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Rosicky: I’m fit to play, I’m not sure why I don’t

Arseblog News waited with baited breath to see which of Lukas Podolski and Tomas Rosicky would comment first on their lack of game time at Arsenal having been called up by their respective national teams.

In the end it was the German press who got their man first, but sure enough the Czech media weren’t far behind. Poor Poldi and Tomas, not an Interlull goes by without the two of them being hounded by journalists for a quote about Arsene Wenger’s pesky team selection policy…

Last time out Tomas – something of a Czech national treasure – got a bit fed up answering the same old guff. This time he spoke a bit more openly, claiming he’s in perfectly good shape despite recently turning 34-years-old.

“I’m not sure what’s going on,” he told “I understand that I am 34-years-old and that it probably plays a role whether I like it or not. That’s without a doubt. However, I’m not in physical decline.

“When I played for the national team against Holland I ran 12km and according to the tests at Arsenal I’m in the top five in terms of speed.”

“We are on good terms, so I do not really know what it is. It is purely a coach’s decision. It’s not my decline. My health is fine too. Of course I want to play, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

Asked whether a tactical shift at the Emirates could be a reason behind him starting only one game this season, Rosicky continued:

“It’s possible. Compared to last season we’ve changed the system and again have started playing 4-4-2. The coach is trying to find a system that best suits the players, and vice versa.

“I’m not in this alone, there are other players in a similar boat. When we do get a chance it’s harder for us to get into our rhythm.

“So far this season has been disappointing for us. We haven’t played well and when I’ve played I’ve not been at the forefront of things.”

With a couple of months until the transfer window opens again, Rosicky was also asked about the possibility of a move to pastures new…or indeed old.

“It is still far away. There are still two months and we’ll see what happens when the winter transfer market window opens. So far, I’ve not thought about it at all.

“Sparta [Prague] will for me always be something I’m asked about because I’m a huge fan, but at the moment it’s not on the cards.”

You’d hardly say Tomas is throwing his toys out of the pram, he just seems very down at the fact he’s not being afforded the opportunities that previous years have thrown his way. Having experienced all manner of highs and lows since joining in 2006 he’s well equipped to cope, but you suspect he’ll be giving serious thought to a bumper contract elsewhere if things don’t pick up before the end of the season. For what it’s worth, we don’t see him leaving before the summer…

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I love you Tomas and I want to see you play.


Couldn’t agree more. Apart from Jack, he’s the only player prepared to drive forward through the middle of the park and that can give momentum to attacks. Too often on Sunday did we seem to get forced out wide and as a result crosses coming into the box where Danny has to compete with two massive Swansea centre backs. I’m not saying he should start games but both he and Poldi could be such vital impact subs. I genuinely feel for the guy. Sort it Wenger.


The substitutions this season have genuinely been bizarre.. they’re obviously pre-planned at around 70 minutes regardless of the game state. I find myself thinking “Is Arsene even watching the game!?” at times. Just not good enough. Subs should be reactive and reflect clear intension to have a positive effect on the outcome of the game. I just don’t see that enough from us anymore.. and the lack of rotation is even more worrying. Sick of hearing “our players were a little bit jaded” and “we played well for 70 minutes”.. well, how about a little bit of rotation to freshen… Read more »


It’s inevitable. Rosicky, Podolski, J Campbell, etc – they will all end up leaving either in January or in the Summer. Whatever it is that’s happening (i.e. – why Arsene kept these players on the roster but refuses to play them even on a rotation basis) behind the scenes, this will be all on AW in the end. All the success and failures, AW will have to bare the blame. Players are frustrated and the fans are frustrated as well. But I assume AW is also frustrated. Not sure if AW has run out of ideas, or if this season… Read more »


One of the reasons (besides being the first trophy in almost a decade ofc) i enjoyed the FA cup win last season was cuz of Rosicky, at least once he retires he can say he won something with us. Love this player


Wenger’s inability/refusal to rotate players has been an issue for years now. Mourinho, Ferguson, etc., all the top clubs’ managers past and present always rotated and rotate players except Wenger. Always a predictable starting XI against big teams or smaller teams, every year resulting in discontent players who want to play but can’t.


we all know tomas is in no physical decline
and we all know arsene is in a mental decline


Both TR and Wenger are getting on a bit TBH
Thomas didnt exactly do a Messi against the Saints at the Emirates did he?


May be not but that’s because Wenger hadn’t hardly played him. Any player needs a run in the team to get the best from them.


I love this guy. And I bloody hate how Wenger is treating him. Top 5 in speed? That’s bloody crazy for a guy who’s 34. What’s worse, is Wenger keeps saying the players might be ‘jaded’ from midweek, and he’s the one who doesn’t rotate even woefully out of form players like Cazorla and Ramsey for such quality. I love Rosicky, and just imagine him Sanchez and Welbeck closing down defenses like crazy. I don’t know why Wenger is SO reluctant in rotating, or even giving them a good 30 minutes as sub. Bringing him on with less than 10… Read more »


Are u suggesting Wenger to do something that makes common sense???




His arrogance is so detrimental to the greater good. I do not believe for a second he doesn’t see the problems we see. But I believe 100% that he won’t make changes because they’ve been pointed out to him by others and he has to share the credit with his coaching staff.


Cazorla and Oxlade aren’t performing as good as they’re able to so it’s strange to see Poldi & Tom not being given at least 30 mins when it’s not good and then for 5 mins comes on Sanogo… Certainly they’ll leave Arsenal in January, they’re not idiots and have ambition to play not only collect money.

I don’t think it’s related to form that they both don’t play. Anyway I think Steve Bould is just an assistant & having no word on things.

A K 57

He has always been reluctant in rotating. Ferguson and Morninho manage the rotation far better.


Ya don’t know why? Really? AW is an out of date manager that is stuck in 2002, come on even a blind man picked up his hammer and saw!



remember the invincibles

I miss seeing this guy play. My favourite player at the club by a mile. Shame that the manager has lost his bearings and can’t find time for those who have been faithful to the club. He’s obviously still quite good.


Feel for these guys!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I’ve seen players come and go. Na$ri, C*sc, Van Judas… I’ve also come to see some cult heroes be born (Yossi Benayoun, in an ironic sense Källstrom…), as well as superstars born, and epic victories in the transfer market, like Walcott signing da ting, us getting Özil, Sanchez being one of Wenger’s best signings…. but good God if Rosicky were to leave us on a bad note I will seriously lose my shit. Poldi will sadden me for all his quircky shit, but Rosicky is the first Arsenal player I came to know on a week in week out basis,… Read more »


I was really hoping he’d be given more game time after Özil’s injury. But things stay the same. Hard to believe he’s been at the Club since two thousand and friggin six!


I watch Tomas for the Czech Team even at 34 he stands out, his passing is simple but effective, I also like Cazola a lot, he always plays with a smile on his face but he is way off form, Give Tomas a go he is better defensively but still has pace to break with Walcott, Ox and Sanchez.


Can anyone justify having such great ‘Squad depth’ and not rotating ONE single player let alone the quality of Rosicky?

Wenger has gone bonkers. He knows Cazorla/Ox/Wilshere won’t play as much once Theo and Ozil return, and that is keeping quality players like Rosicky and Poldi on the bench, rusting. It’s just criminal.


Wonder what the scenes would be if he along with Poldi and Campbell were to leave in Jan and no reinforcements are signed. Our hospital wing is always loaded and losing such experience, talent and hunger will cause an outrage.

As of now, a CB (or two) is an obvious requirement. Do not know if that mythical DM is still needed. Hope Wilshere or Ramsey get their heads around the concept of hanging back to support the back 4.


oh dear….. first podi. now the player who I probably adore the most in the club! was shocked he didnt get a start against Tottenham or was bought in later on even thought he loves scoring against the cunts.

but its very unlike him to come out into the open like this. loyal as fuck… he could have left for a big pay rise post 11/12.


Wenger has lost the plot.


Yes, people seem baffled about him bringing on Sanogo ahead of Poldi at Swansea. I think Wenger prioritizes development over results. Sanogo was warming up because Wenger planned to bring him on and he would rather give minutes to a player with a future than to a player without one. The same goes for midfield, thus the Ox, Cazorla, Wilshere ahead of Rosicky. Wenger is always living in a rosy future that never materializes. The knives are out now and I don’t think the doubts will ever go away. Last season was really papering over the cracks, Wenger spends and… Read more »


Wow. That last sentence really nails it.


wow you manage to sum it all quite well.
That said, I dont understand this article…is it faulting TR or something? why the sarcasm?
I really thought nows the time TR will be playing, same thing happens every year, AW forced to start TR cause no one else left on the bench.
One of the our best performance in recent memory was against Napoli that happened cause AW was forced into playing Cazorla, poldi and TR together.


I just can’t understand how ROSICKY isn’t getting more game time considering how shitty we’ve been since winning the community shield. This man doesn’t deserve this.


TR7, Poldi and Campbell all deserve to be given a chance but AW will stubbornly continue playing the same players until they break down (Welbeck and Alexis) even if they are out of form (Santi and Ramsey). If he was a proper manager, he’d change the team’s philosophy into a more swashbuckling, counter-attacking style a la Real Madrid instead of trying o replicate barca’s tiki taka which on the whole has failed for the past 7-8 years. No defence could live with Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck and Ox charging at them, Özil would be the perfect orchestrator as he was for… Read more »


This is the problem. When Wenger rotated players, he did not necessarily pay dividends. Think Anderlecht when Rosicky AND Podolski came on and we were not better. I personally like to see more of Poldy but I think the key issue is Wenger is rightly concern that we are struggling to find fluency in the side. Some key understanding has to be built over time between members of the squad. We are showing signs of ticking up front with Welbeck, Alexis, Ox combining. Santi for all his ‘faults’ this season is a steady player who doesn’t lose the ball often.… Read more »


What a breath of fresh air to read a balanced, considered comment, even if I can’t agree with some of it.

El Piresidente

Rosicky should definitely have played more this season and it’s odd that he hasn’t. He has seemingly defied his age in recent seasons. For some time after his mystery lay off, he was actually pretty awful and seemed like he’d lost it. Then, that glorious February afternoon when we thumped Sp*rs 5-2, he was absolutely immense – full of running and threat. He’s been great ever since that day and I’d have him in there now.


I think we will see more of Walcott rotated into the squad for goal threat. Rosicky is an option as a link player. But there is also Jack and Ramsey vying for the same position. The other person who can play this position and add a bit of height to defense if need be is of course Diaby. Frankly Rosicky when he has come on has not looked sharp. This is of course partially in consequence of him not getting minutes but with the squad as it is struggling for fluency, I don’t think the gaffer would want to risk… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Rosicky had one bad game early on in the season, after which he’s had no football save a couple of five minute cameos. You can’t blame him for being rusty.


Arsene’s curated a squad that isn’t balanced, happy, fit or performing. Difficult to say he’s having anything but a poor season.


I don’t think Santi is out of form. He has lost his shooting boots (strangely since we switched to Puma) but he has been a consistent player and completes most of his passes. He is also better balance in attack and defense to Podolski. His position may be more likely under threat from Podolski. I do think though that whilst maybe not necessarily starters, Wenger could use his assets more particularly Podolski and Campbell. I think the issue he is facing in his reluctance is he wants as much of a familiarity between players in front of his ramshackled current… Read more »


Nothing will change until there is change in the dugout, sadly it will be to late tor TR7 and LP9.At this rate the boss will end up with physically broken men on the pitch and mentally broken men on the bench.




He had a great opportunity along with Poldi in the League Cup against Southampton….and they were both awful.

Scott P

To be fair, on that night a lot of the team has been awful. On almost every match, a lot of the team has been awful. Are they really that much worse than a team that is struggling to fend off what should be easy opposition?


Conversely, it also means they were not better than a below par team, and were unable to make a difference. So then how do u expect them to create miracles in the league.


As he said you struggle for rhythm when you get no game time. A majestic player like TR7 needs a string of games to get his mojo going. I dare say had he had the game time that some of our players have had we would be watching more fluent performances.


All I can say is this illustrates the fickleness of supporters. After that game everyone, except one or two or us, wanted Podolski shipped out as soon as possible, people were saying he should retire and take over Arsenal’s social media, and other insulting things like that.

Then a few good performances from him and everyones back on his side, and in fact using Podolski as a stick to beat Wenger with.

All very interesting. Maybe people should consider having an opinion based on a little more than the past few games. Just a thought.


Wenger is experimenting with the system. He is using the top starters to try out the new formation and set up before introducing bench players to fit into the chosen system.

It’s going to be a long season.


When we start winning the annoying thing is that none of you will be bothering about this shit. Its sad to see that he doesnt get to play but the manager also has his plans and you simply cant include every player considering we have so many attacking players. Campbell playing as a striker is also oit of the picture unless he replaces sanchez in the 442 which aint happening


First of all, the manager’s plans appear to be extremely faulty: If our attack is so good then why have we often played like we’ve got no idea and relied on gut-busting effort from the same couple of players instead of guile from all over from this supposed attacking embarrassment of riches? Secondly, what kind of sane “plan” includes badly mis-managing our defence to the extent that we don’t replace all the players who left, despite knowing that one of our centrebacks was crocked already… due to a chronic injury that is probably down to being overplayed in the first… Read more »


First sign the squad is imploding and Wenger has lost some of his senior players? I feel this will somehow turn into an ugly spiral and unravel badly if players are losing confidence and questioning their manager. Hope we have enough for 4th…


To be honest Rosicky is one of my favourites players in the squad, he’s commited and always helping in the defence, I don’t know why Wenger don’t let him play more often as you can see there are players tired and not playing well, he deserves better for all the years he’s been with arsenal even though the club didn’t win anything until last year. He’s the kind of player we need right now… I hope he retires in Arsenal.

hidden due to negative comments

I hate to say this. But is AW beginning to lose it?

this aint FIFA bitches

Beginning? Unfortunately for us this decline has been in effect for many a season now.
Mike Tyson was easily the baddest man on this planet in his prime but everyone goes into decline & by the end of his career he was losing to no name Irish boxers who had hardly won a professional fight. Seems the same thing has happened to Arsene.

Please leave before you completely shatter your legacy.

Whispering Whippersnapper

Something that’s often bothered me…isn’t it ‘bated’ breath? not ‘baited’

bated – derived from abated – to diminish = holding ones breath
baited – to hook or catch a fish = fishy breath!??

…grabs rotten ‘ol nazi coat


When your important squad players don’t have a clue whats going on it seems like there is miscommunication and mismanagement. What on earth is Arsene doing?


He had a bit of a shocker in COC match against Southampton, admittedly though, I think it was his first start this season.

Both him and Poldi were awarded 3.5 and 2.5 respectively on the player ratings page for that match. Maybe those performances are being repeated on the training ground?


Don’t worry, many people are feeling ashamed about the things they had to say about those two after that match.


I am not sure even the return of Mozart could sort out our defensive frailties. Man utd next not the best game to change the line up but I hope Wenger finally gets it that Monreal does not fit in as centre half. To pair with Bfg it has to be Chambers or Hayden and one of them to replace Flamini. Not ideal but Flamini and Monreal cause us problems.


Just another nail in Arsene’s coffin.

Every bit of news is something else to beat the manager with. It’s like the media is picking up every little negative vibe ‘ Rosicky s poplar, not getting game time and there’s unrest with fans’ to turn the screw.

I think a self imposed media blackout is needed, otherwise this permaArsenalbadmood (it’s a genuine medical term) is not going to go away.

Oh, I like Rosicky and his energy which we have been missing.


What kind of society are you living in ? Maybe you would like only stream ArsenalTV and stop the other media ? Any manager who says he wants to keep a player and then gives him 10mins every 3 games would have to deal with this type of articles. Wenger could have spoken before with him or Poldi to explain his point of view, help them to work again to reach his expectation and, whi know, maybe avoid theirs frustration. Plus, it is not like Tomas would not be able to play 30mins to find rhythm. He is fit, he… Read more »


Would hate to see Rosicky finish his career elsewhere if only because I’d love to see the man get his deserved testimonial. It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those and Tomas is Arsenal through and through.


The reason Tom Tom isn’t playing is pretty obvious, why he got a new contract is less so. Did we not buy cesc because Tom Tom plays in a similar position?


Problem is the squad is terribly unbalanced. Too many player for the attacking third of the pitch and not enough players for the defensive 2/3rds of the pitch.


Tom when you do play – you’ve been poor. Maybe thats why your not playing. Sentiment got you a new contract but if you want to continue playing you need another club.


Wenger please… Our good players are wasting away while you’re busy playing your favorites


Rosicky is top dude. Always gives 100%.


What he actually said: “It’s more him (Wenger) trying to find a system that suits the players he keeps picking, than the other way around.”


In the context this article and a similar one from Poldi, AW has lost it!


@kai We are also offensively imbalanced. Thats why we created little against Swansea. We desperately need decent left sided winger. When we go forward we create a bottle neck with too many players drifting inside; which is easy to defend and counter. We need to spread out the player and cause more problems for the opposition. We are too predictable.


Hope Tomas stays with us until he retires. For me he’s such an asset to this club and to the squad with his experience and pure skill. There is great value in keeping players like him, and i for one would be over the moon if i could one day travel from Norway to see a Rosicky testimonial.


Even Ozil has praised Rosicky’s technique.

“We’re strong when we’re on the ball, we play quickly and I have lots of fun playing alongside the team.

“In my opinion Tomas belongs to the best midfielders in the Premier League. When you see how much he gives for the team and how he enjoys being on the ball it makes us happy to have a player like that in our ranks.”


I love Tomas, but I’m not going to start humping Wenger’s leg if he doesn’t play him.
So much goes on behind the scenes we’re not aware of. Silly to get pissed off about any of it.
But yeah, I’d love to see him play.


@Ben you better get that boner sliding up the thighs of Prof Weng. As nothing else seems to work. We are relying on you mate


Yeah ok, I was probably a bit hasty!

Dr Funke

Rosicky will play and he will shine. I’m seeing big games and big goals during the holiday run-in for him.

Mate Kiddleton

Top 5 in speed! What a legend

So I’d assume it would be something like Bellerin, Walcott, Sanchez, Welbeck… Rosicky? What about Ox?


Next news:

Santi Cazorla: Im not sure why i’m playing


My favorite player in this squad for a while now, always gives 110%


Pretty much sure Rosicky, Podolski and Campbell will leave in January without any reinforcement coming in. Arsenal, what else?


Tomas is a well experienced top player, he definitely has the never say die attitude too, he just needs game time. He’s our Mozart when he plays.


surely surely surely no harm in giving tommy and lukas more than 10 minutes per game?!


Thats against the “Wenger Rules”. No Substitue should play more than 10 minutes per game

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