Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Snap Happy Joel shoots legend in dressing room

In an astonishing turn of events Joel Campbell has had his picture taken with Thierry Henry.

It appears the Arsenal legend was at the training ground today and the young Costa Rican asked somebody to snap a shot of the two of them together.

It may have been with a phone, or it may have been with a digital camera of some kind, but the pair stood side by side smiling until the person in question pushed the button.

In a show of friendship which probably indicates Campbell may or may not start against Stoke on Sunday, the pair also put one arm around the other in a universal gesture of getting together and having your picture taken with somebody.

Some time later, Campbell uploaded the picture to his Instagram account with the caption “Con uno de los más grandes “el Titi ” #idolo #henry” which, when translated into English, means “With one of the massive garden “The Tit” #idle #harry”.

So far it has garnered 5,567 ‘hearts’ with the likes of jeanka_vargas, ricard0792, raul_navarro_98 all giving the picture a positive rating.

It’s unknown how many people did not like it because Instagram does not have that functionality.

This isn’t the first time Campbell has taken to the social media platform to post a picture. In fact, he has done it many times before with critics suggesting he’s copying everyone else in the world.

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28 divided by 2 equals 14. The seconding coming of the messiah is confirmed.


Bendtner’s on his way back to the Emirates??


26+26= 52 the number of bednter kit lol

Fergie the Gooner

We’ve already had the second coming. Hopefully the third’s a charm!

Me So Hornsey

A third coming? Wow! I thought only Alexis Sanchez had that kind of incredible stamina!

Young Gooner

Sorry this might sound really daft but I didn’t really know where else to ask, and it’s something that I genuinely don’t know the answer to so I thought maybe someone here could help.

Is there a reason that everytime I see a picture/piece of art/key ring etc. of the clock at Clock End, it’s always 3pm?

Walter Raleigh

Because every time you see the clock, it is/was 3 pm.


your creativity knows no bounds.


Oh look he took a picture with TH14 he must on his way to new york red bulls


A hint that Thierry is indeed coming back to do his badges with us? I fucking well hope so!


That article made my day. Very funny, thank you.




Blog ho tho arseblog jaisa:)


What a fuckin’ excellent article <3


I laughed so hard at the “tit” hashtag haha


JOEL CAMPBELL AND ARSENAL LEGEND HENRY story read by person SMOKING IN BAR in completely uninteresting SHOCKER!

jack p

Does anyone write better posts about arsenal than arseblog ??? Brilliant! XD


“The Tit” hehehe


Wait is that a blanket behind him, must mean he’s staying for the winter


Translation had me cracking up

Double, Double, Double....

Outstanding journalism. He looks happy. I am happy.


Maybe Alexis was one that took the picture of Joel and Titi, he is everywhere.


And afterwards he jogged home.


And after coming home he sat down to play on his piano 🙂

theCar2n Goon

Unfortunately with no stamina in reserve to boff his missus


Ah, welcome irreverence.
Thanks Blogs!



Air Bergkamp

In a spectacular u-turn, my day started off a bit shit and then, due to some stuff happening that may or may not have been related to the current status of the day’s enjoyability, it got a bit better. Might have a Twix to celebrate later. Then again, might not. Depends how it goes.

Tazmanian Jesus

Had a twix at lunch today, werent even celebrating…yeah, im that crazy.


Had a mini twix from a box of Celebrations . wasn’t even celebrating.


Our squad is well balanced between players in 3 distinct age categories. Campbell is at a delicate age where young players either push on with experience gain or remain stagnant in development. The likes of Nasri, Walcott, Ramsey, Fabregas all came good for us at around 23yrs (given time on field) Thierry did it slightly earlier at 22yrs. Currently we have several players at 23yrs on the cusp of gaining a permanent identity to their game. Coquelin, Campbell, Welbeck, Ox, are all in this delicate category where they either have to push on or will fall y wayside. All show… Read more »

Perry S.

someone had to replace prince poldi as hashtag king. lookout, soon he will be liked by many arse “fans” and wenger will be shat upon promptly when he is loaned out/sold for not performing up to par.

Tazmanian Jesus

Won’t those religious nuts be angry now at Joel for posting a picture with the prophet in it?

Excellent article!

Perry S.



Rubbish reportage… The real question here is: “were any selfie sticks involved”?


As a follow on to my earlier comment, it would be useful to see how our players stack up within the squad in 3 (+1) distinct age categories : 19-22 (Developing ) – Sanogo, Chambers, Gnabry, (Akpom, Zelelaem at 17) 23 (Transitional) – Coquelin, Jack, Campbell, Welbeck, Ox 25-27 (Developed) – Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs, Ozil, Santi, 28-34 (Experienced/Older) – Monreal, Debuchy, Per, Koscielny, Flamini, Santi, Giroud, (Rosicky and Arteta over 32) Its a good balance of young and up coming players, those about to hit their peak (at23yrs), those developed (24 and over) and of course experience. We will see… Read more »


Nice way to look at the squad and I agree that we need a CB in the Developed type who can take over one of the older CBs, especially Koscielny, as from what we have seen, Chambers is close to Per’s mould and can take over the right sided CB role. Also, given that Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky all reaching their final stages of career, someone also in the Developed category to become the 1st choice DM will be required – which I hope will be addressed this summer. Sorry for stating the obvious, but just want to let Monsieur… Read more »

Black Hei

Santori, you are one hardworking mofo.

Who needs a brain when we have you to do all the thinking for us. Cheers for the hard work.

Jules AFC

This is the most sarcastic blog I have ever read – different level.


Haha like it. Ive got a picture of me with thierry. Yes his statue, the ledgend.


I was laughing and smiling throughout the reading. Arseblog sure has a gift for making people happy. Kudos

gooner bank

Masive garden indeed


I hope Henry was there to test Wengers new cloning technology

marco vidal

“with one of the greatest ones” … kind of funny translation but you can see his truly admiration for Henry … i think he s got a positive attitude and good vibe.


Its not complete unless you could find any non-Arsenal player liking that photo and jam in a transfer story..



Santa Carzola

hahahahaha that translation though @Bloggs. #Idle #Harry. I guess you still see the ghost of ‘arry in everything mate lol


Santory you missed the beast Alexis Sanchez. Aka the andino beast.

Singapore Gooner

Anyone else thinks that if Joel were to put on maybe 50 pounds, he could go start going round the Emirates after every game interviewing people for Arsenal Fan TV?




loved that, best thing I’ve read here


tic…tac… It’s your move Arsene.




All it means is Campbell has got himself a new boot-boy…


Fantastic write up. Thanks for making my morning

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