Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Under fire Wenger not willing to risk Koscielny

Arsene Wenger says he won’t risk bringing Laurent Koscielny to Turkey for the Champions League game, as the defender is still feeling the effects of his ongoing Achilles problem.

Although he was on the bench on Saturday against Stoke, the injury meant he couldn’t play, and with the likelihood of Arsenal topping the group very slim, the manager is unwilling to aggravate things any further.

Koscielny could be rested to play against Newcastle on Saturday, then the Gunners have eight days before their next game away to Liverpool before the festive mayhem kicks in.

“A few players will not travel because there’s not a lot at stake and we have given a lot in the last two weeks,” said the Arsenal manager. “We have to recover a little bit.

“Alexis will not travel and I don’t think I can play, for example, Koscielny. He didn’t play on Saturday and I don’t see why I should risk him for a game where’s there’s not a lot at stake.

“First place hypothetically, but there’s maybe a 10 per cent chance.”

The Arsenal manager also found himself on the receiving end of some boos from waiting fans at the train station after the Stoke game.

It’s not particularly nice to hear him get stick like that, but the earnest ‘Get out while you still can!’ to Joel Campbell has to go down as one of the finest comedy moments of the year so far.

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All for a Change of direction at the club with management and the ways things are run, but these spoilt brats can c*nt off and go and support ch*lsea. Morons. You just don’t do that to Arsene Wenger and call yourself an Arsenal fan. Sure his time has run out with most of us, but if you celebrated the unbeaten season and then abused the man who guided that achievement for our club your either a FOOL or a WHORE.

Arshavin's Dietician

Agree with you but did you really have to call people ‘whores’. Makes you just as bad as them.

It’s the same with all most football ‘fans’, too much beer & stuff not going their way turns them into two year old babies.


It is absolutely no class and disrespectful towards the man. But I understand that a lot of supporters is getting increasingly frustrated with the entire situation. This is an unacceptable way of doing it, a banner is absolutely fine. But this is crossing the line.. Embarassing behaviour from the away fans. Although I am quite sure it was only a small majority.

Man Manny

How can it possibly be ‘only a small majority? Does that mean a little above half of the away fans? To the issue at hand. Kos and many more should be rested. The gains of topping the group is not enough reason to put this team into more danger especially against a team who has nothing at stake but has a new manager to impress. It doesnt really matter to me who we meet in the CL come February. I tell you, if our injuries clear up and the team is strenghtened in January, not many teams will look forward… Read more »


small minority* Misspelled.


Totally need to hurl insults at Arsene.
Although Arsene should take the dignified route out now. He has not achieved what I would expect a 8 million manager to do for the last 8-9 years now.
If you get paid like a top pro then I expect rhe results of top pro..

Harish P

He’s being paid £8m by the board to achieve their goals. If he’s still in the job, then he’s clearly holding up his end of the job. Besides, he’s not the typical manager. He’s hands on with almost all angles of the club, or seems to have some sort of say, whereas someone like any given Chelsea/Real Madrid etc manager would handle the team itself for the most part.


Yes, a perception which suits Wenger ‘s position. However, the lack of transparency makes it hard to distinguish the reality from the myth. Wenger, on the one hand evidently unable to make tactical changes regarding the team, is nonetheless a genius playing multiple roles behind the scene at the club. His influence is profound, yes, but ‘indispensable to the club on multiple levels’ is a suspect claim at best. Even if it were true, it’s not a healthy position for the club to be in. Besides which, is anyone truly asking Wenger to leave the club? No. The vast majority… Read more »


What myth my friend. The person above just explained it to you. Board sets targets. Manager achieves them.


Arsene Wenger run the club as a dictator, I cannot see his employee (Ivan Gazidis) telling him that he will get the sack unless he achieves a 4th place. This is not fifa. Arsenal are not runned like most other clubs, it is not a myth.. everyone knows it.


Lets boo him all the way up the stairs. Or make a banner saying ”thanks for the memories it’s time to go upstairs”. Or maybe post on the internet ”Wenger has way too much influence at the club, lets give him a board level job”.


@Harish may be right, he might playing multiple roles but looks like his role as a manager/coach is suffering because of that.
Why not let the coaching/management be done by someone else, he can keep doing other roles.
Again saw the is really bad, we have let ourselves down.I dont go to our home games anymore but will be great if someone can hold up a banner of apology to him for this specific incident.


Then Wenger himself should hold up a banner apologizing for the string of embarrassing results.


And what did you expect the bloke to achieve in the 8 years of managing arsenal with one arm tied behind his back? He couldn’t realistically have achieved much more in that time.

#YOLO Toure

Exactly! I don’t understand why more people aren’t grateful that he didn’t just bugger off to Madrid when it got tough with Arsenal. Could you imagine what would have happened then? New stadium build & hardly any budget, with a succession of 2nd rate managers trying to keep us competitive but end up doing a Moyesey.

wenger's coat zipper

We’ve been out of the woods for two seasons now. We’ve got cash and we’ve been under performing on many levels. You’d say we’ve been fighting for the trophy last season, I’ll say that wasn’t the case and I’ll just remind you of all the humiliation against our direct competitors. Destroyed by Man City, had our asses handed to us by Liverpool and were utterly devastated by Ch*lsea. None of our competitors had to take such humiliating blows. Not to mention the fact that getting humiliated by our fiercest rivals isn’t news for us…well under Arsene anyway. The less said… Read more »


The man deserves infinitely more respect. He’s a man who puts players’ and the club’s interests above his own reputation time and time again. Those pissed up, coke heads can football factory all they like. The only plus is he may go into ‘ill show these merdes’ mode and then football might need to get prepared for Wenger on the warpath. COME ON ARSENE! Show these cunts what you, what The Arsenal, have got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

I am not a big Arsene fan and I want him out for the last 5 years and always was scared it comes to this or worse. But what they did was disgrace. Yes the man passed it but still he deserve respect not abuse. I always wanted him to leave earlier because I didn’t want few mindless thugs treat him like that. It is truly sad sad sad day for Arsenal to treat the most successful football manager in our history like that.

Just classless.

Hugh Jarse

0 evidence that this is actually Arsenal “fans”, just as likely Stoke trolls or random thugs who just happened to waiting on the station.


Not only classless, but self defeating

Wenger is highly respected inside football. Any top manager seeing that would think twice about coming to manage Arsenal.

Bendtner's Ego

I can think of £8M reasons why any top manager WOULD come to Arsenal.


Yes they went too far but ‘Those pissed up, coke heads’ follow Arsenal the length and breadth of the country and pay a clean fortune to do so. Arsenal’s away support is nothing short of phenominal and they have been treated to some of the most abject displays by an Arsenal team that I have seen in my more than 40 years supporting the club over the last couple of seasons. ‘Those pissed up, coke heads’ aren’t just some johnny come latelies who turn up for the odd game at the Emirates. They are the most loyal fans Arsenal have.… Read more »

Neil #2

I don’t agree for one second that Wenger’s time is up. He is one of the finest managers in football. As for the transfer issues — I think that there’s more than meets the eye behind the scenes that Wenger lets on about, (re: relationship with the board and transfer funds made available). If Wenger has been silent about these, it’s because he has been faultlessly loyal to the club.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

You live in your own world.

Neil #2

And that’s the world of a loyal football fan. Do you actually think that Wenger is so daft as not to see the shortcomings in the squad? He’s made by the media and by gullible fans into the source of Arsenal problems, when virtually none of us have any idea of what’s really going on or how hard Wenger may have tried to buy quality players during the last transfer window.
At any rate, it’s shameful that Wenger is coming under such scrutiny. And fans who would actually take time to insult Wenger as they did have sorry lives indeed.


“Do you actually think that Wenger is so daft as not to see the shortcomings in the squad? ” I want to say no to this but when you consider our injury crisis at the back, the lack of a proper DM, Jenkinson on loan (and having the time of his life btw), it doesn’t look good for the Wenger defence. He did great with Sanchez and Welbeck but it’s not enough. I think his issue is that he goes into the season thinking “If everything goes our way we’ll be alright”. But he never makes sure. You don’t win… Read more »


We all do, Cygan.


I think the days of Arsene being hamstrung by finances are gone. Gazidis consistently says, in front of Wenger, that transfers are his decision. Arsene is the one who bought Podolski but refuses to play him. He is the one who sold Vermaelen without replacing him. He does not rotate properly and wears out the stars. I love him for what he has done but he should take the blame.


Thats a long way from running after him telling him to eff off and calling him a cunt though.

And even if financial restrictions are off, its only the second summer we can spend a little…our rivals been doing it for a decade ….


Yes, Chelsea and Manu have, City more recently. But what about Stoke and Swansea? Or Hull? These are teams that shouldn’t get a look-in against us with our financial muscle. Yes, we’ve invested heavily in some areas of the team but, as we all know, there has been a negligence in the way the defence and central midfield have been allowed to whither. The first week of the January transfer window will tell a tale. Even Wenger must see and understand that.


We were down to 10 men for a bit and lost by a goal to Stoke. Chelsea lost by a goal to Newcastle who were down to 10 men for a bit.


Football isn’t a case of the best team always wins, we don’t have a devine right to win every game.

Sure, the defence is in a mess, but it will be sorted out and we can all see how good this team is capable of being when it is at full strength.


Since 1950 and prior to Arsene Wenger Arsenal won’t the league just 4 times, was second just 1 time, and top for just 16 times. That is in something like 45 seasons. Then Arsene Wenger comes and Arsenal win the league 3 times, second place 5 times, and top for 17 times. Arsene Wenger has basically produced better success in his less than 20 years at Arsenal than every manager combined since 1950 was able to achieve. Yet we fans have the audacity to treat him with such disrespect and vitriol. We ignore the fact that in the years he… Read more »



Arsene's Zip

Nail. Head.

You hit it bang on mate.


It’s appalling you dare compare football in the 1950’s (and before) and football now. How about comparing Arsene Wenger and SAF (It pains me to make this comparison)? Both contemporaries in relatively the same period and since you say Wenger is a top class manager, compare this: SAF 13 titles in 26 seasons + 2 Champions league titles….Wenger….well…records speaks for itself. Why am I making this comparison? If you claim we are a big club capable of CHALLENGING for the title, we need a TOP CLASS manager and Wenger is certainly not that, not anymore….


Comment of the century, right there.

rob fuller

Absolutely bang on. No Arsenal fan could be happy with some of the performances so far this season, how’s about we hold some of the players responsible for once as well. Yes AW should have got cover at the back and a proper DM but the guy wouldn’t purposely put the clubs success at risk so my thoughts are that he had tried to get the right players but they just weren’t available… what was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to do a Tottnumb and Liverpoo by splashing the cash on mediocre players just to appease the fans?… Read more »


what disgusting people – seriously – get a fucking life. vile.


Wenger certainly deserves more respect but I can understand the frustration. We’re not progressing with him, this summer he had a great opportunity to move us forward but he refused. If he had signed a strong CB and DCM I’m convinced we would of challenged Chelsea and City. Instead he kept faith with players who simple are not good enough. He’s on a huge contract and he’s not justifying it. We as Arsenal fans pay the highest prices in Europe for what, a mediocre team. Wenger has been great for us and I hope he is given the respect he… Read more »


This summer he bought an outstanding winger and is converting him into a goalscoring machine. Last season he bought the best number of 10 of this generation. He has assembled one of the best CB partnerships in the league, got three of the best young full backs with two older internationals to guide them. This team is most definitely moving forwards, it is the most talented group of players I have seen at Arsenal for years. The fact we have 3 or 4 times more injuries than everyone else is what is ruining this season. I don’t think we can… Read more »


The best number of 10 of this generation? Really? I love Ozil as much as the next reasonable guy but c’mon!

Funky Gooner

He is known by his peers and international managers as one of the best, if not the best no 10 world football.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If we have such a good squad, why are we losing so many games ? A team that drops a 3-0 lead to Andeletch and concedes 3 goals to Stoke is NOT a great team. Ozil the best number 10 of his generation ? Quite exaggerated. You have Xavi, Cesc etc… At least he hasn’t been playing as best of his generation at Arsenal.
Let’s show respect to Mr Wenger though. He is very respectful of others. The guy who may deserve the boos one day is at a bridge in Stamford.


No, it’s the fact that we’ve had one big injury to our CB pairing and no one to replace him with is what’s really hurting us this season. The rest of the injuries have been annoying but none of them have been season-derailing. And the infuriating thing is it’s not like Kos got Shawcrossed after the window closed or anything. We knew all summer he had the chronic problem that is keeping him out of the team now. And we did nothing about it. Selling Verm was a great piece of business given what’s happened to him since, but not… Read more »


In certain areas of the pitch I agree we’ve got some excellent players but what’s the point when there is no balance to the team. Every season we enter being two or three players short of being genuine challengers. This summer we were crying out for two players in the core of our team who would give us added strength. Wenger added some great players but this should of been his prerogative to get these players in. He didn’t and look at us now were suffering because of it. I cannot stand him but Mourinho took one year to identify… Read more »


You should check the comment policy:

“Do not tell somebody to go and support another club just because you disagree with their point of view. That’s stupid. Don’t be stupid.”

North Bank Dan

Well said mate, spot on. I’m disgusted at the way some so-called Arsenal “fans” a are abusing the manager. There is no way he’ll walk away and no way he’ll be sacked mid season. I thought our fans had some class but it seems a section of our support are no better than ch*lsea or sp*rs or l*verpool fans. Disgraceful.


Considering how mega massive financial difference there is between us and most clubs who have got the better of us this season, I think the discontent is to be expected. Our manager is perhaps the best paid manager in the world, and our Wage bill is now the 3rd highest in the league even before bringing in neccesary reinforcements for certain positions. Yet here we are well in to the season, and the players still play like all they care about is picking up their paycheck so they can laugh all the way to the bank while young people and… Read more »


Bull you can’t have your cake and eat it too! So what he gets holored at big deal at 8 million a year and provides crap he should be thankful that that’s all it was meaning boo’s! Bunch of flip flopping fans if I’ve ever seen, first you want him gone, a couple of wins and he is the best ever, a humiliating defeat and he is out if favor again, flip floppers all of you flip floppers now stick that in your pipe and smoke it, truth hurts!


This shit makes me feel ashamed of some gooners. Everyone is free to have an opinion on the manager but calling him names ( you see on a lot of social media calling him a fraud etc) is low rent and embarassing considering what the man has done for our club. He may have lost his midas touch and he may be coming to the end of his time but the only frauds are the idiots who show less respect to him than a rival club’s fans would.

Tomás Rosicky

I don’t give a rats arse. you don’t treat anyone with that much disrespect…except John Terry

Az Ahmed

And Mourinho?


..and anyone from stoke city

bims lay

…and…Adebayo and ….er…..van Persie!

Merlin's Panini

and Nasri


It’s unfortunate that it has come to this point where fans abuse the manager.

I think fans have the right to be upset but that was too far.

Gooner Mon

How unsavoury. And we’re supposed to be a classy club with classy supporters? Right.


As a fan I’m quite frankly embarrassed of these morons. Whether you think Wenger is the man for the job or not, you don’t treat a man who has brought so much success to this club like that.

crouch End Gooner

Get out while you can Joel!

But seriously, these are not real fans, I really feel sorry for Wenger.

What are these guys gonna do next? Piss on Chapman’s grave?


I will not watch this video who on reading social media is perceived as vile crass rude and impolite I’ve seen far too much football hooliganism in my life as a football fan to cloud my head further with non- persons and their disrespect and abuse towards Arsene. It’s too much to take…. It’s as if the fans who want him out are in a frenzy hotheaded fever, like having a virus that taken over their souls , and the antidote is the departure of Arsene. I still can’t see what he’s done wrong to generate such vile booing and… Read more »


I would like to see Wenger step down at the end of the season. For him to leave now would leave us in more turmoil than we are now. Wenger is a legend and I will always admire and respect what he has envisioned and implemented at the club. Seeing him treated with such disdain, hate and anger turns my stomach. The behaviour in that video is akin to treatment received by child killers going into court. He is a legendary figure at our great club and deserves more respect. By all means vent your anger and frustration. But do… Read more »


It is a bit like ground hog day, but it is a repeating season that could a hell of a lot worse.
Perhaps he should try finishing 10th or 16th every other year so we can ‘have our Arsenal back’.



I must admit i clicked on that video because I am still angry and annoyed at the loss from the weekend. There was an evil part of me that wanted to see what the fuss was about. As soon as I heard the cunts booing him though, I felt really bad and really guilty for playing the video.. It is a shame it has come to this and people are entitled to their own opinions but it isn’t hard to show some respect. It seems like that FA Cup final win was a decade ago! As a fan base we… Read more »


Quite right not to risk players for the Gala game. Particularly Koscielny, our back line is so thin. Maybe a chance for the likes of Podolski and Campbell to get some playing time. Bellerin, Chambers maybe even Hayden if need be. Would not want to risk Per either, he is definitely in the red zone. If we grab first spot in the group and there is an off chance, great. If not, it doesn’t really matter. Sooner or later we will face a big team. So what if you get knocked out in final 16 or quarters or even Semi?… Read more »


Embarrassing scenes and those who waited behind to boo the most successful manager in our club’s history should be ashamed. His time may be up, but you back the team through thick and thin. I imagine it hurts him more to have his own fans doing that, than hearing the vile and pathetic chants directed his way by Stoke, utd


Spurs fans.
The man is a legend, and this is a club with class. Take this moronic and despicable behaviour elsewhere.


If you’re a spurs fan, you wouldn’t boo him in this circumstance…you’d hope he stays there on his throne making sure Arsenal is mired in mediocrity


Haha. Spurs fans hope he stays there? I think not.

They haven’t finished above us sinced he become manager.


Correct decision to leave Koscielny out. We are so thin at the back as is. The likes of Podolski and Campbell should get a chance. maybe Bellerin and Calum again. Per is deep in the red zone as well, maybe even Hayden. So what if we do not top the group (and there is still an off chance we may). Sooner or later we will have to face a big team. Whether you get knocked out final 16 or quarters or semis is moot really. Unless you make the finals, its all the same. We need to ensure our league… Read more »


Oh! what a lovely season.


Players are to blame too, they go on disappointing the gaffer, playing like scared bitches thereby making shit stoke look like top team. If we concede 3 goals against stoke then how the fuck are we going to fare against the likes of Madrid, barca, or PSG?

Danger Mouse

Arsene Wenger does not deserve such abuse.

Charlie Adam is the missing link between Homo Erectus and Neanderthal man.


Fucking scumbags, disgrace to our club. Has it really come to this? If anything he needs help and support more than ever.


Absolutely disgraceful, i want wenger to step down(at the end of the season) but that booing was just disgusting. Bah, what a horrible season all around, entire situation is just dire.


These cunts booing their own manager are the reason why fans will never have a voice in the running of our club. They’ll stick by Wenger and when you see this it only justifies their position. The people who think he should go either have an agenda or they’rerepresented by morons who behave like 10year olds at a pantomime..


like chelsea fans these wastemen


That, right there is the man who has turned Arsenal into the modern football club it is today. He has given Arsenal things other club’s supporters’ can only dream of. Sure, he should have bought a couple more defenders this summer, probably a screening midfielder too, those are mistakes and there’s no doubt about that, but for fuck’s sake that is Arsene Wenger. That’s the man who revolutionised the English game, and went an entire season unbeaten. He should be given a guard of honour at every fucking train station he goes to, whether he’s lost to Stoke or not


People say Arsene should have bought a defender, but the truth is that there were not any available. When both Barcelona and Man U comes for Vermaelen shows that there were not any better option out there. There were even rumors that Man U offered 40M for Hummels and Dortmund did not sell. Maybe Arsene should not have sold Vermaelen but he is injured anyways at Barcelona.


Not quite true, Manolas went to Roma and we were strongly linked with him. Benatia went to Munich. What we needed was a CB who could come in when Mert and Kos are unavailable, not a Vincent Kompany. Let’s face it, what we needed was someone who looks more like a CB then Nacho Monreal…a 5’10” left back. Are you 100% sure there wasn’t someone like that available anywhere??? Yes, we got Chambers and Debuchy, but in letting Jenkinson go a blind man could see we were always an injury away from serious trouble at the back.


Manolas chose Roma over us because of first team guarantees and I really dont think any club actually managed to sign a sub 20 mill cb

bims lay

Absolutely!………and we also keep forgetting that he is a top top manager, who, with his achievements, have countless suitors begging for his services. If he leaves today, he can have his choice of any top club that he wants, and yet, the class of the man, he chose to stay loyal to us…….whether you want him to go or not, to treat Arsene Wenger like that is absolutely disgraceful, and we should all be apologising to him on behalf of those mindless idiots!

Tapscotts Testicles

Have been a supporter a very long time…almost 40 years. And watching that was probably the most shameful act I have witnessed fellow gooners do. I understand frustration. I understand the anger at not reinforcing the squad when we had the chance. I understand why we get the hump when we dont challenge for titles when we pay more than almost anyone at the gate. I understand the frustration losing to those fucking neanderthals at Stoke. But I will never understand the behaviour of those people screaming at Arsene like that. Truly shameful. Truly, it was.


Even if wenger leaves/was made to step down, cunts like those supporters would never give the new manager time nor patience and would abuse him just as readily after a few bad results. Tell you what, i still want change but i don’t see how we’ll get anywhere with gooners behaving like that, you’ve got opposition fans behaving like that as it is, why make their prerogative easier? Fuckin hell.



crouch End Gooner

Comment from youtube:

“these hoes ain’t loyal”

Don Pelon

Echo many of the comments above. Disgraceful behaviour. I’m sick of stuff like this from arsenal fans. After the victory at west brom last week, some fans were singing ‘we want wenger out’ on the train. One guy was loudly opining that Joel Campbell was the best player in the squad and ‘the greedy French c*** still won’t play him’. Yes Wenger’s time is coming to an end. Which is sad but inevitable. V few end like fergie. Yes some of the results this year have been awful but have some respect and sense of reality. The man loves the… Read more »

Joe Arsenal

These so-called fans need a bit of perspective. I love football as much as the next guy. I love Arsenal as much as any Gooner. But seriously, it’s still only a game. Sure we all want our team to progess. But how does being rude (and mean) help in that regard? Stay classy.

Calm your tits

Disgraceful scenes, that’s Arsenal Football Clubs Manager your doing that to. Keep the abuse for Hughes and Mourinho


Here’s how it works for me as a massive Wenger Fan. He has given me the best period of my life ever, watching his Arsenal early teams, bar the barcelona fans of a few years ago….we were the luckiest fans in sport…. The period after that, with the move to the Emirates, well what can I say but its not as if he had budget that was anywhere near that of Chelsea, Man U and Man City… Wengerout fans can argue this all they want but that is a fact….I’d like to think that most other managers would have struggled… Read more »

Heavy Hearted North London Gooner

Well Said !


Finally someone who feels like i do! We owe Wenger at bare minimum 2 or three more seasons and I bet he will win something during that time!
He finally has the money to build the team he wants! Hes not ganna buy 11 players in a transfer window he needs time! Let LeProf build finish building his team!


This. People need to understand this. Print this comment out, read it a 100 times and I really hope it gets imprinted in their brains to the point that they repeat this in their sleep. What some fans needs to understand is that it’s a football club in reality, not some “football Manager” game where you can quit if the season is not going fine. Most other clubs can do all the BS they want to beat the system (FFP, loaning out entire academies etc). But Arsenal is more than just being a business. It’s about being the morally right… Read more »


We’re way past ‘bad start of the season’ bullshit. We’re entering mid-season and we’ve been average at best with two decent games against poor teams. So if what you say is true and Wenger couldn’t compete because of the club’s financial duties what’s there to say about clubs like Southampton, West Ham, Swansea, Stoke, Everton, Newcastle who we’re barely on par with, despite spending 100mil more than them in the last 2 years?! The things he’s done in the past may be near and dear to your heart, but to be honest, where there were excuses before, there is nowhere… Read more »


Look I understand the anger but its simply not true that we’re at the same level as Southampton, West Ham, Swansea, Stoke, Everton and Newcastle. For all recent results, this squad is light years ahead of any of those squads, and you can prove that to yourself by asking, would you carte-blanche replace our current crop of players with any of those teams? The answer is of course no. My point is – and I really hope that Wengerout fans think about this without emotion – that Wenger has set this club up to compete for the next 100 years…… Read more »

Mesut Aussie

Hear Fucking Hear!


He has had money, but it has failed to strengthen 2 key areas. In spite of injuries and whatnot Koscielny and Mert are not getting any younger. Who is our back up? a 19 year right back in Calum Chambers, who has been totally burnt out. He looks like he will make a fine defender, but for him to be the only available replacement is nothing short of embarrassing. There are value players out there, Ashley Williams for example could have signed for 3 years for a modest fee so I will not accept that there was no one out… Read more »

fatgooner's left peg

Flamini has said that arsene wants him to win the ball high up that’s probably why as soon as the ball is lost he flies in instead of getting into position


Spot on. I also want to point out. In building the new stadium, the plan would have worked perfectly but no one took into account the Millions/Billions Man City and Chelsea would be able to spend today.

Heavy Hearted North London Gooner

We should ALL be supporting the Manager of our club and we are all allowed to have bad spells. When the time is right, he will step down. He has a 3 year contract. He’s earned every single day of it even if Arsenal were to lose every single game. Arsenal will come good under Arsene Wenger within these 3 years, mark my words. Yes he will retire soon and it should be something we allow to happen naturally and we will have a great successor too, but that also happens naturally. If Wenger leaves before the end of his… Read more »

Heavy Hearted North London Gooner

WENGER IN! We should ALL be supporting the Manager of our club and we are all allowed to have bad spells. When the time is right, he will step down. He has a 3 year contract. He’s earned every single day of it even if Arsenal were to lose every single game. Arsenal will come good under Arsene Wenger within these 3 years, mark my words. Yes he will retire soon and it should be something we allow to happen naturally and we will have a great successor too, but that also happens naturally. If Wenger leaves before the end… Read more »

An Ox-sized Coq

It’s suck to say this, but did anyone really expect us to go to Stoke and get a win. Coming into this match we have won something like 1 of the previous 8 or 9 trips away to Stoke.


What were these people thinking?? I mean, the appropriate place to slander Arsene Wenger is surely at the Emirates or at the arseblog comments section. The only difference between the situations is proximity to Wenger, I guess, since we can see him clearly hearing it and he looks affected by it… I’m just trying to understand how we can uniformly feel disturbed by this but all the rest is fine. I’m a Gooner and I am frustrated and pissed off by how the season has gone just as any Gooner would. I may have smashed a beer and had a… Read more »


Don Pelosi he is not going to step down its eight million a year I know some of the things that are happen are not nice but do you have a better way for this people to show their anger the board does not listen because Wenger is the board.l was a big Wenger fan but let be honest change is part of life so even as good as Wenger has been Arsenal will still exist without him that just a fact of life no man is an inland. Maybe he should make things else for himself by buying the… Read more »


Ridiculous. Do those people poking fun at you hurl obscenities at you and tell you to ‘get the f%#+ out’? And mean it with anger? That behavior by the so-called supporters just shows a lack of class and intelligence. The amount he gets paid is irrelevant because every year he has secured a giant pot of money from UCL, more than twice his reported wage. Like it or not, the supporters do not make decisions for the club. With this on evidence that is a damn good thing. I am not defending Wenger. I am simply disgusted at what a… Read more »


So he was willing to risk him at the start of the season when he had enough time to buy another CB?! I mean, come on. It was revealed that Koscielny carried that injury from the World Cup and he did nothing?


These are fans? Utterly disgraceful!
And the best that blogs can say is its not particularly nice? Stop playing to the rabid part of the gallery.


How many who want Wenger to go were fans of Arsenal BEFORE he arrived? Simple question.


Im a believer that we need some changes in the team (probably without arsene) but come on, thats so freaking classless, wanting him out or not, respect the fkin coach that has given his best years to us, gave us a whole season unbeaten, was major point for the stadium, etc. If u want it out, is ok, but at least give the guy some respect

Ant Lester

What would have been funny is if Arsene had turned round and said “Okay, which of you boo-boys wants to sit with me on zis train for the next hour and a ‘arf and tell me ‘ow I should do my job better? I’m all ears.”

Even if they had the balls, they couldn’t talk football with Arsene Wenger for 2 minutes.



This is what you get when you’ve overstayed your welcome. This reaction is not just because of the defeat to stoke. It’s a culmination of a decade old decline. It’s amazing he can do no wrong in the eyes of some of you on here. I don’t feel sorry for a man who saw positives in that horrible display. No matter how good you might want to sugar coat his failings, it’s clear he’s not good at his job anymore. #WengerOut

The Mad Parson

Classless and puerile. This lot are part of the thinking that you can’t disagree with someone without demonizing them. They want to fire Wenger as manager–well, I want to fire them as supporters.


I’ve come to a sad conclusion….Chelsea and City fans may be plastics, Liverpool ones might be some mugsmashers, Spuds fans can be spuds, but lot of arsenal fans are hypocrites, yeah we’re, things like “we’re fkced by injuries” only apply to us, but not to other teams, things like “class is permanent, form is temporal” only apply to us, and things like “money cant buy class” yet we act like this against a manager that gave us so much. Yes, > I < Think perhaps he might not be anymore the one for this job, but ffs show some respect… Read more »


Although every deaw and loss this season is directly related not buying a defender and not having stable defense due to injury. Wenger deserves much more respect for what he has done for Arsenal. Even if we are bottom of the league people shouldn’t do that out of the stadium. Booing and asking for Wenger to resign during a match is perfectly understandable, but abuse in a train station is disgusting.

Singapore Gooner

Aw come on, such pent-up rage at Arsenal and Wenger should have been used in a more meaningful manner.

For example, they should have waited for Charlie Adam outside the Britannia and locked him in a stranglehold while decimating his nuts with the previously dismembered head of Anthony Taylor before breaking both his shins with the rotting carcass of John Terry’s soul.

Yes, I might have issues.


Completely agree that Wenger is too classy to point fingers at departments which are not his job. Who says he didn’t identify achievable targets in the summer but the recruiting team didn’t purchase them? David Dein would sleep outside the boardroom door to obtain a player and help the club. Think he did something in that vein for Gilberto Silva. We do have a world class manager, it’s just the other departments he isn’t responsible for which aren’t world class. I mean how did it take them so many years longer than Man U to start negotiating untapped commercial deals,… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

I don’t think you have a good understanding of how the club operates.

Everything goes through Arsene, including player recruitment. Scouts offer suggestions but he has to watch film and decide if he:
1) fancies the player
2) wants to pay the price.

The price is key. Many players are on the table but Wenger will NEVER pay over what he thinks the player is worth.


Does Anyone want success, wenger or no wenger this club is bigger than any man, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to no we need a full back and a DFM get it sorted in January wenger #please

Russell Bell

We need a full back? Surely you mean centre back?


If that’s one of your mates, give them a slap around the chops. That’s no way to treat AFC’s most successful manager of all time.

For shame.


I’m embarrassed to be an Arsenal supporter watching this, looking at that banner the other week and reading some of the negative comments on here. Kehdira deal didn’t go through and do you believe for one minute we didn’t try to buy a central defender in the summer ? Then we get decimated by injuries. I don’t know, have we played the same starting 11 all season ? The most successful teams tend to be the ones with the most stability. With half the injuries we have had you would see a different team. Yes he’s made mistakes but he… Read more »


Disgusting. Half witted cockneys.


Some twits as per usual acting like Newcastle fans. Has to take a Spurs fan to remind them what could be with chop and change. They are not allergic to throwing money (away) at their problem with a litany of top up and coming flavour of the month managers in Juande Ramos, AVB, Ponchentinno. yet none have succeeded (even when Wenger had to sell of his best assets) in finishing above us over two decades let alone in CL bar odd appearances. These are the same idiots who call Wenger tactically inept, think Chambers should play in his natural position… Read more »

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