Thursday, September 28, 2023

Wenger: Injuries have taken their toll

Happy to welcome Aaron Ramsey back into the fold, Arsene Wenger couldn’t help but admit that a raft of injuries have taken a toll on Arsenal’s potency in the final third in recent weeks.

The Gunners have scored only 19 goals in 13 Premier League games since the turn of the year with absences to Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere taking a toll on creativity in and around the box.

Speaking to press ahead of Sunday’s crunch game with Everton at Goodison Park, the boss analysed the cost of so many first team players suffering fitness problems at the same time.

“It’s not one injury that has an impact on a squad like ours. It’s the combined injuries of a few players in the same area who can create and score goals,” he said.

“That has an impact. At the same time we had Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil out, so you cannot say that you have exactly the same creativity and the same goalscoring opportunities we had before.”

Confirming that Ramsey, who remains the club’s second top scorer despite not playing since Boxing Day, the boss explained that the Welsh midfielder won’t necessarily be firing on all cylinders straight away but still represents a goal scoring threat.

“[When you’re out for] three months, then it takes two or three weeks. He has worked very hard for a while in training now. What he lacks is competition.

“He’s an all-round midfielder who can score goals and always drives the team forward. He’s a real box-to-box player so it’s good to have him back.

“It’s an area where we are short because we have many midfielders out. We have Wilshere and Ozil out in this area, so of course it’s good to have him back.”

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Blind Gandhi

This is the part of the movie when, after everything has been going downhill, Rambo comes back to kick some ass!

Turn up the montage music!

teddy salad

As I understand it, the Death Star will be fully operational in 3 weeks.


Try and count how many Rambo kills in ‘First Blood Part 2’. A mate and I tried this about six years ago when it was shown on TV. We lost count at about 170. Don’t ever play drinkalongaRambo. That’s all I can say.

Az Ahmed

Oh my God, hilarious!!!


Not wanting to be a pedant, but that’s the kind of situation a mid season transfer window can alleviate.

But anyway, it’s sad mute than anything, a seas on which we dared to dream, only for injuries to scupper us again. But that said I doubt anyone took us for title contenders in August. Have we made progress? Certainly. And the cup would be great. But let’s not count our chickens, could easily finish 5th and with nothing. Plenty of hard work left. The players will need our support.


Good thing we’ve still got Goal-stromm!


So tell me, how many midfielders would you have on our books exactly?


Comment/Question: I really agree with Tim Stillman’s column about adding that creative player (Hazard maybe?) on the left. Plus we need another Striker, a replacement for Sagna (assuming he leaves), a backup for Szczesny (Assuming Fab leaves), and maybe a couple backups for Per and Kos (assuming the Verminator leaves). Thats 5-6 new players total. Knowing Arsenal, we usually never fill all our needed positions and tend to have a view gaps every year. I feel like this always comes back to haunt us when injuries mount. If the fans can see this, why doesn’t it ever get corrected? Wenger… Read more »


Aren’t u looking the problem the wrong way around? It’s not the collection of midfielders, it’s the collective scoring ability. Would it have hurt to have a genuine goal scoring forward.


A valid point, but loans not purchases, as where do we play all these additions with a fully fit squad?
But then I suppose a mid-season loan of ‘top-top quality’ is as difficult to come by as a mid-season purchase of ‘top-top quality’.
I don’t know how close a Morata loan deal came, or if that was just paper-talk, but it does seem a shame that it (and/or others like it) weren’t possible.


Fair comments from the boss. I hope he’ll see fit to mitigate this issue in the summer by adding some more depth. We have been slightly unlucky to take so many hits in similar positions – and we’re not the only team who’d struggle to cope with this – but our competition for the title are better placed to withstand this kind of injury ‘crisis’. If we want to compete with them, this’d be a good place to start.

Al Gilmore

Yes, in terms of midfielders we HAVE been unlucky. No one, but no one, would have said we were understaffed in midfield and, bearing in mind Walcott was also seen as an option up front to allow Giroud a rest, it is very unfortunate to get these injuries. There are those who blame our medical staff etc etc which is all part of their ‘Wenger knows f*** all about anything’ ajenda. Facts are we simply don’t know why we get these injuries nor are they of a similar nature. The fact we are still in with a shout for the… Read more »


I agree with your assessment. However, there is one nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I believe that, due to Wenger’s preference of a small tightly knit squad, Arsenal might not dominate both the European and domestic scene like Barcelona and Bayern, as playing in 4 different competitions with a handful of players is extremely taxing and thus the many injuries. My case in point is the invincibles team. A bastion of mental fortitude, fitness and practically oozing talent, however they did not manage to perform in the CL. The league is always the priority as it brings… Read more »


I don’t think Arsene is able to manage the player’s fitness properly. In every match prior to Ramsey getting injured he was the top or close to the top in terms of meters covered etc. He was ran into the ground by being played in every league and champs league game from August to boxing day. Then his comeback was mismanaged which resulted in a significant setback. Giroud has looked dead on his feet for weeks now with no one of any class to provide any respite. Ozil’s injury was a fatigue type injury coming in the 2nd minute of… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

well liverpool haven’t had european games this season which even the most rabid scouser will admit has helped their title charge, and then there’s another factor in that they have the bitey racist scoring for fun. in the same way that the skunk dragged us into 4th a few seasons back (how’s that working out at the Glazerdome, Robin? Oh) Suarez is dragging Liverpool along in his wake. if he goes, they are fucked, and no mistake. it’s interesting that now they’re ahead of us not many gooners seem to remember the league game when liverpool visited the grove and… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Our midfield is one of the best if not the best equipped in the entire league if everyone is fit:


Not to mention


Is that not enough players to make 2 midfields?? I don’t think Europe is as big a factor as everyone is making it. It is running players into the ground by playing them week after week without rest. A 3 match on, one match off policy would work wonders.

Daft Aider

“with only 1 summer of having serious money to spend are dreaming.” that part is pure rubbish – it’s easy enough to search the internet and see how much money there has been sitting around gathering dust


Having Ramsey 100% fully operational will give our team that decisive balance. Considering that, the team have done really well to compensate for missing those players. But having Ramsey just brings back that early season optimism. Can he help us do the impossible and bring us back in the title race? We have a chance to get maximum points in April where as Liverpool have tough fixtures…


I’d like to think we would have competed with Walcott and Ramsey, and certainly we would have done better, but even with them in the team we struggled against Man U, Man City, Chelsea, and Everton. Until now we’ve probably been the best at beating the bottom 15 teams in the table, we just imploded against the big teams, repeatedly. I think the players are good enough to compete and I can only lay the blame at the coaching and preparation, whatever Wenger has been doing has failed to improve his team at beating top sides, and it seems to… Read more »


Sadly we seem to have an injury crisis very season, something is fundamentally wrong

Dan Gunn

Besides your spelling, punctuation and grammar?


Have you nothing better to do than criticise spelling mistakes?


Al gilmore

Just for one second forget the other clubs and their squads and spending power.
Also forget for just a second the fact we have had limited financial resources.

Just look at the squad we had and the matches we have had and ask yourself. ….has the manager got the best out of them?

Has he got the best out of them tactically and physically?


Your right Al, he hasn’t. I not a Wenger out advocate, I believe the man has done more than enough for the club and should leave at a time that he choses and not be pushed out. However if he does stay on he has too modernise – tactics , player recruitment and player fitness. Otherwise its the same result every year.


What bugs me is the Jekyl and Hyde aspect of their games against bottom versus top sides, the players are good enough and there is no reason they should struggle against the big sides, let alone implode to the degree of gifting Mourinho his biggest every victory as Chelsea boss.

Rambo's bloody knife

Not signing anyone top class up front is what’s taken it’s toll. No doubt we’d be higher in the table if we did…less injuries would have been nice too. Oh well. COYG!!! Let’s finish strong lads

Aussie Bruce

If we’r honest our squad depth just isn’t adequate to compete with city and Chelsea. Liverpool seem to have had a pretty fortunate run. No one can fix the squad depth apart from Wenger. More depth, more quality = more rotation, fewer injuries

Az Ahmed

I’m sorry but your comment does not make sense. If you look at my comment above, you can see that we have TEN first team midfielders to choose from. If this is lack of depth, then i do not understand what you mean by depth. The only position we are really lacking is up front. We need two world class strikers in my opinion and Giroud and Sanogo as back up. The reason I say two is if one gets injured, then we are back to the same position. When the midfielders have all been fit, the striker problem has… Read more »

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Every season, we have too many injuries in crucial times, always. The medical stuff has too resolve this problem and fast; but i believe they can… We’re an amazing club and we don’t deserve this kind of punishement 🙁
But sometimes, we coped with the absence of the injured players, thats shows you how good this players are 🙂


Well yea, its never ours but their fault…. At least thats what many on here want to claim with their comments. With Ramsey havin been out since December, then we came to know of Theo’s season end, was not rocket science to figure that our season was gonna get derailed. And dont get me started about the recurrent striker need that we’ve had since Adebayore’s departure. Believe it or not, there has been gross incompetence in our recruitment

Hereford Gooner

I agree. With the loss of two players we have gone from being title contenders back to our customary end of season battle for 4th spot. The buck stops at wenger on this one. It is his squad, and the balance of that squad is all wrong in my opinion. With the injury to Walcott who became the quickest player available in a squad of 25? Maybe Kieran Gibbs? How many wingers do we have in a squad of 25? One – and that is if we count Walcott as a winger, which personally I do not. How many strikers?… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I dunno about ‘low priority’, Santi was out for a chunk of this season and I don’t think it’s too difficult to foresee the ‘sure Arsenal have Higuain but they aren’t feeding him the service, they should have backup to Cazorla’ kind of situation arising.

We needed another creator imo, especially with Wislhere’s fitness record and the age of our next two creative players (Rosicky/Arteta), however we also needed another striker or for Podolski to come good or for Theo to stay fit, none of that happened.

Hereford Gooner

By the same token we have been incredibly lucky with the fitness of Giroud. Imagine if OG had suffered a serious injury. We would literally have had Nicklas Bendtner as our only striker for a very significant period of the season. Yes we have been unlucky with injuries, but lets not forget how fortunate we have been that OG has remained fit. You don’t let opportunities like Ozil pass you by. I support his signature wholeheartedly. Next season with a right type of striker ahead of him he will thrive. No doubt he is downhearted by the lack of anything… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

I would go as far to saying that it is detrimental to the team performance if we have players like Cazorla and Ozil in the team when they have no one to find running beyond the defence. Look at the goals we have conceded of late. They are from midfield passes across the pitch that have been intercepted and seized upon on the break. Why are we going sideways? Because we have nothing to look to going forward without ramsey and walcott getting beyond OG. Opposition defenders are able to defend on the halfway line and push our fullbacks right… Read more »

ben ozil lee

i think its good news,he will add more creativity.


That’s the problem Brese. ..a lot of arsenal fans seem to be akb or wob. Not enough fans in the middle who are not blinded by wenger to see the mistakes but also not blinded by their hate for him to see the managers strengths.

Just look at the negatives I got for my previous post….simply questioning if we have got the best out the squad tactically and physically?


You guys are funny. Just be happy Ramsey’s back and wait until the season is over before you judge the squad or manager. I’m honestly sick of this culture of reacting to every result or piece of news with morbid finality. We might finish 2nd or 3rd and win an FA Cup, then no one would be saying “Wenger out”.


Do you think Liverpool would be where they are if they had injuries to key players like we’ve had,i dont think so! they have been very lucky in that respect just a pity we havent cause who knows where we’d be….


So we are supposed to pay are hard earn money go to matches and just keep quiet and not say anything.

All we want is what is best for the club and when you see the same mistake happen every season you can’t just pay and shut up

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Dick Swiveller

Well, quite.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and the manager has made mistakes but we’ve only just come to the point where we CAN get those players so to say it’s always the same errors and that it’s crazy to expect any different is a little disingenuous.

Although, having said that- we bought a player for 42 million, we improved as a team, I expect us to spend more money in the summer and that it will also improve us as a team; guess it works both ways!


In other news, Mourinho moans the lack of strikers at his club are costing them a chance of winning a trophy. Yup the forward line up which costs nearly a £100 million. Absolute cunt, only good when he spends a fortune.


Hazard ~32M
Willian ~32M
Torres ~5M



Wouldn’t mind Torres @ 5 MIL

Hereford Gooner

I wrote this as a response to the other injury post – but it is probably more relevant here Personally I think our priority has to be getting to the bottom of the injury problems that we experience at this club. I would rather see time and money spent investigating this matter than I would scouring the world for new talent. The club is responsible for the welfare of its staff and they are undoubtedly – somewhere along the line – contributing towards the ill health of the squad. I’ve stated on here before that I believe it has little… Read more »


The problem is Arsene is doing what he always did. Play his best players every single game, look at what happened to Pires the year that he won POTY. That yr Pires was played practically week in a week out, but his knee went towards the end of the season and he missed the world cup. It just happens that when Arsene was successful he had one of best players in the world in Henry. In his first 6 years Henry never got injured, in his last 2yrs he had a number of niggles granted. But when you think about… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

We get so many injuries he is rarely afforded the opportunity to rotate players. If he had all of his players available then he would rotate. He doesn’t, so he can’t. I just cannot for one minute believe that wenger or his medical team are in any way responsible for the injuries. The man is a genius and a forward thinking technician, and at the time of his appointment his radical approach to club management changed the entire culture of English football. Before his arrival Arsenal were known for their boozing culture. Wenger brought in nutritionists, sports scientists, statisticians you… Read more »


I don’t see it as disrespectful. He was ahead of his time when he frist came to England no doubt. Your are forgetting one of the main things that he achieved in the first few years alongside winning the double was to modernise the training facilities with part of the Anelka money. Arsenal have been making improvements to the facilities ever since, which can be seen in the new rehab suite which they launched last yr or the year before. It can’t be the pitch either, I sure that such a meticulous and highly pragmatic man got the best experts… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

I believe that it is the modernisation of the facilities you refer to has led to our injury problems. Our facilities are top class – but the timing of the upgrading and the move to the new stadium corresponds with when our injury problems began. This is factual. I just find it difficult to believe that it is down to training techniques or anything of that nature. I think we are training on ground that is too firm (to match the Emirates environment) and I believe that over the course of a season all of this training on hard surfaces… Read more »


I heart Wenger and agree with everything you said, but they are going to have to look at it and look at it objectively if they’re going to get to the bottom if it.

Interesting theory of it being the pitch/training ground. If that’s the biggest thing that’s changed (and it is) that would be a good place to start.


if arsenal players were protected by refs liek the barcelona players do, would we have these injuries you reckon? i also find it a bit extreme to blame the pitch. when one team is trying to play football and the other does anything else besides football and refs dont call the fouls and force you to do extra for the 3 points ….. then again some injuries are slef inflicted, podolski chose to make a 50mtr sprint in the first minute of secodn half and of course he pulled/destroyed his hamstring. theo stepped awkawrdly and bam. perhaps only ramsey can… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

I don’t think that blaming the pitch can be considered any more extreme than blaming coincidence, bad luck or a team of professionally accredited back-room staff.

Naija Gunner

Wenger has a lot of explaining to do about all these allegations concerning injuries to most of our players every season…

But big-ups to the boys they are doing well in terms of cover for the injured Colleagues, though some are below per, but thanks to all of them.



All of them are below Per. He’s just too tall for them man.


*Follow up question from this Arsenal fan*

So Mr Wenger, on that note, how is the investigation into why we constantly have injuries and setbacks going? I hope you meant it when you said you would have a full investigation carried out and I hope that you are seeking the assistance of an objective 3rd party who is not currently employed in the Arsenal medical team so that we can be sure the assessment is objective..


I am concerned at the lack of support for the manager from the good fans of arsenal. Ok we know there are idiots out there who have betrayed the club and what it stands for and will never be happy with wenger but what are the rest of us doing? allowing some traitor savages to drive out the cultured and civilised? Do we realise what this manager has done for our football club? How come then we let scum question him then and trying to drive him out? Calling him a failure and such What is our response to the… Read more »


He is Arsenal’s best ever manager and whenever he leaves, end of this season or in 2-3 yrs time he will leave the club in infinitely better shape than when he arrived. Of that there is no question. I don’t think anybody here is saying anything that hasn’t been mentioned by the blogger of this fine site several times. Also the subject of the discussion is the annual recurrent injury list….. nothing else.


i agree what you say about this site in particular but my comment is about the general situation amongst arsenal fans and doing an ostridge or pretending that the poison polluting our support will simply fade away, wont really work. if i were ivan id call all the “entitled” fans around and refund them their ticket money and tell them eff off and never come back. we have fans out there who are probably failures in their lives and wait for arsenal to give them pleasure and when arsenal dont give that pleasure…oh boy…everyone must get sacked… you find that… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

Some of the criticism is fair and people have a right to voice their concerns. That is why we are here. Other criticism is from small minded buffoons – and it will serve you better to just ignore it than let it upset you.


well sir…. moaners are complaining about ambitions and titles when the organisation had to buckle up and self persevere till they repay large chunks of the stadium. instead of the fan showing support to his club the fan chose to moan about trophies. do you not think it is stupid to demand titles when the priority is stadium repayment? so what exactly are they calling failure and getting their knickers in a twist and ask for change and such? maybe its their egos that cant takemonday morning at work when chavs and mancs take themickey out of them rather than… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

Football fans are fickle. It is in their nature (myself included.) I completely agree with your sentiment – those who recognise what Wenger has done for the long-term stability of the club will stand by him to the end (and rightly so) The problem is that we live in a culture where success is defined by a number – and unfortunately AW has haunted by a big fat zero for a good few years now. I don’t think people are particularly turning on him any more than in the past – but he has made some pretty questionable recruitment decisions… Read more »


Football fans are fickle. It is in their nature (myself included.) maybe the weak characters are fickle. are we to allow the fears of the weak to determine wenger;s suitability as football manager? that is preposterous. i would say that when you know what youre about, noone can fool you when you dont know whats going on , you tend to get frustrated. as for this culture you say i disagree, i doubt spannish and italians or dutch and germans would show such disrespect, maybe its an english culture thing. arsenal is loved all over the world for what they… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

I don’t really think that the “fears of the weak” will determine the future of our manager. All sounds a tad dramatic and biblical to me. The person/people who will determine the future of our manager are more than capable of taking into account all factors – and ultimately the man who will decide this will be wenger himself. I am sure he understands the fickle nature of football fans as well as anyone does. Most people recognise the constraints he has operated under – and the majority of fans have shown great patience. Now that we are a financial… Read more »


Let’s be honest Wenger has only had to beat one team.


10yrs on and Wenger is still looking for “top, quality better than what we have.”

And let’s not pretend Ozil was a planned or some mastermind signing. We can do soooooo much, much better.

We’re” fighting” with Everton!! Everton!!! Everton who has about half our budget. So what if United were just OK this Season??

Has Wenger had to beat any other team other than a late 90s United team???????


I don’t understand. Are you saying it’s possible to have the best player in the world in every position? If not, then is it not true that we could still improve in some or all of the positions? Even if Ozil wasn’t planned, and let’s not pretend that any of us know that, how can you complain about a player who’s widely regarded as the best no.10 in the world? Who is this player that is “soooooo much, much better” than Ozil? Messi? Let’s just see how things are at the end of the season, ok? We have the easiest… Read more »


Has Wenger had to beat any team other than a late 90s United team????

Come on guys we get the emotional attachment but let’s at least try to be objective here.


objective ?


wenger has been competing with lesser budgets and lesser quality players due to stadium repayments and stupid fans who should be kissing his feet for hwat hes doen for them want to drive them out just cause media and rival trolls say so.

arsenal fans intelligence = sub zero.

opinions and bollocks…..

shut up and show respect


Injuries are no excuse for get whooped by Chelsea and Liverpool
There were two transfer windows to sign a striker I LOL’s when Wenger claimed he could play Ozil as a striker earlier this season!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Not once has Wenger said that.


“I do not know if we will strengthen this winter. Honestly, I want to see where we are at the end of December. And then we have Bendtner , Park. We have many solutions. Even Mesut Ozil has played there before.”


yes heihaci because wenger told them to go and lose like mugs 6-0….. i heard him tell ox to go dribble like messi….didnt you?

so what there were two transfers windows ? noone of his targets were available. do you suggest he just spent money for the sake of it… ?


yeah like put in a proper bid in the Summer to sign Suarez for a realistic amount instead of the 40 million and 1 pence farce


why pay more than the release clause?

to make liverpool or agents richer?

screw that, and if you want to blame someone blame the negotiators who didnt call henry’s bluff.


couldn’t agree with you more on the fact that injuries are no excuse to get whopped by that margin. But seriously did wenger really claim Ozil could play Ozil as a striker??


Wenger in December

“I do not know if we will strengthen this winter. Honestly, I want to see where we are at the end of December. And then we have Bendtner , Park. We have many solutions. Even Mesut Ozil has played there before.”


It’s so unlike Arsenal to be fucked by injuries. I don’t blame Wenger for not predicting this. It’s absolutely reasonable to assume that the same, notoriously injury prone, squad of 14/15 players can last an entire season on four fronts.


Last time I checked, we had a squad of 20 players who could all be reasonably called first team players. That’s not including Bendtner, Gnabry, Diaby, Sanogo or Zelalem.

But, you know, facts getting in the way of good stories and all that.


Goalkeepers 1 Wojciech Szczesny 13 Emiliano Viviano 21 Lukasz Fabianski Defenders 3 Bacary Sagna 4 Per Mertesacker 5 Thomas Vermaelen 6 Laurent Koscielny 17 Nacho Monreal 25 Carl Jenkinson 28 Kieran Gibbs Midfielders 7 Tomas Rosicky 8 Mikel Arteta 10 Jack Wilshere 11 Mesut Ozil 16 Aaron Ramsey 19 Santi Cazorla 20 Mathieu Flamini 24 Abou Diaby 29 Kim Kallstrom 58 Gedion Zelalem Forwards 9 Lukas Podolski 12 Olivier Giroud 14 Theo Walcott 15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 22 Yaya Sanogo 23 Nicklas Bendtner 31 Ryo Miyaichi 44 Serge Gnabry my maths is not that strong but I am pretty sure that… Read more »


Hot news: Benteke crocked for 3 months! Arsene get on that phone!


Clarification: “we could do sooo much better” was in regards to the level that we can compete at given out resources. (NOT “we can do soooo much better [than Ozil]).

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Could have bought some more strikers Arsene. Jesus.


Wenger has NEVER overachieved. He’s a serial underachiever. He’s only had to beat one team and during that time we had the 2nd highest resources so duuuuuuuh. Has he even won the Europa League?? Look at his CL record: 3 Qtr Finals round wins in 17yrs. Even during time when Porto were winning the CL. He’s always had either the 2nd-4th highest resources in the Premier League so getting into the CL consistently is the bare minimum any average coach would do. Now imagine a half decent Man United this Season (or next)? Can anyone look at us seriously an… Read more »


ok …….go pop that spot between your legs now and go to sleep….

Hereford Gooner

The squad that he inherited from Bruce Rioch and turned into a double winning team in a very short period of time was somewhat of an over achievement. Personally I am still haunted by an incident from the Bruce Rioch days. I got home from school and switched on Teletext and the headline read “Arsenal Make Triple signing.” If you are old enough to remember teletext you will know how long it takes to get from the headline page to the story. For two minutes I let my imagination run wild about this triple coup. When the page loaded it… Read more »


What’s up with this defending Wenger on the basis of “injuries” and all that.

There’s all some excuse, isn’t there? It’s 17yrs now!!!


This has been the case for several seasons now, how a man as Intelligent as Wenger hasn’t learned from the past is beyond comprehensible.


What’s up with this defending Wenger on the basis of “injuries” and all that.

There’s always some excuse, isn’t there? It’s 17 freaking yrs now!!!


Lovely. Now, please, all of you, go and win that fucking cup !!


How are injuries the fault of the manage alone?!?! Those suggesting that our players were overplayed hence why they became injured is ironic at best! You best players play, they start and they help you win games. Your yaya toure’s, suarez’s etc etc play every game. They just happened to be injury free. Those sugessting that our we needed more players are just not thinking before they speak. We needed a striker(s) and defender(s). They have played week in week out, only koscielny has become injured now. The rest midfielders, namely attacking. Some being injured prior to the season beginning.… Read more »

Dan D

Great news having our player of the year back. But what I find ironic about it all is cast your mind back a year ago, how many Gooners wanted rid of Ramsey? Shed loads is the answer.



Neil #2

Guardian reporting that it’s supplements that are the problem?


Our issues with depth are a myth, we have enough players. Buying more players is irrational when you look into the injuries we suffer. There is no such thing as a player who does not get injured, buying wont stop that new player from getting a season long injury. We have enough players,just that we have wierd injury situations. Where have you ever seen a club with all its fullbacks out at the same time,including the reserve team? This season at the begining we had all wide players except Gnabry out. We do not have depth issues and players wont… Read more »


There’s no rotation. If players are playing badly he continues to play them. Drop them give them a break and cine back firing on all cylinders. We could all see ozil needed a break for weeks yet he played 90 mins all the time. Ramsey needed a break. Rotate arteta give flamini more time. Simple

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