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Vermaelen sends farewell message

Former skipper Thomas Vermaelen has said thanks to Arsenal and the fans after his move to Barcelona.

The Belgian signed a five year deal with the Catalan club, but took time to post a message on his Facebook page to say goodbye to the Gunners.

“After 5 years at Arsenal – and the last 2 years a proud captain too – it’s time for me to move on,” he said.

“The club, the team, the fans, the manager, the staff and other employees, you all made me feel at home at both the training ground and the Emirates Stadium. It was a wonderful time and I feel blessed I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of such a great club.

“There have been so many wonderful games and experiences, with lifting the FA Cup as an absolute highlight. I would like to thank you all for your support, it was a huge honour to be a Gunner!”

Vermaelen was also praised by Arsene Wenger for his professionalism after what was a difficult period in his career.

Speaking after today’s 3-0 win over Man City, the boss said, “I allowed Thomas Vermaelen to leave before the end of the season because he was not playing regularly, he behaved outstandingly the whole season with dignity.

“It’s difficult to maintain that kind of player at the top level if he doesn’t play regularly. I’m quite grateful and wish him very well because his behaviour was outstanding even if he didn’t play.”

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Total respect for the guy even if he wasn’t the best defender he never moaned and accepted his role.


Tv5 is a good player, we once called him the Super Vermaelen. Just that he did not fit into Arsenal set up when he lost form.
Barcelona wouldn’t have signed him and Manchester united wouldn’t have wanted him if he was not that good.
I respect him, with all the difficulties he faced at Arsenal he still stayed loyal
Now he leaves with class to another good team.
I love our former captain and I sure wish him well
…Shut up Already N-ass-ri!!!!
Ok bye.


Class act.

Adams Jnr.

What a dude, and left in the right way. Thanks for everything Thomas and best of luck to you.


and $amir wonders why he gets shit, THIS is the way your supposed to leave, with a bit of class.


Gotta a lot of love for the verminator. I will remember you for the performances that earned you that moniker and the armband. Give ol’ bitey a good cunting on the training ground for us!


Coming a day after a certain French egomaniac of Algerian descent couldn’t help but snipe, the contrast couldn’t be starker. Good luck in Barcelona, captain, and thanks for the memories.


A lot of respect for Vermaelen. Not once did he moan last year, he bided his time, took the chances he got and showed a lot of dignity and class whilst he was here, and whilst leaving. This is the kind of player that gets a warm reception on their return to the Emirates. Hope he does well, unless of course we run into Barca in the round of 16, YET AGAIN!


Top lad. When the boss says he is grateful to a player who is actually leaving the club and in the process weakening his team, it speaks very highly of the player. Thanks Thomas.


Best of luck Tommy boy!


And thank you for everything you were a great leader if you were playing or not you will always be remembered by the arsenal

Petit's Handbag

Very classy, a lot of respect for TV. So glad he left the Premier League, still believe he has a lot to offer.

Giroud Awakening

How good does it feel that Man U and Barca fought it out for someone that can’t even get in our team?


Kinda tempered by how pants-shitty it feels having only two recognised CB’s ( 3 if you count chambers ) in the squad and only one of which is currently fit and ready for the new campaign in a weeks time.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Now that is how you leave a club !!

Dial square

Can’t believe we nearly swapped him for that useless cunt Smalling…


Partly gutted that he didn’t drag the deal a bit so he would have gotten to lift one last trophy before leaving..


Bye thomas, gonna miss you man.


Thank you verminator. We shall miss you #COYG


He’s been a proper professional from day 1, and I wish him all the best. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if he returned as a coach or some such thing one day, as there’s a lot to learn from him regarding attitude and class.


Lets hope he regain his top form in La Liga and score loads of goals and make vital tackles like he used to at Arsenal. But i hope he scores an own goal if we play Barca in the CL.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Quite the contrast with our last captain’s leving statement


apparently the kid in TV5 got a brain in his skull than that of the dutch skunk

adam t

So now Arteta is our captain, will Atletico bid for him before the transfer window shuts

The curse of being our captain….

Chambers of Secrets

Very classy, the perfect way to leave the club. Love him for going to Barcelona rather than Man Utd as well, though not sure how much of that was up to him.


Blessings TV. That impact he had! the backpost header at Everton followed by a couple of bangers, marauding
forward like a striker and of course being a defensive leader when we had little to none.
Quite the C.V too. Baller

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Class personified! Thanks Tommy!


Quite a player, this guy. ..


Thanks captain… A gent indeed. Wish you the very best @ Barca.

Merlin's Panini

Class act. I feel grateful for having had such a consummate professional at the club. He seems like a top bloke and was a fantastic example as captain even when he wasn’t having the best of times. I don’t begrudge him his move. We couldn’t offer him the playing time he deserved and he chose to leave in a way that also benefitted the club (ie not strengthening a rival). If he was desperate to go to Man Ure he could’ve easily kicked up a stink (like a good for nothing skunk) but seeing as it all went through rather… Read more »


Au revoir to those lovely, high cheekbones!

Goonies, I shall see you next week. I fancy chance against the nachos, but the new kid looks tough!


I know it has been said a lot, but THAT is how you’re supposed to leave a club. Praise the fans, praise the club, and walk away. Good luck in Spain TV5.


What a class act – a true scholar and a gentleman. He handled a very difficult situation all last season with dignity, humility, and professionalism, and is a perfect example of the high standards to which Arsenal expects you to behave. Good luck to you, Thomas, wherever you go!


What a true gent, I hope he gets enough playing time over in Spain and he enjoys life over there. Although a PR company may have been involved, I think that TV5’s common sense and characteristics have shone through over the past 18 months and is a role model in how to handle a less than ideal situation in the lime light of professional football. We all wanted the situation to be different, but the fact he’s playing for the best club team over the past decade and we have one of the most solid central defensive first choice partnerships… Read more »


Oh the irony of your last point, as our defensive rearguard has disintegrated in front of our noses.


Bon vayage our Captain…

the little boy in sanchez

But he shld have stayed and lifted the community shield as captain,best sendoff. .totaly deserves it


Thomas always oozed class on and off the pitch.
An awful lot more that you can say for that cuntJohn Terry and the wanker that is nasri. Right then who next on the Arsenal hit list.


Class on & off the pitch; never disrespected Arsenal or Arsene. Good luck & look forward to maybe meeting again the Champs Lge Final! 😉

Jack Jumblies

It also feels good that he’s not leaving for ManUre. Credit to Wenger and Arsenal for not letting that happen.

Michael Rammell

Good luck to him. I hope he doesn’t get bitten by Suarez! 🙂

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

We shall never forget your goal with the score tied 1-1 in the 95th minute vs. Newcastle at home during the 2011-2012 season. Your goal celebration with the tongue sticking out… classic.

Gooner Stoner

And samir is still a cunt in Manchester.


I will remember TV5s performance v Sp*rs last season. Not for what he did on the pitch but what happened in the pre match photo op with the mascot! Truly class and fully in tune with us fans.


Class act will be missed

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