Sunday, March 3, 2024

UEFA drop Arsenal charges, fine Galatasaray

Arsenal are set to receive compensation from Galatasaray for the damage caused to the Emirates Stadium by their fans in the Champions League game last month.

The Turkish side were fined €50,000 by UEFA for the flares and fireworks let off inside the Arsenal ground, and in a statement they also said, “The Turkish team have also been ordered to contact Arsenal FC within 30 days for the settlement of the damages caused by its supporters.”

Seats were ripped up and other damage caused as Arsenal won the game 4-1 on the night, and although the Gunners had also been charged for ‘insufficient organisation’ [allowing Galatasaray fans in with the pyrotechnics), those charges have been dropped.

Arsenal face Anderlecht in Europe on Wednesday, and will go to Istanbul on December 9th for the return fixture against Galatasaray.

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Red Cannon

I had to look at the calendar to make sure that it wasn’t April Fool’s Day, given that this makes so much sense– behavior that I would never expect from UEFA.

Saffa Gooner

Our luck has turned!


Common sense + UEFA = This truly is the end of the world.


If I won an all expenses paid trip to the away leg I wouldn’t go near that place. Give it to Piers Morgan, maybe.


This obviously means we’re gonna win the Champions league this year.

True Red

Oh my god! How will they ever pay a fine that large?

I’m almost moved enough to start a whip round for them.

Oh wait, they were a dirty bunch of fouling cunts. When UEFA looks at the “tackle” by Melo and gives him a ten game ban for endangering the career of a fellow professional I’ll think justice has been done

Mark Hughes

Has Arsene been suspended instead? Isn’t that what Platini likes to do?

A K 57

I am glad that common sense has prevailed. However, I was expecting a standium ban for Galatasaray fans for away games. That’s the only way they would learn.


50K is nothing. They should have had their fans banned or to play to an empty stadium at home. Ridiculous. What the fans did endangered life.

Double, Double, Double....

Relief, disgusting from their fans who decided to not only disrupt the game but to also proceed to throw missiles at club level after, women and children sit there.. About time UEFA saw some sense..


They must have realized belatedly how Stupid they looked to have the thought to even fine us in the first place. With regard formation : There is a tendency for us to keep bleating about it just like there is a tendancy to keep bleating about a non existent problem in DM at the moment. Frankly 4-14-1 IS 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1. It just depends where you want to put the emphasis. It’s all moot. Wenger plays a mobile attacking 3 midfielders behind the main striker. The idea is to accommodate versatility since we have Ozil, Santi and Alexis all comfortable… Read more »


Did you mistake the arseblog news comments section for your own blog?


Vent elsewhere, bro. At least make sure you’re under the proper article before you decide to comment. And if you’re that desperate at making yourself heard, start your own blog.


I had a nice pie for dinner tonight


It’s a beautiful thing!
Hands up to UEFA.

Szczesny's left thumb

in other unrelated news, I realized a few minutes ago that super mediocre Man U were losing to West Brom. I thought to find some more amusement by checking their league standing against ours. Alas! Mediocre huh?


Everyone speaks of the importance of stability and consistency in a club, and no clubs in Europe are more stable or consistent in terms of leadership than our club, yet we cant challenge clubs swapping managers and staff every other year. Our Wage bill even exceeds Chelsea’s now, and we still cant mount a challenge for the title.


Dirty stabby murdering scum fans should be banned from everywhere and team from all europe forever.


Hoping all gooners come home safely from the return trip


Just commenting here, as is this is most recent.

I have to say I am really bored of all the same old crap with our team and actually football!…after 45 years of supporting the Gunners I think I may have had enough, (referees, signings, too much money in the game, players not caring, pundit idiots, yank owners, Russian money, diving, wags, 4 1 4 73 fucking 3… blah, blah, blah,) I might possibly consider getting a fucking life beyond all of this bollocks!


Thumbs up to that!


First: I’m super glad that Arsenal won’t have more trouble from this.
Secondly: WHAT?! The host can go clear?!
Of course the vandalism performed on the chairs are hard to guard yourself against. (And good that this is acknowledged and handled).
But when fans can bring contraband inside the stadium, the host will have to assume some responsibility.
As I see it, the only way for this to make sense is if the flares have been ignored in the ruling.


The only people responsible for bringing flares into the ground are the people who brought flares into the ground. What should Emirates security do? Strip search everyone? Pretty sure these losers didn’t carry the stuff in their backpacks or pockets. We know where they had ’em, and I hope they’ve got itchy insides.
Good about-face from UEFA.


I’m glad our charges were dropped (it was only common sense that they should be) but I’m appalled at the meagre slap on the wrist Galatasaray got. If UEFA were serious about stamping out that kind of behaviour, the fine would have had another zero on the end of it, Galatasaray would not be allowed to take travelling supporters anywhere for the rest of this year’s CL and EL, and they’d have to play the return leg against Arsenal behind closed doors.

palace gunner

Thats more money in the kitty, fans should know how to behave causing riots is a big crime especially in england, i understand the procedures on the search was weak with galatasaray fans, as to them bringing flame throwers and other health and safety gear coyg

i want to boff welbz and I'm not even gay

Kroenke rang UEFA and said can’t you just take points off us rather than my lovely money?


On today’s news, Arsenal were fined €500,000 and Wenger was given a two-month touchline ban because the sun rose in the east this morning.


*IN today’s news, that is …

fresh prince

Didn’t our fans throw flares the week after?


At the Chav’s place. Who would be able to tell if explosives had been set off there? And anyway, if the FA had any sense, they’d give us a trophy for doing that.


wow even uefa are starting to feel sorry for us.

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