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Thierry Henry to join Sky Sports

Thierry Henry has announced his retirement from football and that the next step in his career is to join Sky Sports as a pundit.

Arsenal’s leading goalscorer drew his illustrious career to a close after spells with Monaco, Juventus, Barcelona and New York Red Bulls, and on his Facebook page he revealed he’d be returning to London to embark on a career in the media.

After 20 years in the game I have decided to retire from professional football,” he said.

It is now time for a different career path and I am pleased to say that I will be returning to London and joining Sky Sports.

“I will hopefully share some of the insights, observations and experiences I have learnt over the years with you guys.”

Arsenal fans hoping that the legend might return in a coaching capacity may be disappointed, but even though Arsene Wenger said he was sure Henry would return to the club one day, he hinted there was work to do before that happened.

Speaking in November, the Arsenal manager said, “It has to be a job available and one that you get up in the morning and you have to do something – not an honorary job.

“He has to learn his job first. I have seen so many people who have the qualities to be a manager but not survive their first job because they are not ready.

“When you are a football player, you think it’s so simple to be a manager. When you are a manager, you think it’s so complicated suddenly and, if you’re not prepared for that, you cannot survive.

“You learn to handle a dressing room and people. This job is about ideas and putting them into practice. You can only do that if you have the responsibility of the team.”

However, it’s believed that his work for Sky Sports will allow him to do his coaching badges and hopefully, at some point, return home where he belongs.

In the meantime, it’s good that Sky have added another pundit who can speak English in the correct tense. Rumours he’s been brought in to educate the two Jamies are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Sky announcement and reaction.

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All hail the KING!


Two epic novels
Volume 1: The Invincible King of Highbury
Volume 2: A new throne: The King Ascends
– copyright pending
The kings return is nigh! Look upon him ye spurs and despair!


Indian ISL is waiting for you Legend

suker 4 punishment

What a man!! we love you titi #respect


What a waste, imagine the things he could teach the likes of welbz and sanogo, hell, he could probably teach sanchez a thing or two too.

Mark Hughes

After 20 years he could just want a little break from getting up everyday to go to work rather than he wasn’t offered a job. Thierry does have a choice in this as well you know.


At last, someone on Sky who’ll say nice things about Arsenal.


Eh who would thumb this down? I’m fucking tired of the idiots on Sky who just repeat age old cliches about Arsenal at every opportunity. Henry’s very well a breath of fresh air.


Same guys thumb you down as well… I agree with you, it is about time to stop the gang against us!!!!!!,

Andy Mack

There be trolls!


Arsenal legend. End of.


Surprised – currently 2 thumbs up, 3 down.

Sorry for offending people.


Ok, really really really sorry. Again.


Mark Hughes

You get a thumbs down from me for even caring about the thumbs up and down system. You need to be nonchalant about it all and realise that some people will thumb you down. People thumb me down just for being Mark Hughes, i mean, I can’t help who I am…


Scumbag Hughesy


Actually I don’t care for me in the slightest, just amazed that there were initially more thumbs down than up when I called Thierry a legend. Then just amazed that no-one can see any humour/irony at all in the first apology, or the even more obvious second.

How come 8 people currently are thumbing down Thierry Henry being an Arsenal legend? That’s my surprise and concern.


It’s the internet mate, there’s no place for making sense of things here.


go home mark hughes


The reason i fell in love with Arsenal.
*man tears*
Go on Titi. We will love you with or without arsenal, always.




Can we all avoid this site in future please – trying to make a controversy out of Henry doing punditry, saying that he has ‘snubbed’ Arsenal – what a load of sh*te.

Don Cazorleone

You mean you don’t already ignore the daily express?


Good point! Saw this on the first headlines announcing Thierry’s retirement and couldn’t believe it. But you’re right and I’ve learnt my lesson (again).


Sky sports eh. He’ll truly be a god amongst idiots.
Hopefully itll be the Last of the drawling carracunt we’ll see or hear of.


I respectfully disagree. The two of them together will always remind me of Thierry putting Carragher on his backside for the hat-trick v Liverpool.


Eee dun well!

Don Cazorleone

In my own selfish way I am glad he is being a pundit as it means I get to see and hear him every week, which is always a pleasure.

Also hopefully now they can get rid of that biased phlegm bucket Carragher…


as much as you can hate on carragher for being a Liverpool lad (and I wholeheartedly support that hating!), he’s honestly nowhere near as much a of a wank as terry/mourihno. thumb me down all you like, but I briefly met carragher in las vegas on vacation this summer and he was pleasant and friendly, even after hearing that I was an arsenal fan. fair enough he’s not the most pro-arsenal voice in the media, but do you really expect that from a life-long Liverpool player? very excited to hear Thierry vs Jamie commentary after an Arsenal vs Liverpool match… Read more »


English in the correct tense :D:D…


Great news, I thought he was a good pundit at the World Cup for BBC. Don’t know why people bash Redknapp and Carragher though, I think they’re pretty decent pundits. They just give their opinion, sometimes you may not agree with it. Arsenal do deserve to be criticised sometimes, we all do it ourselves.


The problem I have with Redknapp and Carragher is that their Liverpool bias is too strong. Each and every year they predict Arsenal falling out of the top four and Liverpool challenging for the title or top four position. They do not acknowledge Arsenal’s progress in the last two years: a long awaited trophy, ability to attract world class talent and a strong title challenge in 2013/2014, despite what others might say. It is this constant, incessant negative opinion that annoys people, particularly when coupled with the inane rants of other controversy stoking “journalists”. This is the difference in Gary… Read more »


I agree Carra is overly biased to Liverpool but I don’t think Redknapp is that much. Obviously they both have an affiliation with Liverpool and you can’t blame them for being fond of the club. I don’t remember Redknapp predicting us to fall out of the top four though, wouldn’t be surprised if Carragher did though. I’ve found Carragher is quite critical of our defending, and as he was an excellent defending despite being a scouse gobshite I still respect his opinion on defending and let’s face it, there have been times when our defending has been atrocious.

Andy Mack

It’s Redknaps spudie affiliation that’s the real problem, and he’s definitely predicted doom for us on a number of occasions.

A K 57

Yes they say things like pretty much anyone of us can do that. Where is the expertise in that? Gary Neville is far better pundit. You want to hear what he says.


I do. In my opinion, Gary Neville is the best pundit around currently.

Anonymous Kumquat

I’m surprised he didn’t want to join BT Sport and link up with pundit extraordinaire Michael Owen. Best of luck to him at Sky though, can’t wait to see him destroy Redknapp.



Man like Ozil

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.


“Henry is absolutely magnificent, and when you need a good pundit, you need Thierry Henry.” I think that’s how it goes

Gunner from Africa

Ill always remember the two times i saw Henry play live. At the 2010 World Cup, when France got destroyed by Mexico and his first ever game for New York which against sp*rs. His celebration and reaction when he scored against the old enemy, although it was a friendly, was amazing to see. His passion for the game is infinite and i hope to see him put it to use at the Arsenal once again.

There’s only one Thierry Henry <3

Dave Gooner

I sincerely hope we keep our hooks in him though. The sight of Vieira promoting the Billionaire Boys Club always disappoints.

I enjoyed TH’s input at the World Cup – hope it goes well for him. But we need to keep our hooks in him, Citeh have developed a knack of grabbing our ex players and employing them in ways we could use at our club. We need the kind of expertise Vieira and Sagna have developed. Lets not let their oil money grab TH as well.

Stan please note.


“We managed”

More of those moments and we’ll have weekly TV gold, win or lose

Big Lebowsdki

Lets hope that he does not have to go into that special room and have one off the wrist when jose Mourinho name is mentioned with all the other sky presenters

Clock End Mike

AW’s experienced opinion: “When you are a football player, you think it’s so simple to be a manager. When you are a manager, you think it’s so complicated suddenly…”

I’ve read plenty of fans, here and elsewhere, who seem to think it’s simple to be a manager and that they know better that Le Prof. But they don’t know the complications…

I’m sure somehow that TH’s comments will be more measured. He’ll be a welcome voice of reason in that wilderness of inane punditry.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.


This interview brings tears to my eyes and inspires me
Great player

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