Friday, July 1, 2022

Boss backs team to ‘finish strongly’

Arsene Wenger has suggested people underestimate Arsenal’s ability to finish seasons well and has backed his team to do just that this time around.

Although the circumstances are different this time around, pushing for the title rather than desperately trying to make up ground for a top four finish, the manager says the perception his team fades away at the end of the campaign are wrong.

“Look at our results in the crucial points of the season and you will be surprised,” he said. “Somebody says something that is not checked at all and everybody repeats it and it becomes an opinion even if the facts don’t show it.

“Our end of season has always been very strong.”

Arsenal still have the FA Cup and Champions League to contend with this season, and while many say the Gunners should focus on the former manager is not giving up on the Premier League.

“You do not fight all day only to throw the championship away just because you want to play the FA Cup,” he said.

Meanwhile, as the upcoming fixtures make Arsenal fans have a little turtle’s tail, Jack Wilshere is hopeful that the games in question can reignite a season which has gone a little flat.

With just two wins from the last six league games, Arsenal need to improve their form, and Wilshere says games against the best teams could be the key.

“The good thing is that this month we play all the teams at the top,” he said. “If we win those games, we can be up there. We’ve got to keep going to the end.

“Anything can happen in this league as you’ve seen this weekend and in previous weeks.”

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The boss should also leave when he still has some dignity left and people still have some fond memories

No More Sprouts

Again when some one highlights the obvious truth that Wenger is incapable of leading Arsenal to success they receive 46 thumbs down – thats 46 people who are happy for Arsenal to finish fourth and end the season as perennial underachievers. I desperately want Arsenal to do well but I am absolutely 100% certain any success Arsenal enjoy will not be under Wenger. 46 people who put the manager before the club.


Nah mate. Wenger has his faults but most realise that he would be winning titles/challenging for them if it weren’t for the two toy clubs of City and Chelsea. We have money and we should use it more than we do, I’ll give you that. However, Wenger would not be easy to replace. None of this Laudrup nonsense I heard a few months ago. Even Moyes was mentioned at one point. I get it that Wenger neds to do more, but to be even challenging two clubs with 500m worth of players is an achievement. We will never consistently win… Read more »


This is a bit off. If there is any person who is going to buy the club, it will be Stan Kroenke. Also, while I do understand that Chelsea and City have millions to spend, it still does not excuse us losing to weaker opposition when we should be strengthening our place in the table especially when we take Liverpool’s current form into consideration. Chelsea and City’s millions didn’t lose us our game against Stoke nor did it make us only win 1 game in our last 4 in the EPL. It’s time to stop making cash-rich club excuses and… Read more »

Neil #2

Totally agree with Neil’s message. Valuable perspective at a moment when things look difficult. I am sorry that I no longer live in the UK — so no home matches for me. But I hope that fans can turn the volume one notch higher for the end of season run-in.

Dick Swiveller

Thing is though, mootilated, it’s not one off games that show the difference between the doped clubs and us…it’s the squad game, they can afford to keep Jovetic/Dzeko and one of Aguero and Negredo on the bench, they can spunk all that money and keep the successes whilst calmly disposing of the rejects. Losing to Stoke is not due to the financial difference, having a less experienced and less talented squad which could cope better with these fixtures however, is. Now we can spend a little more it should be interesting to see what we can do but a challenge… Read more »


I completely agree Dick Swiveller (nice name btw) – I am just a bit tired of fans blaming other teams because we drop points. I do blame those teams for dismantling ours on multiple occasions though!


100 fucking % is a lotta conviction


I mean when we win the title and/or FA cup / and or Champtions league this season, that poor fucker will have a bruce willis at the end of 6th sense type of reallity check….


Waheyyyy.. I’m lucky number 46!

Springbank 1965

It used to be that the replacement-manager-of-choice for your sort was David Moyes. He was way-and-above any other candidate. Or so it seemed to be thought.

So, which world-class manager do you want now? And, more-importantly, who will you want after him?


There was a time not so long ago that I was hoping Moyes would still be available to follow Arsene after he finally took the France job as the capstone to an illustrious career. He wouldn’t have been an upgrade, but I figured he was an expert at overachieving with a bargain squad. I don’t know who could get more out of Arsenal than Wenger. The team is built around his philosophy. (Props to Bould for stiffening the defense, though.) He’s a fantastic man manager, and shows real loyalty to the players. Have you ever heard him badmouth a player… Read more »


He says we finish strongly- I disagree, finishing strongly would normally lead to something like a trophy rather than 4th place. The man has lost all ambition that he had and while I have stuck by him for all of these trophyless seasons, something has clicked recently, and I believe he has to go. The club has a stagnant feel to it, not least because of the board who are like a cancer to this great club


To finish strongly means to have a good run of games. Like 27/30 points. He’s not talking about where we end up but to get as many points as possible. And for the last couple of years, we really did that.


To what end though? To scrape into the top 4 by the skin of our teeth? At the expense of Spurs it’s funny but really, if that’s successful for us, where have we sunk to as a club?

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Where were you when the good times were rolling, Jay?

It is “fans” like you who are the cancer of the club. And also players who give as much of a fuck about the Arsenal as you do.


I was still supporting Arsenal when the “good times were rolling”. A supporter wants what is best for the club, and it is fans like YOU who accept mediocrity


Was seems to be the operative word.


Obviously it depends on the starting point. Obviously.


How many times have we come up from 7th or 8th to finish 4th? Agreed that 4th shouldn’t be the goal but it’s still an upswing from where we had been.


I hope these 113 people do realise that Arsene is not immortal and will have to leave one day……all I was saying was he has been wonderful for Arsenal on the whole but …BUT….he’s falling way off the pace these last few years…..the same strategies that worked in 1998 will not work today. Period. A man who just does not want to change his gameplan thats assuming he even has one….. Not even capable of motivating his players to put up a fight against a very average Stoke side…..says it all really ….he is past it Arsenal have some really… Read more »


You have to compare apples with apples, mate. By saying Wenger has fallen of the pace, you mean compared to Chel$ki, Man $ity and Manure. But that’s not a valid comparison as we haven’t been able to spend anywhere near what those other clubs have, until this past summer. Our nett transfer spending in that period when we had the stadium debt was very small, compared to the billions in total of those other clubs. This all old-hat stuff, really. And you would think Premier League players would be able to motivate themselves. After all, it is part of their… Read more »


oh hallo there reason..we missed you

Nairobi Gooner

I agree with those of you who are of the opinion that Wenger has simply lost it…, coz surely we drew with united @Emirrates because they parked the 18 yard box with 9 to 10 players just as Stoke did on Saturday. But as always, Wenger never fashions a plan B. Wenger couldn’t simply think of pace on the flanks and clever runs to the by-line to help create chances. The only players who could help with this – in the names of The Ox and Gnabry, remained eternally benched. A serious manager should always have plan B and should… Read more »


Wenger is a fantastic manager. His record of ensuring Arsenal are in contention for all possible competitions until the latter stages is outstanding. Whilst he has been manager the club have secured a number of important financial deals and we’re a fully functional self sustaining business; we don’t require huge cash injections in order to remain competitive. That’s not to say that he’s perfect; he has made some questionable decisions at times… but there is not one of you armchair cynics or critics who are privy to the same facts and information as the manager. Should he have started the… Read more »


I personally think Arsenals, and Arsene’s (only) failure in the last 4/5 years or so, has been his inability (or stubbornness) to adapt to the current financial climate the game now operates in. Its no longer possible to find and Henry type player at the price of £10M/12M and develop them into superstars, because now those players which have that sort of potential are now valued around £20-25M in the market at the moment due to its current inflation (thanks to Chelsea & City) Arsene would never adapt or change how he valued a player, and so we’d always fall… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

We can win the EPL but we have more chance of the FA Cup and as this is the next match it must be the immediate priority.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Finally, someone who doesn’t just lose their minds after one match. We keep complaining about the boss not having enough desire. He has no hunger left to win, it seems. Bullshit. He still wants to go for it while we sit here and moan about how it’s all over. We are only 4 points off the pace at this stage in the season, and it would have been inconceivable at the start of the campaign. The Arsenal has given us reason to be excited again. To be able to compare ourselves with the title challengers and not just the Top… Read more »


because quite simply the arsenal fan has been manipulated the last 9 years by rivals tauntings, by trolls and by media to consider the lack of trophies in a period of massive stadium transition as well as the influx of foreign tycoons laundering their money in the epl, as something to be ashamed of. which goes to show that the average arsenal fan is a thoughtless moron with absolutely no clue on their club’s history or any understanding of modern finance or the difference between building and buying. a stoke player came out admitting that their plan was to kick… Read more »

No More Sprouts

We cannot win the premiership and thats pretty obvious isn’t it ?

Games against Everton, Chelsea and Spurs away with our fragile character – sorry but no….


Everton and Spurs are very winnable. Chelsea and Man City can be beaten on the day. Regardless, the other teams will most likely drop points as well. Have some hope and show some true support, the team will need us over the next few months.

Up the Arsenal!

dink arnold

If that.s your attitude, then it’s you with the fragile character

Az Ahmed

@no more sprouts

Look at the word ‘can’ in the dictionary. By definition, any of the top 4 clubs CAN win the title, including us.


Fucking orcs. I knew we should have signed Aragorn in the jan window


well, we had Gandalf, but there you go


Is that a spider?

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

We have Aarongon but he’s picked up a knock.


Arrow to the knee….


He should have bought reinforcements in the January transfer window. Please don’t say there is no one out there. And acquiring an injured Kallstrom was just plain embarrassing.The loss of Ramsey and Walcott has been hugely damaging but those injuries happened before January so taking no action in the transfer window was just irresponsible.


He should have, but when does he ever do anything proactive? Heck, he doesn’t even have a plan for different teams, same formation, same tactics.. That’s helped us do a lot of things these past 9 years.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

He has actually been an innovator.

The 4-2-3-1 you see nowadays? That evolved from Wenger’s variant of the 4-3-3.

He was already experimenting with those when 4-4-2 was sacred.


That may well be true, but the point is that we all know that he doesn’t prepare differently for each opposition, he’s confessed that himself. He believes that our way of playing will win games, regardless of what the opposition have got up their sleeve. After all these years, should a rethink not be considered?


Erm. Love Wenger but he didn’t invent the 4-2-3-1. Some say it was France in 98, but I reckon it was Brazil waaay back in 1982. (keeper, back 4, Cerezo, Falcao as deep lying midfielders, Eder on the left Socrates on the right, Zico in the hole and Serginho up front). Brazil’s problem (in not winning that world cup) was that Falcao and Cerezo would burst forward a bit too much at times, it was a new system and at the time, nobody knew what formation they were actually playing. It’s clear if you watch it now that it was… Read more »


I’m really surprised the name Mario Gomez didn’t pop up at any point. A player who had played at the top level, capable of scoring lots of goals with a world class midfield behind him and completely surplus to requirements at Fiorentina. We could have easily secured his services in the winter, on loan or permanent for a low price. How noone has realised this is beyond me.


I agree Gomez would have been a good addition to our squad, but he wanted to go to Fiorentina. When the deal was done the Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said “It was Mario Gomez’s wish to leave FC Bayern and move to Florence”:

And I don’t know where you get the idea he’s “surplus to requirements” at Fiorentina. They also have Rossi, and Matri on loan. Maybe you think it’s because he hasn’t being playing much, but that’s because he’s been injured for five months:–sow.html


That was certainly true at the start of the season but he has been recently coming on for the last 20 minutes or so of matches, which seems rather insulting for what is a really good striker. Fiorentina usually play only one striker (Rossi) and keep Matri/Gomez as a backup with the possibility of Ilicic up front as well, which means they could easily afford to let him go. Quite honestly I think Gomez would be a perfect fit for the current tactics that Arsene is using and considering the wealth of talent we have in midfield, along with the… Read more »


We lost them before the window, but in Ramsey’s case he was slated to be back by the end of January, and was already back in training pre-Southhampton. The injury was aggravated literally one or two days before the close of the window so that really forced Wenger’s hand. That said that might indicate he was rushed back a bit right? But I do wish we brought in someone temporarily who could compensate even a bit for the width and pace that Theo gives us. One thing is clear though, and that is that the way this team is set… Read more »


We still have the chance to win but of course losing to the cavemen is a setback and we lost confidence because of this game. I hope that the international break help the players to get the heads free and to be ready for the crucial game on Saturday.


I hope we play the FA final. And a strong league finish. The team has come so far.

No More Sprouts

We will finish fourth – with just one win against our rivals so far this season. Please explain to me how we have come so far…

Just A Gentleman

We didn’t have nearly as much points last season at this time as we do now.
Oh and we weren’t 4 points away from the top.


And we have led the league for a good part of the season, which no one expected in August. And one of the strongest defenses in the league. Who expected that?!

Crouch End Gooner

Finally, a bit of perspective.

*Insert Spinal Tap joke*


‘Too much…. Too much fucking perspective’

Sorry couldn’t resist.


I think The Professor knows he is walking on thin ice in the Footballing world. With no trophy for ten years, he’s starting to feel like his time is running out. In my opinion, he is waiting to see if he wins any silverware this season before he puts pen to paper. If he does not, he will resign.


In an interview, Uli Hoeneß said that they were after Wenger but he didn’t want to leave Arsenal, so later they went for Guardiola.
But sorry, I guess your opinion [hunch] probably holds more weight…


It’s an opinion. It doesn’t have to hold any weight, because that’s what it is. An opinion.


we demand that all opinions be weighted. in fact, your opinion is not valid because it is contrary to an article I read somewhere, at some time, about something.

Jimmy Balantyne

Come on you go-go Gunners!!!


Hope he his best possible side this weekend rather than focus entirely on Bayern.


It’ll be nice when some people start to realise that focusing on one trophy doesn’t guarantee winning it. You’re damned if you do, and you damned if you don’t. Arsenal should’ve focused on the FA Cup, then if (IF) we lose in the FA Cup, Arsenal shouldn’t’ve put all their eggs in one basket, blah blah blah.

And our traditionally weak spring has done us all right in the last couple of seasons, so let’s have quality from here on in. Anything is still possible.

red or dead

Hear, hear!


I’m in a bit of a mood to throw the baby out with the bath water at the moment. If any of our more established stars have one eye on the World Cup, or dolly birds, fuck em. See how they like it on the bench. I’d rather throw in the likes of Gnabry, who will at least have a go, and go out with a bang and not a whimper. Completely wrong I’d imagine, but that’s how pathetic that performance was the other day. And that’s not to absolve the manager of blame either – total opposite in fact.… Read more »


i think youre a small club with small fans mentality …either that or the vocal minority is taking advantage of a result to piss on the club its policies and its philosophies. from a club who would win a title once every 10-15 years wenger has made you a club challenging for it EVERY year plus europe…and all you clowns think about is beating totenham and winning the f.a cup a small club that thought it became big when wenger was parading world class football with world class players at your pub in north london still some way to go… Read more »


Thank you for your interest in our affairs.

Now fuck off.


go learn your history first fool and then talk ……….

without wenger you d be at your normal position as a football club …between 7th and 12th …and not between 1st and 4th that arsene holds you. stadium or no stadium….

time to start using that brain of yours…


Having been going since 1982, I know a fair bit about The Arsenal, sunshine.

Still it’s always informative to read the opinion of non-Arsenal fans on here though, like you, just in case I’ve missed something in all that time.


wow and i bet you’ve witnessed some MASSIVE success down the years huh ? madrid, milan juve bayern ajax all jealous of you and your history and your trophies…… please do tell us…i wasnt around to see the meteoric rise of Arsenal …im a newcomer and i only see the “destruction” brought by wenger ….

time to use your brain sunshine….

Rocky Rocastle

Pre Wenger, George graham won 7 trophies in 8 years with Arsenal. Then Wenger took over and carried on the successfull era that Graham started. So claiming we without Wenger would be at 7th-12th position just shows your ignorance.

Now stop trolling this site, and fuck off.


you need to see a doctor rocky.

the arsenal pre-wenger was nothing to bang home about.flashes here and there, fireworks . you are not going to re-write history my friend. some of us were there too you know. at no point did we ever enjoy such a long spell in the top positions of domestic or european football. Not the 50’s, 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s…………………………………….There stats about arsenals final positions, go check them out. I wont even talk about the brand of football.

This bs about wenger taking over the ac milan of england has got to stop please.

He's got not hair but we don't care...

And if we don’t?


Wenger must stop bullsh… Arsenal fans, he underestimates their I.Q. His team is far behind Chelsea and Man City in quality and he is to blame for this.But i agree that he doen’t have the least dignity to resign.


HE is responsible for a deficit in quality that can only be bridged by spending HALF A BILLION pounds ?????? Look at old trafford and see what happens when you take a giant out of the management seat and put in a tall looking guy. Wenger is worth 20 points a season as ferguson clearly was to united. without him we are 7th or 8th – again see Man Utd. ————————— And why are we giving up on the title.. ffs we are joint 2nd with 10 matches to go… including a game against 1st You are never more than… Read more »

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

I love you, brother. Our players are mostly above average. We have a few who are world-class. But we don not have a full 11 + bench of world-class players. Wenger is the glue that keeps us punching above our weight. Sometimes in games like these, the level our players becomes apparent. But I’m not insulting our players. I still love them. And even then, look at Man C and Chelsea who have arguably a full 11 + bench of world-class players. AND YET, they lose to shit teams. So what’s going on?? COYG!!! Stick with the boys Up the… Read more »


I love you too unpronounceable brother / sister.

If Wenger spent recklessly he would win the title every year. but there would be no Arsenal.
and no merit in the wins.
2004 was the last time anyone “won” the league
it has been bought since then


what scares me most is the attitude and mentality of this team when it comes to facing the “big ” teams in England. we tend to show them too much respect and play not to lose first.
How could we show this excuse of a team Moyes is trying to destroy all that respect (both fixtures) and come out strongly against Bayern? we were going for it against them 11 vs 11.


I think it may be partly explained by the fact that the league is 38 games, but we’re now in the knock-out stage of the Champions League. So you have to push a little harder in a knock-out format, especially at home. In the league you’d be happier with a draw. If I can bore you with an analogy from cards, it’s like playing poker at a table and in a tournament, you can take your time in the former, but you have to get a move on in the latter (because the blinds go up, and then you have… Read more »


It’s not just the mental attitude against big teams. Why the insipid display on Saturday? and it’s not the first time we’ve seen it this season. Why don’t we go out full of thunder and blow teams like Stoke away in the first 20 minutes? If we played at the level we know we can there is no way Stoke could have got near us to kick us! We need to start games like we did against Bayern or Napoli. Stop feeling our way in and just go for them! And to do that the Ox or Gnabry have to… Read more »


Lets be honest. We haven’t played well consistently for a while. Our problems in attack is due to the personnel we have missing. Width, pace and someone to beat a man. And I personally dont see it happening between now and end of season unless we change shape or he risks putting gnabry and oxlade on wings. Oxs saturday cameo backs that up. Midfielders need to get a grip and confidence and attack with purpose. Hardly ever double up on flanks anymore and create crosses or overlaps. Just side to side all day long. With the occasional ball into giroud… Read more »


At this point I think it’s a risk NOT to play Ox on the wing!


I really want this squad to win the League and Cup double, they deserve it. Sagna is quite possibly leaving so it would be great for him to have at least one winner’s medal considering the consistent effort he’s put in over the years. Also, the boss deserves the respect of the fans for what he’s accomplished for us, and a trophy this year would be a fantastic way to reannounce us as a force and would be an ideal way for him to sign off. I personally don’t want him to continue in the role as I believe we… Read more »

The Mullet

Same shit, different fucking season. Everyone seen the video of Arsenal fan breaking down after Stoke game? He’s having the pissed ripped out of him all over the internet. Poor bugger – fair play to him. As fans we understand passion. That chap invested his time and money and is clearly fed up – like the rest of us. When you then see the Arsenal players laughing and joking on their way to internationals it really rubs salt in our wounds. I hope “Mr” Wenger and the players have seen the video.


OMG!!! What are you saying? That Wenger is not a man!!! You mean to say the classiest club in the league has been lying to us all these years!?!?!?!?

I think I need a lie down.


Let’s hope he’s right.


There’s no doubt we’re missing Ramsey and Walcott. But with Ramsey coming back soon (fingers crossed) I think we can finish strong.


The usual spring story with Arsenal – giving up on one cup after another after losing to inferior teams. This should have been our year, but with walcott and rambo out the team looks a bit jagged and unaligned. I think there is mathematics in the background of this: How much is the difference between winning the premier league and ending up 4th worth? How much is the difference between winning the champions league and qualifying year after year? If the difference is 1x draxler then perhaps we should have bought him. If the difference is less, we should buy… Read more »

Matt Squeeler

Looking forward to the return of Ramsey and hopefully some midfield goals with him.

What we need at the moment is width and pace on the flanks. If he doesn’t pick The Ox on the wing then he has to play Gnabry. Without (the) pace it is all too *sterile / hangbraked / flat.

*Delete Wengerisms where applicable


I feel the same as that fella 🙁

No More Sprouts

You could cut and paste any season from the last eight years onto this season and you wouldn’t be able tell the difference. All the problems and issues with the team are centred on the manager – I am just stunned that people still cannot see it. Here is nine years of abject failure in May….


I’d like to cut and paste the last season (Last 10 games to be precise) on this season.


Lets see, same season year in year out huh…. 2005-06 – Champions League Finalists 2006-07 – League Cup Finalists 2007-08 – Realistic Championship Challenge 2008-09 – Champions League Semi-Finalists 2009-10 – 3rd place 2010-11 – League Cup Finalists 2011-12 – 3rd place 2012-13 – Worst season of the bunch Remember how Wenger and the Board said it would be 10 years before we would be back to normal after the stadium and whatnot. Well i do believe we are on year 9(?). In that time, we have seen massive amounts of oil money come into the game, 250k a week… Read more »


the arsenal fan lost sense long time ago…judging from what i read in here i doubt he ever had any sense at all to be honest.

they think that not winning trophies when repaying their stadium is some sort of crime their club must answer for…

from places 1-2 domestic they have dropped to 3-4 domestically while repaying a 450m investment

Wenger is a legend and the silly fans at arsenal do not deserve such a manager.

trully the most clueless and embarassing set of fans in europe…possibly the world.

Rocky Rocastle

Well, most of us have stood behind Wenger through this transitional period through many years, Unlike Man Utd fans whom wanted Ferguson out back in the day like in the first season due to lack of success, and when Moyes took over after being appointed by the Legend Ferguson, it took like 2 months before they wanted Moyes out and that is all they talk about now. Moyes out moyes out just like when Ferguson first started out in the 80s. Then you have Liverpool supporters whom also get on their managers case like they expect to win the league… Read more »

Bergkamp's bronze statue




I want Mommy!!!!


Play Gnabry and Ox out wide and put a few of those not performing on the bench. We know who they are.

That was a shower of shit against Stoke. Toothless. Some of our players need to buck their ideas up or fuck right off.

Sorry, I’m still really pissed off.


Or maybe some players have played too much due to injuries to others players.

We have been missing our player of the season – Aaron Ramsay for 3 months.

Thats a lot of goals, a lot of engine and a lot of cover for players like wilshire and arteta.

take hazard out of chelsea, suarez out of liverpool and aguero from city and see how they’d cope for 3 months…

and you cant just buy another best player in the january window…

hes back now to spur (bastards) us on to the title


Wilshere needs to shut up and do his talking on the pitch, consistently awful. We need pace and runners, especially for Ozil. Didn’t Wenger want to build the team around him when he bought him? If we do that we will have a much better chance of winning something. Ox has to start every game. Stop this bullshit sideways and back passing and trying to pass it into the net. We used to be able to get inside the opponents box with just a few passes and now it takes about a hundred. Someone at least try and take a… Read more »

Wolf Gang

I think it’s a bit naive to say that wanting Wenger to stay equals putting the manager before the club. In my opinion wanting wenger to stay is more about putting stability before trophies, and thus the club before trophies.


putting the club’s stability before trophies

at least someone gets whats been going on the last 8-9 years. well done sir.


Yay! Another ‘top 4’ finish at best!


Win the Everton game and we are back on track. This league aint finished but we just need to hang in there. COYG


We are a few top players short of a title winning side. It’s showing now with Ramsey and Theo out. Blaming Wenger for no January signings has some merit, but I prefer to look to this coming summer to see what happens.

One thing that seems to be happening this season is that the squad does not seem to do what we expect, from the Villa loss to the run to the top of the league, to the poor performance at ManU, Shitty and ‘Pool, and we beat Dortmund in Germany.

We will probably be awesome against Everton


cant belive that result against stoke. We just looked tired lazy and like we didnt want to be there. In other news, I had a dream last night of us winning the f.a cup. It was 1-0 . I also won 9000 pound in the dream so maybe its all just smoke and mirrors. Damn my brain


We do not learn at all, do we?? It’s just another trophyless season for us.


Believe me or not. The next man to manage this club,will be THIERY HENRY and he will make us the biggest and best club in the world. Playing the best football the world has ever seen. And until then. Stick behind wenger. No matter what happens,he has turned this club into an amazing club. Look at our stadium,look at our fan base,continously getting bigger and bigger,and we are not winning trophys. Thats down to wenger,and the way our club is run,it is the best run club in the country. Do not give up on the team. NEVER! Do not give… Read more »

Good Arse

We’re pussies. Bottlers. Spineless. And until this team proves otherwise, that’s how I’ll regard them.

What’s worse is all the talk off the pitch. All the ‘we’ll show how good we are in the next game’ bollox. It’s no fucking use if its always in the ‘next game’.


so basically same old arsenal fighting for the CL place


We had all summer to buy a striker and/or winger

We should have bid 50mill for Surez instead of the 40 mill and 1p offer

Az Ahmed

According to Henry (owner of Liverpool, not Thierry!), Suarez DID have a release clause of £40M but they called Arsenal’s bluff and chose not to sell him and instead convinced him to sign for Liverpool.


no excuses for losing to Stoke. We should be beating them with the reserve squad


As far as the manager goes – If we finish top 3, within 5 points of the champions (Should we not win it*), and get to a cup final, i would be happy to give one more year, providing he augments the squad properly in the summer. However if we finish 4th, and get knocked out of the cup, then he has to go. One thing i do hate though, is the narrative that our season is over. We have the same points total as Liverpool. Didn’t I read that Liverpool were still in the race? We have to be… Read more »

The Beast

How times change last year we celebrated finishing 4th,now we are complaining being joint second with 10 games to go.

Steph K

Have you possibly forgotten that the team in fourth has two games in hand that are very winnable over us? The team that we are currently joint second with is also in excellent form, while we are in the middle of a slump and are about to head into by far the toughest fixture list of the season. Forgive me if I’m not dismissive of people that are worried. Its okay to be worried without being vitriolic. After the loss (and more importantly the manner of it) to Stoke I think that that much is fair.

At welshman

I think everbody has the right to say liverpool before us,they slaughtered us 5-1 they beat united at home,they can beat the big teams whereas we cant? There in amazing form. They have suarez and sturridge the 2 best attackers in the premiere league. They have no other cups to play for. So we also have to be realistic,that liverpool are above us! With the facts above! And that chelsea are above us,abd that man city can go top with 2 games in hand. We are sitting joint second,but realistically we could be sitting fourth. And at the end of… Read more »


“I think everbody has the right to say liverpool before us,they slaughtered us 5-1 they beat united at home,they can beat the big teams whereas we cant?” You seem to forget that Liverpool also have lost to us 2 times this season, as have Spurs, we have beaten Napoli and Dortmund, and have yet to play Citeh, Chelski and Everton for the 2nd time in non League Cup Action. “They have no other cups to play for. So we also have to be realistic,that liverpool are above us! With the facts above! And that chelsea are above us,abd that man… Read more »


All these years Arsenal have good players to win something. Some of their collapses have been mind boggling. 07/08, 10/11. Those were seasons that should have resulted in trophies. Notwithstanding what happened to Eduardo or the League cup defeat to Birmingham. Just can’t understand why it has happened that way. This is why they’re passives as fragile. Even with different players. This has to be Wenger. It’s not really th money when this happens.


I can get fans being disappointed but the bipolar nature of some of them is minute Arsene Knows and the next he needs firing. He has his faults, for sure, so did Ferguson, so does great manager is without some blind spots. We are absolutely still in with a chance of winning the league, we are capable of taking the required points from Spurs, Chelsea and City. I reckon 7 pts from those games would see us right in it, and with a great chance of winning. It’s tough but hardly impossible, Chamberlain starting and Ramsey returning would… Read more »

The Ox is a fox

I can see us we all the fixtures from now on

The Ox is a fox

– we
+ winning


I agree that arsene has to take the blame. Simply coz of the tactics (there is none). Not just formation wise. What tactics Do other teams use, their strength and weakness, how to counter that.
We don’t have pace nor physicality. Every club knows how we play. That’s where we are loosing the plot. It’s not the players it’s where the manager has got to earn the money.


FA charge Charlie Adam, hope he gets life


Hope they charge him with 240,000 volts. Cunt.


Time to judge Wenger is at the end of the season. can understand and feel myself the frustration of being on a bad run but shit happens and you still support your team.


Isn’t it part of a manager’s job to ensure that the side play as per the plan, and if things aren’t work out then make changes in tactics , substitutions etc. I mean whatsup up with the 70 minute. sub rule, is it like a good luck charm for wenger? Couldn’t he have brought on the Ox earlier to force the issue? Sanogo(which in itself is a failure, having a kid on the bench instead of a player) for the hapless giroud??? Top top players a la Kallstrom anyone??

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

well, in one point le boss is right, when we lose we bounce back. God help us that happens again, we just need the confidence and motivation to do so; and plus aaron ramsey is coming back for the spurs game so thats some good news for us.Keep the faith!COYG!


Off topic, but a handful of newspapers are carrying this story (Gaurdian, express etc) So we we spot on with the suarez release clause, but Liverpool simply didn’t honour the contract, and took advantage of Suarez and his agent’s english deficiencies to claim they misunderstood the clause Cheating cunts have illegally robbed us of the best striker in England, and probably the title as well. imo this is as bad as the Tevez/West Ham scandle, and Liverpool should be on the recieving end of some kind of transfer embargo/points deduction, but obviously the fa won’t do anything. Twats, all… Read more »

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