS and beat them efficiently. 2 birds with one stone.


We tried that at Anfield…

Play our game, our fast moving game and Liverpool won’t touch us. We showed them that in the first game. My only worry is that if he doesn’t start Rosicky and Podolski we’re more or less important.

I find it genuinely bizarre that Ox had one good game against Palace and has been picked since despite playing average at best yet Podolski scored 4 goals out of 5 shots in a couple of games, played a blinder and still can’t get in the team.


You need players that work hard ALL the time. Chamberlain is one that does. Podolski, with great regret, he does lose concentration. Last week against Liverpool, it does not matter what the score was, Jack played him a pass and he made no effort to run onto it. Jack got mad at him and serves him right. It does not matter what the score is, you should always work hard. And in his case, he should work twice as hard because he is warming the bench and if he wants more game time he needs to prove it.


No “more or less” about it, we ARE important.


It’s good to see Santi back in training and hopefully in the match too, considering the fact that he’s one of our most creative players, and one of the most dangerous. Then again, I really want to see Podolski get some play time. I miss seeing the nutter running around on that pitch.


Hoping santi is not fit today. As good a player that he is, I feel we are nearly always more dynamic in our attacking when he’s not playing.


You’ve got to be joking.


Players need to be reminded that Liverpool was just one game.
It carries the same amount points as any other game in the league, so don’t dwell on it for too long, as it may become a hinderance for some, moving forward.
They should concentrate on doing the best they can on the pitch, and leave the games like Liverpool and City in the past where they belong.


Jack should seriously try and talk with his performances more than just words, you have been pants for quite a few games son.


My fear manifests itself with Jack losing the ball for the umpteenth time in the middle of the park, falling to the ground whilst throwing his hands in the air in mock dispair looking for a foul.

Other than that, my fear is pretty much kept in check.

Thanks for the understanding , Jack.

m a gunner

We need to play as a compact unit today n we will win !!! Don’t over stretch our selves ! Come on the arsenal !


Brendan cleft lip Rodgers. That’s disgusting. Lets not get abusive on handicaps of people

Virginia Goon

Take it slow today, dissect the opposition defense. Of course when the opp presents itself counter, but today will be about keeping the mistakes in check, and keeping a cool head. Liverpool will come out guns blazing hoping to recreate what happened a week ago, our job is to absorb and push back. No worries today I think well see it through along the lines of 2-1.


Just win boys. Walk the talk boys.



Shut up, show it on the pitch, stand up and stop whining Wilshere.


Just my own thoughts, wouldn’t mind if the captain and manager was doing the talking.

Gunsen Gunner

I want us to win but more importantly I want a performance.I havent seen one since the spuds game in this cup.

Arsene's Bored Banker

Love you to death Bliggs, but Where did he say ‘fear’?

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