Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Man City 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

We won’t say it was worth waiting for, but there was a lot to love about today’s 2-0 win over champions Man City … away from home.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Clock end

I can’t help but love Ospina what a guy!


Szczesny’s going to have a tough time getting back in the side if Ospina keeps it up. It’s amazing what happens when you have actual competition at the goalkeeper position isn’t it?


So is Ozil by the looks of it.


Ozil and Theo should really have to work as hard as Santi and the Ox to force themselves into the starting line up now. Today’s performance wouldn’t have been possible if we were carrying any player. Not having a go at Ozil, I just haven’t seen him play with that intensity yet. Here’s hoping the teams work ethic rubs off on everyone.


Still would rather have Theo on the right than Ox. IMO he lost the ball too many times and just doesn’t seem able to make the big pass when needed or finish for a goal. Just seems rusty to me when it comes to him controlling the ball. Can make the occasional brilliant move but must learn to add the other aspects of his game.

ZA Gunner

Poor fucking Burton are now going to have to content with Ozil, Theo, Szcz etc all trying to force their way into the first team. Goddamnit I love me a bit of squad depth!!


Yeah…this really is the sort of problem other teams would dream of having.


Ox was a little off the pace yesterday. He put in a shift and his power is always a handful, but he has to start producing more consistently with his end product, whether that be a decisive pass, cross, or goal.

Theo lacks the power and doesn’t have the same footballing ability, but he is extremely efficient when in full flow. We should be seeing Theo in the cup next week too so the Ox will need to up his game to keep Theo out the team.

There is no harm rotating the two once Theo is properly back anyway.


özil and Ches have to scrap their way back into the team? Or maybe just get cup games? Christmas just came again 🙂 let’s not get too carried away eh? Although every gooner has earned the right to walk around with a smug grin like a stuffed otter:)


it’s weird, Ospina never seems busy enough to judge for me. Maybe I am used to mistakes from keepers (Almunia, Fabianski, and occasionally Szcz) that’s it’s new to watch a steady goalie. The D look more confident with him in the net, IMO.


Also, how did Kompany not get a yellow card on the penalty or that brutal tackle on Sanchez? He should have been sent walking.

susan edgington

he did get a yellow for the pen but, not one for the terrible assault on Alexis 🙁



Gudang Bedil

All together now! Oooooos..

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Does the ‘O’in Ospina stand for the collective number of goals he has let in so far in an Arsenal shirt?

Oor Wullie

no, because then he’d be called something like 2spina to go with the two he let in against Southampton in the league cup


Only at Arsenal, the goalkeeper has his own fucking chant. Absolutely brilliant


Not the only goalkeeper chant I’ve ever heard. When a chap called Joe Cannon was the keeper for Vancouver Whitecaps, every goal kick was accompanied by a huge “ssssssssssssssss-BOOM!” from the crowd.


Imagine he could be considered one of the best keepers in the world if he had more height, does a great job and looks so confident back there. The pre-match video from the tunnel where he is standing behind the BFG and next to Joe Hart really shows how short he is for a top level goalie (which of course is not his fault and he certainly has not let that limit him), if he were 6’3″ he’d be up there with the most talked about goalies.


The GK spot is Ospina’s to lose now.


10/10 to City for making our Coq look bigger and harder than anyone else has


Like an embittered spinster, it’s become clear how much we’d been missing le coq.

Gunner From Another Mother

For all of Santi’s contributions going forward and in possession , Coquelin was my motm. He stymied the City attack before it could begin so many times, as well as snuffing out danger in our own penalty area. Not to mention the guy can pick a pass and help keep the ball better than you’d think…So this is what it’s like to have a real DM.


our massive coq has gone from a average Sixer to an impressive Niner!


It is crazy how much of a difference he has made to our team, when City were attacking yesterday you could see the teams shape was fantastic and Coq was in the perfect shielding position which led to loads of interceptions and tackles not to mention the amount of headers the guy won. I think Wenger’s team selection was perfect, he may have been tempted to start Ozil or Walcott but I think Alexis, Rambo, Sant & Ox were the perfect selections for this game & system. Ozil & Walcott may be more ‘talented’ than say Santi or Ox, but… Read more »


Coquelin was massive. He has been organizing, chiding, remonstrating with players around him to keep their shape since the first game back from Charlton. Sheer force of will and it needs to be said, the very tye of character we have been missing. I guess some amount of damage to the Coquelin/Arsenal relationship might have been done loaning him to Charlton (the idea obviously being for Charlton or someone to sign him as his contract ran out). Hopefully, his teammates are going to underline his value to them followed by management and in turn he’ll be offered a new contract… Read more »


Looks like Aguero was stuck between a Coq and a hard place.

I’ll get my coat


It’s become a Dick Law that Coq must play.


Seems wrong to single out a player after such a fantastic team effort. But in years to come Gooners will talk about the day Santi ran the show at the Etihad!



Edu's Braces

That’s all you have to say? Not even a token COYG? Wait actually, you’re probably 10. Be nice to your parents, brush your teeth and if the chelski fan tries to bully you, you kick him square in the balls


I think *fatty* wanted to say “first to the fridge” but it was cut short by the chicken leg falling on his keyboard


Maybe it’s a sophisticated meta-comment.

Ok, maybe not.


This isnt Le Grove


Fuckin’ excellent.

Arsene's Coq

What a performance! When he’s at his best Santi is simply untouchable, and Giroud’s all round game and hold up play was excellent today as well. Special mention has to also go to Le Coq, who was fantastic again today.

Hopefully this can be the catalyst for a great run ala Bayern away in 2012/13!


Forgot to say about that actually, Giroud was awesome today, Kompany & Demisnailis couldn’t knock him off the ball or win the ball before him, not to mention the sexy touches when the ball is dropping over his shoulder. Can definitely see why Wenger prefers OG up front, we play better as a team, can imagine him being great to play along side for the likes of Santi Ox and Alexis


Coq was immense today and watching Santi play this way was orgasmic.


That’s two weeks running that Le Coq has been worth 10 on the player ratings.


The Coq is becoming fully erect

Canon Fodder

All these comments about Francis are becoming a bit too childish and tedious; it’s just schoolboy innuendo – nothing clever. Can we not just praise him for his good form rather than make fun of his name?

Don Cazorleone

We’d love to, but it’s a bit…. hard




Don’t be a soft coq


Has your sense of humor been surgically removed?


10/10 when clichy had to take a corner for shitty late in the game!


I thought Ramsey was really poor again unfortunately. Could have created even more had he been more efficient in possession. He does run all game though bless him, and never hides.

German Gunner

Thought Wenger would never take him off


Are you kidding? “Again”? Last time he played he was fantastic against Galatasaray. First game since injury. He put in a great shift, worked his socks off and did a lot of defensive work too that often goes unnoticed. I think the trio of Santi, Coq and Ramsey did a great job today, dominated the midfield.


He was rusty but he put in a fantastic shift and ran the length of the park. Without his pressing, and his running on and off the ball, we would have really struggled. His end product let him down, same with Ox, but it was enough to see us through!


Since we’re discussing Ramsey, I’ll risk giving my assessment. He gave up to his instincts of going forward and dropping his defensive awareness in the second half. One lazy on his heels moment near the D on the left, and then a ridiculous attempt at a back flick near the same area summed up the problem. He wants to take too many touches since he became the welsh Jesus, and overconfidence is creeping in. Mind you, Ox had a few lazy moments in the first half when he stopped tracking back too. Ramsey was covered by coquelin (whose most impressive… Read more »


How do you expect us to win with bellerin at Rb & coq in DM against man city you deluded wenger ,that would ve been the words from the fans if we’ve lost


Many were saying that this game would be the one in which The Coq was shown to not be Arsenal quality, but he’s stood up to a massive test excellently. Thoughts on whether he could be the mythical DM?


Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve found our DM – and an endless supply of double entendre.


I mean double-ended entendre..missed my chance ffs


I asked for a double entendre at the bar of my local. The barmaid gave me one.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’m sorry, but your name seems familiar.

Are you le Coq’s shorter, plainer brother? 🙂


The Coq was massive today


Those who were hard-on Coq should be ashamed! 🙂


I thought the Coq might run out of juice. He worked so hard.
But whenever a City player came close to our D, he was straight in their faces. Often going in hard and coming out strong.
Great performance.


Best one yet


He did look a little stiff at times, but he helped us pull off an amazing win. Penis.


Today’s result would have made Mourinho happy.

But they don’t tell you that



I think what was really telling was when Henry and Souness spoke about how Mertesacker only had like one tackle to make.

Speaks volumes of the work done by our Coq + the rest of the team in stopping anything from reaching the back four.

Parisian Weetabix

Weird Giroud rating, I thought he was almost entirely anonymous for the middle forty odd minutes of the game. I thought this was more a triumph of the five playing in midfield for us mostly. Santi Cazorla can keep the ball better than any other footballer in the world, and I include Messi in that statement. Standing still, at speed, turning round and round in circles; it’s a shame he’s so determined to create goalscoring chances for others because I could watch him in possession all day.


what game did you watched ? watch the game again and pay attention you will see what we all saw.

Ultimate Gooner

Cazorla played like Vieira today, even if he’s only 5 foot 4


Actually he was better today imo


I’m absolutely confident that we in Bellerin we have a potential world class right back in a couple of years.
I’m loving watching him improve game by game!


Let’s hope he doesn’t get a case of Barca DNA.


The new Lahm.


agreed, I think Corporal Jenks, who has been very good for West Ham, might be behind him in the pecking order now…

A great problem to have, especially considering how unlucky Debuchy has been.


It’s no coincidence that our team has improved since the inclusion of Coquelin in the starting 11. The battle for the best Dm in the EPL has to be btw him and Matic.


While I am loathe to provide a link from this most excellent website to a most crappy website I think it can be excused this one time as I seek to illustrate a point.

That comparison is not even close.




I`m in Love with Santi I guess. It`s just so awesome to watch his nimble footwork.


He was really getting into tackles hard and coming out strong. I’m sure we all know who I’m talking about.

Arsene's Apologist

Loved the smile on Wenger’s face. So good to stick it to the media narrative lines.


A bit unfair to Gibbs: he had at least one brillant dart forwards which gave a corner… But wow! Good game!

Man Manny

At times like these, I wouldn’t bother to rate the players individually as this was the most comprehensive collective away performance in the league this season considering the recent history of both teams. However, I would make special mention of two. 1. Francis (Lazarus) Coquelin – for virtually coming back from the dead. 2. Bellerin – for proving himself at the highest level and making James Milner look like a part-timer. Debuchy is in trouble…believe me. Finally, a shout-out to Wenger. He deserves all the accolades he will get. Who said the game has passed him by? A shoe-in for… Read more »


what a blessing in disguise coq have been, especially after arteta injured several months and finding out he will be out for additional 3 months and knowing that there is not available top class CDM to buy in January and also pointing that flamini is past his best and an average player. What an injection coq is to the team, brilliant.


Quality performances all round. Coq, Ramsey, and Cazorla were great in CM and all three covered so much ground as part of the team effort. Coq crowed loudly and effectively to his team mates to constantly remind them of positioning and the team effort. In general no weak links and everyone was playing for the team. Nice to see Bellerin really announce his arrival in this level of match also, he’s no longer just an emergency backup. Well done lads, let’s build on this.


What a performance! Ozil will have to be absolutely brilliant when he gets his chance to get into the team. And Monreal was massive today. Cheers team for an epic fucking time. More of the same please Arsene.
And how smooth was Henry in the post match! 😀

Unyoke the ox

When jenko comes back, we’ll have 3 proven premiership right backs.

Also, what’s Coq’s contract status? Need to get him on another contract asap.

Neil #2

According to this, his contract ends on 30 June 2015! 🙁


It’s going to be a bit unnerving.

He is going to be on show for the next few months by which time I can imagine he might be receiving a few offers before summer.

Gooner Inside the Beltway

Executed game plan to perfection, best performance I can remember over last several years, especially considering the opposition and venue. 90 minutes of full-bodied commitment, had Rambo not been a touch rusty, score line could have been much worse for the Citizens. While Alexis was slightly off his electrifying best, his work ethic has had a phenomenal knock-on effect. AOC is just a hairline away from making the leap to unplayable and magical Santi may just have put in his best shift in an Arsenal jersey — MOTM for sure. Far from out-of-their-depth, both Bellerin and Le Coq outplayed their… Read more »


Couldn’t put it better!


And on top of everything, we spent the last 15 minutes playing a better 5 at the back that Van Gaal has managed all season!


Per deserves a 10 for that scrummy Cryuff-esque turn alone. It’s not often the big man can mug off a Man City player with such aplomb in the middle of the park. The fans loved it too and rightly so. Well done, that man.


I loved the way Ramsey, in the Sky interview, said “we’ll bounce…” followed by a huge pause while the penny dropped and he remembered we don’t need to bounce back for a change because we fucking won!


Loved watching the ball stick to Santi’s feet as he wriggled his way through the multiple slack- jawed city players.

What a player!

Gudang Bedil

Really happy for Coq, Ospina, Monreal, and Bellerin. They’ve really justified their spot in the squad, esp Coq.

Dat skill from Per though. Mertingly entertaining.


What a great team effort … but man, Santi, Hector, and Le Coq really elevated their games.


One of the best games I’ve watched in a long time. Such great play and teamwork from the boys today. Totally agree on the 11 for Santi…more than well-deserved.

Let’s add a “Sorry ’bout it”/10 for Kompany. #arse


Can this Coq solve our problems?


obscene/10 rating for Santi’s 20 second god mode rampage, where he obliterated 5 defenders with skill and then leaped in front of the clearance. A true hero. Notable mentions to coquelin, giroud, and monreal

P.S. John Terry is a cunt.


Santi makes me wish I was 5’4″ and well, talented.
And the Coq looks like he’s been on viagra.


And maybe I’ve loved Wenger for too long to have started thinking like him but seeing a young, underrated player make it on the big stage gives me special happiness. So happy for Coquelin.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Vieira – hahaha out of 10.


I’ve got to give credit to whom its due, but wenger’s tactics was 100 percent…He got everything spot on from the players he picked and the subs…Absolutely Superb.
Bellerin starting to show why wenger let jenko out on loan.
Santi was unbelievable…ozil will find it hard to get back into the team.
Coq played well, monreal.
Good to see giroud scoring against big teams this season.

Now more of this by Arsenal…get in the player (s) we need and lets get 3rd place.


We’ve got a decent shot a second place now, especially if Chel$ki beat $chitty in two weeks’ time.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

I’ll say this again The look on chinless Na$ri’$ face was awesome while he observed from the stands..Looked like an overweight ball boy…

Gooner Rises

Hopefully this is not a one time thing. A performance that shuts up the media.


No rating for the ref this time?


I’ll give Dean about 8 out of 10, which is probably quadruple my previous highest rating for him. The yellow to Ramsey was harsh and unwarranted, and he missed a first yellow to Kompany that would have seen him sent off for the later yellow, and Santi should have had a free kick after multiple attempts to chop him down during that 60-yard run (I understand the desire to play advantage, but there were at least five fouls during that run and the run eventually came to nothing). However, none of those decision was game-changing and his usual anti-Arsenal bias… Read more »


What a performance today! Thoroughly outstanding! The boost this will give the team will be immense! We have two reasonably easy fixtures next before the showdown with Sp*rs, against Brighton and Villa at home! Considering our second team against Brighton will be predominantly made up of a Schzesny, Ozil , Walcott, Flamini, Gibbs, etc they shouldnt give us too much grief!! Its amazing what a win can do… if confidence is high now, imagine after the new two wins (touch wood) what the confidence will be like when we go to white hart lane! I for one cant wait! all… Read more »


great win and team effort! nice to see a clear game plan going into a tough away game. does it concern anyone that wenger was seemingly ready to let coq go at the end of the season? if it wasn’t for injuries to flamini, ramsey, and arteta we might never have seen coq in the first team. it’s frustrating that we’ve had this beast of a dm since the beginning of the year and wenger, when we really needed defensive cover, refused to give him a game until he had no choice. does wenger still have an eye for talent?… Read more »


Great win. Still need a CB though cause if mert or kosc get injured were toast.


A lot has been said about the tactics today, and how Wenger deserves praise for the setup I’d just like to also point out the great decision to substitute Rosicky on early. Previously, there’s always been a lot of criticism of AW’s unwillingness to substitute early/make substitutions. Today I thought putting on Rosicky early was a masterstroke. We’re abit overeager in attack once the 2nd half started, and Ramsey in particular was probably trying a little too hard, staying too far forward. Rosicky was brought on to steady the ship, and Ramsey given the freedom to stay forward. Had that… Read more »


Spot on, it’s no coincidence that the team’s performances and confidence have improved a lot since Rozza started to get a look in again. He and Santi link up so well, so let’s hope AW recognises that and doesn’t drop either whilst they’re still playing well when others recover from injury.

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