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Debuchy left ‘destroyed and embarrassed’ by injury

Arsene Wenger says Mathieu Debuchy’s second operation of the season has left the defender ‘destroyed and embarrassed’.

The France international has played only 14 of Arsenal’s 32 games so far this season and is unlikely to play again before the end of April after suffering a dislocated shoulder against Stoke last weekend.

Having already been sidelined for 87 days by ankle ligament damage that required surgery in September, it’s been a tough start to life at the Emirates for the summer signing from Newcastle.

“He is destroyed because he is such a keen player, so professional, so willing,” reflected Wenger in his pre-Manchester City press conference.

“It is his first year here and of course he is embarrassed. But it is not his fault.

“He was pushed. The push was not needed. I watched it again and in that situation he was a bit unlucky as well because there is a little divot [the camber on the pitch] just after the touchline and maybe that made it worse. I just think that Arnautovic had no chance to get the ball.

“I don’t think it was malicious but it was not needed because he had no chance to get the ball. I am not a specialist and these subjects are always very sensitive because I don’t really know what his intention was. It is difficult. It is not obvious. I don’t think he wanted to hurt him but it was not needed.”

Get well soon Mathieu. We’d like to say lightning can’t strike twice…but in a way, such has been the randomness of his two injuries, it kinda has.

Interestingly, a lightning strike is one of the few remaining ways our players haven’t been injured.

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Such as shame for him and the team.

The FA really should’ve said something about it as it was totally unnecessary and down right dirty of him.


I don’t know what you mean. Arnautovic isn’t that kind of player.

It’s very hard to get behind the FA’s “respect the referee” schtick when they allow shit like this to happen. I’ve said it before I know, but someone needs to explain them and the refs that respect is a two-way street.


Actually Arnautovic is that kind of player. In Austria he has a reputation for being a lazy, stupid cunt


Don’t what why that fellow is relevant, read all the British media reports, it’s clear the hoarding assaulted Debuchy.

The hoarding should be taken to task…by the FA!

Leave the ref alone, its Debuchy’s mistake he decided to go outside the playing area.


The perfect balance of up and down ratings at the time of writing (23) goes to show that people here aren’t as sarcastically clued in as you’d think.


Thanks for pointing that out, there is a +13 swing at the time of reply.


Just like Shawcross is a deeply sensitive soul who is kind to stray dogs and orphans. Sad but true an Orc is a disgraceful specimen yet seem to be invisible to referees and commentators.

alexis' shorts

Regardless of whether a player is dirty or not, unnecessary actions like that happen often enough that I’d like something to be done about it. At the least a statement from the FA reprimanding the action. No suspension necessary unless the player repeats. That would be a start toward officially recognizing that while random collisions do occur, certain players are involved in it all too often (Shawcross comes to mind) and need to tone it down for the safety of the players. Hell, I can even say Flamini. I like the guy, especially because he’s the only player on the… Read more »


You see, when you’re from Stoke, class is something you skip to go sniff glue down the local park.


I know I’ve made this same comment on several other stories but the only way the FA’s stupid policy will ever change is if enough pressure is put on them. I encourage you all to submit a feedback email to the FA and the ombudsperson protesting the stupidity of their decision not to issue any retrospective punishment. It won’t get Arnautovic banned but if enough people do it eventually it will get the a Stoke player (because we all know it’ll be an orc) someday banned for doing something similar.


We all should visit arnatuvic and kick his ass


I’d like to see him try a stunt like that at the Den in the ’80s.


“Interestingly, a lightning strike is one of the few remaining ways our players haven’t been injured.”

…Way to jinx it!


I’m predicting it will happen on February 1st, to Jacques le Stump on his debut.

alexis' shorts

Actually, it already happened to him, that’s why he is “le Stump”
We’re getting him so that it literally won’t strike twice.


It’ll happen February 2nd then.

Andy Mack

I’m pretty certain there haven’t been any injuries from Hurricane, Flood or Fire this season yet, although there was a rumour of a minor incident with HFBs hair straighteners!


Fuck arNautovic man.cunt deserves good hiding. Get well soon debuchy

Sir Hugh Massingberd Massingberd

No real need to be embarrassed about being pushed into a hoarding

*Wonders what odds I’ll get from Ladbrookes on a lightning strike injury..?*


That’s a shocking picture. His eyes say it all.


Having suffered more than my share of dislocated shoulders, it is an incredibly sickening feeling. It just feels wrong.

Oh, and depending on what kind pretty fucking painful too. Debuchy being a fit, strong player, if it’s his first I’m sure it’s incredibly shocking and painful.

He probably also wanted to bite that cunt’s head off.

Fergie the Gooner

I thought the photographer leaning over the advertising board to photograph him in such clear distress was a bit tasteless.

Hope Debuchy can bounce back again.

Sir Hugh Massingberd Massingberd

Shooting what’s in front of you is the way some of the greatest photographs come into existence


I saw that too, pretty tacky. You don’t want football to turn into American sports where they literally show dozens of replays every time a guy gets hurt…pretty tasteless.


I see plenty of replays of injuries in the PL.


Yeah we can see how “destroyed and embarrassed” he is in that photo, but still managed to be so good looking

Anyway get well soon MD! We still need you in the CL final against those c*nts


I have seen many of those late pushes in similar situations lately. Baines was pushed down on hus knees and out on the legolike grund and could have picked up an injury. These things are deliberate and ugly and right out dangerous. FA must get involved sooner rather than later. But then again they are probably waiting for the first arsenalplayer to do this, he will of course get a 7 game ban and a date with Andre Marriner.


I hope lightning will strike Arnoutovic…literally.


Genuinely sorry for the guy. Get well and back soon

Per 'Lightning Rod' Mertesacker



At a bare minimum he should have been issued a yellow card. It’s one thing to injure someone with a fair challenge on the field accidentally, but to deliberately shove a player after the ball is out of play regardless of how hard it was needs to be dealt with especially when a player is off balance as Debuchy was. A yellow card is nothing of course so a suspension and fine would have been justified in my opinion. Debuchy was bought to be probably a two year player before Bellerin, Chambers or even Jenkinson was ready to take over… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Me too, I saw it again and unlike Wenger, I think Arnautovic did it out of frustration for being losing the game. Arsenal should have pursued the matter with FA.


Arnautovic is a fucking idiot. He had no chance to get the ball, but because his fucking ego was too big he pushed debuchy to the ground to satisfy himself. His ego costs debuchy 3 months of dislocated shoulder. What a fucking moron!!


So, we can do something terrible then say ‘sorry’ and that’s it?

No actual punishment?


He slotted right into the team and hit the ground running. Next he hit the hoardings because of a shove, in a meaningless, mean manoeuvre, a pointless act. I was so pleased to see him back in the team. That lasted all of 30 minutes(?) Get better asap Debuchy, we miss you, no need for embarrassment!
The FA really should get their act together.

Yorkshire gunner

Heartbreaking that debuchy feels this way, even though both injuries were completely not his fault

5280 Gunner

I can’t imagine a player pulling shit like this with Vieira, Adams, or Keown in the side. I’m not saying we need to go into full-on street justice mode, but I’d love a true hard man in the squad to keep teams like Stoke a bit more honest.

Gillespie Road

I disagree. It’s not the job of the players. It’s the referee’s job and it’s a responsibility from which they consistently abdicate themselves.

The standard of refereeing in the Premier LEague, regardless of what PGMOL would have you believe, is absolutely laughable and the FA’s disciplinary system is an anachronism.


Spot on, how long will this be going on before something is done about it? This season has been even worse than the one before. Cant the FA see that it (standards of refereeing in UK) will make a mockery of the P.L sooner rather than later? Ruin it….


Am I the only one thinking there might be a curse on that number 2 jersey…. Yes I have lost the plot

glory hunter

You might be onto something, ever since Diaby gave up the shirt, he’s not had any new injuries. He just cant get rid of the old ones 🙂


he need not be embarrassed, we all know its not his fault, and when fit he puts his body on the line for us.

thankfully we have good cover in chambers, and currently I think the more exciting option of bellarin. But we are a stronger team with Debuchy in the side so hopefully he recovers to help us beat chelsea at the emirates end of april, destroying chelseas title hopes in the process.


It’s shocking that we have to play them orcs at least twice a year. I sincerely hope they get relegated one day and our injury list will half


In Arsenal, lightning strikes you more than twice, it strikes you until you Diaby #just-a-gunner-things


Whilst I have every sympathy for our man I do kind of think there is a which hunt for Arnoutovic, its a simple push because he is annoyed and I just don’t get why Debuchy ‘jumps’ across him, its fair to say neither could have got to the ball so Debuchy should have just stayed on his feet. Not trying to start a fight but you have to see if from the other players point of view? I’d be annoyed if I was chasing the ball down, didn’t get there and the defender threw himself across my path for pretty… Read more »


No, It was a cheap, cowardly act. Do you think he’d have shoved him like that if they were face to face?
There’s a reason that these types of actions are penalized heavily in other sports, ie hockey and rugby. He could have easily done nothing and let Debuchy go by. Petulant act by a fuckwit.


I totally agree that it was petulant but what I’m trying to say is that could have happened 100 times and probably only ended like it did once. Players push other players like that all the time when chasing balls into touch, if Debuchy doesn’t jump across him we aren’t having this discussion. Also, what is was the other way around? Very little intent, provoked by the jump across him?? I just don’t think he meant it and that it happens all the time with little or no consequences? think we need to stop being so precious!

Gillespie Road

“if Debuchy doesn’t jump across him we aren’t having this discussion”

But he did, so we are.

Intent doesn’t enter into it. Blogs has used this analogy before (I think after the Shawcrossing) – if I get in my car, drive too fast, hit someone accidentally and seriously hurt them, it’s still a crime and I’m still responsible for my action. It was never my ‘intent’ to harm anyone but the recklessness of my actions did anyway.

Arnautovic showed a reckless disregard for the safety of a fellow player and he deserves to be punished for it.


So much difference between a push and a lunatic leg breaker. Accidents happen, going over the top into a tackle is premeditated and calculated. The push was silly, but not meant to maim or harm. Debuchy was unlucky. Just don’t jump into people is my point.

Dick Swiveller

The difference is that Debuchy was in the air and the push could only end with him going flying and having no real control over how he lands, if it was just running into each other and then he pushed him away, it would have been rude, but not dangerous; in that particular situation though, it wasn’t innocuous.

Don Cazorleone

It wasn’t even a one-off, you could see that they were under instruction from that cunty Mark Hughes, watch the first few minutes of the game again and you will see shawcross push Rosicky as the ball goes out of touch. There were many other examples throughout the match of snidey little digs and pushes. Not to mention ANOTHER Crouch elbowing situation.

Once again, the absolute incompetence of the referees has been put on show.

The FA is a shambles and needs a complete regulatory overhaul.

Gillespie Road

It was cowardice. It was a cowardly act of petty thuggery by an absolute thundercunt. There’s a reason that touching opposition players from the ground while they’re airborne is harshly punished in rugby – it’s because it’s incredibly fucking dangerous and you shouldn’t do it.

I don’t know why Debuchy jumped across him but it doesn’t matter – Arnautovic shoved him, he knew what he was doing and he should not be escaping punishment.


You’re kidding, No? You jest……, no?


@gunnerzed above….


You see here’s the problem with the Internet. Stoke are bully boys shock horror. Stoke get away with idiotic tactics especially against us and refs are weak. No brainer. My point is (and how dare I every go against one of our own…..really???) that Debuchy didn’t need to ‘jump’ across him, the ball was gone, that would annoy you? No? Someone jumps into you for no reason? He then lashes out in a way that happens all the time (regardless of Stoke) and he falls (because pushed granted) into a gully? End of. Don’t like being called ‘precious’ do we?… Read more »


Every single one of those so-called (at Stoke) professionals knows those areas out of bounds are loaded with boards, fucking concrete curbs at Old Trafford, and trench drain grates, etc. Lashing out in frustration would be a card on the pitch. Perhaps these ‘referees’ – and those blaming Debuchy for getting his own shoulder dislocated – would like to experience a shove off balance off the pitch just to see how obvious and dangerous it is. It’s a far cry more dangerous than Giroud’s ‘meeting of the minds’ to say the least. The push that led to that should have… Read more »


Too right there is a witch hunt. Send that fucking ape to Hartlepool where they know a thing or two about dealing with primates.


@gunnerzerd. You are just plain wrong.


Full marks for persistence though, in the face of overwhelming disagreement.

I’d have given up ages before to argue something so obviously wrong.


Why are teams like Stoke given an easy ride by referees? Its as if dirty tactics are expected from them so they are given some kind of leeway. Case in point, they have had NO red cards yet we have had two!! How does that happen? So in this game no yellow cards in first half yet two of our player severely injured. Only when he started dishing out the yellows in the second half did Stoke fall away and should have been beaten by more. I would have been incandescent with rage had any of our players been booked.… Read more »


fuck arnautovic this bastard


Can lightning strike the whole Stoke team and send them to hell? Bunch of effin no hopes who can’t play football so try and kick the shit out of the opposition. I really wish we had some players like Lauren, viera and known who would dish out the same.

the only sam is nelson

AW: ” our last RB was once out for nearly an entire season, having had his leg broken. Twice. Do you think you can step up to that standard of injury?”

MD: “hmmmm two broken legs, you say? It’s a challenge but I’ll try. But I will do it my own way”

and so it came to pass

Springbank 1962

We try and play football. Sides like Stoke can’t.

Which is why some of the more-visible resistance offered by Mertesacker and Giroud was so pleasing to see.

In the end Stoke were flattered by the scoreline. Not to mention the referee.


Who was that fat inept, dishonest cu*t of a ‘referee’? What’s his name f*cking name? bent bastard……..

Fool of a Took

Well balls..




Fuck assholetovic! I hope his balls implode every time he smiles yet recover before he can treat them.


Filthy cunt just like all the tossets weve played since the mancs kicked us off the park to stopnus goin 50 undefeated. Pure fuckin cuntishness.



Dave Gooner

The problem with retrospective punishment is that it is our rivals who get to play a weakened team. “We hear you Arsenal, so next week Stoke will play with a weakened squad”.

Chris O

Who cares? Isn’t that what happens with red and (accumulation of) yellow cards anyway? Why the compunction now?


Unless you’re going to do video review to punish in the match, if retrospective action is what it takes to drive the message into a thick orc skull, so be it.

The world would be a better place if someone like Shawcross, Charlie Adam or Barton had been banned from the game a long time ago.

Chris O

Still can’t believe the casual way in which pundits and the league view that shove. In the NFL that would be a personal foul (major foul) and likely result in a fine as that would be deemed a late hit out of bounds. And how does the FA with a straight face say that you can’t call a foul there because it was not on the field of play, FFS? That didn’t seem to stop them from punishing Cantona for kicking a fan, did it? I really wish the Arsenal leadeship would start calling out the FA on stuff like… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

I agree but the Arsenal Leadership aren’t allowed to call into question the decisions by the refs or the FA, it results in fines. The refs are above reproach apart from by their own board. It’s so sad.


Not only sad but ridiculous…

slippery eel

Another reason to celebrate the day when Orcs get relegated. With Hughes at the the helm they’ll sink sooner than later…

Tibetan Gooner

It’s not malicious but not need to do that, that’s what manager thinks coz he ain’t gonna win the ball anyway and it’s obvious!

Even, I’m not specialist but I can tell little bit of mechanism of this injury. It’s out stretched left shoulder landed on turf with upper torso went straight front which could damage or dislocate any joints. I saw the pictures, clips and there is external force (shove), without which our defender would’ve escaped the tough landing but you or a specialist has to decide why shove!


I’m adding Arnautovic to list of people I refer to as cunts.


Me too!

Tibetan Gooner

By the way didn’t saw the diagnosis yet but it should be anterior dislocation with or without labral tears…


Arnautovic should be embarrassed the sly cunt.


Nothing to feel embarrassed about.

If anything there should be retrospective punishment for that cretin Anuatovich who pushed him unnecessarily OFF the ball.

Those pillock commentators should be embarrassed. There was nothing ‘accidental’ about an off ball push.


Absolutely, watching it in replay shows the the intent and look at his face just after the shove if in doubt


Fuck Arnautovic…i hope he gets destroyed before the end of the season.


Why do we even have those divots on the pitch??


Here’s to the wash and this one coming out in it…

Arsene's Selfie Stick

The funny thing is they can’t use retrospective punishment because the referee was deemed to have seen it. So basically, referees are always deemed to be right, and this rule is in place because if a referee could be proved to be wrong, then there would be so much retrospective punishment that the FA would crumble AND EVERY DECISION WOULS BE CHALLENGED. If refereeing wasn’t so flawed why else would there be such a rule. The ref was wrong. It’s a lazy ass-covering rule.

Crouch's Elbow

Dislocated shoulder is one of the cuntiest pains known to man. I’ve had 4, all whilst playing to a very high Sunday league standard for the Old Bell. That shocked look on Debuchy’s face is because he’s pretty sure that his arm is no longer attached to his body but if that’s the case, why does it hurt like a muthafucka? ArriverderciAutomatic should be hung by his arse-hairs.


Shameful play by stoke. Referees should see these things.PFA should protect players as well. But again its arsenal and a French player.

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