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Cazorla: Sanogo goal was vital

Santi Cazorla believes Yaya Sanogo’s early goal helped Arsenal set the tempo in their 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund and hopes the result, which saw the Gunners qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, will serve as a marker for future performances.

Speaking after the match to, the Spanish international, who was instrumental in the build up to Sanogo’s second minute opener, reflected that the home side worked hard to secure a result that leaves them with an outside chance of coming top of Group D.

“It was a very good result for us. With this result we have qualified and the team played well. The first goal was important for us – [Yaya] Sanogo played very well today and had a good combination with me and the most important thing is the finish from him.

“The goal was very important for the team, [enabling us to] play more easily. We pressed high, had a good spirit and played very well. We need to continue playing the same and now focus on the league again.

“When you finish first, you can play against another team – not Barça, not Madrid, not PSG. It is difficult because we need Dortmund to lose or draw at home and for us to win at Galatasaray, but we want to win that last game.

“Alexis [Sánchez] is very important for us. He is in a good moment for the team and I hope he continues to play the same. He is a very important player for Arsenal.”

Losing for the third time in his managerial career to Arsenal – Wednesday night’s win following last year’s 1-0 at the Westfalenstadion and the 2-1 at the Emirates in 2011 – Jurgen Klopp accepted his Dortmund side deserved to return home empty handed.

“It took a while to get into the game. It was the worst possible start to concede such a quick goal. There were situations and moments where we were able to do what we wanted, but those moments were minimal. There were just too many times we weren’t good enough, and Arsenal were deserved winners tonight.

“We will get better through work. That’s the plan. We have to work. Work always works in life. In a negative period it seems like nobody takes it. We always work hard and try to improve things – same as we’re doing now – but we’re having a difficult period and we’re not confident. You can work hard to get the luck in life, and sometimes you can work hard and think you have given everything and you still do not get the win.

“We were not courageous enough tonight, we did not close the gaps and we were not close enough to the players. There were a thousand reasons why we were not good enough.”



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palace gunner

He scored at the right time as he
A striker first goal this c/lge needs more headers in box but santi passes gd and alexis mustard coyg gibbs to the team can do well the pace of the match and tactics keeper did well

supa dupa



He mustard meant to say something else. I’ll ketchup with him later and ask him..

5 Live Crew

whatever condiment to say, he’s an unreliable sauce…

The Playmaker

Spot on.

Az Ahmed

MmmmMmmmmmmmm mustard arghrgrhrhrgrghhhhh


You forgot to slot in an aha somewhere in the middle. Also dench if you like.


Finally, someone fluent in Klingon. Well in, the world needs you!


Is it goal difference or goals scored that decides who finishes first if we end with a win and Dortmund draw?


First tie-breaker is head-to-head amongst the tied teams. We’re level with Dortmund on that, since both matches were 2-0 to the home side. Next tie-breaker is goal difference. Dortmund have a six-goal advantage over us at present, but if we win and they draw that will change: … if we beat Galatasary by seven or more, we win the group. … if we beat Galatasaray by five or less, we finish second. … if we beat Galatasary by exactly six, it comes down to goals scored. If we outscore Dortmund on the day by three or more (i.e., 6-0 and… Read more »


Hav to agree that didn’t make sense


The shots when taken, were taken well (even OX’s crossbar hit). The shock and glee on the face of Sanogo was priceless. I hope he does grow into an Henry-esque striker but only time will tell. After seeing how Chambers is dominating, I don’t believe we need a DM in January, we already have a temporary one. When Debuchy returns to RB we can play Chambers at DM against teams like City and Cheslea. Then in Summer, when the true world-class players are available, we can purchase a truly powerful DM to add to the team. We still need a… Read more »


Actually, having just seen on Sky Sports that Wilshere is out for 3 months (fuck sake), we do need a temp loan DM in January. I think I’m starting to sound like Wenger now….


We needed that early goal, just like how the invincibles did things.

And besides we have a group of bottles as the games wear on, the longer the match goes without a goal, the more our players panick and pour men forward. Also helps in conserving energy and reducing chances of fatigue and injuries by them pushing endlessly for the 90mins.


If barca finishes 2nd, will we consider PSG as beatable opponents?


Sorry G Man, but we need two internationals in every position. We need to buy a Cdm and 2 CB’s in Jan.

NO MORE Pussyfooting around!


wasnt it a joy to see Santi back to his best
anyone got any ideas on why it clicked for him last night?

Arsene's Zip

Because class is permanent.


I doff my hat, sir.


I think, because he started the game, and had a point to prove, and BVB did not close down as quick as they did in the first game. And as Arsenes zip said, class is permanent. And Santi has been class ever since he joined the club, great buy! And so far i will always remind him for the free kick in the FA cup final, and his goal against Spuds. Little magician.


Maybe that ‘dressing room showdown’ at the weekend worked? Perhaps there should be a compulsory lock-in after every match in future! I’m still harbouring doubts, but you cannot fault the professional way the team went out and got a result last night.


I feel Dortmund have the same problems, like us, they lack of confidence! It is easy to admire Klopp but Wenger is better than him and the funs in Germany adores Klopp, supporting him every oppurtunity! Our supporters need to learn to stand up with the team, unconditionally!


Yet some demented fans would prefer Klopp.

We just beat him FFS. and he lies 16th in the Bundesliga, a far less challenging league than the PL.

Alobam(nwa 9ja)

oh Sanogo

Bouldy's Tupee

Sanogo hold up play and little back heel flick to Cazorla was brilliant. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era for him.


Much more like it last night. It wasn’t just the fact Dortmund didn’t close us down as much as the first game. They tried to from the off but every time they did we came away with the ball. We were much more focused, sharper and surer in our touch. You can only put that down to the players showing more determination and more focus last night – evident too in they way we kept our defensive shape. I’m happy but I can’t help thinking why we can’t do that week in week out. Anyways onwards and upwards, same again… Read more »


The retarded thing is this team has so much latent potential 1) Alexis has now encouraged positive developments out of Ox. Walcott is set to return adding strength in depth. We still have Poldy lingering in the shadows if not Campbell. 2) We have all 3 striking options in Giroud, Welbeck and now Sanogo. 3) Jack is out (Hope he doesn’t develop Diabytis) but if Ramsey can do the simple things like last night, we have an effective platform formed next to Flamini (Yes he isn’t Arteta or a mythical physically imposing giant DM but what did their DM do… Read more »


Great contribution from Santi too for both goals. If he gets used to his Puma kit, he may also start weighing in with goals Clearly we are playing a Dortmund side on holiday since their league form is atrocious and they are not worried we can catch them in the CL us being but 2 points off. I mean they have been struggling selling their best players and did not have key players available unlike us. We had Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott, Jack, Ozil, Debuchy, Szsc all available yesterday. Encouraging signs with ox starting to carry some of the weight of… Read more »


Positives : 1) Beating Dortmund. detractors claim they are lying in 16th with no thing to play for in the CL. I would think there is plenty to play for when your form is abject (Imagine us at 16th spot) and topping the group with that form in mind is not forgone (Considering we have closed the gap to 2) When they beat us in dortmund (same score line), they were brilliant, and we could not live with them. When we beat them, its because their key players are out neglecting of course the fact that we had a few… Read more »


Look, most of us here are not whingers and we agree with much of what you say. But you don’t need to beat us over the head with it. Cutting and pasting the same post into multiple threads isn’t required.

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