Sunday, April 2, 2023

Puma home and away kit and training gear revealed

No terrible puns this time, but here’s an image showing all the new Puma gear.

Home kit, away kit, training gear – even that weird puffy top which is supposed to make you look like you have a six pack or something.

Click to enlarge.



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Jim Handywithahammer

That picture of a girl as a foot is starting to freak me out now


Thank god you can see it as well. I was starting to think my wife has been secretly slipping LSD into my tea.

Merlin's Panini

Yeah I’ve had that one for a while but today it’s a guy whose arm stub (bitten off by a shark) has been tattooed so it looks like a dolphin. Surely an absolute nightmare for Blogs!

Third Plebeian

Taboola sponsored content. There are also celebrities without make-up and fish I should never (ever) eat.


The strangely attractive woman with a massive foot as a body…. No??! Jim handy with a hammer….are you secretly seeing my wife. If so I think she’s spiking you with mind bending drugs.


Is this like one of those pattern pics where you have to stare at it a certain way to see it like in Mallrats?


You dumb b*stard… it’s not a schooner, it’s a sailboat.


No-one else can see it. You can see it as a direct result of regularly searching google for Monopod pornography.

You filthy pervert.

You disgust me…

Third Plebeian

I see her as well. And that big dude with an impossibly massive upper body, beside some caption about how I won’t believe these people exist.

They’re right. I don’t believe it. Instead, I believe in photoshop and in the depths some retards will plumb to get internet traffic.

Oh, and I always include “bipedal” in my porn searches, so I know it’s not from that.


Skin tight!


Yeah. Too tight. If the ones sold to the public is tight as the one that Uruguay wore in the WC (also PUMA), then I will have to buy 2 sizes larger than norm.

Don Cazorleone

Not to worry! apparently there is a “new skinny pill taking the country by storm” to help us all out, if the one footed woman and Popeye man adverts are to be trusted…


That yellow kit. How premium. And the hoops <3 yea rooooooooooooooy

Gunner From Another Mother

Striped socks make me happy : ) Though I must admit I’m sad to see the blue/blue 3rd kit back…I really don’t like it for some reason. A nice white kit would have been cool


Considering santi is featured the atletico rumours must be complete bs

Master Bates

Or it’s because he’s a Puma player and still one of our best players

But yeah I hope the links are fake


They had the Dutch skunk feature in the latest kit’s promo right before he left. One hears he might miss out tonight because of a runny stomach. Am I the only one who is imagining a Godfather-themed Wenger dishing out cold revengeful poisoned lasagnas again? 😀

Lethbridge Gooner

If Santi does leave, as you cannot predict footballers these days with what they can do such as biting, little boy inside talking, having DNA etc, we will sign another forward without a doubt.


I mean the Dutck Skunk was featured before he jumped ship two years ago


Girl? Foot? What?

the farmer

The foot girl – maybe Puma should put her in a trainer?! Just a thought.


Wearing what? One giant hooped sock?


How poor from Puma. The away and third kits look exactly like the 2008-09 and 2011-12 away kits. What a rip off.


Also, the home kit; red with white sleeves AGAIN!




omg :O it’s SOOOO different! NOT. 😛


I’ve been skeptical towards the red writing on the away shirts, but they have grown on me, and I do like the entire set, and considering the fact that I am relatively skinny, these kits might actually fit really well!


Does it have to be so tight?

Harish P

Had to double check the headline to make sure it didn’t say “Kitt” this time haha

Jimmy the Saint

Ad Block removes all weird feet woman 😀

Master Bates

I have unblocked my adblock on your site Mr. Arse . because I wuv you


Curious about that, Mr. Blogs – do you get revenue just from having the ads appear, or do you only get revenue if someone actually clicks one of the ads?


I am not sold on the Puma kits. I think I will quick purchase last year’s kit from Nike as the go on sale. Not a fan of the red lettering on the yellow jersey.

Mental strength

Wow they look amazing, all that’s left is to deliver the kit to sanchez, like ladt year we can count on podolsky to deliver


I like them both. Refreshing to see a good home kit and an excellent away kit. Nike only made good away kits once every 4 years, this is a good start by Puma

5280 Gunner

Puma confirmed on Twitter that the replicas sold to the public will not be as tight as the player issued authentic jerseys. Which is good, because I much prefer beer to running.

Daan van Lith

But you can still buy the authentic version or not?


Have you ever been able to buy the authentic version? If so, where?

Daan van Lith

Yeah, Im from holland and there is shop called:”” where you can buy the authentic version.

5280 Gunner

That I don’t know. I know Nike used to sell authentics, but I’m unsure about Puma.


This is interesting, can you post the twit, twat whatever those fkn things are called

5280 Gunner

Sanchez is gonna look wicked in this kit!! COYG


6XL Whoop!


The kit maybe tight but at least there isn’t a massive cross in the middle. Btw, who saw my first goal against norwich! COYG!!!


Love the new kit, but does it really have to cost just shy of £70 to buy an away kit for a six year old?


Why do they have to be so figure hugging? 🙁

Also, that jacket Arteta is wearing is freaking disgusting. You know it’s bad if Lego-hair can’t pull it off.

Black Hei

I think it has more to do with the camera angle.


Would it be wrong to say to all the people moaning about how tight it is, to say why don’t you use this as a reason to lose weight as your obviously conscious of the fact your overweight. Selling kits and saving lives. Arsenal….you guys know how to do it.
I better hit the treadmill….


Honestly, I just don’t like the look of skin tight clothing (not on men anyway!). It looks stupid imo. And as a football kit?

Personally, I’m in decent shape, but tight clothing does make my nipples stick out.


I just read this comment again and realised it’s TMI.


Daan van Lith

That blue kit Giroud is wearing is looks a lot like the Italia kit love it!


I’m looking forward to seeing how our new number 8, Your Name, does.


Looks excellent! Let’s hope they change the awful cup lettering too! Now to decide, Alexis on the back of the home or away shirt???


Home shirt definetly.


And Ramsey away, or W/E 😀

AN Other

Love to get my hand on one.


So how are the diets going to fit into these skin tight shirts?


When did we sign Your Name? Great player. Can’t wait to see him play


Can’t wait to get ‘ McCringleberry ‘ on my new home kit. I understand he had his injury problems last year, but I can’t wait for him to make his debut.

Ant Lester

I don’t believe these pics. Only because I reckon Puma will be putting lots of fake stuff out themselves. We’ve only got to wait until Thursday night.

Transfer Window Is Bollocks

Perhaps one of each, red, yellow and blue. Trouble is even stitching all 3 toigether, I will still look like a fucking pig strangled with piano wire.


Does anybody know if you can get “infinity” signs on shirts? I was thinking getting Wenger on the back with infinity as the number


It’s just an 8 printed sideways … great thought, though, I may get that done next time I’m in London.


That settles it! I have to work out, or this could end up being a very awkward season.

Merlin's Panini

Just buy a size bigger than you normally would.

Rocky Rocastle

A tight kit to highlight our beer drinking, bacon loving well maintained body’s. How great is that. Cant wait to get down to the pub and see all the man boobs bouncing up and down in high detail when we score. Thank you for that Puma..

The blue one was kind of cool though.


I don’t see Wenger’s puffy coat on here. You can’t tell me they didn’t include the most important piece!


Uach, awful skin tight Puma kits… No Arsenal jerseys for the next 5 years for me :'(


It looks like santi is doing some capoeira


Notice how Ozils feet are cropped out in the pics cause of his Adidas deal. Also surprised Poldi isn’t part of this promo stuff given his love of all things media.

FIFA are dodgy

I was worried Ozil had a serious double foot injury!

Loaded cannon

Will they be selling the blue?


Meh…….. not a big fan of them all.. but the blue 3rd strip seems quite nice… doesn’t really matter, if we sign Sanchez, they’ll still be getting a fair chunk of my wages on the arsenal online store.


Not a fan of Puma’s designs, this looks alright though. I’d prefer the traditional and simple kit, just red with white sleeves instead of all that fancy stuff but this’ll do.


Have to admit, looks better than first feared.
Anyone with me that the red detail (sponsor and logo) on the yellow kit, would look better if blue of even white? I actually like the yellow training kit better than the away shirt, for the same purpose.

As for fit, I’d skip this collection entirely and stick with Nike for at least one more season.

Merlin's Panini

Nah, I think it looks much better in red than it would in blue or white. Gives it a nice contrast.


ahh that’s a relief.

I was beginning to get worried that the kit showcased on the main website over previous week was going to be it.

not much need to improve something that is already a classic to be honest.

prince emineys

I ll buy one writen Alex Sanchez

Andy Mack

worrying that Tommy V isn’t in the pictures.

Merlin's Panini

The yellow kit is a tasty little number isn’t it? Very class of ’89.
I’m assuming that blue number is the third kit. It’s a bit similar to the “jockey” kit we had a couple of seasons ago, but not quite as bad.
The first and second kits are a great start by Puma though in my opinion.

Dave Gooner

There’s been a white one worn by OG, MA and SC on the club website for the past few weeks advertising the new kit.

No sign of it here though.

Merlin's Panini

I think it was just a plain mock up to keep people guessing and to build anticipation. I didn’t like that it had to be white though. A bit too Sp*rsy for me.

Juan Cornetto

Has no one else noticed that they’ve given Arteta’s shirt to ‘Your Name’? Who the dickens is that? Are they selling our spanish midfield general?

Merlin's Panini

Yeah, we’re swapping him with a Ghanaian midfielder called Idunnowa Your-Name


Santi looks adorable in the Toddler Away kit

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