Monday, November 28, 2022

Video: Community Shield tunnel cam

Via the FA comes the official Tunnel Cam video from today’s Community Shield triumph.

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Great video again, Wilshere at 2.10 was great!


Oli and his bloody hair!


(on wilshere) wasn’t he just, he looked pretty cocky there at 2:07 and confident.

Giroud Awakening

Martin Tyler is a serious lick arse to Kompany


Well done boys! Now, lets win the the league!


Touré to Wenger in the tunnel :

“Please Arséne sign me, Nasri is doing my head in,i can’t stand the sight of his chin and he didn’t give me a cake for my birthday”


chin? where?


*Wenger says

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Love Giroud’s little ‘Alright mate’ at the end

Giroud Awakening

Yaya Toure and Wenger at 3.30 haha classic


Did ye see Dzeko following the arsenal team in at half time, 4.05. Is he colour blind or does he want to play for us


Who wouldn’t want to play for us?!?


“Nobody is too good to play for Arsenal” – Arsene Wenger.


Why am I not surprised by L’Oreal hoarding the trophy at the end..


because of his tap in?


Excellent ! Sometimes an almost silent film, speaks volumes. That did.


Arteta can seriously wear a suit.

Black Hei

Arteta, Rosicky and the Boss carries those Lanvin suits very well.

Ha, can’t say the same for Carzola, Sanchez and Wilshire.


This sent me on a lovely spree of watching all of the highlights from our FA Cup run last season. Cheers for that, blogs!


3:20 – i thought AW slapped cazorla on the bum. most likely a pat on the back

joe and our jack coming in at 4:15. dont know why he’s mates with head and shoulders.


Seeing the boss through the lens of a non media camera shows him as one of the lads. Genius and Top bloke


I’m sure Toure says “hello Boss” (3.31)….then something about comin to us in January 😉


Why January, window open till August 31st. *Rubs hands like Wenger*


Looking at nasri and clichy looking our Rambo, Jack, Santi and gibbo realizing we didn’t really miss out on much #coyg

Springbank 1965

Giroud’s goal wasn’t as lucky as some people may be thinking. He scored exactly the same, for France, against Norway in May.

Then I thought it seemed a bit flukey. Now, I’m thinking he could do this much more often.


L’equipe (French sport newspapers) doesn’t mention any deflection. They are usually right. And after seeing replays, I believe it is a genuine gaol. A GREAT GOAL.


never had wenger down as a butt-smacking kind of motivator… perhaps they’d all watched that episode of friends where “Chandler is greatly appreciated by his boisterous boss Doug, but finds it unsettling to receive the highest praise in the form of systematical swatting of his posterior” on the coach to wembley :-/


I loved this


Chambers surprised by a wenger arse slap at 3.18

Thin Gooner

Is it me or are we unbeaten at the new Wembley? 2/2 trophies


I’m pretty sure we lost our calamitous Carling Cup final there…..


Things I noticed and liked: 1) Jack is pretty vocal in the dressing room! Before chasing Giroud up, he seemed to be shouting encouragement to the team before we came out. Unsurprising, but encouraging. 2) Ospina congratulating Szczesny at half-time and high-fiving Koscielny as if they were life-long best mates…. Ramsey said in a post-match interview that this is the closest knit group he has been part of at Arsenal. The new players seem to have have integrated well. 3) Wenger exuding class as usual, shaking hands etc. Things I noticed which I didn’t like: 1) Koscielny hobbling into the… Read more »

This Is My #aha Tell Me Yours

No, you’re right. That guy was probably there before them, and went home after them, and makes one 1000th what they earn. I think you should always thank somebody for a simple job, like a waitress bringing you a cup of tea or a guy holding a door for you. Maybe a complimetary fruit basket with those nice cheeses underneath wouldn’t go amiss. To be fair to the lads, they were in their own little world and fair enough, but you should never forget the guy or girl who does that shit for you. On the other hand, maybe a… Read more »

Malaysian Gooner

I think Ospina won’t have much problems fitting into this dressing room. He’s one of the few who speaks both dominant languages in the dressing room (Spanish and French).


I’ve always wondered what’s in Wenger’s bag.

Bean flicker

It’s like someone got electrocuted at 6:43


Do they know they’ll get beat 3-0! Do they know they’ll get beat 3-0! Do they know, oh do they know, do they know they’ll get best 3-0! F***off mancshites!


Saw Wenger and yaya toure talking at the beginning and Wenger checking the wallet at the end.

Brian Mendoza


– Giroud



Glad to see Clichy acknowledging Wenger. If anyone recalls the tunnel cam between Arsenal and City 2 years back at the Etihad Stadium, in which Clichy was snub by Wenger. The expression on Clichy that day was pricessless.


Who’s that lady Arteta whose hair got ruffled by Arteta at 6:06? And then acknowledged by Santi few seconds later?

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