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Club announce ticket price freeze

Arsenal have announced a freeze on ticket prices for the 2015/16 season.

In a statement on the official website, Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said, “We have fantastic support with all our home games selling out week after week, year after year.

“The Arsenal board, as always, works to strike a balance between the expense of coming to games for our supporters and the club’s ever-increasing costs and expenditure as it develops on and off the pitch.”

The freeze, while obviously welcome, comes after a 3% increase last year which was unjustifiable. With a whopping new TV deal in place, plus increased sponsorship revenue from Emirates and Puma, the club saw fit to raise prices despite widespread opposition from fans groups and fans alike.

Now we await the news that Ticket Price Freeze has picked up a knock in training and is out for three months.

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Now on to living wages…


Good news however a decrease would be a better news

Andy Mack

Don’t they need the money for the transfer windows?

Gus Caesar

Or so that they can hand Kroenke £3m…

Andy Mack

So are you saying you don’t want them spending in the window?

Son of Wenger II

Windows need cleaning. A job for Diaby at last.


Prices seem to rise with our league position.

Mark Hughes

Surely it would be lower then… Hey oh!


Getting in early justification for a large increase the following season?


i’m sure this has got nothing to do with our season going tits up.

Gus Caesar

Partly that. Also partly the uproar last time and partly the good work done by the fan’s groups of Arsenal and other clubs. Obviously they will still increase the price of a pint, shirt, pie etc, but then don’t buy them – if they’re throwing away food and drink each week then they’ll soon get the message on that front.


yankee mustachio will have to get his dividends elsewhere…

Andy Mack

no dividends at AFC.

Gus Caesar

Nonsense. the club had the chance to prove that it wasn’t a dividend and didn’t take it.


Dividends? No. Charges for services rendered? Hmmmm….



Gus Caesar

Potato Potarto…

Andy Mack

There’s a big difference if services were supplied, although the figure itself could easily be ‘boosted’ because of who he is, but as a one-off it’s still a tiny return on capital. Any pure investor would drop these shares if that was the only return.

Gus Caesar

Except that the club actually still have the additional £3m a year generated from last year’s increase, so actually he can still get his dividends from us!

Andy Mack

If the charge is repeated then it could be you’re right but after only one year, you’re making a big assumption.

Mark Hughes

No, that same £3million is still available after this seasons hike.

Son of Wenger II

I’m sure his wife can take on a few more zero hours minimum wage slaves in the family business to cover any loss….


Yippee, just the £1000 to watch the team regress again then?


Yes, Ivan we know expenditure of the club is increasing, that should be covered by the increase in TV money and increased sponsorship deals. Leave our ticket prices as they are, they are high enough already.


I know i am, im sure i am, im Arsenal till im skint.

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