Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: player ratings


A humiliating 6-0 defeat to Chelsea has put paid to any chance we had of the Premier League this season.

We have to rate the players. It’s not pleasant, but needs must.

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The players haven’t been themselves in the games against the BPL top teams, but surley Wenger has his part in this?
I’m not Wenger out, but these results really make me wonder; has he taken us as far as he’s capable of?
I think not, but I’m far from sure.
A lot less injuries, an Aguero-type at top, a Javi Martinez-type alongside Ramsey/Wilshere and a few more additions is what I think we need to challenge for the BPL for real, and I think Wenger is the right man for that.


Yes chesney, take that fucking selfie again. Fabianski please! Better professionalism


Could have had them both in goal and we still would have been flogged.

The Ox is a fox


But Szcz’s words has eaten him.

He’d better keep his mouth shut.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

In short, nobody was worth fish’s tit today.


Show some respect man. it has a name now.

A Szczelfie!

DL Gooner

Agreed, More time concentrating on your job and less time fucking about with selfies. They played nearly as shit the day they took it as today, spurs were just the expensively collected bunch of cock wranglers that they are. Some of the players in this team need a serious bollock tranplant.

Toby C

Wenger played the same way as he did at Liverpool, City and Sp*rs last season – too high a defensive line away from home. It’s brave and it’s bold but it doesn’t work against the top teams!!!


That nails Wenger’s management right on the head. He plays a high defensive line, but doesn’t get the midfielders and forwards to press the opposition high up the pitch, which is the only way to play if you wanna have a high defensive line. Big teams must be licking their lips when they are about to face us.

German Gunner

It pains me to say, but I think if Ramsey, Wilshire, Ozil, and Walcott were available, it would have been much the same, all similar and unable to boss it. We are not able to compete with the power of the top teams in the PL or CL.


What I am confused about is that Wenger parades the whole players think for themselves so that they can adapt to each situation. So why the fuck did not the players think for themselves at 1 down? How about 2 down? It is 100% Wenger’s fault for setting out with the wrong tactics at the start of the game. But also 100% fault of the players that they did not adapt to the situation when they went down to an early goal. The manager cannot see the whole play clearly from the sideline and so cannot react quickly enough tactically.… Read more »


The players on the pitch did what they do, which is attack. It’s madness to expect a midfield of Podolski, Cazorla, Ox, Rosicky and Arteta to be defensive solid. What attributes do the afforementioned possess to suggest they would be anything other than defensively weak?


I disagree. A midfield of the aforementioned can be defensively strong should it choose to be. Look at Chelsea: flair players like Oscar, Hazard and Willian on whose attack Chelsea’s campaign has been built (what with the shit strikers they have) still find the talent to be defensively strong, otherwise they wouldn’t be in Mourinho’s team. And let’s not forget that last season’s strong run in was based on a midfield of at least Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta. For the past two years Arteta has been the statistical player of the year for Arsenal, so let’s not pretend that his… Read more »


No, Chelsea’s midfield is built on the physically big, defensively sound Matic, Luiz, Obi Mikel and Ramires which give their flair players the platform to perform.

Last season end of season run also included Ramsey, who main attribute is his stamina and ground he covers. Plus the fact we didn’t have to face any half decent side.

Our central midfield of Arteta, Ox and Cazorla were never going to win physical battles against Luiz and Matic, low and behold they didn’t and as a direct result of losing these battles let in goals and lost the game.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

So, should Alex Song come home then? He left on bad terms but the way he was performing surely he deserved a pay raise. (so does Sagna btw)

I wouldn’t mind welcoming Song back. I miss his ‘physical presence’, his crunch tackles, his bullying in midfield, and his inch-perfect through-passes, even his hair.


Apart from the players its wenger’s fault…First of all podolski and giroud are not at the top of their form…flamini and sanogo should have big games we get only 2-3 chances to score and we know giroud never scores in a big game…..secondly transfer that wenger has done …we sold henry,adebayor,rvp, and the players bought…bendtner,chamakh,giroud…wenger’s reluctance to spend has come at a cost of humilation,shame,embarrassments and huge defeats at the hands of rivals….this year we have missed out of higuain,suarez and draxler…..any of those three players would have made a big difference.. Lastly Luck has not favoured us…we lost… Read more »


Bit generous with the 0.5 there for tree trunk


Really doesn’t matter what score you give each when the combined team score was a perfect clusterfuck.

A Yank

Right, shouldn’t negatives be an option? He buries that early chance and it might (repeat ‘might’) be a different game. Can’t think of a more clear negative impact.

Well, besides handling a ball that’s probably going wide.

Denilson's back pass

No wonder Bendtner is pissed off and fucking around like a 15 year old. Giroud plays like trash for weeks but gets picked game after game. Sure, ol’ Nicky rubbed his micky on some taxi drivers car but then, Giroud fucked a tramp and is now fighting for his marriage, so I don’t see bad behavior having anything to do with what happens on the pitch. Drop Szcz for Fabianski and Giroud for Bendter, even if it’s just for a kick up the arse. Worked out pretty well for us last time, we went to the Allianz and pissed off… Read more »


Giroud likes his goals on a plate and thank fuck we have players who can make those chances, because Giroud rarely can. That’s why he is on 12 goals this season. All the other top teams have at least one star forward in their squad and we really don’t. The stats (not including today’s football of course) tell the story… Arsenal Giroud: 27 apps, 12 goals, 28 total chances created Bendtner: 9 apps, 2 goals, 4 total chances created Podolski: 11 apps, 3 goals, 3 chances created Mugsmashers Sturridge: 21 apps, 18 goals, 25 chances created Suarez: 24 apps, 25… Read more »


I dont need this shit to know that we arent scoring enough goals or that we have a shitbag striker upfront, thankyou!

Toby C

Anyone else wishing we’d bid £50m + for Suarez? They’d have taken it and we’d have won the league by now 🙁

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

According to reports, in response to our GBP40,000,001 bid Liverpool’s American owners ‘countered’ with a GBP53mm offer (i.e. similar to the Falcao/Cavani price tags).

If I had a time machine and could go back to August’2013, I would gladly take out a personal loan in my own name to contribute that extra GBP13mm.


-9 for ox bcoz he played very well for chelsea


Fair enough. Can’t argue with that.


Wenger said he takes full responsibility for the loss, and some people question his preparation for the game But then just look at Ox for an example. He gave decent performances for the whole month, and Wenger rightly keeps him in the team (after many of us questioned his decision to leave Ox out for Stoke). Then he screws it up on the Boss’ 1000th game. There was this pre-match interview where he said how important Wenger was to his career. But seriously, for all the faith that someone has given him, he puts in a performance like that? It… Read more »

Emir of Emirates

Wenger obviously gave the team the wrong instruction, and the team didnt have the guts to adopt another style on the pitch….tacics gone awfully wrong i say

Sebastian A.C.

But one thing is tactics gone awfully wrong (which I won’t argue at all) and a completely different thing is “Hey, maybe I should try that thing I saw this bloke Maradona do the other time and head the ball with my HAND!”.

There’s no tactical misread that makes any player screw up in ways a 7-year old wouldn’t. And that applies as much for Ox as it does for some other players in that atrocity of a match (see: Giroud, Olivier).


Well that was crap


Atleast John Terry didn’t score.

Daft Aider

I feel like 0.5 is too generous for Giroud today and probably for March as a whole


I think I mentioned this a few games back – about Giroud being a solid backup Striker, but not what Arsenal needs to win big. Incidentally, I got thumbed-down a ton (I’m guessing those were female fans?).

Az Ahmed


I have been talking about Giroud for AGESSS and get thumbed down again and again. Crappy finishing and cant run.


jenkinsons right foot

you got to wonder if this guy wasn’t French, could he even be in the reserves? I’d rather see Sanogo than this clown. If we had a striker we might have won this game.


Yes, Wenger only plays him because he’s French, and if we’d had a striker he would’ve scored 7 goals out of nothing to win us the game. Your idiocy is almost as infuriating as Giroud leading the line.


You’re the idiot here. he is not saying Giroud would have scored 7 goals thats your own idiocy telling you that.

He is implying that eg. Had giroud scored his earlier chance then this game would maybe have progressed alittle differently.

vegas gooner


H. P. Arsecraft

Why bother with a rating? 0 all the way through.

Bobby the beast

I really would play tree up front instead of giroud.
Michael owen logic – “it was going wide but that doesnt matter it was going towards goal.”

Daft Aider

Please don’t use the words Michael Owen and Logic in the same sentence it makes my eyes bleed

A Yank

What about: “Michael Owen is functionally retarded and has no grasp of logic”?

Daft Aider

Even then my brain starts fidgeting in my head and my eyes wobble


I would like to know who at the BBC and Btsport thought, I like that monotone scouse voice, thats perfect pundit/commentary material?!?


Almost as irritating as our non performance is having to listen to that wanker owen. He makes me grind my teeth.


Maybe Fabianski should start the next game while Szczesny sorts out the details of his “life contract”


What a pile of shite

Renan Romeo

What a terrible day (another one), I want to believe that Wenger is still the right man to do the job, but day after day we still make the same mistakes, another terrible game where we should have done a lot better.


Rosicky deserves a higher score. Look at the ball he delivered to Giroud just before Chelsea started their goal spree, in addition to the fact that he looked like he gave a fuck. The rest seem about right.


Yep, TR7 was the only one of our midfielders who showed up for the game. How different it could have been if Giroud had taken that early chance from his wonderful through ball, it was on a plate for him! I know one thing, Suarez would have scored.

Az Ahmed

£55M does not look all that much now does it?


And he continued to care at 4- and 5-0. But his wayward passes today led to 2.

Arteta's hair

I know Giroud will get a lot of hate in here, but for me, the biggest disappointment was Arteta. He used to be so good in that defensive role, taking the game by the scruff of its neck, distributing the ball and stopping counters. These days though, he looks somewhat off the pace. Such a shame. Definitely a position we need strengthening in come the summer.

Giroud was shit as well though

Daft Aider

Arteta has lost most of his pace and that makes a big difference for him this year

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Even pass-master Arteta needs ‘options’ to pass to. Without Ramsey or Ozil constantly running around the midfield, the only outlet Arteta had to pass the ball to was poor Chambo already sandwiched by 3 Chavs.

With our without Ramsey/Ozil/Walcott, against the best teams away from home we need to start the first half 4-3-2-1 which on Saturday would’ve meant Arteta/Flamini/Rosicky (all in their 30s = massively experienced players) protecting the back four. Later when the opposition starts to tire out we can adjust to a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2.


But is that down to the player or did playing in this Arsenal team do that to him? I don’t remember who exactly but someone mentioned on here players like Rosicky, Poldi and Cazorla were long range shooters and now after playing in the team for a while they are all about the passing. Maybe it’s the system that’s caused him to lose a bit of his edge/gain an affinity for sideways and back passing.

Arteta's hair

He was really good last season in the same team and in the same position, so i guess it’s down to the player for the most part.

And stop moaning about the sideways passing already. It is a part of his role to keep the game ticking, so Özil, Cazorla etc. can do the more advanced passing. Nothing wrong about that.


The Arteta bashing is a bit much. He made 3 tackles, second only to Rosicky’s 5 (who else?) for Arsenal, and Passing Accuracy was 93%, second only to Per (95%) for Arsenal.


Arteta is rubbish, too slow and has been for too long. Look at the way he ambled back for the Chav’s first goal.

Kos the boss

Arteta isn’t rubbish by any means. He’s a very good player without whom we used to struggle to win matches not too long ago.


Everyone is a long range shooter on a compilation video.


Well to be fair, Arteta had Ox and Cazorla for companion. And they led to the first two goals.

With Ramsey/Wilshere (on his good days), Arteta is so much more assured.


Didn’t think Giroud was that bad, better than about 7 of our players. eughh 12 45s on BT Sport is a killer for us. Painful stuff

Daft Aider

I think Cliff Bastin put in a harder shift today and he died 23 years ago


And where does giroud get off after that lacklustre finish he tried to apply early on? get some power behind your shot ffs. Had we got that goal then the game would have progressed differently i bet. How can he take such a tame shot and call himself an Arsenal standard striker. what was that? he should be ashame of himself.

I think when player rating in big games giroud should be left out altogether. he is never present.


……..robin wright.


The simple fact is in the big games Giroud just doesn’t cause problems for the opposition. First time I’ve bagged him but I’m not in a good mood.


I enjoyed seeing how far to the left I could get my cursor to hover over a star. Should be a feature on the next Plants Vs. Arsenal.

A welcome bit of fun on a bleak day.


Giroud: Phil Collins giving you a physical/ 10

Wenger's Waterbottle

Can we all just take a moment and look at the bright side? No seriously, can we?

Gunner From Another Mother

Do please find one for us

Daft Aider

This involves not being Sp*rs fans doesn’t it?


That there’s always the chance of waking up and all being a twisted dream.

Daft Aider

Hold on!!!!, I have found the bright side,
we didn’t splurge 26 million on Dildado

aus gooner

🙁 hit the nail on the head – Rosicky the only player to pick up a yellow, for all the team talk about unity and fighting for each other, i didnt see any of it today. lets pick it together for a mid-week spanking on swansea and push on to fa cup victory


They Need to spank everyone south of City in the table now to feel good finishing the season. I mean really spank some teams. I want to see some fucking offense and goals.

the iceman

Giroud doesn’t deserve to play for a club like Arsenal.

Daft Aider

He certainly doesn’t deserve to be first choice with an untested injury prone player and a clown as his only competition, but who does?


We have to stop playing attacking midfielders (i.e. Chamberlain, Wilshere etc) in the DM role…..


Terry is still a Cunt! And Maureen is disgusting!


Blogs I guess we found the bug in your new ratings system. We can’t rate a player ZERO. Please set it right before the City game as we might need it. 🙁 As for the game – Props to Rosicky and Flamini for trying something. As for Giroud he was still trying those flicks at the 70th minute and it kind of tells you everything. His hold play is over-rated. The most telling vote of no-confidence was from his team mates. There were atleast three break opportunities but the man with the ball refused to pass it to Giroud upfront… Read more »


Exactly what I said after the Bayern game on here and got accused of all sorts. Same thing in the Bayern game, we had the ball, running at them with pace and we could have passed to Giroud but no…it always went to the left to Podolski. He isn’t effective enough for this Arsenal team.


Precisely what I pointed out to the Ozil bashers after one of the games. Our players run with the ball and want to move it fast but then they find only Giroud in the centre and simply pass sideways or play a back pass. Giroud is good at his game but that game should be our plan B, nothing more than that.


Frankly I blame Mesut Özil. Didn’t see him the entire game… 42.5 million down the drain for sure.

Gunner From Another Mother

I wish I was able to laugh at this right now, but I don’t think I’ll be doing much laughing today.

H. P. Arsecraft

Completely invisible today.

Gunner From Another Mother

This really does make me sick. Absolutely humiliated at the homes of all the fellow title contenders. Our contention seems to be over. The worst part is how similarly we self destructed each time…it can’t really all be put on the manager or all on the players. Tactics were shit/non-existent, and the players looked like the just weren’t up for it…of all the days. This is the first time I have ever not finished watching an Arsenal game. Fast forwarded (I’m in US, aired at 5:30 am) after 1st penalty as I knew (sadly) we didn’t have it in us… Read more »


LMAO – “it can’t really all be put on the manager or all on the players” – WTF, who else do you want to blame?

Gunner From Another Mother

I’m saying it’s not just one or the other, but both.

Fireman Sam

Me too. That was the first Arsenal game I think I’ve ever switched off and not bothered to watch the rest.

It was clear the team weren’t in the game from the start.

I usually think we can do something and keep watching for an Arshavin style comeback but today the lack of spirit was disgusting.


I thought i was the only one who turned the fucking TV off!!!

Bolbol Sima

Where’s Wenger’s rating? On his monumental milestone, he has continued to reassure us of his obstinate refusal to evolve his game. Other managers – of similar or better quality – who know him well enough, know how to use his Kryptonite: press our midfield with unabating efficiency and we’ll run around like a headless chicken on cocaine… pretending to be a deer staring at the headlights of an oncoming car, contently resolved to its demise. I thank Mr. Wenger for all the wonderful work and unprecedented success he has brought to our club but, if he still refuses to have… Read more »


Many other teams are playing better football than Arsenal, it’s been bad for 3-4 years and keeps getting worse. Except for the occasional combination of one-touch passes leading to a goal against some mid-table team, we play boring and predictable possession football, and then there is the naivety against “big” teams.

Sorry but Wenger does not prepare the team well enough and leaves you wondering what Rogers, Martinez, Gaurdiola, Mouhrinho, ect could do with the same set of players.


Pep and M$&@?!&0 only coach at the richest teams in the league with the most expensive players. They’re not man enough to take the job.


Arsene Wenger “This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it.


This statement, on his 1000th game for club, made me so sad.


Absolute bollocks too, as if his team were told to go out and play like cunts… The players are solely to blame, they were beaten before the kick-off. Look at the Anfield performance and then what they did at home a week later. It’s how the players apply themselves. It’s not like Chelsea were tearing us apart, we just over committed and then gave them the ball to break on us. Sagna and Rosicky (who assisted SCSZ for one of their goals, it should be said) were the only two who started and shouldn’t have the strip flogged off their… Read more »


Players solely to blame? I have to totally disagree, everyone starting with the manager on down takes their share of blame. Most recent transfer window…..Chelsea spends 20+ million on an imposing central midfielder and Arsenal grabs Kallstrom douchebag on a 6 month loan. And we had already been overrun in the middle of the park by Man Shitty. This is what gives me pause about Wenger going forward, the gap is large and the needs are many, and yet all we get this summer is excuses why it is difficult to sign players. This summer is will be the world… Read more »


Nah, that was down to Arteta being rooted to the spot, too slow as ever and not anticipating Rozza’s pass.

Emir of Emirates

he isnt getting any younger, have to give him a battler like Flamms of TV5 beside Pogba does for Pirlo in Juve


Rozzas dangerous pass that never should have happened.


yes,as already said mourinho,wenger is unable
to win big games,


Blogs, please don’t publish another article where a player comes to talk about how we need to get our mental strength together or how we need to pull ourselves together for the next game etc etc. Truth us we’ve heard all this b****sh*t and we are sick of it. They should just shut it and move on to the next game. Honestly, they need that attitude on the pitch not on fucking interviews.

Good Arse

Amen to that. Szcz & co….shut the fuck up.


Arsene’s tactics: 0/10 How many times must we be humiliated before Arsene realises that big teams with good players and pace can capitalise on counter-attacks. Leaving only Kos and Per to defend against mid to lower league sides is fine, but when you leave them against the likes of Hazard, Schurrle and even Eto’o or Torres with Luiz, Matic and Oscar charging up the field as well you’ve got to have a better defensive line up. Chelsea had 4 at the back and two defensive midfielders and we should have definitely had the same. Sagna and Gibbs constantly caught upfield… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

I don’t want to sound rude, but does the piling forward bit not have anything to do with being 2 down after 7 mins??

Surely its better to lose 6-0 trying to win than parking the bus a la Maureen for the next 83 and still losing


The first two goals were exactly the problem I described. Arsenal have a lot of men forward but the ball is lost in midfield leaving only Kos and Per defending while other teammates try and scramble back. All Eto’o and Schurrle did was stop and place the ball in the back of the net. Piling forward and losing the ball in midfield was the reason we were down 2-0 inside 7 minutes.

North Bank Gooner

So in future should we start with 11 between the posts?

Were Arsenal, not Chelski, we try to play football the correct way. Today was appalling, I’m not disputing that, but 3 – 0, 6 – 0, or 10, its still no points. If you want to watch a team that concedes one, and then spends the rest of the game being destructive, rather than trying to play out of the hole they are in, im sorry to tell you, you may have the wrong team!

Cant beat a good red thumb on a Saturday evening!!! 😉


If you asked me whether I wanted to lose 3-0 or 6-0, how do you think I would reply? Admittedly, after going 2-0 down in under 15 minutes there is scope to still come back in the game. After 3-0 and a man down? You have to shut down the fucking shop. Which is why I’m baffled by how we persisted doggedly with the high line rather than dropping deep and just trying to close up for the rest of the game.

North Bank Gooner

Really? So losing, but staying compact gets more points than losing by 6??

I will remember that, next time we go behind, we should put 10 on the line……


But then again the first two goals (as well as most of the rest) were caused by unnecessarily piling forward too

In all the comments i have read here today. yours makes sense. If there is one Arsenal player i would rather not see cross the halfway line in attack mode, then it would be Gibbs. He offers nothing on the other side of attack other than exposing our defence and before you thumb this down, watch our games this season and you will realize that 3/4 of the goals we concede come from that left back side.


The first 2 goals came from bad basic passes in midfield and they sprinted downfield and screwed us on the counter. So yeah we were a bit gung ho from the start.


Mate you wanna know why they had 2 DMF’s up there ? Cause they have two freakin DMF’s in their whole squad! We dont even have one of them! Arteta’s a freaking attacking midfielder…ohhhh we got kalfksbtjskgjrmsnfstrom don’t we. Shameful.


I think it is time to make Fabianski No.1 keeper. Top keeper is stopping their first 2 goals and then maybe we don’t go into melt down. Szez gets caught too flat footed and doesnt cover his goal. Bottom line is first 3 months of season we had one consistently decent player (maybe 2 if count Kos). Since we lost Ramsey we have been shit.

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

I fell asleep this morn and had this terrible dream that we lost 6-0 to Chelsea. Just woke up in a sweat. So anyway, how did the game go ?

Daft Aider

Do you have any sharp objects around before I answer this?, if so bag them up and give them to a neighbour for a few days

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

You fell asleep after the game and you’re just dreaming now


We have almost an entire t ream of cowards. When they’re not shit scared they think they can waltz on to a win because they’re prettier than the lesser team. It’s a rotten attitude at this club and they should all be ashamed with the way they’ve let Wenger down.


Think the shittest of shits today was Chambo. worst half performance from him since Song vs fulham 2005.

Also Arteta just let things pass him by like “oh i was supposed to get that wasnt i?”


Wenger -1/1000


Blame the red socks. Every time we play in red socks we loose.

Rocky Rocastle

I think Wenger need to take into consideration who the opposition is. And not approach every game the same way. He does not seem very strong tactically these days, and he never have a plan B. Same formation, same attacking playstyle, and way to often when we meet equal or stronger opposition, we are weighed and found to light. Sure we play entertaining football when it works out, but i dont mind some boring boring Arsenal when it is the wisest option to get a positive result. I would take a boring as Hell 1-0 victory over a dazzling 4-3… Read more »


Jeez I’d take a draw away to any of the ‘top ‘ teams rather than the obligatory and it seems frequent humiliation we get.

paa tomy

12:45 kick offs.


A far worse performance than the mauling we got at old Trafford a few years back.
We had young players that were just thrown to the lions. This lot were just pussies that rolled over yet again. We were supposed to be fighting for the fucking title ffs.
No heart no fight no idea.


Does it hurt the “Say no to racism” campaign if the ref sends off the wrong young black man because he can’t tell them apart?


Well havent played smackdown vs raw for a longtime but if they have create player option like the fifa games then i would just create the whole Arsenal team and beat them with a chair.
ok your are 2-0 down at the start of the game but show some urgency some willingness instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Red card didnt change the game our approach did. We were so cautious like we were playing on a ice surface.


-10000 aw shit selection and tactics

Funky Gooner

Collapsed against Liverpool, Man City and now Chelsea. Not good enough to win the league. 17 goals conceded against them away from home. Hope it does not become a psychological barrier we take into next season.

Gav Lee

It’s very easy for Wenger to take full responsibility for yet another humiliation because he runs the club. No other manager in the history of the game has as much control and we will witness these criminal performances every season until he leaves.


Wenger cant beat the big teams because he is unwilling to compromise. 1: Giroud is absolute rubbish. if he can score 20 goals this season tells me that a real striker at arsenal could bag thirty or more easy. He runs round the pitch like he is pulling a plough behind him. 2: Arteta is not, never was and never will be a good holding midfielder. he is a link from defense to midfield and offers no protection to the defenders. he constantly plays dangerous passes into cazorla or ozil and hopes they control it. 3: Away from home against… Read more »

Giroud's abs

Oh how badly we need our midfield options back, with Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil all out, we lack that drive going up the pitch. I’m still in shock after that performance. Oh, how I miss King Henry. I miss him dearly.


Because Wilshere was a game changer before he went out? We need Ramsey back, end of.

Fireman Sam

Actually yeah Wilshere can be a game changer.

He has spirit at least

das pauly bear

Szc you are a joke.

Fireman Sam

Today yes. Usually no.

Luke Koebele

Rosicky is a legend! He never gives up… I hate Arteta so much, he is always terrible. Sagna also tried hard today. What a horrible day….

das pauly bear

Wenger got it wrong today first off. Art and flamini on front of back 4 a must. Ox or gnabry on the right to offer some pace.

now on to the real villin
sczc a fucking joke of a keeper , but he hates spurs so its ok.
I said it before and im sure ill say it again when back 4 exposed and he needs to make a save he is no where to be found.

fab is no 1 for me, best of a bad bunch tho both below par. Keeper and fast attacker needed


Such a shame


Rosicky gets a 9 from me.

Puts through Giroud with a wonderful through ball, created 4 chances in all, took 2 shots, the ONLY player who showed some passion.

And he’s 33. The other players should be ashamed.


Mostly agree, except the two wayward passes that led to goals. The one ‘to’ Arteta at the top of our own box was criminal. I give him a 6 at best.


The Ox gave away the first, Cazorla the second (wrongly stated as Rozza in the MOTD highlights). For the 4th, Arteta was more at fault for being too slow as usual, rooted to the spot and not anticipating the pass. Not sure what other Chav goal you thought TR7 was responsible for. Whatever, he was easily our best player and at least showed he cared and exhibited some passion.


You don’t pass the ball to the top of your own box under pressure.
I totally agree he was the best Gunner on the day, and is one of those I revere most. But I cannot fault Arteta for not anticipating a dangerous pass that never should have been made.


It wasn’t Wenger who dropped the ball TRHEE TIMES in incredibly dangerous positions which led to three goals conceded and somehow a red on Gibbs inside 20 minutes. For all the hate Wenger gets after these games, he’s still not the one who makes mistakes on the pitch comparable to five year olds.