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Video: Santi Cazorla | Full control 2014/15

Here is a video featuring Santi Cazorla, enjoy. He’s been one of our best players this season.


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Best feet and close-control in world football? I think so.


That messi guy is pretty good at it too I hear

Barca Police

Then go post that on a barca webpage.


..and I’m still not sure if he’s left or right-footed..

Undone Shoelace

I think its pretty obvious he is both-footed.


Fantastic player – so great to have a true old-fashioned dribbler in the side. His skills are a bit disrespectful to the opposition though… 😉


Very Hlebian. They both have or had the ability to dribble away carefree when boxed in by three defenders. I hope he stays for seasons and seasons longer.


Cesc who? The best spaniard at arsenal ever!!!!


agree 100%. all bitterness aside i think there have to be question marks about cesc on the biggest stages / when the pressure’s on. plus he was too fragile for a deep lying playmaker in England, and a touch too slow in acceleration to be a traditional #10.

great player still, but give me santi any day of the week.


I thought at the beginning of this season it would Santi’s “phase out” year. His ability with the ball close to his feet is so far beyond everyone else at the club it’s ridiculous. Surely we should have him teaching the youth teams how he got his “weaker” foot so much better than most players best foot!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Ohhhh Santi Cazoooooorla!


That move where he passes from one foot to the other to get round a player – pure joy. First there was the Cruyff turn, now ‘the Cazorla’.


Santi has perfected it- but that move should be named after Iniesta if anyone.


Guys like Iniesta and Cazorla grew up watching Laudrup



Ian Wright's Farmer Cap

It’s like he has velcro on his boots. The control he has over the ball is incredible.


He is fucking brilliant. Phenomenal player, our best spainard of all time (Cesc who?)

Flying Dutchman

He’s my first choice for no 10 spot every game. ..


I think he has been best player in the league not just Arsenal. Its impossible to take ball off him unless you foul him.


And I also love how he never gives up, even when fouled he gets up and keeps going, or doesn’t go to ground at all. What a fighter!!


Typical that most of the highlights also took place while he’s being fouled!

forgot my usual username

The way he avoids tackles and his close control reminds me a lot of Zidane. That flick between the two feet was a Zidane trademark along with the 360 spin.


Also shows why he needs to play as a deep lying midfielder fantastic skills

Gunnersaurus's Lover

Arsenal Legend.

alexis' shorts

Nice video, the song fits too. I imagine Cazorla going “la la la” around the field just having a good time with that smile on his face. He seems like he genuinely has fun playing football but also loves it enough that he put in the hard work in order to have even more fun – not just to get paid.

When he retires they should make a show called Santi Claus. No matter what he did on it, it’d instantly lift your mood.


I do love that man


I feel we could do with someone with Santi’s close control plus pace if Walcott should ship out. We need another player or so to hold possession in midfield. We don’t seem to learn or do not have the ability to close out games like we used to, take the ball to the corner flag and kill the clock or pass around with pin point precision and negate the other side in the last 10 minutes. Arteta will likely move on too (having the Captain’s armband) considering age. If so, maybe a Khedira will be very useful combining a bit… Read more »


Apart from his amazing ball control skills, one of the things I like about Santi is that he always seems so exuberant and happy. You get the sense he loves playing so much he’d be doing it for nothing if had to.


My favourite in this squad.

15 mill? Exceptional recruitment by Wenger.


With his style of play, he can play competitively until late 30s. Vision, skills and technique will never desert you, whereas pace, acceleration and strength will deteriorate once you reach a certain age. I believe that he will want to see his final playing days back in Spain, but please stay until you’re 35 at least santi!



Exceptional skill!

George the Gooner

That FA Cup free kick against Hull. Legend. What a player. Such quality in the Arsenal. Ohhh Santi Cazorla!


I’m sure I’m going to get criticised for disagreeing with you guys, but personally I’d much rather have Cesc than Santi. Sure, Santi has amazing skills, and would undoubtedly win a keepie-uppie competition, but I think that Cesc has more direct positive impacts on games. Cesc is stronger, faster, better at tackling, creates more opportunities, scores more goals from open play (comparing like-for-like as he is not the team’s penalty taker), is a proven winner, and as such has a real winner’s mentality. I don’t see any of that in Santi personally, I see a technical player, but one that… Read more »


Maybe you missed the Man City game then. I seem to remember Santi taking the game to their midfield and rinsing every one of them.


Nope, didn’t miss it, I was at the stadium (as I am for 90% of away games as 100% of the home games), and for me Coquelin was the most important player that day. He’s a proper deep central midfielder. It was one of Santi’s better games though, and I must admit for those who just watch the games on TV or Match of the Day his influence does seem even greater.


im sorry but your opinion is wrong


Sadly I agree.

Yes, Santi’s ball control is godlike but Cesc was a more consistent match winner for us (goals and assist far outshine Santi). The strongest point Santi has over Cesc is his ball retention under pressure, it helps create space for our players. I would gladly have both of them on the same team.


I love him so much


What a player. Lucky to have enjoyed his prime years as an Arsenal player-long may it continue. Great song too, can just imagine Santi singing that to himself as he dances past players. La la la la la la la la


They should clone him into loads of even smaller versions…little footlong Cazorla’s that would just sit on your shoulder singing or do keepy-ups on your desk while you work. I would definitely buy one.

Failing that, I might just have a garden full Santi Gnomes. Santi fishing. Santi doing a moony. Santi skinning Adebayor and making him look like a dick.

Gooners & Roses

Sexy and groovy song, Damn good choice!

palace gunner

He played very well v manu and monaco two big games nice turns and control

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