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Giroud pushed by Alexis | Santi settled

Olivier Giroud says he’s eager to add to his goal tally as the Premier League nears its finale, however, the striker has joked he’s wary of suggestions he’ll finish the season as Arsenal’s top scorer.

The Frenchman has netted 13 times in the league, the same as Alexis Sanchez, but trails his teammate’s overall 19 goal haul by two strikes – an impressive feat considering he’s made 21 less starts this season.

“I’m not going to say something silly because it’ll be reported, but why not finish ahead of Alexis?” Giroud told RMC radio [translated by ESPN].

“We push each other, we’re on 13 goals, and I would like to score some more to help the team achieve its objectives.”

Elsewhere Santi Cazorla has again played down links with Atletico Madrid underlining that he’s very settled in London.

Speaking to El Mundo while on international duty, the playmaker did his best to bat away repeated questions about his future:

“To date I’ve not heard from anyone [at Atletico], they are just rumours. If I tell you the truth, it’s not something I think about. I think about Arsenal, where I’m fine. We’ll see what happens in the future.

“I’m very at ease and will continue to be while the club values me. Obviously in football you never know what will happen in the future.”

Cazorla signed a contract extension at the Emirates in March last year, a deal Arseblog News suspects keeps him nailed down until at least the end of next season, if not longer.

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Thierry Walcott

Get iin you HFB! We all love you, even the ones that don’t like you still love you. COYG!!


What I love about this, is that for the first time in seemingly ages, we have a squad pushing each other to achieve more, and that’s so important. I’m sure when Ozil was also injured he was on the sidelines watching Sanchez thinking ‘I need to up my game here’, and it all bodes well for the future. We’ve no divine right to win the league any time soon, but I fully expect us to give it a bloody good go next year.


” I’m sure when Ozil was also injured he was on the sidelines watching Sanchez thinking ‘I need to up my game here’, ”
Yes, we all know Özil started football at 4 to imitate Sanchez and the Chilean was his model when he won the WC in Brasil…….. Ya know that there is a life for Arsenal players without sanchez (fortunately as sanchez has been mediocre for two months now…) ?


Ok, sorry, guys, I see I have got some “dislikes” and yes, sanchez has been mediocre for 3 months, not 2, sorry. But who cares that he is paid as much as Özil, costed more (with the primes)? He is ALEXISSSSSSSSSSSSSS, he “tries” and runs everywhere so… he is untouchable.


I think you’re also getting dislikes because you come across as a smart-arse.


Blogs you do make me chuckle


Burn !


what are you talking about???




Get in, Handsome. Santi doesn’t sound too convincing about staying at the Arsenal, but then again its the media reporting non news.


Santi is fine like a fine wine. Not like how one’s wife or girlfriend might be “fine” when really she’s pissed.


I think he was pushed via repetitive leading questions to not fully discount a move to Madrid.

But make no mistake – Santi is a Gooner and a smiling fa cup final scoring and winning won at that…
He isnt gonna force his way out – he’s happy and among a band of brothers… hopefully he stays with us until the day before he suddenly becomes the fat restauranteur that everybody loves


He is never leaving the brotherhood mate, for even after he becomes that fat restauranteur, drinks will be on him for his screens will keep showing the giant Arsenal smashin the spuds and co. over and over.


we’ll be fine


He is a type of striker that keeps getting better and better! Really look forward to his development and helping Arsenal to trophies next season!I still remember that Community Shield strike against ManCity! What a beauty! If he wasn’t injured for such a long period we definitely would be pushing Chelski for the title.

Giroud's Flicks

With that headline I was thinking this was some April fools article about Giroud and Alexis having a fight and Cazorla having to calm them down.

peter wachira

Bag some more handsome guy we all love u Santi not so convincing BT I love the little magician maybe two more session at Emirates will be good


why did alexis push our HFB 🙁


Alexis is almost as handsome and almost as prolific as Giroud… should he be our HCB?

We are getting quite a sexy team together when you throw in the welsh jesus and Mikel Immacularteta.

We’re too hot (hot damn)
Call the police and the fireman
We’re too hot (hot damn)
Make a dragon wanna retire man

Emirates Funk gon’ give it to you


cough* Monreal *cough* Gabriel *cough*


Arsenal are not limiting their sex appeal to humans…
getting Bale on the cheap from Real this summer would help corner the entire great ape market


why thumbs down this? hilarious.


Bit harsh on Monreal. Completely agree with you on Gabriel though…


Gabriel is what parents tell their children is hiding under their bed.

Parisian Weetabix

Aww, Nacho’s lovely 🙁


They all have beautiful personalities.
Besides, It’s what’s under the badge that counts!
I have no doubt Gabriel will show us all what a beauty he is.


not sure what you have against Monreal, he’s had a excellent season. Gabriel I havent seen enough of, but what I have seen so far he looks promising.


If Santi leaves at the end of the season I’ll be a very unhappy Gooner bunny.

I want him to stick around like the ball sticks to his feet.


these international break seems never ending


Thats what signing world class players does for the squad. it gives everyone a lift.
Last season it was ozil’s signing, this season its alexis(who seems to have made more of an impact on the Ox than anyother person).
If wenger keeps up this method of a worldclass player everyseason, who knows we might truly win the league 2017.
We need to close the gap between us and the big guns….we always seem to be 2 or 3 players behind.


Agreed, but we are catching up and the team is gelling. We will be one mean machine, and steam roll our way right to the top. Were on the cusp of being a great team. COYG!

Roman Reigns

If giroud continues this magical form we’re going to have to start calling him giroudinho or giroudaldo, haha brill!!!


Giroudinho??? i never seen him do an elastico before.

Roman Reigns

Haha your clearly not a proper gooner then, I never see u at away games homie im always there!!!!!


Well we need the both of them to score 20-25 goals so i don’t care who ends up being top scorer.

Kenyan Gooner

The HFB will get his first hat trick this Saturday against the Mugsmashers.

Stringer Bell

Will be a tough game Saturday. It’s their last hope really. Let’s be mindful of arrogance, remember shite hart lane, we were gonna smash the scum. Coyg


Exactly…this same arrogance was our undoing against monaco.

Arsenal's Legend

Keep pushing but don’t allow him to fall please. Happy the manager now have options unlike before when we keep pushing Sanogo almost beyond his developmental limits like d game against Liverpool and Bayern. glory days is coming back again. we are the gooners

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