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Rosicky won’t give up on title

Tomas Rosicky says that although the defeat to Stoke has dealt a blow to Arsenal’s title challenge, the team won’t give up and that he takes some heart from a previous campaign he had with Borussia Dortmund.

Speaking to local media ahead of the Czech Republic’s game against Norway on Wednesday, the zippy midfielder said, “It was a huge loss of points. On the other hand, there are still ten games left.

“In the season in which we won the title with Dortmund, we lost to Kaiserslautern a few rounds before the end and in the dressing room we were talking ‘Well, this is over now.’

“Suddenly, we won all the remaining games and had the title in our hands.”

It’s a tall order, obviously, but who knows what might happen in those final 10 games. Rosicky also touched on his new deal, saying, “Arsene Wenger wants me to stay, he wants our co-operation to continue. I want to stay.

“Hopefully all is sorted out in the next few days. It would be great to play on at Arsenal for another few years.”

While Arsenal have been good to Rosicky, it’s worth mentioning that he has turned down bigger deals with longer contracts from the MLS and smaller European leagues to continue his Arsenal career.

A trophy before he goes would be the icing on that cake.

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I love our K D Lang………… A constant craving , even.

remember the invincibles

It would be a shame if he didn’t win a trophy with the club. He totally deserves it.


Love Rosicky.
Such a shame his career has been so stop and start.
I find it so strange that some of the EPL’s most talented attacking players have such injury stricken careers.

I would love it if he gets to lift the FA Cup this season, if there is any justice in the game his loyalty will get rewarded with at least one trophy.


Need a response on Saturday, otherwise our season is over.


Going to have to be a huge effort to bag 10 wins out of 10. I think we can do it, I seriously want us to do it.. but its whether they believe they can do it or not. Some of the players are going to have to sort their sh’t out, Giroud, Ozil, Jack, Podolski, Cazorla – all need to bring step up now, if we have any chance at all. Its time Arsenal, the players and the fans realise our full potential – I think that’s been one of the reasons we’ve not won anything in the last… Read more »

Some Bloke

Course he won’t give up. He has the will to win the title even if he had to play 1 v 11 for the last 10 games. Super, super Tom. Hero


Win our next 3 league games then I believe we will do it.

Sepp H.

So you mean if we beat Spurs, Chelsea and City. Honestly can’t see that happening, however, if we do pull it off, we will definitely win the whole thing.

Really concerned about the Chelsea game. Hope we get a draw.

Mayor of the Woolwich

You’ve just got to love him through and through… SUPER TOM!


it is absolutely still viable, considering the top 4 still have to play each other. we need a sense of belief and destiny to be fostered around the team.


Good thing that our players don’t give up as soon as our fans do. We can win at Tottenham. We can Win at Everton. We can win against City at home. We can sure as hell draw against Chelsea away.

Remember: If you don’t believe you can, then you have no chance at all. Wonder who was the great man who said that?

So keep calm and keep faith. If not, please don’t whine, because Ramsey is going to come back and bite you.

nairobi's numero uno gunner

just 10 games left…wow. 10 outstanding performances..thats all we need. nothing short of exceptional. plus chelsea and city to loose 2 games a piece. to us and liverpool. and one loss for the reds….please DB10, make it so!!!


Different season same result feb march is our downfall wenger should of rectified this in jan but didn’t in physical game vs stoke why didn’t he start with flamini ?

Sepp H.

Because Flamini have shown that he can easily lose his temper and do something stupid which gets him sent off. A straight red card and a 3-game ban (actually it would be 4 now).

Stoke were playing our nerves and Flamini’s is one of the easy ones to manipulate. Wenger was preservative.

FFS, stop whining about Wenger whenever something goes wrong.


I’m not with the whole of that comment about january, etc. but it makes no sense to say (as you and others have) that flamini did not start because he might lose his head. he should not play at all if this is the fear of his possible response to expected physical play. he knows before the game he is going to play stoke, surely he can prepare himself best as possible to not get provoked? And surely he should strive to do that in any game anyway? He’s what they call a professional athlete, ffs.


Its time for the Lord Bendtner


Maybe 10 games winning will make us get the trophy .


Last season we got 26 points from the last 10 games. If we do it again we can very much win the title. COYG

Az Ahmed

Analyzing the run in, we still have a good chance, especially if Liverscum are considered as title contenders: I am looking at the most difficult games for the top four other than us, where I feel they can drop points (by ‘possible’, I mean less likely than not – 4/10 chance): Chelsea v Sp*rs – possible draw v Villa – possible draw, even loss v Arsenal – draw, possible loss v Liverscum – draw, possible loss v Stoke – possible draw, even loss Liverscum v Man Utd – loss, possible draw v Sp*rs – draw, possible loss v Man Shitty… Read more »

Sepp H.

I think your are being very generous.

Chelsea won’t lose to hot shots like City and Liverpool.

And Utd is not a threat for any of them, at all. City and Liverpool will beat Utd away, like how Chelsea did.

If we don’t lose the Chelsea game and beat City at home, then we can make it happen. And no, I don’t mean 4 points out of those 2 games, I exactly mean we draw Chelsea and beat City. Otherwise we are out.

Az Ahmed

Utd at home is not a threat? Their league position is due to their poor performances against smaller teams. Against the big teams, they have been very difficult to beat. With RVP and Rooney they have a good chance to win.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

anything is possible, anything can happen with belief, confidence, motivation.God help us. And Rozza really deserves a trophy with arsenal for his respect, patience and loyalty towards the club. We can do it, we can still win the tittle.Keep the faith!COYG


You can expect Shitty and Scum to drop points.

All we can do is focus on our own game.

Some people will get inspired by watching the other teams win, but on the whole, watching them will be deflating. Best to just focus on our own game. It’s the best chance we have.

Really hope we can do it just to restore a bit of balance… Last night I was watching the horror tackle on Eduardo on youtube and even then Alan Hansen was kind of defending it. It’s about time this is levelled out.



Well Super Tom, its time to start scoring the goals or getting assists to win us the league!!

10 games so 10 goals/assists please?!


Using one of those predictor things just now I had us finsihing 4th. And I was being a little optimistic with one or two results.

Fuck fourth. Give me fifth and the FA Cup instead over fourth and bugger all again.

Az Ahmed

I would rather get 4th and no trophies, because Champions League qualification is much greater than winning a mickey mouse tournament (yes, I said it!). But, then again, getting 5th may be the kick up the arse we need to go out and buy some world class players! However, with further thought, we were lucky to get 4th last season, yet we did not strengthen our front line (enough). The missing ingredient was clearly a world class striker – none available? BS!


Granted, Little Mozart is a cockeyed optimist. But I wished there were a few other Gunners who had his attitude. He is definitely the spark plug of our team.

Rocky Rocastle

Anything is possible. But i will be dissapointed if we end up second a point or two behind, and go out of the cup to finish yet another season without a trophy. Then i will feel we were 1 decent signing away from some silverware. We got top notch defense, very strong midfield, but a mediocre offense. Our best striker Giroud has 1 decent game in 5, and is performing worse this season than he did last season. And at 28 yrs old starting next season, it is apparent he has reached his Max Level as a footballer, and wont… Read more »


That’s the spirit.

Which is willing but our flesh seems to be extremely weak.

We keep making these pronouncements but do not (cannot) back them up. That’s two death runs that we have failed and that have had adverse effects on us title-wise.

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