Thursday, December 7, 2023

Fabianski: Bundesliga offers are just gossip

Lukasz Fabianski has played down links Bundesliga clubs as papertalk and made clear it’s not a foregone conclusion that he’ll be leaving Arsenal this summer.

The 28-year-old , who signed for the Gunners from Legia Warsaw back in 2007, is out of contract at the end of the season and has repeatedly made clear that he wants to play regular first team football.

Called up by Poland for this week’s international with Scotland, the first time he’s been involved on the international scene in quite some time, Fabianski gave a brief interview to Eurosport.

“Nothing is a foregone conclusion,” said the goalkeeper on the subject of his future. 

“My goal is to play in the first team and I want to make this happen, whether it’s at Arsenal or at some other club, I do not know yet.” 

“The offers from Germany I’ve only read about in the media. I do not have any concrete offers.”

Asked whether he’s frustrated about Wenger’s decision to play him so rarely he added, “He’s the coach, it’s his right.”

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not that handsome french bloke

If someone had told me 4/5 years ago that I’d be sad about seeing Fabianski leave Arsenal, I’d probably of poked them in the eye.

Just A Gentleman

probably have*

I’m sorry, I just had to since that mistake is so commonly made. 😛

not that handsome french bloke

But I am sad.. and those assault charges were expensive.


“He is the coach and it’s his right”
I’ll will miss him. He is been very good in the last two years.

Just A Gentleman

I will* or I’ll miss*

Anyway, I agree, he’s been outstanding when called upon.

But then again, goalkeepers barely suffer fatigue, so as long as Szczesny doesn’t get a major injury, he won’t get many chances.

Deserves to be the no.1 at some other club.

Best of luck to him if he chooses to leave, hope he stays though!


There’s a comma splice in the last sentence.


Tut tut tut. Such a common mistake.


He deserves to be number one. He deserves to play. Gutted it won’t be at the Arsenal though. Wenger rates his polish bro higher than him.


To be fair the lad had been brilliant whenever called upon. It is especially hard if one is not playing regularly , especially for a keeper where confidence is key to performance. Has always kept his chin up and probably would have continued as first choice had it not been for the injury last year which led to szcz making a comeback. Hard luck to fab. Hope he gets his deserved chance to live up to his evident potential.


The one thing that has been going in his favor this session is that he is getting to play in f a cup, and has turned up with strong performances, making crucial saves. If we do go on to win it, it will be a great personal achievement for him and hopefully he will get noticed and signed on as first choice by a major club, if he does decide too leave.


Playing and winning a FA Cup final would be a fine way to sign off.

Da ArseSchaft

Playing and winning the Champions league would be even finer? Will Szczęsny be banned for the Bayern game? Maybe Wenger’s promised him the run to the final + new contract + to name his first grandchild after him (even if it’s a girl) if he keeps clean sheets all the way to Lisbon!

Fatboy Gooney

He kept a clean sheet away to Munich,
Make Fabianski Number One at Arsenal.

Fatboy Gooney

God dammit!


Fab’s come a long way in the past couple of years. His major problem is that he’s got one of the form goalkeepers in the world ahead of him. I daresay we’ve got the best back-up goalkeeper in all of Europe right now, and it’ll be sad if we lose him. But someone of his calibre deserves to be playing a lot more than he is, so it’s probably inevitable that he’s going. Best wishes to him if he does go.


Don’t know about “the best back-up goalkeeper in all of Europe”. I mean, you have heard of a certain Casillas right?


I miss Lehman, oops wrong era, sorry fer that old brain fart! Yeah Lucas has made good in recent years, hate to see him go, it’d be nice to have both Poles in the goals but alas not to be, or is it???


People seen to forget he made his debut as captain, that can’t happen too often.


I think that as soon as he put on a little weight, he was more equiped to go for crosses. His shot stopping has always been well above average. I will miss him

The Beast

He kept szcz on his toes making him perform to his best knowing there’s a quality back up ready to take up his place.will be sad to see him go but fully understanding and accepting the reason why.

das pauly bear

In my opinion he is a better keeper than szcz. I think szcz plays the media game very well , makes a mistake its grand ill slag spurs during the week . As soon as we play poor in DM /DEF and szcz is called on to pull of some saves he flops. The saves he makes most of the time are from 30+ yards out


I agree with your assessment of Scz when he makes a mistake. He is very pro media and certainly makes him a popular person around Arsenal. That’s not to discredit Scz from having a pretty good season now, at least in the PL

Merlin's Panini

I’d be sad to see Fabianski leave. I hope he decides to stay and fight for his place. Anything could happen, he could still get his chance, though it’s understandable if after this long he just wants to be guaranteed number one.


I always knew him to be a top shot stopper even during his blips.His injuries, match rustiness and crisis of confidence in d yesteryears cost him the no. 1 position to his compatriot. Always been a good keeper.

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