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Rosicky: the truth is on the pitch

Tomas Rosicky has come out swinging in reaction to those who say Arsenal can’t win the league this season.

The Gunners have been criticised for the state of their squad, lack of depth up front and all the injuries, and been written off as potential champions.

While certainly not favourites, Arsenal still have a chance and Rosicky is determined to take it. Speaking to the Mirror, he said, “You cannot influence what the people around you are saying. I mean no disrespect to you but I absolutely don’t care what you are saying.

“What counts is that you come to the pitch and win the game. The truth is on the pitch.”

He continued, “That’s what we will do. If you or the other people believe in us or not, it doesn’t matter for the team because you have to come and convince everyone on the pitch.

“It will be a vital game against Chelsea but still there are so many games to go so we don’t know what will happen after that. It can change very, very quickly in two games.

“Since I’ve been in England and playing for Arsenal, it is the first time it has been like this. Four teams basically are fighting for the title. I think it is absolutely amazing for everyone – the players, the supporters, the media.

“You can see how unpredictable it is. We lost at Stoke, Chelsea lost at Villa so every game is very important for everyone.”

And in this month’s Arsenal Magazine, there’s a brilliant, wide-ranging interview with the Czech who talks about his desire to win at Arsenal, part of the reason he signed a new deal.

“After a very long injury there was the possibility that I wouldn’t make it back, so you think about everything slightly differently.

“But I cannot say I am in rush to win trophies just because I know I’m near the end. I’m hungry for success anyway.

“I won three titles in the Czech Republic before I left, I won the Bundesliga with Dortmund and I still believe I can do it here. I wouldn’t stay here if I didn’t believe.

“The idea of winning the league and the Champions League drives me forward. I love it.”

I’d heartily recommend picking up a copy for the rest, because it shows just what a vital cog he is in this current Arsenal machine.

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I hope we can keep him going till he is 40.

7 Tommy Gooner.


If only we had several Tomas Rosickys instead of your Nasris, Van Persies and Songs. With his attitude, he’d definitely had seen the silverware he wants.


Leave Song out of this. He never wanted to leave us but I still don’t know why he left in the first place.


Leave Song in. He left at a good time, his hollywood lob pass recipient was having trouble with the boy inside.

A to the HA

Just when I thought my love for this rock star couldn’t get any higher…

Parisian Weetabix

@GunnAlex I’m pretty sure there are several Tomas Rosickys. Arséne keeps them in a secret room and switches them round mid-game when no-one’s looking. It’s the only feasible explanation for the ridiculous amount of energy this guy burns on a football pitch.


One of the best lines that I have read in some time – “I mean no disrespect to you but I absolutely don’t care what you are saying.” Amazing.

the only sam is nelson

That’s TR7 showing how British he’s become. “With the greatest respect…” is of course signalling the very opposite. Is TR7 Arsenal Gent?

team spirit

truly very well said indeed!



It’s right up there with Sagna’s “I mean no disrespect to you, but I absolutely do not care about the ball you threw at me.”


First thing that I thought while reading that is that one could definitely incorporate it into lyrics for a heavy metal song.

Now where’s my guitar (and my lost years of practice)?

the only sam is nelson

I’d be really interested to see how TR7 rates the current squad against the 2008 Arsenal who also challenged strongly for the title, and arguably against tougher opposition. I reckon then we were possibly technically superior but when you look at the team spirit now, you can actually detect a whole bucketful of the “mental strength” that AW used to talk about us having back when we plainly didn’t. But what a trooper TR7 is. I only hope Abou Diaby sees what can happen if you apply yourself after long term injury and does the same.

the only sam is nelson

ha! much as I’d like to imagine i’m a genius for predicting that, I suppose it’s a bit fucking obvious that’s the case, really. But then what are we as fans if we can’t state the obvious, as if we’re the only ones with the wisdom to see the truth?

That dungeon thing really worked out with TR7, then. We should try that with Sagna.

Bergkamp's bronze statue

Tommy Gun.

Love this guy’s attitude!


I love this guy. Great character, great team ethic, and relentlessly positive on the pitch. Also, he doesn’t age. I remember at one point, he tracked back for a run by one of the Sperm’s left-sided players (can’t be bothered to check who) with such speed, and it completely negated their attack. It was reminiscent of a run he made many years ago against Cristiano Ronaldo when the latter was playing for United. He outran Ronaldo that day, and made the tackle. Outran. Ronaldo. No matter what we win while he’s here, Rosicky will always be a legend in my… Read more »

OG Henry Loc

“I mean no disrespect to you but I absolutely don’t care what you are saying.”



If i had a age changing time machine, I would first put Rosicky in it and press “Back” and then put Wenger in it and press “Forward”.


and then I suppose you’d put yourself in and go “back-to-where the Sun don’t shine”?
you’re asking for it… 😉


Were it not for the wisdom and belief of Wenger, Rosicky would have been elsewhere from his injury crisis a long time ago. Another manager would not have done that.


“Regardless of what you do, how well you do it, or anything else, there’s always some cunt out there ready to stick the knife in. Those people really are best off ignored.”

Thanks, Blogs. You must have written that especially for comments like this one.

the only sam is nelson

“I mean no disrespect to you but I’d rather go for a pint of warm piss, with John Terry, at the Dog’s Breath Arms on Tottenham High Road, than listen to you cunts” <—- the official translation is in, folks


Comfortably my favourite member of the squad. Classy in all aspects.

Trex d Gunner

What a guy. I love him to bits. Skunky, Adebuymore, Chinless and the others who jumped ship for short term glory, TR7 exudes class and loyalty to a club that stuck with him through his difficult injury spell. Karma is a son of a bitch (ain’t it), events this season have highlighted what an absolute idiot skunky is, I hope manure is showing enough ambition for him.

Trex d Gunner


arsenal man

I love this guy


Who Does’nt??


Always loved Super Tom and am made up for him every time he gets and is able to shine. He’s like a Merlin V12, under the covers but powering away beautifully.

Daves Moustache

The massive piece of class he demonstrated after the spuds game when he gave his shirt to he disabled lad made my weekend and reminded me of why I love The Arsenal so much .
Its a shame the press don’t report stuff like that , I challenge you to watch the video and see the lads reaction and not a have a big silly grin on your face .
Love TR7

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

“If you or the other people believe in us or not, it doesn’t matter for […] because you have to come and convince everyone on the…”

Did anyone else feel inspired by that or just me?


I’m not sure he’s the vital cog.. I think he’s the beating heart of the engine.


TR Shows his class on the field and off it he repays the respect to Afc and wenger for sticking by him in his injury timesehe does it for the love and honour not the dosh I hope he remains at Afc after he retires truely a class guy


Its easy. We beat chelsea nd Mancity then we win the league. Simple


Loved this from today’s blog

“Regardless of what you do, how well you do it, or anything else, there’s always some cunt out there ready to stick the knife in.”

i understand the media being cunts towards us…how do you explain some sections of our fans though? what is their excuse? are they paid to cause unrest ( by someone who wants in perhaps) or are they simply cunts ?


believe when our away fans chant super tom rosicky in stamford bridge we’ll hear it all the way to hornsey.

i say we all go down there even without tickets…lets invade the fulham smurf village and sit outside their ground chanting for our team….

its official ..we are all meeting at the che and marching to s.b …we dont need tickets…our energy will simply prevail. we want that title and we want that cunt mourinho to pay for his disrespect


People are using our cup run as an example of how we have too many games between now and the end of the season. Should we beat Wigan (Which i think we will) we have the same # of games between now and the end of the campaign as Man City do. We can do this. For the first time this season, i belive we can win it.


49, 49 undefeated


Lets win ALL remaining games.

Chelsea and City. Plus seven. and the semi final of the FA cup.

Not too much to ask for.


Rosicky is my all-time favourite since that match at old trafford,where he and fabregas played man united and that cunt(adebawhore) scored. I knew he would become legend.

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