6-6-5: by the numbers of the beast


6-0 – Worst loss ever to Chelsea
+25 – Arsenal goal difference before the match
+19 – Arsenal goal difference now
+25 – Wenger’s lowest ever goal difference at the end of a full season with Arsenal (twice, 2000/2001 and 2011/2012)
37 – Goals Arsenal conceded in 2012/2013
34 – Goals Arsenal have now conceded in 2013/2014
17 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in the three away matches against Man City (6), Chelsea (6), and Liverpool (5)
50 – Percent of Arsenal’s goals conceded they have given up in just three games (this has never happened before as far as I know)
5.3 – Goals per game conceded in those three games
0.63 – Goals per game conceded in the other TWENTY SEVEN matches that Arsenal have played in the Premier League this season
3 – Number of times the phrase “Arsenal are really shitting the bed here” came to mind this season
5 – Number of times Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team have conceded 5 or more goals in a Premier League match
4 – Number of times that has happened in the last 3 years
3 – Number of times that has happened this season
1 – From 1997-2011 Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal only allowed 5+ goals in one match, the 6-1 loss to Man U in 2001

Do you really care about the individual stats? How about these?

4 – Number of Arsenal players who were credited with an error that led to a goal in this game alone (Cazorla, Rosicky, Ox, Szczesny)
1 – Number of penalties Arsenal conceded in addition to the errors that led to a goal (Ox)
1 – Number of red cards Arsenal were given
1 – Number of red cards Andre Marriner gave to the wrong player
10 – Errors leading to a goal that Arsenal have conceded in League play this season
10 – Number of those errors leading to a goal that Arsenal have conceded in away games
14 – Errors leading to a goal that Arsenal conceded last season
6 – Number of last year’s errors that we conceded in away games
32 – Overall defensive errors that Arsenal have conceded this season (second, behind Liverpool)
39 – Defensive errors Arsenal conceded last season (lead the league, tied with Newcastle)
5 – Giroud led all players with 5 turnovers
3 – Rosicky and Cazorla had 3 turnovers each
4 – Giroud had 4 failed dribbles and completed 0/4, including 2 failed dribbles near the half way line
4 – Cazorla had 4 failed dribbles in the exact same area, the Arsenal attacking left-side, where Schurrle stood, in behind the Arsenal “fullbacks” waiting for Ivanovic, Luiz, and Matic to tackle the ball away from the Arsenal player who was constantly dribbling all by himself on a fucking ISLAND

I have to go mow the lawn…

Post Lawn Mow Update:

17 – Goals Arsenal have conceded against Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea away
2 – Errors for goals against Man City
1 – Penalty conceded against City
2 – Errors for goals against Liverpool
4 – Errors for goals against Chelsea
1 – Penalty concceded against Chelsea
10 – Of those 17 goals were errors or penalties


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Wenger = david moyes

That’s a potentially career-ending game.



It’s like Arsene is a veteran boxer in the twilight of his career. Fucking hurts to see. But I think his 1,000th game in charge puts into context how far we are from the glory days that bought us the new stadium. It’s pathetic to still be talking about those times, what about now? The invincibles were TEN YEARS AGO. TEN YEARS. THREE YEARS BEFORE FACEBOOK WAS EVEN BORN. Managers like Mourinho just steamroller Wenger; even Brenda Rogers looks better than Le Prof. How has this even happened. Yes I’m angry. Rant over.

A Yank

Lighten up, anyone can have a bad 500 games every now and then.


Wenger still has a better win percentage over his first 1000 games than Sir Alex. But do you think following Manure is this exhilarating (to put it mildly)?

Cescy Fab Lives!

Yeah but Alex Ferguson won two Champions League titles and 13 Premier League titles, including a treble.

Win percentages are nice, but trophies are what count.


And he did that by spending nearly 6 times more than Wenger, and getting blatantly biased reffing decisions in his favour game after game, season after season. Yeah, it’s all down to Ferguson’s brilliance.



The last time we won a trophy I was in primary school.

I’m a fucking first year undergraduate now.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

3- early kick-offs, early trashing
17- goals conceived
4- goals scored
1- cunt that is jose mourinho
1- trophy we are going to win this season
5- away defeats
4- top teams
1000th- game that we will never forget


First stat is irrelevant. We were shite. That’s why we lost. Not because we played at 12:45

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Maybe, we don’t like early kickoffs thats why we are soooo shit at these games, mate


Nothing to do with kick off time, it’s the opposition.

Against the three best teams in the league and they destroyed us. Not because they are that much better, but because we are a bunch of spineless, unorganized chickens who can’t handle the pressure of a big match.


* 4 – Cunts that were Mourine, Brenda, Na$ti, Racist and probably a few more that I can’t be bothered to think of right now


Wenger has a brilliant mind. But sometimes you have to wonder what’s going on up there. When we face Chelsea in one, if not THE most important game of the season, we have no defensive force in the middle. We had both Flamini and Källström on the bench. Especially when we know Chelsea have an extremely strong midfield and Flamini have shown an excellent defensive mind since he came back.

March Overmars

Play Flamini and people will complain about the double-pivot not working,play Arteta-Chambo people complain about the midfield being weak.
Probably the high-line defense was his fault,but seriously this is the same team that beat Sp*rs,same team that played decent in Munich.
Too many players didn’t turn up today and Giroud is damn too frustrating, he’s got to shoot with some conviction and stop trying to be so ‘flick-y’.
They really need some paddlin’


Great point Marcus – AW is right to take the blame, as he always seems to set the team up wrong in these type of games. Ox & Arteta against Matic & Luiz? Forget about it… Also, what a waste of time Cazorla & Podolski are in these games. They give absolutely nothing in the final third, & offer the FBs no support whatsoever. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we beat both Swansea & City, as we have responded well from each of the previous 2 hammering s this season. But we need to ask ourselves, what is the… Read more »


Somewhere Uwe Rosler has just ordered a copy of “Pressing 101”. Funny we can’t break a good press despite having Rosicky (Dortmund school of pressing) and competent technical players like Arteta, Ox and Cazorla in mid.


Arteta is slow, Arteta can’t fight strength with strength, Arteta can’t shield the back four, simply put you can’t win them big games with Arteta as your holding midfielder. Evident today. Is he past it? I’d say, he looks like a squad player at best right now.

Would prefer Flamini any day atm. It’s not liike Arteta is helping us keep 60% of the possession? Flamini brings in steel, cover, and voice. I’d prefer that any day of the week.


Harsh to pin it all on Arteta IMO. The other two (or three are just as culpable) – Dribbling out of defense and misplacing simple passes in dangerous positions.


@7am True. Looking uncomfortable in possession is so anti-Arsene and yet it has happened on more than one occasion this season already. The warning signs were there last week at Sp*rs too. It was just that their forward line was too shit to take advantage.

My worry is Uwe Rosler will build his game-plan for the FA semis by viewing City(A), Pool(A), Chelski(A) and if City-Wigan is any indication, he has a team that can execute it too. I hope Arsenal coaching staff can pin-point and eradicate this problem of deer-in-the-headlights behaviour against even semi-decent press


arteta seems to have lost 2 yards of pace since last season and he was slow then… Managers are gonna watch replays of the 3 horror shows this season and piss themselves laughing at the prospect of their midfields running at a DM whos mobility is no better than a pensioner chasing a fucking slow moving bus. Even the lesser teams can inject some dynamism into the middle of the park and Pellegrini isnt going to hold back next sunday


Arsene, I’m getting bored of eating sausages. Can we have of that caviar back please?


You have to endure the sausage fest. It’s not caviar season yet. Maybe next year.

A Yank

I believe 6-6-5 is actually the neighbor of the beast.


Is that poke in the eye by mourinho a tale of exactly how the players treated Arsene on his 1000th match today??


I am the only one who feels like this was the players fault, not Wenger? He felt we needed a win to be able to get the title, therefore opted for a more offensive lineup with only one of the Flamtetas on the pitch. Little did he know Ox, Cazorla and Rosicky (even though he was our best player) was going to give away the ball like nothing in dangerous positions, leading to three goals and a man down after 20 minutes. Individual mistakes created this nightmare.


Sorry swede gunner I don’t buy that but the players have a role I agree…but when 2 top teams play and one is so much better than the other it is always down to how the team was set up…Chelsea did not even have to play well to blitz us!..their LB was man of the match says it all…name a Chelasea player that was outstanding today!…because I can’t think of one A league 2 side playing with 10 men would have given chelseae a better game It is not rocket science that we lost against chelsea all Jose had to… Read more »


In your argument, you’re actually arguing for my point. Since Chelsea really didn’t put up that good of a game, it’s even more obvious that if we didn’t do these woeful mistakes and go two down before 10 minutes (and then three more later on), we could’ve gotten our shit together and at least made it a fight. I do agree though that it seems to easy to force those mistakes, just press and watch us give it up, but then again you have to think, how would your solution be playing against high pressure teams? I would say the… Read more »


physically strong too.

Rocky Rocastle

Imo we should have approached this game defensively playing counter attacking football. Our players did not give away the ball because they suck, But Chelsea put massive pressure on the ball forcing the mistakes and then countered with speed. Imo us being the Away team and the underdogs, this is how We ought to have approached the game. Ultra defensive but with pressure on the ball to force Mistakes winning us the ball and then countered Chelsea to their knees. Instead we went in to the game planning to attack from the start like we allways do, which Mourinho knew… Read more »


Keep in mind us playing entertaining football is just a myth. We haven’t done that for quite some time now, a couple of years I think. Apart from a few blips here and there we’ve played boring football. So is there really a bright side in all of this?


Fuck me, if that’s tactics, I’m starting my own football club.


While the players might be responsible for their actions, Arsene has to take the responsibility for picking so many players who cannot pick the right action to take in a game like this, and, given that being absolutely hammered like this has been a pattern in ‘big’ games in the league, consistently failing to sort this out.

Either it’s his fault because he’s getting his tactics wrong and forcing the players to stick with them or its his fault for continually picking players/combinations of players for big games that cannot handle big games. But it _is_ his fault.


We didn’t need to win that game. And we certainly shouldn’t be losing it in the 1st 10 minutes…

The players were terrible, but the manager is naive. In the extreme. Game was crying out for Flamini instead of Podolski, why can’t AW see that?

Spineless. Embarrassing. Brain dead. Take your pick.


I don’t blame Rozza for the 4th goal, more Arteta who was rooted to the spot, too slow and didn’t anticipate the pass, plus Schezny should have stopped the shot anyway.


It was the day..the 1000th game day for our beloved Arsene Wenger..the day where we were gonna answer the critics n dat shithead Mou..the day wen we were finally gonna prove everyone wrong n make us the REAL TITLE CONTENDERS..that very day..we got f**ked up..tactics went wrong..red card to make things worse..and a case of mistaken identity n it results in dismissal of our only fit LB..and we got raped..don’t yu guys think this thng has been goin’ on way too often..we underperform..or we get struck by a unlucky blizzard storm wen thngs matter the most..wen thngs count..wen we r… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Even if, as we should, win the cup, the boss should bow out.

For all of you who say be careful what you wish for, what does that mean? Another 9 years + of not winning the league? Of being laughed at?

Top 4 means nothing (apart from money) when you’ve zero chance of winning the champions league.

Another feeble transfer market awaits where even your gran knows we need a striker, another centre back etc and the man who might take £24M refuses to agree.


We’re desperately spoiled under Wenger. Maybe not Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United spoiled, but still really really spoiled. I fear that if you bring a new manager in, We might drop out of the Champions League, find it harder to attract players without Wenger’s reputation and before you know it we’re the new Liverpool(before they were good).


I’m too depressed to think up a witty comment.


Rosicky created 4 chances and two shots. If Giroud had hit his thru ball half decently, we might’ve been talking about winning the title. He has missed a lot of good chances against big teams this season.


Man city 6
Liverpool 5
Chelski 6
Your top 3
Arsenal fourth spot
Nothing new


Sick of hearing the word “potential”


Don’t worry. You won’t be hearing round here any time soon!


I do not want to hear any Arsenal player offering up lame excuses or platitudes in the media tomorrow. Shut up & do the talking on the pitch!


This comment should have been made in 2010.
Funny everyone’s surprised the OX gave the ball away so often, he’s been doing that since he played with us. Some of you call it “directness” we need, I call it not knowing any other way off playing.
You just don’t show up on the pitch and expect to take on all the players on your own. Replace Ox with young Jack, same result. Lack of discipline.
We’re wasting Rosicky with these players on.

Burn Baby Burn

I think the team must have been trying to give arsene a 10-00 scoreline for his 1000 match, but were such shite on the day they couldn’t even do that. Not to mention it would have been a much nicer thing to do at home.


I don’t know, they got 60% of the way there.

50 shades of gandalf the grey

What the fuck is wrong with this teams mentality? We’re not bad enough to lose by these ridiculous score lines. We didn’t even score against manure, and they’ve been utter shite. Players need to grow some balls, they end up playing like fannies against the other big teams.


“10 – Errors leading to a goal that Arsenal have conceded in League play this season”

How many of those have come in the 3 away hammerings?


The Answer is 8.. & 2 penalties.


Another disappointing away trip to a major rival where the team leaves their bollocks their brains and their boots on the coach.

No More Sprouts

Exactly why is Mourinho a cunt ? I don’t like the man but it just seems that Mourinho stating the truth has really riled some people up. If we were a club of Everton or Spurs size then his performance could be considered very good but we are not – we are a top club who should be winning things and not finishing fourth. In my opinion it is blatantly clear that he can lead Arsenal no further. The man has gone from a legend to a joke. He should have gone six years ago…


Morinho is a loud-mouthed obnoxious eye-gouger arse. Period.

Fatboy Gooney

You can’t ignore,
Thats 3 games we got hammered,
All 3 were away & 12.45 kick offs.
Is it a coincidence that on these occasions the whole team played badly?
Obviously, on the night before these games,
The whole squad (including wenger)
Spent the night in girouds hotel room.
There you go..

99 problems but being GOONER aint one

As much as Wenger is culpable, failing to buy a striker with pace, a DM who can actually run, tackle and be a big physical presence. A fucking beast in other words. Where is our Matic or Toure. Why has Wenger failed to find the type of players that made his successful teams successful. Where are the wide players that attack and defend with purpose and add goals and steel to the team. Even fucking Pires put his foot in after a season. Cazorla Rosicky and all these other pussy footing cry baby midgets fall over crying for free kicks… Read more »


hear hear. yes, everything you said.


I am just pissed and feel its time to let some players go.Arteta is a squad player at best. Too slow and does not battle. We miss Diaby but need the Juventus midfielder and Chuks Aneke cuz I know Wenger would not buy. So bring in big lads to go toe to toe in the middle not light weight players like chamberlain. A good player but not on a day like this. We needed steel first and attack later, we tried the reverse order.

mr hanky

Jumping Jesus on a rickshaw this was beyond pathetic.Wenger takes the blame to try and ‘protect’ the players but where were they today when all eyes would be on AW on this historic game.We can be disappointed but somewhat accepting of playing well but losing to a ‘better team’ on the day but this was like the Russian Roulette scene in Apocalypse Now except here there were 5 full bullet chambers and one empty and each of our players were queueing up to shoot themselves or each other in the head.Last point on AW, and Ive made this point before,… Read more »

Sex Fabergé

Should have started with Michael “The Flame Man” Flame and his parrot.

m a gunner

If Marino was in charge of arsenal today he would have played vermalen n flamini n arteta in midfield n gone to war ! Our midfield today surrendered again in a big game ! We have the played there stop going for flair !


don’t want to be pedantic, but it’s 5.67 goals per game in those 3..

Gunner George

Wenger has outlived his usefulness.His tactics are predictble and one dimensional.
He refuses to change his style.A good manager will adapt but not Wenger.
His emphasis on attacking soccer at the expense of defence is the problem.
The big losses to the reds and MCs shd have made him wary and more defensive minded.
Instead he opts for business as usual.
I am afraid if Wenger stays ,the gunners will stagnate.


You should apply for the job. Just post a link to your CV here.


Three minutes to go until this fucking day is over…

Don’t want another day like this ever.


arsenal man



Surely the red card should only have been yellow at worst!? The shot was not on target and therefore not preventing a goal (ala Suarez in worldcup) and therefore it should have been treated as any other handball in the penalty area. No one has seemed to bring this up anywhere (press and blogs) so I’m wondering if i’ve missed something. I believe Arsenal should not only challenge mistaken identity but also the severity of the punishment. Not that I have any faith in the FA to do the correct thing of course.