Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: The Guff

Here’s the reaction from the blogs and beyond to yesterday’s humiliating 6-0 defeat to Chelsea, which ended our vague hopes of winning the title this season.

The timing of this performance could not have been any worse. With a pretty decent season behind us, Wenger will have been desperate to lay some kind of marker down. To say: Stick with me, this team is going places, we can compete at the top table. Instead, all the old questions about him and his team came flooding back. They gave up the title fight without so much as a by-your-leave. – East Lower.

There’s been much to admire about this season, but when you break it down the problems — defeat at Stoke, frailty against the big boys, a failure to invest in the crucial midseason period — remain worryingly familiar.Given this teams propensity to self-destruct, the FA Cup semi-final currently engenders feelings of anxiety rather than comfort. – Gunnerblog.

Had one of the results at the homes of the top three occurred in isolation, it is an abhorrence. Three times in a season tells us something is fundamentally wrong. Progress might be considered to have been made by actually being in the hunt for the title and not knowing it has gone by October. But is it progress at all? – A Cultured Left Foot.

Before they were down to ten men, they were losing by two goals and facing a penalty kick. The loss of a man was only mitigation for the margin of defeat, but not the performance, which smacked of an overpampered spiritless bunch that simply did not care. They should be ashamed of themselves and have a whip round to refund the price of the tickets for every away fan that was unfortunate enough to have witnessed that shocker. – Online Gooner.

Arsène Wenger’s 1,000th game will always be remembered for The Mysterious Case of the Wrong Red Card, but Arsenal should probably be grateful the sideshow was so intrusively farcical, and the refereeing so birdbrained, it might spare them even greater scrutiny. Ignore, for one moment, Andre Marriner’s contribution to a wild and eccentric afternoon. The real story was of Arsenal capitulating, once again, in one of the fixtures that identify champions. – Guardian.

Opinions on Arsenal have lurched this way and that all season. If they win the FA Cup the reviews may turn again. Undeniably, though, the nature and scale of this defeat will deepen the suspicion that Wenger’s teams can go so far towards success but then no further. Year after year we see promise and potential unravel. – Telegraph.

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“Year after year we see promise and potential unravel”

Sums it up really :/


Not having a world class striker has cost us again. I’ve been saying it all season, but Giroud is an average striker at best, and is hands down not good enough to play at Arsenal. He flat out doesn’t have the peaches to lead the line for us. In the big games, that’s when the big players (used) to step up, that’s when having the word class players matter. Giroud had a clear chance to put us one nil up and he totally bottled it.. then Chelsea finished us off in 10 minutes. If he scored that goal, it would… Read more »


Agree with everything apart from Giroud not scoring being an excuse for us being ripped apart! Giroud up front is an issue but that’s just the start…


How can you not except that if he of scored it would of been a different game. He was clean through on goal, and he did not score, Chelsea were then 1 nil up maybe 70 / 90 seconds later. Giroud has cost us so many points this season with his lack of prowess in front of goal. Before people ask, off the top of my head these are a handful of the games he should of flat out scored an important goal in: Man United (A) Southampton (A) Chelsea (H) Man United (H) Chelsea (A) I couldn’t care about… Read more »


The game utterly sucked.. … however, 3 points taken from two away games at Chelsea and Tottenham, same amount of points as Chelsea’s last two games.. and now our title ambitions are dead and buried? If that’s true, what the hell where people expecting? Our goal difference was shit anyways, so losing 1-0 our 6-0 has pretty much no relevance to the final tally. Sure, it feels bad, but feelings only matters if you let them. Our next display will tell us a lot of though. I think the team has the character necessary to get on with it. Whatever… Read more »


Chelsea set up to counterattack with Matic and Luiz, in midfield. Then they scored goal after goal by nicking the ball from us in the middle of the park and running us over on the counter. It feels to me like that’s been kind of the recipe for beating us this season. I can’t back that up with examples and stats, because I’m too depressed to look for them, so I don’t know if that’s technically true but it’s certainly truthy. So, yes, just three points as you say. And a ruined weekend, at the least, for a lot of… Read more »

Injured Gooner South Africa

That’s actually quite true. The thing that messes with my mind a bit is just how extreme the views are on this blog sometimes. I will admit that I am a huge contributor thereof. That being said, It’s still not impossible to claw a way to the finish line. The fact that the team we support has to do so much digging deep and clawing in frankly a bit crazy. Thanks for the voice of reason though.


@Injured Gooner South Africa

If we were behaving reasonably or rationally we wouldn’t be football-supporters to begin with.

Mikel Artekkers

I think we suffer from far deeper problems than a lack of a world class striker. Look at Chelsea’s squad – other than centre back they are better in every position (especially with Sagna going at the end of the season). Look at Man City’s squad – the same. We are not good enough and yesterday exposed how poor we are. The future doesn’t look bright either, Gnabry and Zelalem (a few years out at least) aside there is no new talent coming through. Chelsea have young players like Schurrle, Hazard, Azpilicueta, Courtois, Oscar; City have Jovetic, Nastasic and co.… Read more »


Well, when you pretend that Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere don’t play for us, of course it’s gonna look that bad. We still need to strengthen though, especially in attack and midfield. We also need to stop kidding ourselves that we can play a possession game against the top teams, it would cost half the world to get players of the requisite quality for that, and focus on a more high pressure, counter attacking approach.


Mikel – From the number of thumbs down you received, it appears that many ARE very happy and contented to keep on kidding themselves.

Arsene Nose

I’m still Depressed as f*ck…

Turkis Gooner

I was watching Arsenal 7 Everton 0 at Highbury, 2005 on youtube this morning, where we thrashed them into pieces. The old generation of Arsenal with Dennis The Dutch Master as the pivot point of our magnificent goal scoring machine. 9 years later and we are a bunch who are Master of Fuckups, some even don’t merit to wear the shirt imo. I feel for Arsene. It’s the days like yesterday which can prove a huge point and it works both ways, sadly for us, it means our troubles are still there, the troubles of this new generation Arsenal.


I was with you until you “felt for arsene” hes as much to blame as anyone


I dunno if you caught it in the UK, but I live abroad now and had to put up with Stewart Robson slagging us off after the game. He’s the co-commentator for some games but not this one. However, he appeared with a mic at a football ground (not sure which). He obviously asked to have his say. He was trying not to smile, I swear. I’m sick of this humiliation. I don’t mind losing as long as we fight. As long as we aren’t out of the fucking game after 15 minutes. That is Conference football. In fact, I’m… Read more »




…and your point is?

North Bank Gooner

Thought it was pretty simple really, Come on you Gunners.

Some people have perspective, all the teeth gnashing, and Arsene bashing in the world won’t change yesterdays result.

So I second that Joel, COYG!!!!


Through thick and thin. These are the times the players need our support more than ever. We have a must win game on Tuesday, not because we are still going for the title, but because we’re Arsenal and we just loss 6-0 in a London derby, and that is unacceptable. The last game is gone, the next one is what we have to focus on.

I know I am,
I’m sure I am,
I’m Arsenal til I die.


Thank god my laptop had a hissy and wouldnt let me stream that shit live. Havent seen the highlights or read anything on it as im pretty angry. And I know come monday im gonna have the chelski and pool fans tell me all about…..gonna stab some cunts


I wonder how a smart man as Arsene can let his team go into 3 big away games and absolut surrender and be so fucking crap. One time might happen, but 3 TIMES in the same season?! something is fundamentally wrong when we face the bigger teams. Infact it has been for many years now, it’s just that this season it reached new bottom lows.

Don Cazorleone

We need to be given some real answers. No more tired old cliches. Arsene knows more about this beautiful game than any of us could ever hope to, he must pinpoint what is wrong and fix it, whether that be the players, the training staff, or him.

Dennis Gunner

He’s lost touch with the game. He needs to go now. He can no longer function as a manager of a self proclaimed ‘quality’ team. He does not understand what is required of himself and his players to win anything. With all the promise of the first few months of the season all gone, we find ourselves in the same 4th place with a worse goal differential than we had last season. Don’t kid yourselves, we are closer to the likes of Everton, Newcastle and stoke than we are the top of the table. Maybe not qualifying for the UCL… Read more »


Er, you’re right about the goal difference, but goal difference doesn’t give you points. Last season we ended up 16 points off the top, currently we are 7 points behind, with a game in hand on Chelsea. Our next game is Swansea at home, which we’re likely to win (hysteria aside), putting us 4 points behind, with seven games remaining. Everton, in 5th, are eight points behind us, and they face Newcastle away next. Assuming they win they’ll still be 5 points behind us. So your claim ” we are closer to the likes of Everton, Newcastle and stoke than… Read more »

Dennis Gunner

The signing of Ozil was a mistake we all know this guy is not worth the money they paid for him. You can tell by Real’s current form that they don’t miss him at all. He was a starter with Germany before joining us I’m not so certain he will start for them this summer. I was referring to signing someone big now given our current position. We are all learning he was overpaid and not gonna fill the role that a Bergkamp, Viera or Henry has in the past. That of being a leader. Look at Ozil’s form since… Read more »


I can’t wait for your Pod tomorrow. I know you’re not the ranting type, but please do. Or get someone on who’ll rant. Rants make me feel better (maybe I have issues, I dunno). Can you be shouty? It’s therapy for some of us.

Don Cazorleone

try the tuesday club if you like ranty/shouty. it’s a brilliant podcast.


I listen to it. Seems that Alan is too busy to do them anymore. Seems a monthly thing nowadays. If lucky.

Don Cazorleone

yeah right! such a shame 🙁 damn you Alan for earning a living!


WHY CAN’T WE BEAT THE BIG BOYS! Could do with a few tougher players the likes of Podolski and Ramsey! Our build up to scoring looks good but where’s the finish!! Giroud give us some goals please!!


We might as well play a lampost instead of Giroud.


Or a tree, as Blogs so astutely put it


A tree or a lampost? Maybe Bloggs is right. It’s hard to break a lampost, but a tree could get woodworm and broken branches.

Yep, bring in a tree and put it on our treatment table. Still more chance of a goal against a big team than Giroud.

Clock End Mike

Podolski? He was playing on Saturday – for 25′, at least, by which time the game was surrendered – though I admit if you blinked you might have missed him.

What worries me is that our supposed leaders like Mertesacker and Arteta (and even the club captain Vermaelen who came on after 25′) didn’t lash the team (verbally speaking, of course – or in any way, to that) into buckling down and playing like men.


Move on
Nowt to do around here
Arsenes 1000 games history is categorised as a loss
Jose Mu is Arsene’s Anti Christ
With SAF there was some element of neutral respect but with
Jose Mu all he wants is to shame and bury Arsene
Which unfortunately Arsene and his Red Army gives/gave him the platform to invade
The War and the Battles were and continues to be won by the Damien child of Premier League football
One is an intellectual the other a fool, but the fool knows!


I think this is it. The end. Whatever about what you think of Arsene, everyone is in pain after yesterday, and him as much, probably more, than anyone. This will have killed him. He knows as well as we do that this can’t keep happening. We can’t keep fucking it up to that extent. Capitulate. Roll over. Give up. But time and time again it happens, and it’s not good enough. We know that and he knows that. So I think he’ll call it at the end of the season. I hope to God he goes out on a high… Read more »


I think you’re right. He’s clearly not someone who can just walk away but perhaps he might be thinking ‘I’ve done all I can and i can’t take this bunch any further’.


I hope Wenger does not give up because of THIS defeat. Imagine what it will do to Mourinho’s ego.

If we fail to win FA-Cup, I can imagine Wenger may decide that it is time. I hope not.



Dennis Gunner

Wenger cannot make right all the damage he has done. Winning the FA cup will give him the sense that he went out on top and succeeded. We should remember that Portsmouth and Wigan have won the FA cup in the past 10 years, and as prestigious of a trophy it is, the great teams are not always winners of it. We should be analyzing his failure against the top teams and not just the amoung of trophies we have. Wenger/ Arsenal’s record vs the top 3 in the league is well below .500 since winning the FA Cup 9… Read more »


have to say, whilst i have never been a ‘wenger out’ person, as i respect and admire what he has done for Arsenal, i am now also at a point where i am beginning to think that he has gone as far as he can. Wenger has created the platform, and position for Arsenal to move forwards, but it may need someone else to come in and take them there. It would be nice for him to bow out with an FA cup victory, then pass the reigns onto someone else. That said Im not sure who that someone else… Read more »


“The last thing we need is a ‘Moyes’ situation”.

Has it occurred to you that we could also have a Brendan Rogers situation, or even a Roberto Martinez situation ?

I know, it’s tough imagining us actually being successful for a change.


No, he’s just updated us on his contract situation. Not surprisingly he’s got no humility, and arrogantly stated that he wants to stay. Of course it shouldn’t even be up to him to decide that, but seeing as he has been allowed to accumulate so much power and influence by the subservient board, he can do whatever he likes. Including insulting the sensible fans among us, by pocketing an extra 1 million a year whilst continuing to underachieve spectacularly, and sticking his middle finger up to the fans. And many of you are fine with that.


Is this a poem? Stop being so bloody precious. Yes, its embarrassing, painful, worrying, and a whole host of expletives. Its doom and gloom everywhere and that’s to be expected but lets put things into a bit of context. I’m not trying to make excuses, being too soft, or wet behind the ears but we’ve got our four best attacking players out at the minute in Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, and Walcott, players who can enable us to sit back and play on the break. Of course this doesn’t explain why we’ve got a good hiding three times away from home… Read more »

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Are you serious? A couple of wins and anyone that tries to say something that goes against the “wow amazing please stay VENGA” will get thumbed down to oblivion and called a killjoy aka “how dare you talk about our glaring inefficiencies?can’t you just enjoy the win? Jeez”


Yep. And not only thumbed down, but dumbed down. Just the way Wenger and the board prefer us to be. That way there’s no need for accountability. Things can just keep going on like a giant endless treadmill every year. What fun it is to be an Arsenal supporter these days.


I expect mixed feeling here. And it’s totally cute. As much as I’d like to agree with you that it’s time, a look at what’s happening in the united part of Manchester scares the hell outta me. I myself thought SAF was past it. But he clearly isn’t — at least at retirement. I agree with everyone saying something is fundamentally wrong. But I think if Wenger ever had the ability to build an invincible team, he still can build a team that can perform better in bigger games. I would give Wenger next season to judge if he’s still… Read more »


Haven’t stopped feeling numb after yesterday. No idea how we can recover from this. No amount of excuses can erase the fact that we,a so called ‘top-tier’ team, have conceded 17 goals from just 3 opponents in one season. Home or away, midday or midnight, full team or B team, there can be no acceptable excuses. It’s so embarrassing. We worry so much about the medical team not being good enough with all the injuries we face, but does the medical team address the mental issues that this team faces every time we meet the top sides? Many people claim… Read more »


” We need fresh blood and
fresh ideas.

How will we ever overcome this embarrassment ” ?

The answer is staring you in the face. But many are too blinded to see it. Or if they do see it, they don’t want to have to face it.

We need the courage to embrace change. Liverpool did. Look where they are now.


Truth is like the 8-2, we’ll get over it. Forget we most likely will not, just because of the sheer nature of the debacle, but we as a club are bigger than one devastating loss and will come out stronger. Its the only way forward from here, being resilient and strong. Let this be a seething scar on the players’ memories to ensure this never happens again.


When I realised during the week that my mates wedding was on the same day and the same time as Arsene’s 1000th game against Chelsea I was super bleak and even contemplated skipping the wedding (seriously) but convinced myself to not be a dick and go to his wedding. Blessing in disguise I guess… Quick glance at my phone and realising it was 3-0 before half time didn’t shock me. I think that just says it all about this Arsenal team heh? The manager says he takes all the blame and after watching the torturous highlights I have to agree… Read more »

Turkis Gooner

“Dennis know”…nice one mate!


It’s wonderful how quickly everyone forgets the facts. Walcott is injured, not dead, or sold to another team. We have capable replacements in Oxlade-Chamberlain, and to a lesser extent Podolski and Gnabry. One terrible game aside, Chambo is a very good replacement, and he missed five (I think) months at the start of the season with his knee injury,coming back roughly when Walcott got injured. Remember Chambo was our stand-out player in Bayern, among a string of other top performances. We did not need to get a replacement for Walcott in the transfer window, that’s rubbish. Schalke did not want… Read more »

Dennis Gunner

He saw that the tactics of a high line did not work for villas-boas vs ‘pool yet that is exactly what he did. He did the same thing against chelski and got railroaded. Does he not realize that quick forwards shred his technical, slow small team? Arteta is the poster child for this generation of midfielders at arsenal. Slow footed, small and on the wrong side of his trajectory. He’s not much better than another ‘quality’ guy like Denilson turned out to be. Wenger used to have the ability to find gems at an early age and sell them at… Read more »

Dennis Gunner

Wenger hand picked all of the players on the roster. He built this team from the ground up in his image. He can no longer use the excuse of unavailable finances , yada yada. I don’t care than Chelski and Man Sh$tty spend hundreds of millions every season and that he cannot compete with that. I’m sure if you ask Mourinho and Pellegrini they would find many players on their teams which they would not want anymore, because they inherited them. Mourinho, as much as i cant stand the man, managed to get his group of characters into first place… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

so go support chelsea then you mug. Get behind your team or do one

Had a night to sleep on it

Wenger must go. Simple. Cultured left foot has it right. Once or twice you can cope with, an accident. But 3 times in one season against your closest rivals is fucking disgusting. Ive supported Arsenal since 1983 and that is by far the worst I’ve seen. Enough is enough. FA cup or not. He’s gotta go.


The players, manager and the club should apologise to every arsenal fan and at least refund all travelling fans . This would show me their respect for every Gooner who has to go through this. It is also time to evaluate if everyone involved wants to continue like this for the next manager period.

It’s time to think about the future of the club. It’s time to change something and i necessarily don’t mean a manager change but this option needs to be thought about.


A bit of advice from NY Gooners please.

I’m over next week and am going to try to catch the Swansea game. The Blind Pig the place to go?



I bet you’re glad you didn’t jet over for yesterday! Fuck me, that would have hurt.


yep! or o’hanlons, which is on the same street, if the pig is too crowded.


Cheers mate.

I’ll be the fella in the corner reading the poetry book.


The squad is light. In an injury hit season, the only addition in the transfer window, was a player who was ‘pre-injured’. Signing an injured player on loan to cover for other injuries seems pretty fucking stupid to me. With the players available yesterday, he perhaps should have tried to ‘shut up shop’, played as many defensive players as possible and escape with a point. Then he’s 4 from 6 in two away derby games, and not in receipt of a humiliating, mentally scaring, bottom rogering from that lot. But he knows of course, and I clearly dont.

Top Gunner

Unfortunately it’s over for Arsene, like someone else mentioned let’s hope he goes out on a high winning the FA Cup, but would it really surprise anyone if we balls that up too?!?
It amazes me that teams like Crystal Palace, West Ham etc can put on a better fight/performance against City/Chelsea, yet we get thrashed!!!
It makes no sense.

Injured Gooner South Africa

True, kinda makes me wonder if these sort of performances, were the cause of Ozil’s body-language being quite negative, before his injury????????? Just makes me wonder what we as supporters are missing.

Bergkamp's bronze statue

Guitar demon, you forgot Anelkar!

Halfman HalfHotdog

Wonder what the main topic’s going to be on Drive Time this evening?


AW is the architect of his own destruction. What the fuck was Wenger thinking attacking that cunt @ stamford bridge with no proper DM to break up their attacks, even Shitty played with 2 DMs @ the Ethihad against him. Mou’s gameplan was clear with his selection, he simply wanted to counter and regardless of Wenger’s “wrong tactics and selection” the players were SHIT. If we don’t win this FA cup, we can’t win ANY trophy under Wenger AGAIN.

Don Cazorleone

I truly feel bad for Arsene, a man that has given so much and done so much for a club, to have players with this attitude. We can talk all day that it’s his job to ‘prepare’ them, but they are grown men who know the game. they know what is at stake and they know what is expected of them. They shouldn’t need to be co-erced or scolded into playing with some heart. A truly disgusting and thankless moment from a group of players that owe everything to Arsene. Yes the set-up may have been wrong, or the wrong… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more, the players have had 6 days off and all the build up surrounded Wengers 1000th game in charge therefore taking all the pressure off them for what was a very important game.


RUBBISH,simply proved by one simple fact,this type of capitulation has been blamed on the board in the past,how many forums have you read that its not wengers fault its the board,we now have a different board,how about on other opponent managers perceived genius,we have had several other opponent managers show us our same deficiencies ,how about like you say our players,we’ve had the same outcome with several different players now,whats the common denominator here? Superb squads like 2004 hid this like another poster suggested because he could just encourage them to be themselves,try telling denilson,gervinho,chamack and giraud to be themselves… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

What he said ^. Nice 1 Don

Mark The Spark

I sort of hear what your saying, but perhaps, just perhaps, a man of AW’s experience might have spotted that the mentality of some of the squad aren’t all you would hope, natural leaders and all that (mertesacker and flamini types v podolski and ozil types) and that some strengthening in January might be in order, – I mean, lets face it, injuries are inevitable aren’t they? So some sort of Plan B to give the options of a different type of team to put out when faced with differing opponents might be in order? Not rocket science is it?… Read more »

Mark The Spark

So what I mean is that tactically AW has to be at fault, but also for not buying/strengthening he is also at fault for not giving himself the tactical options of different players.
NOT that that excuses the piss poor perfomance of the players yesterday. Played like fancy dans, you would think that ‘pool away (amongst others) would have taught them a few things.


match fixing by the whole team should be investigated. I doubt these three games outcome. Too many mistakes that you never see in other games. If it is not fixing then I think the manager has reached his pinnacle. Embarrased of the team I love.

Bergkamp's bronze statue

When we lose I don’t normally watch MOTD but I had to see how bad we really were and fuck me we were worse than bad. Humiliated, humbled and we’ll and truly taught a lesson!


Bloody hell, you watched it?!? Well done, I could barely face seeing it in the listings let alone actually sitting though it. The thought of Lineker and the rest of them is almost enough to put me off even when we win!


To be thrashed by all our big three rivals is simply inexcusable and shows unbelievable naivety in regards to setup and tactics away to these teams. However I also want to play Devil’s advocate for a sec. Take Liverpool and their great run. Now take out Gerard, Sturidge, Suarez and maybe Sterling for huge chunks of the season all at the same time, how would they fare? Again this leads back I suppose to our squad depth and our unmatched injury problems. And yet again another question that has still not been answered.


We are not Liverpool and knew from the summer we were competing on 4 fronts, we also knew we would have probably more injuries than our opponents,if you or our boss didn’t know this your both shortsighted and silly because for some unknown reason we always do,if you don’t prepare for it then you’ve already lost,then we have the double blessing of the Jan window and our major long term injuries well noted BEFORE the window closes,but hey lets not do anything about that after all its lost us countless games and titles in the past but this time will… Read more »

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Early kick-offs, early goals. In my opinion, year after year we suffer massive injuries that cost us the trophies, the medical staff has to resolve this situation and fast. I bet if we get 2 or 1 top top or world class player(s) we will still suffer the same thing, because the medical staff is doing something wrong, if we had all the players that are now injured, maybe we already had won the league or still be number one…

Francis Jayadurai

Winger should just leave. Enough has been said and done. It is same old story year after year.

Francis Jayadurai

Should read as wenger

Calm like a bomb

I don’t really know where we go from here. Typically, I see myself as a realist, and going into big games I believe I can assess our chances fairly. I looked at the squads from yesterday: undoubtably, Eden Hazard is one of the most talented footballers in the league but outside of that I really, really fancied our chances. I felt I had a right to be hopeful, but not because of some blind optimism: we’ve had an immense defence all year, Santi’s an incredible #10, the Ox – although really unproven at central midfield – has been showing some… Read more »


Its about time arsene realised how shit the womaniser is. Jogging around like a fuckin hairdresser with some love balls up his arse.
Yesterday was a joke. The players need to gey out a dictionary look up self flaggelation and give theirselves a good beating.
Total crap from the back to the front. I think we need double that 150 mil war chest and get sime players with balls and desire.


‘Jogging around like a fuckin hairdresser with some love balls up his arse’……. Hahahaha

I needed that. Thanks


AFC have an offer on the table for AW to sign. if he wants to stay he will. as a fan of arsenal throughout the lean 1980’s i was like most fans a big admirer of AW. But now i worry that by him staying we are going to continue to tread water and do enough to get top 4 for CL and then get knocked out at quarter final stage ywar after year. sometimes you have to call time on a relationship and i think now is the time. there is no guarentee that success will come with the… Read more »

Wenger is the most useless Manger or manager I have seen in my life, experimenting for a decade, and whenever those players ripe he offered them for SALE, like poultry-owner! He will never WIN any gift let alone a TROPHY. The best thing is for him to walk-away, He has killed many people with HYPERTENSION and BLOOD PRESSURE,He is NOW A WONGA!!! My heart has been bleeding since PARIS 2006, How can ur students continue failing a course 4 9 solid years? It showa u are an Ambitionless lecturer! I stand to be corrected, He always tell us the team… Read more »


This result hurts more than any other I can remember. I think there are 3 major problems at the club right now. #1 The squad is too injury prone as some others have touched on already. Why is this? Training? Diet? Are our players all just physically weak? #2 Tactics (or lack thereof) again, this has been covered already and I have to agree that AW is tactically naive in these games. But why wben it starts goin wrong does he not change things!? #3 The way we’ve capitulated in the three big away fixtures is deeply, deeply worrying. I… Read more »


Not many grown men among them apart from Sagna whose on his way – could you trust any of them to find their way home without assistance after a rare steak & a couple of drinks?


Rosicky, BFG, Kos, Gibbs, Ox, Szczesny, Cazorla…you know, the same players that we’ve been praising for large parts of the season.


2 goals down in the 1st 10 minutes and with “this” arsenal team, I knew it was over. Watching the whole game after then was TORTURE. Each goal we conceded and each time I saw Mou smile was like a bullet to my heart. I still feel sad. It appears we’re bullies afterall.


I saw Aaron Ramsey yesterday in my local M&S. He was looking well and I thought it was a good omen.

Shows I know fuck all about omens


I have to apologies to everyone as the result it purely down to me.

I jinxed the team you see. I went round to my cousin’s house to watch the game. He’s a Chelsea fan. Last time I did that we lost 2-1 at Tottenham. Time before that Chelsea won the champions league.

Sorry. It won’t happen again.


The other day I barked at a blogger for doing a bit of back seat managing. He wrote about how Arsene got his set up for the game wrong, got this tactical subs wrong , etc., etc, etc It was a bit arrogant for me at that time to value his observation as a one off…after all we were title contenders….ridiculing a man who has a 1000 games in charge… I mean really, he can’t make a comment after the game because he has to get on the bus?…how Ironic. Utter ‘Errorgance’ and I spelled that right The ‘Norman Peale’… Read more »


apologies blogger…unless your a F***ing Terry fan


Well when we dish out big contracts for players who have a decent half season what do you expect. This squad think they’ve made it, when the quality is seriously lacking.


big contracts are what they are…its the mentality that’s missing…basics…10 guys behind the ball first…protect it when you have…maintain your balance and spacing…2 down and we are chasing the game…damage done
No doubt Wenger told them to go out with the handbrake off…Morhino goated him into it…
Kalstrom and Flamini on the bench was a mistake.


TIme and again we keep proving the fucking media right. Time and again. Why can’t we just for once make them eat their own words? 6-3 vs CIty. 5-1 vs Liverpool. 6-0 vs the cuntiest cunt in the EPL. Add to that the fact that we couldn’t beat the shittiest Manchester United side in years over two games, let alone losing at Old Trafford. Mentally we are like shattered glass. It only takes a little pressure for us to crumble and break. Fuck this! Haven’t felt this depressed in years!




Me:Google ArsenalFC. Search results showing: did you mean Trophyless FC


if you actually did Google arsenal fc it would have told you that we are the 3rd most successful team un the country and we have plenty of trophies,maybe there’s something wrong with you,maybe your mentally slow but this was not funny or factual,so completely useless,i guess exactly like brainless half retarded keyboard licking gimp


“Google arsenal fc it would have told you that we are the 3rd most successful team in the country and we have plenty of trophies”.

I think you should take that archives book back to the library. It’s nine years old and way overdue.

And by the way – a fair proportion of those trophies were won by previous managers AS WELL, not just by Wenger. Believe it or not, we really did have OTHER managers at Arsenal before 1996, you know…….or maybe you don’t know.


If you look up Chelsea FC …you find this image of brown goo
Manchester United you find that Spursday has turned to Mancday
Chity…well lets just leave it at that…

Liverpool is the only team which can come out of this with any integrity…

Its a battle for fourth again for us…shame though….completely unnecessary…


* that’s if Liverpool trades Agger and Skertl


‘Arsene knew best’……… That’s the reality.

Halfman HalfHotdog

Beginning to tire of this groundhog season bullshit. If the board are willing to accept this mediocrity THEN THEY CAN FUCK OFF ASWELL. Time to wipe the slate I think.
Apologies for the shouty bit.


I wish he would just resign

Alan Davis

I’m bloody disgusted with the players. Once again they play like a Sunday league team. What more incentive do they need beat the arse off Chelski in their back yard and give the boss a 1000th game he won’t forget. Well he won’t forget this one on a hurry. What a bunch of wasters.

Adam Richards

I don’t think there’s anything any journalist of even anti-wenger supporter could say to make me feel any worse than our entire team and manager made me feel from the performance.

I know it’s a cliche, but maybe this will make him spend in the summer? But I’m not even sure I believe it at the moment.

The Mullet

Hate to say it but it has taken Brendon Rogers 2 years to sort Liverpool’s shit out. Wenger’s 1000 game yesterday and we are as stagnant as John Terry’s bath water, the dirty cunt. Why do we normally finish the season strongly? Because we’ve fuck all to play for. This season we did have and choked. Wigan will fancy their chances.


Has anyone else noticed a correlation between absurd refereeing decisions and Chelsea and Man City, the two clubs with the wealthiest owners in the country, both of which are, putting it politely, shady. We were awful yesterday, but that wasn’t a pen, and if it was, it was never a red card. The way the ref behaved in that instance is baffling. I have never seen a sequence of events as confusing and suspicious as that penalty decision yesterday. I don’t trust the refs, and I certainly don’t trust the billionaire owners of Chelsea and Man City. Refereeing is appalling… Read more »


Because giroud is such a slow peice of shit the midfield aware of the top teams defensive capabilities push further forward to give more support therefore leaving too much space between defence an midfield it’s quite simple an because our game is this 1 dimensional any team with a slight bit of quality can potentially destroy us so my blame is firstly on giroud but on the boss for not buying a pacey strong striker that were used to at arsenal

Gunsen Gunner

Wenger needs to drop Arteta and Giroud. Both players have been well below par for months. This season Arteta has been asked to play as a straight up DM rather than the DLP in seasons past. He’s just not a fit for that role especially now that we are used to having less possession in games this season. Giroud on the other hand is just not showing the right attitude. His falling over and whining is still incredibly persistent.How long will it take him to understand that he’s not going to get anything from the ref in some games and… Read more »

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