Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Report: Arsenal 2 – 0 Everton

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Koscielny, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Cazorla, Sanchez, Giroud, Ozil

Subs: Szczesny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Chambers, Rosicky, Walcott, Welbeck

Arsenal followed up their midweek debaucle with a nervy start to the first half that had some heart in the mouth moments for both Koscielny and Gabriel. The nervous crowd were only quelled when Giroud put us ahead with a scuffed volley from a Cazorla cross. Ospina made some excellent saves in the second half to keep us in the game, only for Rosicky to come on a finish it off with a deflected shot to finish the game 2 nil.

Pre Game: The big news was that Per Mertesacker was dropped and Olivier Giroud kept his place after their respective mid-week shambles against Monaco. New man Gabriel started at the back with Oxlade-Chamberlain being brought in to replace Welbeck on the wing. Andre Marriner was also in charge of refereeing his first Arsenal game since the Chelsea 6 nil drubbing last season, with a potentially terrifying prospect for him of Gibbs, Walcott and the Ox all being on the pitch at the same time.

First Half: The game started slowly in the first 10 minutes with both teams probing but ultimately fluffing their lines in the final third.

A Cazorla corner went over everyones heads in the 11th minute and when Sanchez picked it up at the back he jinked past their defender but his cross was well high.

Arsenal were looking a tad nervous and making things very compact in midfield, with Everton keeping most of the possession.

In the 16th minute some nervous defending from Gabriel let Lukaku through on goal but Ospina blocked his oncoming run and then followed up with an aggressive tackle outside his area to clear the danger. Great goalkeeping.

Throughout the half we kept losing possession and defending nervously, Gabriel especially making a few dodgy decisions that did nothing to quell the anxious home crowd.

On the 26th minute we had our first real chance of the game when a lovely dinked ball into the box from Sanchez found Giroud and his brave header in the face of an Everton boot went just wide.

Koscielny then made a great professional foul to halt Barkley as he was away in our half, somehow not getting a yellow card when he was pretty much the last man.

On the 34th minute a great flick from Cazorla set up Bellerin in the box but his shot was blocked by some last ditch defending as Arsenal started to exert some more concerted pressure in the Everton half.

Then after Koscielny made a horrendous missed tackle high up the pitch Lukaku went free into our box but a superb last ditch tackle from Gabriel quashed the danger.

Then a wave of relief spread round the stadium as Giroud converted a Cazorla corner in the 39th minute with a scruffy volley of his shin that crept in the corner to put us ahead. 1 nil.

Cazorla again was the main creative danger for us in the middle and he flashed a shot that Howard had to tip over the bar. The resulting corner was almost turned in by Besic but Howard was alert to the danger.

We finished the half looking a lot more assured than we started as we took our lead into the break.

Second Half: Straight after the kick off Giroud picked up a yellow card for a professional foul on the half way line. The resulting cross was very dangerous and Ospina had to pad it away at the last minute.

In the first 5 minutes of there was consistent Everton pressure with a number of corners and free kicks bombarding our defence but we remained resolute.

Some great strength from Giroud to shove off Jagielka gave him space the box to shoot but a potential handball may have blocked his shot.

Again both teams packed out the midfield which meant a lot of the action was back and forth possession in the middle of the park as we tried to find as much space as we could.

Bellerin showed some excellent pace down their right hand side with a bursting run overcooked it in the box and lost control.

A fine one two between Cazorla and Giroud gave the Spaniard room for a shot on the edge of their box but he blasted well over.

Some more Arsenal trickery on the edge of their box in the vein on the Wilshere Norwich goal almost came off but the final pass was just over hit.

Then on the 64th minute Ospina made a brilliant close range save after Lukaku got in front of our last defender and blasted a strong half volley towards goal.

A nasty clashing of heads between Giroud and Coquelin resulted in a long pause in play while Coquelin received treatment.

Ospina made another great save from a short range Lennon shot, gettting down well and holding onto the ball when Lukaku was ready to pounce on any delfection.

Gabriel seemed to be growing into the game more and more and produced a great sliding challenge on Barkley to clear a dangerous ball, winning a free kick in the process.

Another professional foul from Koscielny about 35 yards out resulted in a yellow card but their cross came to nothing.

As the game hit the 80th minute both teams were making a number sloppy mistakes and the game became a lot more end to end with a lot more chances. One such chance was a great tackle on the halfway line by Sanchez that resulted in a 3 on 2 but Ozil took too long when through on goal and allowed Everton to make a last ditch challenge.

Around about the 82nd we made our first sub with Rosicky coming on to replace the Ox.

Ospina was having a great game and made another brave punch from an awkward cross, taking a heavy hit the ribs in the process.

Soon after Sanchez was replaced by Welbeck, which was quickly followed by Coquelin coming off to be replaced by Chambers after the Frenchman took another knock to his badly bloodied nose.

Straight after that Arsenal killed the game. A lovely header from Giroud flicked on to Ozil on their left, who found Rosicky on the edge of the box and his piledriver shot deflected off an Everton leg over the goalkeeper, 2 nil.

We almost made it 3 straight after a great Bellerin cross found Giroud but his header glanced just wide.

We kept the pressure up till the final whistle and well into the 7 minutes of added time, as Cazorla almost dribbled his way through in their area and Rosicky had another strong shot that their keeper could only parry away.

All told a much stronger showing than midweek and Giroud especially going some way to redeeming himself with a man of the match performance. Some good momentum going into the midweek QPR game.

Match Report by @williamwasteman

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Olivier Giroud: makes the impossible look simple and the simple seem impossible.


Could have easily snatched a hattrick today had some of those shots not gone just wide and had Jagielka’s hand not gotten in the way.

Gunner From Another Mother

Wouldn’t that have been some reply to his midweek performance!

Side Note: Thank you, and well done Tom! An admirable stand in for Blogs. The content is much appreciated. Cheers!


Agree completely.
And he even tops it off by taking Coq out.


As much as I’m absolutely loving the Coq right now, do you thing Wenger always saw him as a first teamer or was he just in the right place at the right time and took his chance? I’m more inclined to think the latter given the amount of loan time we gave him and the fact that he never exactly set the world on fire in those loan periods.


I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it may be a combination of both. Arsene brought him and has kept him under contract since 2008 – he must have seen a certain potential there. The transition from being regularly on loan to a first teamer certainly looked quite abrupt. This could be because he reached a certain level in his development that was deemed satisfactory by the Boss, and coincided in time with our immediate need for a central DM – he was in the right place at the right time, as you say. Very happy with him as well,… Read more »

I don't comment here often

When Coquelin started getting game a few years ago I remember we were being linked with Yann M’Vila, and Phillipe Auclaire seemed to think Coquelin looked a better (i.e. not mental) option for us. I did like him, but there didn’t seem to be much of an opportunity for him to play ahead of Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, or Diaby. I think even Frimpong was ahead of him at the time. Fast forward 3 years and it turns out of all of them Coquelin is the player with the qualities we really need in that holding central midfield position. Decent on… Read more »


Personally i think we could do with a bigger Coq. He has been playing great, but his size and modest strenght lets him down in physical duels vs certain opposition with bigger more physical players.

Our team is allready the smallest in the league which we have suffered for several times allready, and I feel the DM position is a natural spot to have a big enforcer type player that could add some much needed size and muscle to our team.


I would – you do not consign anyone to a loan in the Championship with their contract running out when you think they are first team material.

It was an act of desperation to bring him back but it paid dividends. Should teach anyone capable of learning a valuable lesson.

Bob A

Does it matter the lad is doing well and it just goes to show that in all walks of lifeyou do just need the break.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Next time we see Arsene’s Coq, it’ll be wearing protection!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Broken nose, but not a broken Coq, tough lad. Also, nice bounce back for Giroud, hopefully he put that Monaco game behind him and its a distant past now.


Solid, good result.

Gabriels dream came true.


Didn’t like looking down and seeing Coq covered in blood.


Just like everton today, you kind of had the right idea, but the execution was poor.


Wenger just said that coq has a broken nose but he hopes that he will be available for Wednesday. But if he is not we got ramsey and flamini back, and coq has a danger of 5th booking if he plays which will mean suspension for man.utd game.


Deadline for suspensions due to 5 yellow cards is over. Now a player needs to accumulate 10 to get a suspension.



Perhaps you should get that checked out..


Where did you find a virgin?


A bad period (of the match).


It was going to happen at some PERIOD of his career.


OMG! my son, you need to come for confession

Remember the invincibles

coquelin was outstanding again. He’s really making everything of this chance that’s been given to him


I love the BFG when he’s playing well, but can you imagine him making the tackles Gabriel did in those positions? That is the difference in possibly 2 goals today, and who knows how many throughout the season!


In my opinion BFG is pretty decent at tackling. I certainly wouldn’t treat it as one of his weaknesses.


I agree he’s a solid tackler, I guess I should have said can you imagine him being in the position to make those tackles. And you can’t tell me he’s mobile enough to slide the ball off Lukaku at full speed.


Ok, sorry, I misinterpreted your comment. That is of course correct. BFG has to rely completely on his positioning, whereas Gabriel (or any other relatively fast player) can use his pace to compensate his errors.


Mertersacker is always exposed against quality opposition. Against the lower teams, with Koscielny he is great.
But, like in the Champions leauge, against the best teams we look so vulnerable. Mertersacker is most of the time so far out of position that nobody even realizes it was his fault.
The goals at Monaco were one of the few instances where people noticed. Finally.


Ospinnnaaaaaaaa. My MOTM. That was much better defensively. Everyone spare a thought for our Coq’s nose.

La Défense

Huge performance from Ospina after being written off by influential sections of the Arsenal media 😉


the only worrying thing about Ospina for he is the distance he gets on his kicks. Quite alot of them dont even clear the halfway line and it really invites quite a bit of pressure onto the team.

La Défense

umm… no.

La Défense

Ospina vs Everton: http://youtu.be/X1m9rsYgzy4


Crawling out of the rock I was hiding under…happily 🙂

palace gunner

Nice win gunners back in third


Based on today’s events and the run in I’d say Man City is vulnerable in second.


And of course Man U in fourth are utterly shite.


But bizarrely fourth? How on earth has that happened?


No Euro distraction.


Weird game in many ways, started slowly but made everything count in the final third. Good show by Coquelin and Giroud, I think both of them needed that. Ospina back to his best as well, kept a tricky clean sheet today. In the end what pleased me the most was seeing players like Özil, Cazorla, Alexis, Rosicky etc. run their asses off, tracking back, to win the ball back.

Onwards and upwards, COYG!


More like downhill and upwards… But hope we can turn that around

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Agreed, especially Mr. I don’t give a fuck but still bag two assists özil


good win, 3 important points, only 4 points behind citeh. things aren’t as bad as some may tell you!

great game by ospina. great game by gabriel. he had a couple dodgy moments, but that slide tackle on lukaku was awesome. santi looked like santi again. and i can’t say enough about ballerin. he is awesome!


Our own Bellerina!


It was an Ozil corner, I guess, not Cazorla


Indeed. cazorla took the first corner which sailed over everyone, then ozil took the next corner which led to a goal


Gabriel made some excellent tackles today. Still needs to find his footing and took a while to get into the game but solid performance overall. Ozil with another two assists! 🙂

Man Manny

Good win. Not spectacular but solid. Time to make City look behind them.


Yeah, I bet they’ll be scared when they look behind them and see a big, bloody Coq.

Me So Hornsey

I like Gabriel. I like the fact that him and Kos side by side looks like it works. Well.

Very encouraging.

Wenger who

Good debut by Gabriel. Ospina is osome!!!


it was ozil’s corner that resulted in the first goal
two assists for him today <3


A little bit heart in mouth stuff when Gabriel fluffed that clearance but then both Gabs and Ospina were solid throughout afterwards.
Hope this builds confidence in them and those around.


How bad is coquelin’s injury Blogs? Any updates?


Not many players like Coquelin in modern game today. A warrior playing with almost 2/3 of his blood left on the emirates pitch.

Crouch End Gooner

Christ, please stop with this Terry Butcher bullshit.


You should see pitch at the Britannia after a game. Like something out of Saw.


2 assists from the assist king


What a shit atmosphere!


Blame Republicans.


I agree with the atmosphere jibe, but we as a club dont help that. As soon as you stand to chant or support the team, stewards all tell you to sit down. I for one am up for.safe standing areas at emirates. Let us support the team.

North Bank Tom

The only way to counter this is simply to refuse to sit, en-masse. That’s what we do in the North Bank, lower tier. I haven’t sat down apart from half-time and pre-game for as long as I can remember. Standing encourages conversation among fans, debate, singing and all round a more positive form of support. The support wasn’t great today and if there’s one thing I’d get rid of, it’s the audible disgust some supporters release when any of our players loses possession or even misplaces a pass. It doesn’t make for a good atmosphere; we’re here to support our… Read more »

Crouch End Gooner

Two more assists for Ozil, but apparently Michael Owen isn’t convinced by him because he doesn’t ‘look’ like he cares…..

Bob's Mexican Cousin

if the world was a just place then Michael Owen would be raped by a porcupine every time he opened his mouth. It would be nothing compared to the pain of listening to him

wenger's coat zipper

Made my day

Rosicky's Little Toe

A solid clean sheet and 3 valuable points made my day! COYG


Watch the City game. Silva plays almost identically to Ozil but he is a genus and Ozil is lazy.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Yeah and city lost


No he doesn’t. Silva plays much quicker, always looking to pass forward. Ozil takes more time and keeps the game ticking while he waits for a killer ball.

The difference is that Silva shows some strength and puts some tackles in. Ozil might cover some yards as someone will no doubt point out in a sec but doesn’t actually make a challenge when he gets to the player, just jogs alongside. He also gets knocked off the ball too easily still.


Unfortunately, I think this is right. David Silva competes in a way that Ozil doesn’t off the ball.


I am sorry the idea David Silva puts in a bigger shift than Ozil is laughable.


I didn’t say he puts in a bugger shift. I said he makes tackles and also shows some strength. When people try to defend ozil in these areas they always put up stats about how many yards he has run and then say look he runs arrrrrraaaaand. Let’s see some stats on how many tackles he wins or even attempts, some stats on 50/50s won or even gone in for, some stats on how many times he gives the ball away, not his pass accuracy but his bundleD off the ballacy. Or how manybheaders does he win or even go… Read more »

Clock End Mike

That’s daft. I assume you’re just a visiting troll.

Yes, Özil and Silva are both creative playmakers, but that’s where it ends. They have quite different styles, but they’re both very effective. I’d happily have either in my team, but as we have Alexis, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky et al already available, I’m glad we have Özil as he provides something a bit different and very special. And lazy is the last thing he is. Laid-back, yes; and less defensively-minded. perhaps. And at his age, he’s only going to get better. And he’s a Gunner, as he has said himself!

Blue or Gold

Here is a funny thought what if we really dont care if Owen is convinced or not and we never have been???? You know what that might just work for me!


4 points off second

little mozart

thank you

Jim S

Possible Handball? You can see him purposely stretch his arm out and block the shot. Should have been seen by the side judge. If we did that it would have been a red card an pk no doubt!


Red card to the wrong player too


If that was one of our players the arm would definitely have been broken!


Would like to see more matches with Gabriel & Koscielny together.

Jim S

Oh yeah and Naismith is beginning to reach Terry levels of cuntiness. Every game he intentionally cracks at least one of our players. I like his aggressiveness, but he loses control!

True Red

Naismith was actually blameless in the incident with Coquelin, the ball pinged Frankie’s (already broken) nose.

Enjoyed Gabriel’s performance today with the exception of the square ball nowhere near Kos. Another win, another clean sheet.

Michael Owen has a grudge against us and everyone knows it. I watch the games he commentates on with the sound turned down. A true cunt

Yankee Gooner

I don’t want to split hairs here, but Naismith bodied Coquelin out of position with an upraised elbow, which turned a header into a faceplant.

True Red

It looked like a 50/50 to me but I’ve only seen it once. I’ll have a look later and let you know


Gabriel tackle on lukaku 1st half amazing !!!! COYG


The balls on not just Francis Coquelin, but also Olivier Giroud and David Ospina. Damn! Great team selection and set-up from Arsene.


Did anyone notice how dissapointed sanchez was with himself and when the final whistle blew he stormed down the tunnel


So who do we really want to win the capital one cup final today? I hate both of them equally.. duh :/ wtf


It’s the Capital One Cup, no one gives a shite.

Clock End Mike

Easy to say that, but not true. I hated it when we lost the final to Drogba and the Chavs. As for the Birmingham game, least said the better.

Competitions never matter once you’re out of them, and it’s good to look at it that way. But silverware does matter. I’m even happy we won the Community Shield or whatever they call it these days. And that really doesn’t matter very much.


I must say Alexis’ attitude and passion is truly amazing. Things havent been exactly going for him in recent games, but he never stops trying and also play his part in pressing and defending with enthusiasm. So many players go through a dry spell and all they want is to get back on the score sheet so badly that they neglect their other duties in the team. Another comfortable win in midweek will give the team the momentum needed going into the FA cup tie and Monaco away, lets hope Sanchez’s form makes a timely return for those matches. COYG!!!

Wenger's Glasses

For people who didn’t watch the game, when blog wrote, “Everton keeping most of the possession (earlier)” it was basically they were just passing the ball between their own defenders deep in their own half, trying to bored us to death.

Great display by our Ozil & co! Solid win. So proud!

& great display by the crowd as well! When Giroud missed his early chance, instead of moaning, they sang his song to motivate. My faith in fellow gooners rejoice.


Strange performance…We were not great but i thought we were comfortable. Think they only had 2 clear cut chances. Far better defensively. The team looked Understandably anxious in the first half hour or so. As much as the team lets us down on occasion, i found myself especially disappointed with the fans. This has been going on since we moved to the Emirates but it has become very noticeable this week. The fans have to realize how important they are..As much as the team should play well to left the fans, the fans have to get behind the team. Against… Read more »


Also to note that on TV they were so many empty seats in the stadium, what a shit fans if they didn’t come to support the team because of the monaco game, I would die to attend one game of arsenal and watch the team live because I’m million miles away and could not afford to come to London. Disappointing fans really.


there has been a noticeable shift in mentality. I think Wenger has realized that when we ‘dominate’ games with possession and focus on loads of passing and waiting for the right moment, we are often caught out on the break.
What we are seeing now are far more ‘attempts’ at difficult balls where there are a lot of changes in possession between the 2 teams, where we are happy to sit deep and play the counter attack.


Anyone feeling a bit better about the league recently? City only 4 points away and if chelsea lose today they could lose focus. Its only 9 Pts and stranger things have happened. Im not saying we’re going to win the league or anything but as Gandalf says ‘There never was much hope. Just a fools hope’

Thierry Bergkamp

2nd spot anybody?


am a spurs fan at d moment..watching d cup final at a pub in my country….


At the moment?

Impossible, you are either a tw*t or you aren’t.


I can see Walcott being shown the door this summer, not sure that boss has any faith in him anymore


He has become irrelevant (Especially with Sanchez and the Ox and even Welbeck). On paper he offers goals and assists. But in reality he doesn’t really produce…Contributes very little to the team. He has his little out to in run but that’s about it. With the pace he has and the ‘ability’ we think he has, he should be undroppable. When he plays he should be imposing himself on games, defenders should be scared shitless whenever he picks up the ball. I think i am especially hard on him after i was at the Leicester game and i saw him… Read more »


Agreed. With the not-so-strong deep midfield we have, we can’t afford to carry players on the wings if they cant retain the ball in attack and defend when we dont the ball. Walcott doesnt do either. I’ve seen cazorla step up big time in defending this year. I feel it could be the sanchez effect. hope theo does the same. I wont be too sad to see him go otherwise. Cant afford someone on 100K a week to just pop up, score a decent amount of goals and go invisible for 60 minutes.


Don’t be too hasty now. I feel arsene doesn’t have time to ease theo back into action so late and vital in the season. He’ll play him in a few easier games here and there until he gets a full pre-season under his belt. He’ll be back to his best next season have no doubt.


I really want him to do well. I admit i am overly harsh on Theo but that is because he has the potential to be as dangerous as someone like Hazard. He should be..I remember that run he did years ago against Liverpool in the Champions league..He should be producing that every game.


“Actively avoiding having to touch the ball”. What the fuck Theo. If he’s not competing for headers, he’s making off the ball runs that players do not seem to find him with, or not using his pace and athleticism in DEFENSIVE situations. I mean his goals and assists record, and his impact when he plays well is invaluable. But when your teammates battles season-long to qualify for the UCL, then battle to qualify for the knock-out phase, and in the critical last 16 game, at home, you are “actively avoiding having to touch the ball” then I have to say… Read more »


No, we cannot afford to dismiss Walcott- too much talent. All he needs to do is understand he needs to pick up the defensive end of his game. It’s not about throwing in silly tackles but consistently closing and fronting other players to break down their forward play. I said on another thread it’s disappointing that Walcott sat on the bench, watched Sanchez and Welbeck contribute and it did not seem to occur he needed to up his defense. What’s worse in my book is it did not to occur to Wenger or Bould either – with a new dynamic… Read more »


You’re telling me that Wenger and Bould, Steve Bould the legendary defender, are “not bothered” telling Walcott to press? You’re wrong and hugely disrespectful to them both, and you probably haven’t played much team sports.

Much more wrong with his game than you can see, but at least even you acknowledge he could be on thin ice if he doesn’t change it up.


Defensively sound. Gabriel needs to pay ahead of Mert from now on. Far more mobile and robust. I thought Bellerin was outstanding, that run in the second half, even though though he overran it, was simply brilliant. I know Giroud scored, but I wish he would stop trying to flick the ball on. At one point in the first half, when we were on the attack he backheeled it straight to an Everton player. Ozil was getting stick again, but he got 2 assists, can’t really complain. I hope we as fans don’t get on his back too much because… Read more »


Thought Gabriel was excellent today despite a few mistakes. Bellerin was brilliant and bounced back well from his poor game against Monaco. I think Monreal should return to the side. Gibbs just seems off at the moment. Not his usual pacy self down the left, far too many crosses come in from his side and he got beat alot today. Going forward he gets into great positions but never picks out a man Coquelin seems to be our only midfielder who can tackle, he too was much improved today. Warrior for playing on with a clearly broken nose. Cazorla looks… Read more »


Watched on BT Sport…Owen and the other bloke are complete cunts! I could list the reasons and things they said but you would get bored by the length of it! Just one – they made a big thing of Giroud “running to the other end of the pitch” (rather than seeing if he was ok) after his collision with Coq. They failed to mention that as the medical staff were nearly finished stemming the blood, that the HFB went to check on his team mate (they were too busy talking blx about what’s on BT Fucking Sport next, or other… Read more »


A shame…I watched via NBCSN with Phil Neviille commentating.

He surprised the hell out of many (already noted on forums) as he was excellent.

Praised vitrually all Arsenal’s players and the fact they bounced back then was waxing lyrical over Bellerin and Gabriel etc.

Though ex-Everton he made several comments about the fact martinez has them playing too slow etc.

Many commentators seem to have an agenda or have pre-decided a story to tell, so it was really refreshing to listen to Neville and his all round enthusiasm.


I stand by my statement being a spurs at d moment despite dem trailing 1 nil. Chelsea fans here are very annoying


Can’t you watch a game and hate both sides? What’s wrong with you?


Because he thinks this is a “general football” blog, AND he’s a sp*d stan, so ignore him mate.

Diaby's hamstring

Lord knows we came out with blood dripping from our Coq. A great result nonetheless.

Tamil Tiger

Michael Owen is a Liverpool CUNT


Big result after the week we had. Delighted for giroud. Need to keep the focus now. Scousers are hitting form. Second is there to be targeted. work to be done no doubt but enjoy the win


I guess u expect me nt to support anyone but datz who am supporting for d next 45 mins..Gunners for life I remain

Clock End Mike

I think this should be a secret you keep to yourself.

Pony Tulips

I am sure its not just me. I found the crowd way too silent today. Even the commentator acknowledged that the stadium is so silent. Earlier I watched the liverpool game on tv and anfield was erupting! Whats with our fans!?

And Congrats to giroud on scoring his 50th for arsenal!


Well just a shot in the dark here but could it be Liverpool have been on a stunning run of form this year and we just got handed another kicking the other night? And, before anybody says it, many Liverpool fans seem to think just concentrating on the League might be the better option for them….

When any team is undergoinging a drop in form…be it Liverpool or Man United (last year and this) there will always be drops in volume, audible gasps etc.

When teams are timid, so are fans.


however am delighted for Arsenal’s win today…. I hope Coquelin will be fit for Wednesday against QPR


I feel your pain jaywon.. I’m from Nigeria too!

AK 57

Gabriel did well. Per is looking tired for weeks so it’s best he takes some rest for now and let Gabriel bed in. Three players who mucked up very badly on wed did well today. Giroud, Ozil and Ospina. I though ozil did very well kept the ball, passed well, came out of challenges, tracked back and ofcourse set up two goals. Ofcourse, Owen is too stupid to see that.


Another three points, Another clean sheet.
If Rottenham win the League Cup John Terry will be out there on the pitch posing for the photographers wearing a Sp*rs shirt

andre santos

i liked how gabriel wrestled and slammed ross barkley back on the ground when he grabbed his neck.
thats the type of aggression that has been missing from this team.
Him and koscielny are going to form a formidable mean and rugged defence.


@Sauce, thanks for understanding my point….Arsenal fans in England might hate Spurs more but in Nigeria,Arsenal fans hate Chelsea more.. I hate both sides but hate one more

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