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Trio of Arsenal matches rearranged for TV

Arsenal have had three fixtures in the New Year selected for live broadcast on Sky Sports.

The matches against Stoke City, Manchester City and Aston Villa – all previously Saturday kick-offs – have been pushed back 24 hours.

The negatives. First, if you had plans on the Sunday, you’re going to have to make your excuses. Second, trains to Manchester are a bit more of a ball ache for the travelling supporters. We still have to play Stoke.

The positives. Arsenal can’t ruin your Saturday night out (timezone dependent). You won’t have to watch a jumpy, 6 inch stream via Iraq Goals (if you have the channel).

Arsenal v Stoke City

Sunday, January 11, 2015 (previously Saturday, January 10)
Kick-off: 1.30pm

Manchester City v Arsenal
Sunday, January 18 (previously Saturday, January 17)
Kick-off: 4pm
Now live on: SKY SPORTS

Arsenal v Aston Villa
Sunday, February 1 (previously Saturday, January 31)
Kick-off: 1.30pm

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Mesut Aussie

Mongrels… We’ll I’m hoping that’ll be a nice start to those weeks earligh Monday mornings in the land of oz…


The City game is going to start at 3am… Fucking hell.


Not to be a total José here but…
Isn´t it 24 hours onwards?


No he’s correct it is “pushed back” when a game is moved to later and it is “pulled forward” when a game is moved earlier. This of course can be confusing and the same lingo is used when organising business meetings.


If you imagine the match (or meeting) is an object in front of you and you are gradually moving forwards in time towards it….
If you make it later then it is further away and has moved backwards.
If you make it earlier then it is closer so has moved forwards


Of course if you are moving forwards and the date is made later it would be moving in the same direction as you so would also be moving forwards..

You’re right it is confusing 😀


I love the deep and meaningful topics of debate that are cultured on arseblog 🙂


Damn Jose!

Cygan Is My Religion

Iraq Goals is classic


Another pro: we’re not playing Manchester in an early kickoff if this can help avoid some dreadful performances like the ones we saw last year..

Az Ahmed

The only thing that gives me optimism is that every team more often than not goes through a bad patch in the season. Chelsea have not had their bad patch yet. We are going through ours right now and Wenger has conceded the title to Mourinho (not exactly, but what he has said is if Chelsea keep this up, they will end up with more than 100 points. He is right and it is kind of a mind game, putting pressure on Chelsea). Chelsea will have more difficult matches in the second half of the season, while ours will be… Read more »


Guess we ve come over the jinx of Saturday early kickoffs. This season, it’s the Sunday matches, be it any time. We played three matches on Sunday since the start of the season, yet to win a match! Is this a new psychology thing?


Only now you’ve mentioned it, as we know BFG reads Arseblog, it’ll be giving them sleepless Saturday nights.

Mark Hughes

You can also see my face in glorious HD.


Dear god no.

Fireman Sam

“If you have the channel” – like what you did there


Perfect times for our new centre midfielder and centre back to make names for themselves eh?

Man Manny

I have a feeling our season will be in reverse:-
have an injury ravaged first half and then have a strong push in the 2nd half with everyone fit and new signings bedding in.
CL football is assured next season in that case.

Fireman Sam

I have that feeling too. I think it’s called optimism. Or maybe, “surely to fuck this string of disastrous injuries and shite performances can’t continue much longer can it?”ism


Thing is, the injuries aren’t even that bad. We have two defenders out, which in most seasons would be a reason to rejoice, and only really Giroud out in attacking areas, now that Theo has returned.

It’s just where they are, and the lack of cover that has screwed us, rather than disastrousness (I’m sure that’s a word).

As long as two of Debuchy/Kos/Mert stay fit we’ll be fine, anything else and the midfield will seriously need to step it up.


Also Mesut Ozil, unless you’re implying he neither defends nor attacks.


It’s called Opium

Me So Hornsey

In time to smash the league apart in 2015-16?


Nothing unusual in 5he factbour matches are moved about. Normally id complain about it being a ball ache but for a change we have plenty of notice.


I fucking hate 1.30 kick offs on a Sunday. FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I hate any kick-off earlier than 3:00p, because your 3:00p is our 7:00a. We’ve got a pub here that opens for us at 7:00a, but they won’t open for anything earlier. So, no meet-ups for Stoke or Villa. Fuck it, maybe I’ll just fly over for them. Anyone got a spare 3,000 quid?

Fool of a Took

Meh, this only means that my girlfriend will be annoyed with me on a Sunday instead of a Saturday (for ignoring her, throwing stuff at the TV and screaming demonic insults to whoever is around).

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