Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ramsey returns for Everton trip

Good news everyone!

Aaron Ramsey is back in the squad for Sunday’s clash with Everton. The midfielder is in contention again having been out of action since December 26th.

Arsene Wenger said, “Aaron and Nacho Monreal are back in the squad, so that is good news. Hopefully they will be available for Sunday.”

He’s been badly missed and just last week Arsene Wenger revealed he’d had a set-back so his return is something of a surprise, but a very welcome one all the same.

He’s joined by Nacho Monreal who has recovered from an ankle problem, but Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere remain sidelined and the German won’t be back until after the FA Cup semi-final against Wigan.

Still, it’s about time we’ve had a bit of positive injury news, so fingers crossed Aaron is 100% fit and ready to pick up where he left off.

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If he would’ve returned a couple of weeks ago, we’d still be in the title race. Sigh

Just A Gentleman



Honestly can someone explain this #LANS thing? That’s a hashtag that flew right over me


Like a non sequitur


like a new SOB


It’s a much joked about “Wengerism”. LANS= Like a new signing.


Like a new striker


Aaah. That explains a LOT

DL Gooner

Praise Jesus for he cometh to smite our enemies and bestow upon us his glorious bounty of wonder goals…….and to cock punch Jose mourinho at some stage hopefully.


Let’s temper our expectations, it’s unrealistic to expect from him to pick up where he left off after being 3 months out. Although I certainly wouldn’t mind if he does.

Stewart Robson's therapist

No, it isn’t. He’s Aaron Ramsey and he can do anything!


The longer he’s out the better he gets


Ofcourse Wenger will only play him a total of 30mins in both games


Who the heck is down voting this glorious news?!


I’d downvote everybody if I was so inclined.
Reason suggests that these very same mindless fuckwits that are elevating him now to the status of “second coming” were just as absurdly throwing abuse his way until less than a year ago.


Hmm, when you put it that way I can’t really argue… When I was telling people that Ramsey was a complete player and that he just needed to get his shooting boots on they told me we needed to sell him and *shudder* spend……


Yes Welsh Jesus! I’m abnormally excited. It would be unreasonable of me to expect him to single handedly secure champions league football and win the FA cup for us……. but i expect him to single handedly secure champions league football and win the FA cup for us..



COYG! Ramboooo and Nachoooo….



Just fucking start him too. Sub him off at 60. Don’t piss about with last 5 min reintroductions.

Just A Gentleman

Then if we lose or don’t win people will be like:

“Damn it Wenger, Ramsey just came back from injury, why would you play instead of a Rosicky who is playing so great right now.”


Those were my thoughts EXACTLY!! So obscenely excited!! 😀 😛

giroud's flicks

Seeing how well your sentences are aligned leaves me oddly hearing gervinho is doing well at roma


I am not giving up on the league if we win the rest of our games. there is a chance. Chelsea thought they already won it now look where they are. welcome Rambo. Now lets act this film.

another gooner



Thank Good Lord




I wonder who we sacrificed to get ramsey back. Anyways, I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Considering how important ramsey is, we probably sacrificed 2 players


Well, Ryo disappeared mysteriously a few weeks back…..


The result of the internal review was that horse placenta wasn’t cutting it any more…


Thank God! Excellent news.


Thanks God! 🙂


During my time in secondary school, we had this weirdo in class who did pranks non stop and had gradually gotten the class against him to the point where everybody just ignored him. One day he didn’t come to school and the general feeling was that of relief from most of the class, then a week went by without anybody knowing what had happened to him. We heard rumor that he was seriously ill and the class decided to send some students to visit him at home. On the day when the class representatives had to go and see him,… Read more »


What the FUCK?


That is the required reaction 😉

donkey trousers

One time in secondary school, i kicked a ball in a fat lass’ face and got duly punched. worth it.

YouTube Graduate

Could not have said it better. So lucid and eloquently put.


bring on voldermort!!

Purple crumb

Yes Ramsey’s back – fantastic. He’ll take off some of the burden Rosicky’s been taking on recently (as well as the Czech has played). Everton will FEAR US NOW!

Daft Aider

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, that I did not expect




Rambo is back!


But what about Sagna?

double Canister

Hello Wigan

You’re fucked now.


I hope he stays fit and has no further set backs. If he does, every other team whom we are yet to play, should be afraid, be very afraid.


I just came. And I mean massively.


It’s almost everywhere..


You just came; but he will conquer too…..


There was a ghost!! Its…ectoplasm!


It was April Fools day on Tuesday man. Keep up.


I fucking missed you. Don’t you ever do that again? You hear me?!


Fuck yes! I’ve been waiting a long time for this!

gooners n roses

How Ramsey has changed people’s opinion about him. This is just the perfect example.

The Gundertaker

I think we can all agree this is excellent news. Without wanting to put too much of a dampener on it, it may be worth remembering that Aaron’s form this season followed on from an excellent pre-season, which was preceded by a very strong final third of last season. At no point in that run did he have a real injury lay-off. Whilst I fully believe that the all-singing all-dancing Rambo mkII we’ve seen this season is here to stay, I think he’s the kind of player who needs a good run of games to reach peak from, so it… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Honestly, the Rambo from the end of last season is good enough for me, we just need some more energy and drive…the goals would be nice too though.


AT LAST!!!!!

John air

I’m super excited, but some how, I feel a little betrayal from the Gods of football… Welcome back Rambo


Awwwwww Yis!!!


At last some good news…. Rambo you have bein missed


Our best player is back, I consider that as good news!
I would take a draw on Sunday, it’s out last game against the top 10 while Everton have yet to play Man Utd, Man City and Southampton. They main thing is not to lose.

Dr Baptiste

I think the main thing is to win to keep them away from us in fourth and to allow us to, depending on other results, get closer to first again.

Mr. Klin

At least this now allows Flamini to more comfortably take his yellow card during the Everton game…


As long as it’s only a yellow, I’m cool with it. Just keep the studs down, Mathieu.


Flamini is one yellow away from a ban though. Is it a 2 match ban for 10 yellows before april 13th?

Mate Kiddleton

I’m pretty sure 5 yellows = one match ban? Anyone?


You’re correct, but he’s already had and served his 5 yellows/1 match ban. WhoScored shows he has 7 yellows in the PL this season so I’m not sure if he’s in danger of another ban or not..?


But he does have a red which I guess counts as 2 yellows…? SO maybe he is in danger of a ban. Shame I don’t know this.


Red cards don’t count towards yellow card accumulation because you serve an immediate ban for a red card. And it’s a one game ban for every five yellows collected, so if he reaches ten yellows (i.e., the second set of five) for the year it will only be one game off.

John air

Wenger had me worried there for a sec… “a little setback”, “two weeks”. I honestly didn’t expect him back, wonderful birthday gift


It’s my birthday too! Best gift ever.


And for good measure….the best GIF ever:

Santi Claws

Oh, well. Happy birthday you two!


HEY! Good news! Seriously, about time something went right on the injury front. Let’s just hope Rambo can get right back to form, because God knows we need him.


This is great news!!!


ssuuuuuupppppeeeerrrrrman is back on our squad. …. fear theee enemy of arsenal


I really hope he can rediscover his incredible form from the early part of the season. Let’s hope, if it takes him a few matches that idiots don’t get on his back.


might be good news but lets not get ahead of ourselves. After a long injury lay off like that you shouldn’t expect miracles from him. Look at how long it took Carzola to come close to his regular form. good news but I am not one to think he is going to instantly get his form. but hey miracles do happen every now and then and if he hits the ground running, Amen to that.

Stuart Steele

Holy sh*t i’m happy


This is what i was waiting for since jan. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


… Eerrrm … Are We playing again early morning ???? … And did u guys realize that the Marirner cheap ref is gonna be on FA semis ???? … Why is never easy or at least Normal for my Arsenal ????


The OTHER FA cup match, thankfully. They put him on the Sheffield match.


In other notes , is good to see how loved and welcomed Aaron is at this point, everyone is seeing what Wenger saw years ago … Luckily Jack will give us that sort of happiness soon, but in fairness he hasn’t been hated and abused like Ramsey was …


Don’t worry guys we’re playing early but we’ll win because I’m not going to the pub. My record shows that we’ve never lost when I stay at home for the early games.

Weatherspoon Head Barman

You’re officially house bound for the rest of the season then.


Yes Thank you God!!


Then u better stay home Elerrese !!!

kels (Naija boi)

Rambo is back? Fuck it the Double is ours.


Thank God Rambo is Back, hope is back.






Awesome news! Blogs can you repost the YouTube video of Aaron’s early season form you posted about a month ago? I can’t seem to find it? And us there any news on when we can expect Kos back?


Wow super fast reading, finding and posting there!

Stuart Steele

Bladdy love that vid.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I love Ramsey, but he’s far too good-looking and my girlfriend’s fawning over him is starting to grate.

Charleston Gooner

Thank you sir!


Rambo’s form seemed to go on a higher level as soon as Ozil arrived.


Thank God, but I hope the club realise that their transfer strategy – i.e. number of players needed in the Summer – is also partly dependent on our never-ending injury issues. Unless it can be sorted out, we have to compensate for the fact that we are almost always top of the injury league. It’s so harmful to our future aspirations, and it happens year in year out.


Hey, it’s not even Easter yet and (the Welsh) Jesus has been resurrected! Result! And welcome back Natcho Man Really Savage too!

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit



Thank God. On a side note now we’ll have cover at LB if Ox gets sent off again.


I wonder, could those guys cover each other for terrible girlfriend outings?

Gibbs: “Mate, she wants me to go apple picking with her again. I just can’t do it.”
Ox: “I got you covered. She’ll never know you were really playing FIFA14 in a hotel room. Can I at least give her a peck on the cheek this time?”


Gibbs: “That’s fine, just keep your hands away from where they should not be”


Hmmm.. Welsh Jesus… Easter time.. Our saviour returns!!


Rambo to come against everton in 75 minute and seal the win with second goal for arsenal 0-2, thank you very much. The first goal will be scored by cazorla.

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