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Monreal back for Spurs + Ozil and Ramsey update

Arsene Wenger has given the latest team news ahead of Sunday’s North London derby.

Although there are still doubts over Kieran Gibbs, Nacho Monreal is fit again and will in the squad, while the boss confirmed that Mesut Ozil will be missing for 3-4 weeks.

The German picked up a hamstring strain in midweek and early reports from people who didn’t know anything but were desperate for clicks said he could be out as long as 6 weeks.

Today, at his press conference, the manager said, ” It is a grade 2 hamstring strain. Lets say 4 weeks. When the minimum is three, the maximum is six weeks.”

He also gave an update on Aaron Ramsey who was expected back this weekend, and said, “He still has recurrent pains in his thigh, we have to be very cautious with him.

“When will he be back? I believe it is 2 more weeks.”

Kim Kallstrom is available for the first time and should be in the squad for the trip to White Hart Lane.

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It’s just plain unfair that our best players won’t be available for the most important games. But I believe the available players will get us the desired results! COYG!

Don Cazorleone

time for The Ox and Ger-nabry to get stuck in. We still have enough about us to do over the spuds


Who knows – maybe Källström will actually come in handy now. But seriously, feels like 80 % of the injury updates from Wenger are negative…

Fuck Spurs, they’re a disgrace at the moment anyway!

Why is my name required

Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere, Gibbs

Holy shit…all these are key players who can make a difference are lost to injuries. Our opponents will be grinning from ear to ear with the amount of injuries we have. And to make matters worse we are challenging for the title.


Why is challenging for the title making matters worse!?!?!?!


And don’t forget Diaby!!!



Özil has been injured for 7 ½ weeks in his years at Schalke, Bremen & Madrid. Joins Arsenal – so far already out for 8 weeks (3 injuries).


Tweet from @AFCAcademy


The thing both those leagues have in common is a winter break. I think people underestimate what a month off in the winter could do for a lot of players. It’s also worth noting that the weather in both countries, for the most part, is better than the UK for a majority of the year.


I liked the information that played Bayern. With the Ox in the middle and Podolski on the left I felt that we where very threatening – keep in mind that we played a whole half with practically 10 players cos of Ozil’s injury and it showed as soon as Rosicky came on…If the Ox can keep up his form and Rambo back in the team we’re gonna have a very energetic side for the final games of the season


Ramsey is entering the dreaded “2-3 weeks away” zone. Lets hope his guardian angel is on full alert.


We need Rambo back as Chelsea drew first blood earlier in the season


ramsay 🙁


Why always us?! Hopefully we’ve still got enough to take all 3 pts.


Whenever we get a new injury, or an extension on an existing one, I can hear Cartman talking to Kevin in my head: “Kevin, God damn it. Every fucking time, Kevin. God fucking damn it, seriously.”

Here’s a clip:

Belfast Gooner

Vermaelen put in a brilliant displayagainst Bayern at left-back but I think Monreal will be back in for this one. We will probably need Vermaelen over the next 2 weeks with 4 premier league games before the end of the month. Hopefully we will get 3 points at the lane. I would settle for the result of the derby the day after I was born! Spurs 0-5 Arsenal in 1978!!


First a child, then a drubbing of Spurms … your Dad must have been over the moon!


It’s at our most challenging times we show our true colours and spirit. I would like atleast one game though where we have a full team to choose from.


yep. at our most challenging times…..
we break down with injury

Clock End Mike

That’s a lovely thought. “One game where we have a full team to choose from…” Dare to dream?


If everyone was fit and firing we would have walkedinto white lane and gotten our guaranteed 3 points but because of all this injuries……..we will still do the same! co we are the Arsenal and sp*rs are shit!

Kenyan Gooner

Kim will get us a free kick goal.


This is absolute madness , 3-4 weeks is always about 2-3 months … 2 weeks is a month and a bit …… We need a legend we can refer too, arseblog ??

Don Cazorleone

madness? this is arsenaaaaaaaaal!!

Come on Kallstrom you beauty. I would love it if you were our Weapon X X-factor title-winning assassin. A few commenters on here said good things about you; especially the Swedish boys. Kallstrom sat in slovenly fashion in his marble Arsenal throne, set deep within the endless folds of Emirate’s inner caverns. Like Smaug sprawled upon his hoard of gold, Kallstrom imagined himself sprawled upon his hoard of goals … when in reality he was just lying on the spare footballs stitched by the Arsenal gnomes: Cygan, Davor Suker and the horrid Arshavin. The stage was set for Kallstrom to… Read more »

Rocky Rocastle

Set piece maestro, and long distance shooter. So he can probably bag some crucial goals through that. Also good vision and a sensitive passing foot, so should fit in nicely in theory. But BPL is on a higher lvl than he is used to from Ligue 1. So getting his debut here at the age of 31 might be something of a culture shock after all those years in france, and the last couple of years in Russia. One would think there was a reason Lyon shipped him off to Spartak Moscow at the age of 29 when he still… Read more »


Wenger has really tried now I think is time to path ways….He lost the winning mentality, medical staff needs total over hurling.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

path ways? You must be a biochem student! 😀


More likely just using biochemicals.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Sanogo Poldi – Cazorla – Gnabry Flamini – Rosicky Nacho – Koscielny – BFG – Jenkinson Schechsny Chamberlain, Arteta and Sagna looked knackered ouf ot their wit after the Bayern game. To avoid further fatigue-induced injuries they need a breather. Would love to be 3-0 or 4-0 up by halftime allowing Wenger the luxury of giving Kallstrom, Zelalem and Miyaichi a run-around in the 2nd half: Kallstrom: as our only experienced midfielder capable of filling the Ozil/Ramsey/Wilshere void, Kim needs to get back into match-fitness asap. Zelalem: this bloke’s got maturity miles beyond his 17 years. With our squad decimated… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

ou est Olivier eh?


Although id like nothing more than to see him destroy the spuds, i agree that chambo might need a rest. He hasnt been back from injury all that long and he bloody runs himself into the ground every game, id hate for him to be a burnout


Ox has a whole week to rest up after this match. He should start. If he does get tired around 70 minutes, then bring on a sub for him. But he’s been just about our best attacking player for the last month, and he has to start.


This is the same Miyaichi who didn’t make it to Munich because he lost his shirt?

Injured Gooner South Africa

That line-up actually makes complete sense, but then you would have ad the captain to partner the BFG, and you would have a almost maxed out rotation of the squad. All except for the BFG. The manager on the other hand would be having other ideas, I would think that Artetta was taken off in Germany with the week-end in mind. So I expect to see him starting. We may see him come of around the hour mark depending on how things go during the game. That brings us to Rosicky, who I believe would start on the bench next… Read more »


Spurs are crap. If we can’t beat them now then that is embarrasing!

We whould roll them over even without Ozil


As far as I can remember, we did that in the start of the season. Let’s give them a kicking!


I made the trip over from Canada for that reverse fixture at the end of August. The best part of the 1-0 win was right after the final whistle, when 56,000 Gooners started chanting at the dejected away section “We spent fuck all and it’s still one-nil!” This was just after Spurms’d finished wasting 110 million on crap, which prompted another good chant ten minutes from time when Soldildo skied one into row Z from fifteen yards out after the players in front of him parted like the Red Sea – “That’s what thirty million buys!” And to top it… Read more »

m a gunner

When Mr wenger first came to the club he changed the diet n lifestyle of our senior players , it worked Tony Adams and the others played they got a couple more seasons at the top level ! I think now we should do the opposite get the players on pie n mash n ten pints of beer every other night !


Look at the birght side. We still have our defensive line; Sagna BFG Bosscielny Flamini and Arteta.

HP Brown Sauce

Looking forward to seeing something from Kallstrom, I heard he has good technique.

Charleston Gooner

I’m sorry but is the correct way to say Gnabry’s name really Ga-nabry or is the G silent? This shit is driving me crazy!!


He’s a German lad so I think the G stays silent. Correct me if I’m wrong.


You are wrong. From wikipedia:
German pronunciation: [ˈsɛʁʃ ɡəˈnabriː]



If we lose to Spurs at this specific point of the season, with their form their in (though I know form goes out the window in a NLD) it would basically give them hope that they’ll catch us and get top 4 and in the end they won’t and gl back to being miserable….but I have a feeling we’ll win this one and OG12 will score a brace

Injured Gooner South Africa

I believe Podoski will be one of thee most prolific goal machines from here on till the end of the season. I believe he got a taste for it against his former team in Germany. I also believe that once Sonogo gets going he is going to score quite a bit as well. That kid has goals in him, so I cant wait for him to get going. There are goals in this squad. With all these injuries in the squad it opens the doors for some of our fresher players to step up. I hope they dont need too… Read more »


I’ve just heard that Mike ‘Fuck Arsenal’ Dean is the ref for the game at the Toilet tomorrow. The man who celebrated a Spu*s’ goal vs Arsenal. Please tell me it isn’t true. Our results with him in charge in recent seasons rivals the form of Derby county in 2007/2008.

We are well and truly fucked:(

Belfast Gooner

Hahaha Arsedependent. My Dad is a QPR fan so don’t think he was too bothered with Arsenal winning. Hopefully he was still pretty stoked about me tho’

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