Monday, March 20, 2023

Arsenal fans shock world football with outrageous chanting

The footballing world was shocked to its very foundations yesterday when Arsenal fans engaged in some mild piss-taking by singing about how Chelsea’s boring football was, well, a bit boring.

With no need to be expansive or try and win the match due to their lead in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho’s side understandably weren’t taking any risks with their game.

This led Arsenal fans to sing ‘Boring, boring Chelsea’, having a little fun with the age-old ‘Boring, boring Arsenal’ chant that used to be directed their way.

This disgraceful behaviour was picked up on by members of the press who have dedicated many column inches to it this morning, with some even asking Mourinho for his thoughts on it.

The Portuguese managed to pull himself together to craft a typically snide reply but it must have been absolutely devastating for him to have to hear such invective directed at his soon-to-be-crowned champions.

Despite the heartache and pain he endured he fronted up and bravely gave the media what they wanted. What an absolute credit he is to the game of football.

It comes in stark contrast to the silence in post-game press conferences when stadiums rocked to the sound of Arsene Wenger being called a paedophile.

It’s good to know that football has got its priorities in order, and that any further incidents of fans engaging in tongue-in-cheek teasing or joshing will no longer be tolerated.

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Mourinho’s a cunt



remember the invincibles

Chelsea are a bunch of cunts led by the second biggest cunt.

John Terry is the biggest cunt.


But John Terry’s a great defender.


Nope. Just don’t praise any of the rent boys mate.


I thought spurs were bigger cunts…


No.. Chelsea takes all the fucking prices. I hate everything that chelsea represent


cuntishness prices*


Sp*rs is just our retarded neighbor from down the alley ^^


No, Spuds have just become unlovable losers.

gooner 44

l cant believe 9 people dont think terry aint a CUNT.
Sorry thats a double negative


I couldn’t agree more and love your eloquence in explaining your feelings. We all feel the same Brendan

El Piresidente

What kind of callus monster could thumb down this comment?

My brother is pregnant

Mourinho appears to be a cunt, but somehow i get the feeling it’s just an act…he used to work with mentally disabled children before football and supports many charities in Africa….

Rozza the samourai

Well, your brother is pregnant, your comment is….

Andy Mack

He doesn’t have any ‘Class’ at all. Same when he was at porto, inter and rm.
Even old red nose would have limited his response to the question to ‘ being in the lead position to win the premiership isn’t boring’ or at his most childish he’d have added ‘but I guess they don’t remember being in that position’. Whereas MaureenO just acts like a kid doing the ‘my dad’s bigger than your dad’ response. I’ll scream and scream until i’m sick………….


Hitler cuddled children and felt sorry for animals. Still a cunt. Not as big a cunt as Mourinho of course.

Merlin's Panini

Oh so was he just acting when he deliberately poked Tito Vilanova in the eyes?


I’d like to know why 9 cunts thumbed this down…

Oh, maybe, the username.


This all makes me want to rabble. Rabble, rabble, rabble. That’s better.


A black belt cunt!


I’ve never seen so many thumb-ups for a single comment. Truly well said.

Tom thumb

Over 700 thumbs up,must be an arseblog record


Dammit Tom, didn’t scroll thru the replies before writing mine! Haha


I really really must take exception to your calling Jose a cunt…

I mean… really…

A cunt is a useful thing.


At the time of my viewing this comment was at 929 likes, that’s surely an arseblog record!?

(930 now)

Third Plebeian

Let’s break 1000!


We have! Its 1321, now.


Ha ha …1004 thumbs up …and counting!!

Jim Lahey

Rest assured that all thumbs down were only due to sausage fingers on smartphones

Unbeaten Manager six seasons in a row on FIFA

That is the maximum number of upvotes I’ve ever seen on a comment on this site

by far the greatest team..

What about the 50 they went without winning anything ?
The chavs under the bridge did not match up to Derby rivals Fulham let alone Arsenal not so long ago

Mou is absolutely right
Chelsea’s history stretches to the last 10 years and that’s about it


I like the flip side of this wind-up, Mourinio is worried about us!


Nice. A wiseman among us who sees beyond the facade.

Rohith J

That was my first reaction when Cunterry started celebrating the draw like a mad man. Mou knows Wenger will be his biggest challenge next season.


I think you’ve hit on it there. Those who cannot cope with the future fixate on the past.

On a related note, does anyone know if costs of the yet to be proposed expansion to Stamford Bridge will need to be considered in their FFP calculations? I’m assuming so.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mou sticks around for that.


Will the bridge need to be bigger so a larger bus can get over it?

casual observer

No. FFP doesn’t account for real estate costs, etc.
So yeah, if they’re properly funded for the Stadium, they won’t have any problems FFP side because their revenue is booming high.


That’s kind of silly if you ask me. A stadium can certainly bankrupt an organization. Imagine if Porstmouth had built their proposed.

But, that’s the way mid level clubs can try to work (pay) up to compete I suppose. Build a larger stadium and try to get more supporters in.


50 what? Cunts? Come on mate, Chelsea have more fans than that.


And that greasy little twat still refuses to shake the hand of one of the legends of the game. Nothing mentioned about that either. Let the Moanrinho love-in continue in the press, will make it even sweeter when he inevitably falls off his perch.


The press wants to suck-up to some manager or other, it used to be the Bully Fergi and now this Cunt.

Dave Gooner

A bizarre rant from Maureen. Demonstrating exactly how true he thinks it is.
Anyone else notice how Maureen can only work for the best resourced clubs in the world? Buy who he wants, when he wants. What a towering achievement for the man.
Tactical genius my arse.


he is a tactical bus driver..


Not just the biggest resources but in those clubs he has already had an established core of quality players.. When he came to inter he had the likes of Ibrahimovich, Sneijder, Vieira. At Real Madrid he had a team full of super stars.. What Mourinho doesn’t understand is that arsenal hasn’t had £100m to spend every single year on upgrades for the team. We’ve had to sell our best players in order to pay off our debts and had to replace them with players of smaller value. To identify the right players when you have a limited budget and limited… Read more »


If maureen acknowledged this, he would have to acknowledge that his isn’t very special at all. In fact he can’t hold a candle to Wenger and that really pisses him off.


Says Ho zay “This morning I met an Arsenal fan, a gentleman who lives almost next door to me, an Arsenal fan of more than 50 years and he congratulated me for my press conference, saying I was ‘spot on’.” “a gentleman who lives almost next door to me,” “almost next door” is that nearly next door but not quite because it’s the same house? So is that his wife? because that’s the only way an Arsenal fan would agree with Mourinho over pretty much anything. If he was married to the cunt. So that’s nice Jose likes Men and… Read more »

Andy Mack

Piers Moron could be sucking up to him for a TV interview some time……
They’re both slime bags.

Andy Mack

Basically he’s done what George Graham did with us 20 years back BUT he’s had to spend a fortune to do it, whereas GG didn’t.


Haha, this is brilliant Blogs. Daniel Storey over at Football365 seemed to be particularly upset by yesterday’s chanting. It is almost as if people who pay upwards of £1,000 a year to see their team have decided to at least have a little fun for their money and aim some tongue-in-cheek chants at another, rival team, managed by an absolute c*nt. Madness.


Isn’t the chanting an inverted compliment, given the fans that are singing it and the history of the chant?


How the media can side with someone as horrible as Mourinho while justifying those horrible paedophilia chants as “banter”. Sickening


I guess it’s easier to acknowledge something that’s not as controversial/despicable. That’s modern day “journalism” for you!

Hope he gets taken out like Tywin Lannister – casually taking a dump when Arsene walks in with a crossbow and shoots him straight through his arsehole of a mouth.


***Spoiler alert*****


Who’d have thought he ghost of Eddard Stark would bone the dragon lady too – ectoplasm everywhere!


I had no idea Mou was in Game of Thrones. Glad to hear that he finally gets it and from his dwarf bastard of all people.

chippy's chip

That would be cesc then. The diving bastard in a BUNCH OF CUNTS!!

Chairman Meow

its not as if he said jon snow gets murdered


Can everyone please refrain from the Thrones spoilers.
Only started watching it this week, just finished season 1 and Joffrey is right up there with Maureen on the cunt scale.

Donut Maestro

He got stabbed. He hasn’t died yet. He’ll take a couple of years more to die thanks to Martin.


If you havent got that far you dont deserve spoiler alerts…

Rohith J



Can Arsene go “Defend that, enculé!” as he’s shooting?

Big Chief from Antarctica

It’s a disgrace.

It’s at times like these that I appreciate that someone like Blogs takes the initiative to make time to write on a daily basis to provide a view of his own and deliver a platform where one is capable to make up is own mind what exactly a balanced view is.

I don’t think a lot of people need reminding what the priorities should be regarding these two distinct chants yet a lot of people would be ignorant about it, if it weren’t for the use of social media by someone like Blogs.


Guys it’s off topic but I haven’t been able to comment or like Arseblog’s facebook post for a week(only “share” button available), is anyone like me?


I haven’t been able to comment either.

Probably because I don’t have Facebook though.


You got blocked by Arseblog probably.

Maureen is a cunt

You’ve been blocked mate


Yi Jyun Chen




HAHAHAHA fuck i’m dying here.



AN other

Jose Murniho and John Terry’s love child.


Well this is how we gonna’ do this:
fuck Mourihno,
fuck fabregas,
fuck Chelsea as a staff, football team, and as a mother fucking club.
And if you want to be down with Chelsea,
Then fuck you too.
John Terry, fuck you too.
All you rent boys,
fuck you too.


Why haven’t I thought of this before?! Great one. Gotta love Tupac for this though. #Thuglife


Mourinho lacks class just like Chelsea do. Guess that’s why they seem so suited to one another!


Chelsea lacks class just like most mega-rich clubs nowadays, but that of itself can be said to be tolerable to an extent(take ManCity for example, yes a team perhaps injustifiably put together, but under a good manager, at least fun to watch). Mourinho is what makes Chelsea plain digusting.


The importance of manager in the game is such that basically they are the face of the club. Whatever opinions one of might have about Arsene Wenger’s ability to win matches, i think almost all football fans will be sad to see him go when he does. When Mourinho finally retires from his final club, the most we’d hear, is the club fans say, “ohk he was a great manager but who’s next?”


Shit journalists supporting a shit club with a shit stadium, filled with shit fans and managed by a piece of shit manager.


The perfect summary of the situation.


Any manager with an ounce of class or dignity would have laughed off that chant and not even talked about it, instead he just makes himself look like more of prick that he usually does (which most people would probably believe is almost impossible as this stage, yet here we are!).


Could Mou be reacting because he is worried about losing his job? Does Abramovich still insist on entertaining football; or will he be satisfied with half a year of entertainment AND the championship? Is Mou trying to head off any media talk about the dullness of Chelsea since January in an attempt to keep those thoughts out of Roman’s pretty little head?

Rich Morgan

He lost his job at Chelsea first time round for his style of unentertaining football, he’ll win the prem but his boss will expect more Arsenalesque style of footy next season for their fans or he’s out again!

Woolwich Peripatetic

I think people forget this – Abramovich does not like pouring tens of millions of pounds into the squad just to watch them put ten men behind the ball at home to European minnows.

Rozza the samourai

Even his best player, Hazard said two years ago their style of play was not positive, that they do not play attacking football. He tried to hit back at him that he doesn’t defend to help his team.


I Really really hate the man the team he manages and the fuxk knob captain of the KKK version of London football.

I HOPE John Terry gets his balls crushed by a house.


I wish WE had a defence that predictably safe and boring. Also thought Willian looked far from boring. All felt like sour grapes to me and the booing of Cesc small – minded.
I wouldn’t grace Mourinho with the big c word either – I personally love them. To me he’s more a pile of vomit/shit with the face of a decaying weasel – not so snappy to say, I’ll grant you.


Was is Willian who studded Koscielny in the face? What a classy player.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We had a defence just like Chelsea for the last 5 minutes. They did the fouls necessary to break up Chelsea attacks early, but unlike Chelsea they got booked for them every time (makes you wonder why it only works one way). The funny thing is. when Chelsea do that they are praised for having a solid defence. When we do it the entire Press Corps lays into us like we were murdering bastards.


Why the hell does now take to me to some cunt called Michael Kors and his website that peddles handbags???


Sounds like you’re getting browser redirects mate, usually when adware has infected your computer. Download AdwCleaner to get rid. Unfortunately all those Moanrinho headlines won’t also be cleaned off every website on the planet 🙁


Definetly no need to install a program like that.. Go to your browser and check what plugins are currently activated. Deactivate whatever shit you’ve gotten installed and then remove it from the browser. You will also need to remove it from your computer via Administration > Uninstall Program > Program Name.

Make sure to restart your browser and then look if the ‘links’ have disappeared.


It must be related to your browsing history mate. For example, the adverts when I read Arseblog definitely do not show scantily clad women, battlefield hardline deals or 100 ways to kill Portuguese managers.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I definitely do not get those exact same adverts too.

Arshavin's Dietician

Ok I watch 1 Mia Khalifa video now I get links to “date Arab women”

Sam Jones

Check your extensions.

Steve Rawlinson

Could you drop me an email at [email protected]? We’re trying to recreate this problem so we can solve it.


I liked the “shit club, no history” chant.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I notice Mourinho didn’t complain about that one.


They got a vile history of holiganism and racism and 50 years without a title. I bet that period must have been boring for your beloved Chelsea.


I’m not sure it’s worth spending any more time even thinking about that bunch of inbred, racist, trophy buying, hypocritical, boring, cousin – cuddling, butt munching, arse licking, turd swallowing spunk monkeys, and this is probably not the best place to communicate my feelings towards them.

So I won’t.



Nah. They were boring. Seeing out the game because we were the better side.


I was disappointed with Ozil… this was the stage where he could have shown his real class which no doubt he has. He has exceptional qualities but he AGAIN managed to hide it. Ofcourse as team we seemed to loose our marbles everytime we neared their box. Giroud was kept awfully quite which is strange usually he makes up by providing good knockdowns and assists if not asa whole the team was very timid on the attacking front. There were atleast 3-4 chances of clear breaks which we squandered. On the positive the team seems to have got their… Read more »


I thought Ozil was good yesterday considering how overrun the midfield was. A number of times he held Matic off the ball and picked out a few excellent passes, notably one for Welbeck close to the end.

Rozza the samourai

Somebody said yesterday Ozil was the best on the field. There will be plenty of times where he will be the undisputable MOTM but yesterday was a bit of stretch. Do not understand those who rush to embellish everything he does. Ozil is big enough to not need this.


I think some do it to counterbalance those who unfairly slate him because they can’t see and don’t understand what he does.

I don’t think he was MOTM by any stretch yesterday, but singling him out makes no sense. For example Alexis could equally or even more so be pointed out for poor passes and decision making that put us under pressure and broke down our attacks several times. But Ozil is usually the one who gets it because Alexis runs around more.

My point is nobody had a terrible match so what’s the point in pointing pointers?



Rozza the samourai

A fan made the comment that Ozil was the best on the field yesterday. Ozil will be the undisputable MOTM many times in the future but yesterday he didn’t show anything special. Why some always rush to praise him no matter what, is beyond my understanding. Ozil does not need this, he can prove himself that he has quality.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“On the positive the team seems to have got their defensive priorities right” Don’t you think that may have been the explanation for…. “as a whole the team was very timid on the attacking front” It was important to Mourinho not to lose so he reined in his attacking play (as he has been doing for a couple of months now), but equally so, it was important for us not to lose as we need to ensure we finish in the top 3 and avoid two early energy-sapping qualifying games in the CL next season.. We too were holding back… Read more »


I went to the game and on the way home I heard the Chelsea fans sing things that make “Paris Metrogate” seem like the tunnel of love but this never gets reported.

What I did find funny was some Chelsea fans with a banner that said “Champions of Football since 2003” – I will say no more on that one.

Fergie the Gooner

Yeah, when most other fans take the mickey with their songs it can be quite witty and funny, but Chelsea’s stuff is purely inflammatory and not at all clever.


Yesterday was the perfect platform for Ozil to show his game, I have no doubt he is a class player but he managed to hide it AGAIN. I just need him to fire consistently in big games which he has not done enough for me. I know I have slated him before but deep in my heart I wanted him to do well and shut up critics like me with his performance. Overall the team seemed a bit short of confidence in the final third, everyone seemed to loose their marbles every time we approached their box. There were at… Read more »


sorry for he multiple post..
browser error..

Rozza the samourai

Browser did same with myself. I disagree with you on Henry. He can’t just be Arsenal fan in his job. That would be anti-professional. He is not paid for that. If you compare Henry to Tony Adams who was denigrating Arsenal to propose his services to the club, you wouldn’t be complaining. His comments about a goalscorer celebrating with the guy who provided the assist, spot on. In other sports especially ice hockey, they add goals scored and assists together to make your statistics.

Gus Caesar

Don’t buy papers, don’t click on their websites, don’t read/listen to journalists. I know it’s easier said than done but people should appreciate that most journalists deliberately wind people up to sell papers and get clicks. And, as much as it pains me to say it, other than Daily Mail readers and Liverpool fans, there’s no group of people that’s so easy to wind up as Arsenal fans. Ignore it and stop biting and you might find that in time they pick on a different target.


Very true. Take the Telegraph’s latest offering this morning – an article titled: the painful truth, arsenal still lag way behind Chelsea. If you click on this deliberately provocative, click-baiting trash, it’ll just never, ever end. Ever.


Maureen is just a vindictive little man. He may bring trophies but his attitude and style of football slowly grinds down the fans, chairmen etc until he departs. Chelsea sacked him due to this, his boring football dulled the Bernabau, same even in Italy with Inter, the home of defensive football!! Absolute classless bloke. As for Terry, claims he is the “greatest” defender the PL has ever had? Tony Adams. Whilst he has his off field issues, he adapted his game and his personality when AW joined Arsenal and prolonged his career. JT? He behaved like the school yard bully,… Read more »


What I find Different about his newest remarks is that they don’t sting;his comments about our condition used to hurt because they rang with painful truths.Now however I distinctly pick up an air of anxiety and extra load of cheapness in his jibes.


Remember only a few months ago when MouMou was complaining about the lack of atmosphere at the Bridge. Enjoy the title thundercunt, but the fact remains that a whole lot of your fans don’t enjoy watching your team play. John Terry humping the air after a nil all draw, Lord give me strength


So did anyone get what Henry said about us? The short version goes, we need a GK, a CB, a DM, and a top top striker if we are to win the PL. Oh and Mesut sucks against big teams, and Fabregas has more assists in one season so he’s better. Seems to me someone is saying what people want to hear just to keep his job among the likes of Owen and Carragher.

Stephen Brown

The Anti-Arsenal press used to kiss Fergusons backside now it’s Mourinho’s backside they all clamour to kiss.


Yesterday was the perfect platform for Ozil to show his game, I have no doubt he is a class player but he managed to hide it AGAIN. I just need him to fire consistently in big games which he has not done enough for me. I know I have slated him before but deep in my heart I wanted him to do well and shut up critics like me with his performance. Overall the team seemed a bit short of confidence in the final third, everyone seemed to loose their marbles everytime we approached their box. There were atleast 3-4… Read more »


The strength and dignity that Arsene represents after defeat is class and I respect people like him. Mourinho on the other hand.. I just hope that next season they collapse. Watching Chelsea win the premier league is like watching a version of the Karate Kid where Kreese and Johnny win. So depressing. Chelsea with their unentertaining, unsportsmanlike behavior and their captain who says winning is all that matters. I bet he plays games using cheat codes.

I wanted us to win so badly, but a draw is good.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He plays football using cheat codes!!!


So our chant got under the skin of Mourino, Terry and a bunch of other cunts. Sweeet!


Geezers a fuckin dickhead.


Cunt Mour


I think we could legitimately sung the BLEEP ALL song, after all, they haven’t won anything since that Russian mong pumped billions into that classless dross!! They have purchased a few bits of silverware, with the emphasis on the word purchased!!! Skanks!!

happy gunner

Blogs , I was able to get to arseblog on my PC, but when I try on my phone, I also get redirected to said handbag site.

Is this an error on my behalf or?


t cracked me up when Moureen says boring is when a team doesn’t win for 10 years. When is the last time chelsea won the league before the Russian Mafia money poured in? (FYI its 50 fuckin years ago. Oh, did anyone see the away fans banner trolling themselves that they are proud of their history?). Isn’t it fair to say “they BOUGHT the title” instead of “they won the title”. What is the fuckin point of winning the UEFA youth champions league when none of your youth players make it to first team? Winning and buying are two different… Read more »


As long as Arseblog exists there’s no need to visit skysports news for as long as we follow football. The man deserves a knighthood for that alone.


Chelsea ARE boring, and Maureen IS a classless cunt. But they are going to comfortably win the title. And we were never in the title race, despite our excellent recent form. There was a post from somebody yesterday which perfectly summed up the difference between ourselves and Chelsea: they have a manager who can take the money and resources and turn them into results: we don’t. If we had been the side which was leading the table for most of the season we would have probably collapsed yet again and handed the title to either Chelsea or City. That’s exactly… Read more »

Canuck Gunner

When in the past decade did Arsenal have the same resources as Chelsea?
Arsenal have consistently been decimated with injuries – which interestingly coincided with out poor finish last season and poor start this season. I know that’s simplifying things, but what other team can still battle near the top with the long list of injuries Arsenal typically get? Add one or two quality players in the off-season and we should compete for the title next year.
Oh, and I almost forgot – Mou is a cunt.


If Arsene had the same resources as Mourinho, he’d be drowning in silverware. If Mourinho had the same resources that Arsene’s had in the last 6-8 years, he’d be celebrating 1-0 wins in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.


According to Fatgooner’s logic, Roberto Mancini is also a better manager than Wenger.

Springbank 1962

The major difference between Chelsea and us over the last few years was money. They had it and we didn’t. Just look at the wage bills of our rivals: ManU £216M, ManC £205M, Chelsea £193M and us on £166M (2013-14 figures). That’s been changing slowly as old commercial deals expire and new money comes in. And with it comes better players like Ozil and Alexis. If you don’t understand that now you never will. As for your obvious preference for Mourinho over Wenger … “They have a manger … results” … while “we don’t” … The reality is exactly the… Read more »

Rohith J

I don’t engage in this pointless debate anymore. There was a wonderful article in the Guardian a few days back on Wenger.

Third Plebeian

I think the reason the press (and Mourinho) are making so much of it is because it’s true, it hits home. Mourinho’s response to it proves the point.

On the other hand, the paedophile chants were just ridiculous (and classless), full stop.

Magic Man 10

Well I though Quardrado was excellent, especially for that sort of money .
He came on to the pitch told 4 people where they were to play and then the ref blew up.


We should sign Brock Lesnar. He can break Mourinho’s streak and his back.


Media pillocks out in force : Jermaine Jenas. Who gave him the job at the BBC is just pitiful. Mediocre player, Mediocre team (they celebrated coming back to draw 4 all against ten men without recognisable centrebacks), mediocre footy knowledge. May as well get say Michael Owen…then again. The twit on ESPN Delaney plus some Spanish first name or other. Had to rub it in with “pretenders’ tag. Pretenders are the teams he keeps wanking off to in Liverpool and Spurs who never ever make his prediction of breaking into top 4 and challenging for title at our expense. So… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

The real problem is that “a couple of additions in the summer” is also what all of our 19 PL competitors will be doing. Yes, we have more pulling power when we make the CL, but so do three of our main competitors each season. We still rate 4th in terms of attractiveness to truly top players who want to play in England (Trust ne, if United make the top 4 they are seen as a bigger club than us in those strange “forrin” places. not only because of the silly money they can spend but because of their history… Read more »


And yes, they were pretty boring.

If this was a boxing match, we would have won it for showing more intent.


Pity that last effort with Ozil and Welbeck both missing. Media would have had to sing a different tune had that connected.



chippy's chip

I remember liverpool winning the league season after season before the backpass rule change. Now THAT was boring.


Worth noting that aside from Sunderland, we are possibly the only other team this season that has kept a clean sheet against Chelsea. So yes, as much as the press may praise Chelsea for their professional defending, it should also be reflective on our improved attributes in keeping Hazard quiet, restricting them to two tame shots (if you can even call them that) and a hopeful punt cleared and covered by Bellerin. Fabregas was marginal in this game where Ozil stood out more. The fact that it feels different this time round despite the negativity of the draw is due… Read more »


Maybe, just maybe Chelsea weren’t playing for a win?? you know just like they did last season?


How dare we!


Boring Boring Chelsea. Yeah I said it pricks, sue me.


I have never been a great fan of Chelski as my brother supports them, but Mourinho has to be right up there as one of the most odious individuals in the game


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