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Bob Wilson backs Szczesny as Arsenal’s number one

Former Gunners keeper and goalkeeping coach Bob Wilson has given his backing to Wojciech Szczesny despite the poor performance against Southampton and the subsequent reported fine for smoking.

Speaking to @JamesOlley for the London Evening Standard, he said people had short memories, praising the Polish stopper for his performance in the previous game at Upton Park.

“What niggles me about this recent criticism after the Southampton game is that if people go back four days to the West Ham game, his performance was so good he won us the three points”, he said.

“If you are looking for incidents to blame him, put the first goal at Southampton against him, fine, but don’t start arguing with me about the second goal because it was not his fault.

“Any goalkeeper will tell you, lying on the floor with the opposition closing in on you, you make contact and you have no chance to get any leverage on it. It could go anywhere as a result of a situation not of his making.

“He did not have his best game but most ex-keepers would say the last thing you want to do with your No1 goalie is give him a rest. If I was goalkeeping coach there now and Arsene was asking me, I would say, ‘don’t drop him’.”

Wilson’s backing comes in the wake of some fairly inflammatory comments from Szczesny’s outspoken father, Maciej, who called the smoking in the dressing story ‘bollocks’ and said it was an invention of the British press.

He made that claim despite an admission he hadn’t yet spoken to his son who, last season, very publicly distanced himself from his father’s comments about Arsene Wenger.

You know it’s a slow news day when the main story is Szczesny’s dad, so we’ll leave it there for now.

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AK 57

Please Bob don’t. I didn’t see Seaman making that many mistakes. Why should be afford Szchesny to do that year in year out?


Just remind me the last time he made mistake that led to a goal(Southampton game aside).

AK 57

Have look at his distribution in man city game which led to second goal. He was all over the place early part of the season. I don’t understand people disliking my post above. Do we really need a keeper that does well for few games and then has compete nightmare of a game. Have a look at keepers our competitors have got Degea, Courtouis, Lloris and even Hart. The only one worse than Szchesny in top 6 is Mignolet.


Hart has had his poor moments as has de Gea. Now everyone are going on about how wonderful they are.


Szcers has probably the best distribution in the league


This is all junk! Neither of the City goals were his doing. The first, Alexis lost the ball deep in their half, they broke away, fed Navas who crossed it for Aguero “who was absolutely FREE!” If I might add, to tuck home. The second was a Kolarov corner, Dimichelis headed in again, he was Free. The set piece was an outswinger from the left, so it would have been daft for Sczez to come and claim it. And for the love of God, how could you blame him for the United goal, its the fucking 6yard box, he had… Read more »


Folarin, i cant agree with you. He did not need to come put and clutter with gibbs. He did not need to come out for soton’s first. Many people hail his west ham performance. In that game he was coming out to meet crosses on the edge of his area were players were already covering. Havent seen many who can score headers from edge of box with keeper in his line. If he comes out though….one slight miscalculation and theres trouble. The goal we conceeded at west ham was a header from 6 yard box. Thats the one he should… Read more »


Every keeper has gone through a rough time even seaman went through a time where the media were incredibly harsh on him and he got through it by the support of fans and Arsene, so dont give me that utter bollocks you cunt and support the players


Seaman was 28 when he joined Arsenal. Scchesny is still only 24


I was about to make that point myself…

Szcz is still very inexperienced for a keeper. I would like to see him stay in goals, particularly this weekend with the Orcs.

the only sam is nelson

Sczez is no spunky, not yet. he’s doing well on replicating some of the more insane moments from Lehman’s time between the sticks, though.


There there now, let’s not be too harsh on a man who once punched Roberto Mancini in the face.


He still has a long way to go if he’s to convince everyone.

There seemed a lack of focus or even apathy at Southampton, his face after the Mane goal wasn’t that of someone distraught he’d made a howler. Wonder if he’s having issues in his personal life or like others in the squad, he’s struggling with motivation.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Maybe he didn’t think he’d made a howler? Maybe he didn’t make a howler?


Since when do the British invent stories. The cheek of the man they are the most honest people on earth.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Enid Blyton invented a few. Agatha Christie too. Chrales Dickens? Oscar Wilde? Frank Lampard?




There are none. People have an unquenchable thirst for something to be angry about, given that we’re not top of the league, and players become lightning rods for criticism that should really be levelled at the whole team. Chesney won the golden glove last season, won us the game at West Ham the week before (as pointed out by Bob), but all forgotten because he had a bad game last time out.



I agree with that and I rate Szczesny. But . . . What I’m wondering is: where does this leave Ospina and indeed the promising Martinez? Ospina was told by Wenger when we signed him (or so it was reported at the time) that there was genuine competition for the number-1 spot, so how many more blunders – in addition to being sent off in a CL game, and making a few less conspicuous and costly howlers in the league, and taking his cigarettes to away games – would Szcz have to make for Ospina to be given a fair… Read more »


Ospina has been injured most of the season Miranda. He also had absolutely bugger all to do last match. He had a decent World Cup but basically been injured ever since.


But he’s not injured now. The Polish national team dropped Szczesny after he was sent off due one of his rushes of blood to the head; Fergie dropped de Gea and for a fewer mistakes than the older, more experienced Szczesny has recently made. I’m against the way fans can turn on players and scapegoat them, but I think it’s a positive thing that managers are seen to be firm, impartial and demanding high standards. Otherwise it looks weak and eventually backfires on the club, with players feeling merit isn’t rewarded at Arsenal and they’re not being given fair treatment.… Read more »


The Polish national team dropped that bollock, not SZCZ. He was left one on one courtesy of a series of monumental defensive pigs’ ears and given the option of either gifting a goal or going to feet and hoping for a bit of ball. The oncoming player was smart enough to sidefoot the bladder out of his reach and gracefully accept the penalty. The subsequent pen was saved by the sub ‘keeper. As Poland already looked hopelessly outclassed, I reckon that not going one down was vital to them and he made the right call in attempting the very risky… Read more »

(formerly known as) El Capitano

The only other thing I can think of and its only a ‘possible’ sort of mistake. When he rolled the ball out to Flamini against Spurs? When he clearly didnt want it, and he then lost the ball and Spurs scored? Apart from that and the above mentioned howler he had against Southampton.. I cant really remember a lot? Did he not get sent off in a Champions League game as well this season? I rate Wojech highly, the only thing he really needs to improve is his kicking, and just all round general distribution, as I think right now,… Read more »

happy gunner

@arseblog I don’t think that the tide has turned against sezzy. As we lost the game, people (including myself) at first needed somebody to blame in the heat of the moment. That man had to be sezzy, because at the end of the day he committed mistakes that led to both goals. I still think that kosc was equally or even more at fault for the first goal, along with mertesacker and sezzy but at the end of the day, if we had won the game then most people wouldn’t be talking about his disastrous performance. The media know this,… Read more »

happy gunner

P.s. I wrote all of that on my phone, so apologies for any grammer / spelling mistakes


He cost us at least a point in the United game back in November.

He was a bystander for the first 60 mins then made a total hash of the first thing he had to do. Either leave Gibbs to deal with the ball in the box or if you come clear everyone out.

They were 1-0 up with 0 shots on target!


Gibbs was blatantly fouled by Fellani who shoved him straight into Woj. Convenient blindness by the official as you say when Manure were 1-0 down


If Fellani fouled Gibbs and still got nowhere near the ball then you have to ask whether the defender needed the keepers help in the first place…

If he stays on his line they don’t score, so it’s definitely a keeper error for me.


No if he blatantly shoved him into Woj’s side winding him for a moment then he cross/shot the ball Gibbs struggling back up lunged his foot at it. Own goal Woj would have got a far better touch on it had he not had someone thrown into him. Must correct myself it was 0-0 at the time still blind officiating though!!!!


He shouldn’t have been there. Stay on the line and that goal doesn’t happen.


Goal keepers command there area! He came out and won the ball at exactly the same time Gibbs was cannoned into him. Hence he couldn’t put the effort onto his touch that he wanted. It was a foul a blatant foul. 0% Woj’s fault.


You can’t (and haven’t tried to) deny that if he stays on the line, there is no goal because that is definitely the case. It was not a ‘blatant foul’ as the referee didn’t give it. When coaching goalkeepers you tell them to ask two questions before deciding to come off their line. 1)Does the defender need my help? 2)Can I help him? If they can’t answer yes to both of those questions then they have to stay put. Not only did he clearly not need the help but he hardly ‘helped’ Gibbs either. Foul or no foul it was… Read more »


The referee didn’t see it so it’s not a blatant foul. Are you for real? I did answer when I said the Goalkeeper commands his Area.


“The referee didn’t see it so it’s not a blatant foul.”

That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site.


blatant (ˈbleɪtənt) adj.
1. glaringly conspicuous or obvious.

So obvious that it was missed all together…?

And no, “the Goalkeeper commands his Area.” is not an answer to “would they have scored if he stayed on his line?”

The footballer kicks a ball. The referee blows a whistle. These aren’t appropriate answers either 😉


Ok I’ll answer you obviously manure wouldn’t have scored the goal. As no one ever scores goals when goalkeepers are stood rooted to the goal line!

Black Hei

If Fellaini shoved Gibbs and the ball into Schz and into the net…..the referee would have blown for a goal and booked Gibbs and Schz for attempted obstruction.

You know its true!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Refs fail to give blatant fouls on a regular basis.

Fergie the Gooner

I don’t think his reaction to the goals, the way they were conceded and that they came in a game that had we won would have demonstrated some good progress helped either. Chuck in the smoking controversy for good measure and this has been be much more about perception and general frustration than his individual performance. Having said that he does have the odd tendency to come charging out of the box to try to win the ball or get closed down by the opposition, clearing at the last possible moment where you think “bloody hell Szcz, that was close!”… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Unlike the comfy viewer watching it on TV Chesney has to make a decision as to whether the lumbering Mertesacker or the nippy striker will get to the ball first. If the striker gets there first and Chesney is still on his line then it’s “useless bastard just stood there”.


He’s had one or two near misses granted. Their is a lot wrong with the team at the moment and the way defend but sczez for me isn’t one of our problems.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Near misses are also known as “successful clearances” or “nice saves” by people who aren’t looking to fault him.



Not from this season, but he is prone to do things like that, have seen him (cant remember the matches) doing things like this sometimes already this season, but has been lucky havent end in goals


I would count the Manue goal where he puts Gibbs on his arse and gets no distance on his punch as a mistake personally. In coming out like that he just caused chaos and it cost us a goal.

Coincidentally, in that game Wilshere missed a chance and was battered for it.

Genuine question, how many sitters had he missed before that this season?


People are counting his rushing out of goal to make a clearance as a mistake and he always gets the ball first, when Szcz does it it’s madness or a mistake, when Neuer does it it brilliant play.


If he got that ball then how did Mane score? Can’t remember the last time I saw Neuer concede goals like we did against Southampton …


Neuer… Is the best goalkeeper in the world. It is ridiculous to compare him with Wojciech. Besides Neuer is older and has far more experience.


It is a ridiculous comparison, that’s why I shot it down… I wouldn’t dare compare the two.


I remember and i know Neuer very well, at Szcz age neuer had a habit of making mistakes very often and in his first couple of years at bayern he was often drop to the bench because he was making mistakes very often.


It’s all down to media pressure and slating our GK, I think hart is making serious mistakes every season which are happening more than once, and he is considered as one of the best GK in the league because he is England number 1. I think Szcz is better than him and will certainly will be class when he will hit his peak of years as heart is now in those years.

Black Hei

Neur was bought and brought to Bayern a 90% finished article.


The wonders of you tube look up Manuel Neuer mistakes and they don’t even include the 2 gift wrapped presents he gave Marco Reus! Even the best make mistakes!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Neuer has a better defence in front of him. They don’t leave him in hopeless situations where he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

Last year our defence wasn’t too bad, but that’s really the only season they weren’t poor while he’s been our number 1.


Well, Wojciech is a good goalkeeper but he is definetly not among the best keepers in Europe. He rarely does them ‘match winning’ saves that we are in need of. Having said that, I don’t believe Ospina belong among the best keepers in the world either.


Sczc has gotten away with a couple of mistakes this season, but no howlers. the thing we forget is that majority of the arsenal fans are now just out of rehab for “Al-Flapianski”. We were addicted to cursing our keepers after they had blundered. But we have been clean for a season or two. But as with any addiction, there is always this urge to get back to it given half a chance.


The game against spurs.


He was poor against Southampton but Scz is getting way too much criticism
Yeah, he does have moments of madness but when was the last time we conceded a goal from them (Southampton game aside) and has saved our asses on many occasions( West Ham game being case in point).
And as was recently pointed by Tim Stillman in his column, his distribution is much better than he is given credit for.


This szcz thing has gone too far. People are pissed at the season we are having so whenever someone fucks up it’s like they become a lightning rod for everyone’s “great fury”. Szcz’s confidence/arrogance makes him a particularly satisfying target to shoot down.While understandable, it’s beyond retarded. He was one of the two best keepers in the league last season, he has still had good performances this season despite the shitty defending in front of him. So he had a stinker, who in arsenal colours hasn’t this season? Some of us need to lay down the pitchforks and stop acting… Read more »


For me it’s definitely the reaction after, it’s what worries me when we’re losing a game nowadays more than the actual result.


Yes exactly. I can take a loss here and a draw there. Obviously its painful but I accept it happens. What I can’t accept is pseudo fans spewing abuse at the team, individual players or the manager. It is like a pack of spoilt brats throwing their toys. Pathetic.


You just called someone a “cunt” in a comment above….


Seconded…. goonero


I think Szcz is a good goalkeeper but I also think he is too inexperienced and foolhardy to play in such a poor backline, if he was allowed to play his game rather than worry about the many defensive mishaps he would look alot better. I dont know what the defensive coaching staff are doing or how they’re making their money but they need a proper telling off. Oh and also AW if you’re gonna spend mula somewhere CB & CDM please, if it isn’t glaringly obvious. Solutions: Much better defenders Much better defending as a unit Top quality keeper… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Foolhardy is when you ride a moped at 90mph down a motorway with no crash helmet on and waving your hands in the air.

Foolhardy is not making a decision to come out to clear the ball when your defender has been outpaced or landed on his arse and the alternative is a one on one with a striker.

Just because it makes some people nervous doesn’t mean it’s stupid or foolhardy.

Craig Pires

Still don’t understand why he is being blamed totally for those Southampton goals! The first one ok he raced out but if kos holds the player up instead of running away then the goal doesn’t happen and the 2nd Debuchy should clear it before it becomes an issue. Shit defending all around. Szcez has saved us in games this year and last. The west ham one is obvious the other is villa away when he made a great save b4 we went up the other end and got 3 goals. There are some complete idiots that come on here and… Read more »


i think shez has the ability for sure his application is good his concentration at times is bad, needs to focus on his mental side of the game for 90 minutes. put him on the bench for a few games would help in that, but AW wont do that he will stick with him as no1 unless injured or fa cup games. if giroud has 10 good chances in a game and only scores one we forget the other 9, keepers mistakes were ever they are, are scrutinised to death for one mistake even tho they may make 9 good… Read more »


Rambo when he had that torrid period(won us the FA CUP), Arteta when he can’t seem to pass to a mate or shield the back 4 enough(highest %ge of completed passes ahead of Xavi/Alonso), Jack when he holds unto the ball far too long(some fantastic 1 touch footie/goals) and now Szces(golden glove last season)…I just can’t see myself puking abuse at the lads just love em, everyone of em have my absolute backing till the day I no longer exist. To guys who abuse remember it’s Wenger in charge, these lot going nowhere yet so back em or back off… Read more »


You just revealed the true reason our club is mired in this “4th place mediocrity”. We have, not up to standard players in which the manager is insisting into playing them until they get “in form” which hides their true mediocre self because not everyone can be in the zone all the time. We need to buy players with a higher floor so that even when they “suck”, we’re still grinding out wins unlike the see saw fluctuations we are seeing now. Basically you’re telling the fans to back inconsistent players who are not good enough but they were told… Read more »


Bob Wilson is another Wenger puppet dangling on a string. Szczesny is not good enough for Arsenal, he’s a loudmouth with a bad attitude and these smoking stories prove he is unprofessional too.


I’m sure you were one of those fans that were crying why we let Liverpool to sign Mingolet. muppet

Man Manny

We can’t judge a player on a play by play basis. All keepers make mistakes. Sczeczsny is a good young keeper who will get better, end of.

Fruit and Fibre

Can we not play up the whole smoking thing instead? Give the boy some cuban cigars, fuck it. He can lean on one of the goalposts smoking when the ball’s up the other end. Maybe make him wear a full tracksuit and a gold medallion, full on Tony Szczoprano style. Tell opposition strikers to start shanking all their shots wide or they’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Also someone should punch Roberto Mancini in the face again. Yeah. Then they’ll see. They’ll all see.


He made one mistake get over it. Even then it was the defence who put him in that position. Could be worse, could have Mignolet

the gunner

A 3rd of the way into the TW and not even a hint of anyone coming in. Why oh why do we always leave it late? Only to then sign some no mark or unproven child. We need to sign a spine from GK to up top,thats 4 players get your fucking finger out Wenger!!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why is everybody leaving it late? Why does everybody always leave it late in January? It’s partly because so few contracts run out in January, partly because so many decent players are cup-tied from the first half of the season, partly because in mid-season you only want to get rid of your unwanted players rather than your good ones, and partly because everybody is waiting for everybody else and won’t sell anybody until they’ve got a cast iron deal for a replacement. Chances are that the only moves before the last day of the window were made in advance, and… Read more »


In fairness to Szczney, while he was poor for the first soton goal, he got no help from the defenders around him! Kos backed off for no reason and Mertersacker should have been on the line.


One thing is certain. He’s no sweeper keeper.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yet it works most of the time when he does it.


Sounds about sensible.

Szsc is only 24yrs which is very young for a keeper, considering that, he is doing well.

The one thing you cannot accuse Wenger here of is not fixing the depth issue in this department. If Szsc should falter, Ospina is a more than worthy alternate and there is Martinez who has improved considerably.


If bob backs him thats good enough for me but he will give us many scares on the way to becoming a top keeper. Valdes couldve taught him a thing or two!!!!

Black Hei

Valdes? You mean that bloke that hardly needs to break a sweat because his team always have possession?


No what i mean is we need a world class experienced keeper in the most important position on the pitch, if we are to compete and win.


Would take cech in the drop of a hat.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…or the drop of a helmet?


Good man Bob……..a bit of sense at last……he describes the Southampton mistake (1 mistake), as compared with some excellent performances this season.
Give the lad a break.

Alexis Ozil Ramsey

In response to people asking what errors he has made. Sczc errors/shortcomings that come to mind: 1. Southampton, both goals. 2. The Man U own goal. He should not have come out 3. Rolling the ball to Flamini under pressure again Tottenham 4. More questionable distribution in the Man City game leading to a goal. His distribution needs to improve for sure. 5. Should command his area a lot more, especially on set pieces. There’s been numerous instances where I’ve thought he should come for the ball on set pieces (He executed this correctly only in the West Ham game,… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s not an error for him to do something you don’t like.

You don’t seem to be Alexis or Ozil or Ramsey so I’m going to go with Bob Wilson’s opinion on this.


I’m not one to normally criticise our own players and I’ve certainly never booed an arsenal player at any point. But….

I really do think that if we have aspirations of winning leagues or champions league in the short term then Szczesny isn’t the answer.

Agreed that he may in time become the complete package but that looks a distant prospect right now.

I’d be all for an upgrade in the summer and make Szezesny number 2 and make him fight for it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you were Wenger you’d have to have your research done and be laying your groundwork now, so which player who will be available in the summer are you going to buy for us to be our new Number 1?

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